St. Patricks Day Spirits – 3 Great Irish Whiskey Cocktails

If you are ready to go out and join all of your fellow revelers on the streets there will be no shortage of parties and parades this week. With St. Patricks Day right around the corner, there is sure to be plenty of green to go around this Thursday. Of course, everywhere your adventures take you on this holiday is sure to have a green beer or shot offering but that’s not all. From green rivers to green afro wigs with flashing LEDs there is no shortage of festive tradition and spirit for this holiday.


Annual Dyeing of the Chicago River via


This Saint Patricks Day we want to celebrate what is probably the most Irish spirit, whiskey. While we can all appreciate the festive nature of the emerald ales we have come to accept as an important part of the Irish celebration, some of us may find we prefer a slightly stronger beverage for the festivities. While it not the most common cocktail ingredient, there are plenty of delicious Irish whiskey drinks to choose from.


Ireland is famous for its fine selection of spirits.


Irish whiskey has a proud history in Ireland and around the world dating all the way back to 1405. While St. Patrick lived on the emerald isles roughly 1000 years before the introduction of the spirit to the country, whiskey has still been around for quite some time. The modern celebration of St. Patrick’s Day parade that was held in 1762 in New York City making Irish whiskey older than everyone’s favorite Irish holiday. We want to celebrate this liquor’s long history alongside the rest of Irish culture, and there is no shortage of cocktails to do so with.


St. Patricks Day Parade
Parades take place from New York to San Francisco


Party Punch St. Patricks Day
Gaelic Punch – Photo by Food&Wine.

Gaelic Punch:

If you find yourself hosting a party this St. Patty’s Day, a nice Gaelic Punch would be ideal for serving all of your guests. For this recipe, you will need lemon zest, boiling water, sugar, lemon slices studded with cloves, and of course one bottle of your favorite young Irish whiskey. This warm whiskey punch is sure to please guests as we attempt to escape the chill of the winter months. You can find instructions for making this recipe here.

Irish Whiskey Cocktails
Irish Jack Rose – Photo by



Irish Jack Rose:

Our next cocktail puts a Celtic spin on a classic cocktail using Michael Collins blended whiskey. The Irish Jack Rose combines whiskey, calvados, fresh lime juice, and grenadine to produce a beautiful and tasty drink that any whiskey lover would enjoy. Served in a cocktail glass, this drink is best when shaken and garnished with a lime wedge. Check here for specific instructions on this drink.

The Honey Julep:


  • 50  ml Jameson
  • 20 ml Irish honey syrup
  • 8-10 mint leaves


  • Mix one part honey with one part boiling water.
  • Lightly press and roll mint leaves along a copper mug or glass.
  • Half fill glass with crushed ice and pour in half the liquid.
  • Place more crushed ice on top and pour in remaining liquid.
  • Garnish with mint sprig.

The third and final recipe calls for a specific and likely one of the most well known Irish whiskeys, Jameson. The Honey Julep is what they call a “sweet twist on a classic” featuring liquid honey blended with the traditionally minty drink. Hot water infused with honey pairs well with mint and whiskey over ice. This concoction is meant to be served in a copper mug to withstand the changing temperatures that glass cannot. More specific instructions here.

Whether you are ordering one of these new drinks at the bar or preparing to serve them yourself, these cocktails are sure to be a hit amongst all celebrators. We wish everyone a safe and happy Saint Patricks Day 2017!