27 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts

Start Their Life Together Off on the Right Food with These Unique Wedding Gifts:

Wedding season is here again, and you’ve got to find some really great gifts for all of the couples tying the knot in your life! What are unique wedding gifts? For it to stand out, it has to be something they’d never expect that will make an impression. You want to give the couple a gift that they will love, of course, but it should practical and useful as well. Couples in 2022 are all about quality gifts they will actually use that will also help start their new life together with ease. Want to give them a nice personal gift not on their registry? Wondering how much to spend on wedding gifts? Want to give unforgettable wedding gifts? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! Our team of experts scoured the web for the best possible wedding gifts that will be treasured by any couple for years to come.

Best Wedding Gift on Earth

Globe Decanter Set of Unique Wedding Gifts

They’re each other’s most beloved person on the planet, so get them a gorgeous gift that symbolizes this! This globe decanter set is one of the most unique wedding gifts out there. The happy couple will love having this unique decanter filled with spirits sitting on their home bar or dining room table. It’ll always remind them of how much they mean to one another, and as they sip spirits using the unique glasses, they’ll dream about future travels they experience together.

Unique Wedding Gifts for Wine Lovers

Monogrammed Wine Gift Set for Couples

Make celebrating their nuptials all that much more luxurious with a wine decanter set they simply can’t believe they ever lived without. Not only is the glassware gorgeous, but they’ll love the monogram containing their newly-shared initials on all the glass, too. Add in that this awesome set already comes in a gift box and it’ll be the easiest and classiest gift you’ve ever given! With all the bottles of wine they were gifted at their reception, you can rest easy knowing this wine set will be used frequently!

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Give an unforgettable gift for your favorite couple’s wedding with a custom-engraved marble wine chiller. These are some of the most unique wedding gift ideas out there! After all, they’ll be able to fully embrace their marriage by seeing their shared last name engraved in marble each time they want to have a perfectly chilled glass of wine. This awesome gift will last just as long as their marriage and will always be the perfect way for a wine-loving couple to enjoy a night together.

Personalized Coasters

Custom Marble and Acacia Set f Unique Wedding Gifts

One of the most practical wedding gifts are coasters because everyone needs them, especially couples who are getting married and moving into a place together. These beautiful coasters are made of gray marble and acacia wood, which is engraved with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date. These lovely coasters are thoughtful and unique wedding gift ideas that they are sure to appreciate. Both decorative and practical, these coasters will help keep their new furniture safe from condensation.

Luxury Wine Gift Set

Custom Wine Tumbler Box Set

Searching for unique wedding gift ideas that you know they’ll use? Look no further than these engraved wine tumblers. Sharing their wedding date and last name, they’ll proudly toast to one another each time they fill their glass with their favorite Merlot or Riesling.

Custom Couple’s Cocktail Sign

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas are Rustic Signs

Few things bring a couple together quite like cocktails. They’re a fantastic way to start dinner together, enjoy a night in, or have a delicious treat to enjoy while company is over. Make their love of cocktails known with this custom cocktail sign! Signs make for fantastic unique wedding gift ideas and with personalization options, you can tailor your sign to the couple exactly. You can already picture this sign displayed proudly in their home bar or living room.

Worldly Wedding Gift

Luxury Ship Decanter Set for Wedding Gift Idea

Wedding gift ideas for couples don’t have to always be something covered in lace. Sometimes, they can be cool items that inspire. This ship decanter set with globe glasses is a great way to get them thinking of places to go on their honeymoon or locations to check out on vacations in years to come, all while enjoying a cocktail. How neat?

Personalized Cutting Board for Unique Couples

Personalized Cutting Board as a Unique Wedding Gift

Every couple will be clamoring at making their first meal as a newlyweds together when they unwrap this epic cutting board. Personalized with their names as well as their wedding date, it is the perfect practical keepsake. From preparing their favorite foods to being used as a charcuterie board at parties, they’ll be using this so much more often than you could ever imagine.

Ultimate Wine Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Wine Lover Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Talk about a set of unique wedding gifts with this wine presentation gift set. Engraved with the newly Mr. and Mrs. names as well as their anniversary date, this box set comes with everything they need for a great night of wine, except for the wine. Add in their go-to Bordeaux or Cabernet to make this an all-in-one unique wedding gift that they’ll always treasure.


Luxury Whiskey Tasting Set

Engraved Glencairn Topper Set

Whether tasting whiskey is what formed them as a couple or is something they’ve recently been exploring, a personalized Glencairn box set is an amazing gift idea for a whiskey-loving pair of newlyweds. Perfect for finding flavors and aromas in their go-to bottles of whiskey, they’ll feel like connoisseurs each time they use your luxurious wedding gifts.

Unforgettable Wedding Gifts They’ll Treasure Forever

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

This stunning decanter set is one of the best and most unique wedding gift ideas you can get! The entire set is engraved with the bride and groom’s new shared last name along with their wedding date so that they have a reminder of the day they said “I do,” to enjoy for the rest of their lives. This set will be what they use to have their first drinks as a married couple, celebrate their first anniversary and every anniversary from now on, having double date night drinks with their friends, and more. Such an incredible gift will be proudly displayed in their home, leaving the gift box to be used for keepsakes from their wedding!

Welcome Them Home

Engraved Bamboo Butcher Block

Not all married couples are already living together, and some even buy a new home when they get married so that they can start their lives together somewhere that’s truly theirs. One of the sweetest and most practical wedding gifts for couples who are moving into a new home as husband and wife is this lovely personalized cutting board! Doubling as a wedding and housewarming gift, this beautiful end grain bamboo board is great for preparing full meals, serving appetizers, and even works as a charcuterie board! This hefty board looks amazing on display when they’re not using it and will remind them of when they got married as well as when they moved into their new home every time they see it.

Custom Vodka Decanter Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Custom Vodka Decanter Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Add a splash of class to their first drink together as a married couple with a custom vodka decanter. This clear liquor never seems to get enough love, and the couple who loves a good cocktail or straight vodka will adore you for getting them something so classy and personal. They’ll leave this gift out on display on their home bar forever to show off how good it looks or to share a drink.

Welcome Their Guests

Personalized Wedding Sign is a Unique Wedding Gift

Take some of the workload of the newlyweds with a gift you can give before the wedding, a personalized welcome sign. This will be one of the most memorable wedding gifts because it is a fantastic way for them to welcome family and friends to their monumental occasion. Plus, they can also mount this sign in their home as a keepsake from one of their favorite days together as a couple ever.

A Home Sign for the Happy Couple

Custom Home Sign

Home isn’t a location, it is where you go with your spouse! Make sure they remember that each time they walk in the door with this custom home sign. Signs always make for fantastic unique wedding gifts, but this custom housewarming sign will always fill them with joy when they see it on the mantle or wall. Talk about a perfect wedding and housewarming gift!

Unique Wedding Gifts for Wine Lovers

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Gift Set

Wine gifts do not always make for unique wedding gift ideas; however, monogrammed wine decanter sets do! This gift will have both their initials as well as their last initial on each piece and it is the perfect way for them to enjoy all those gifted bottles of wine they received for gifts on their wedding day!

Something to Decorate Their Wedding or Home With

Mr and Mrs Personalized Wood Sign

Unique wedding gift ideas should be practical and not just for enjoying at the wedding, like this versatile personalized sign! It’s perfect for having at the ceremony or the reception as part of the decor, and after the wedding it becomes a lovely keepsake they’ll treasure and display forever! The gorgeous stained wood goes with any theme, which makes it the ultimate piece of decor that they can display in any room in their home.

Custom Shadow Box

Custom Wedding Shadow Box

Never let them forget a single one of their blissful moments together with a custom shadow box. Engraved with both their names as well as their wedding date, they’ll love having this shadow box on display in their home. Talk about one of the most aesthetic and unique wedding gift ideas ever! Inside, they can add keepsakes from things important to them such as wine corks, concert tickets, polaroids, or anything else they love to do together!


Creative Wedding Gifts to Celebrate With

Twist Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stones Gift Set

When you give a wedding gift, you’re congratulating the happy couple for choosing to commit to each other and loving one another for the rest of their lives. Let your gift do the congratulating for you with these unique wedding gift ideas! This gorgeous whiskey box set is perfect for the bride and groom to have a couple of celebratory drinks together whether it’s for tying the knot, their first anniversary, or a holiday. They’ll be using this lovely set for every special occasion from now on!

Stay Organized

Leather Valet Box

Now that they’re getting married, all of their possessions will really merge together. Give them a special place to keep their watches and jewelry with this leather valet box! Not only will they like having their watches neatly displayed in this case, but their wedding rings, tie clips, bracelets, and any other accessories will be safe and sound inside it, which they’ll both really appreciate!


Spice Up the Gift with a Box

Etched Wooden Liquor Bottle Box

You know the couple will really appreciate a bottle of whiskey, but giving them a bottle just isn’t nearly special enough of a gift. That’s where this custom liquor bottle box comes in to save the day! This will make your gift to the couple so classy and personal while also being something you know they’ll love with their favorite spirit inside of it! They can even use the box to store mementos from the wedding or save a bottle of liquor for a special occasion.

For the Wine Loving Family

Wine Sign is a Creative Wedding Gift

The first part of becoming a couple that feels like you’ve really sealed the deal is creating a home together. Give them a helping hand when it comes to getting their house in order with a personalized sign that celebrates their love for wine. Customized with the year of their wedding, this will be the perfect sentimental piece of decor that reflects their shared passions as well as their love for one another. What other unique wedding gifts can do so much?

The Coolest Copper Set of Unique Wedding Gifts

Copper Glasses are Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

With this set of copper wine glasses, you can be sure their old wine set will never see the light of day ever again. The fantastic design combined with the initial engraved onto the glass is sure to make this their new favorite way to enjoy a good glass of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. Plus, these glasses even insulate, making them fantastic for cold drinks, how cool is that?

Luxury Unique Wedding Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Glencairn Box Set of Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples

Grant them one of their most luxurious wedding gifts they’ll receive with a personalized Glencairn box set. For the newlyweds who can’t get enough of their favorite whiskey, these will be game-changing. A new hobby will be home tasting parties together and they can find their favorite shared bottle or even what the bride has as a favorite while the groom will have a bottle he prefers too. For the couple who loves whiskey, a Glencairn set is an absolute must-have!

A Barrel of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Personalized Wine Glasses and Tool Set of Creative Wedding Gifts

Make your present stand out with a creative wedding gift idea such as this engraved stemless glass and wine tool gift set. While there will be plenty of bottles of wine and maybe even some glassware, this set comes with a mini wine barrel chock-full of tools and glasses with a gorgeous wedding-style engraving, your gift will be an unforgettable experience each time they share a bottle of Pinot Grigio or Merlot together.

Champagne Set of Unique Wedding Gifts

Champagne Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Have the newlyweds celebrating in style with these unique wedding gifts which are their own personalized champagne flutes. Popping some bubbly will never taste as good as when it is sipped on from glasses with the bride and groom’s name on their own glass. This is the perfect gift to give at the rehearsal dinner or reception so they can use them on their first night as a married couple.

Wedding Whiskey Gift Set

Creative Whiskey Stone Wedding Gift Set

Want to give the happy couple a really nice gift that’s both thoughtful and useful? This gorgeous whiskey stone gift set is fantastic for both of them! Personalize the glass with their last name and initials, and they can have a toast toward each other anytime they want! Plus, they’ll have a fantastic set of whiskey stones to ensure their drinks are always perfectly chilled! This is a gift set they may save for special occasions such as anniversaries or celebrations, or they may even make it their nightly cocktail set!


What are unique wedding gifts?

Unique wedding gift ideas are presents that stand out from the norm. Sure, you can give money, a card, or a bottle of booze, but something that you have gotten that is 100% unique to the couple will always stand out more. For example, if they love wine, an engraved wine decanter set will be a personal gift that will last far longer than any bottle of wine. You can also help with their home decor with custom signs or even cutting boards. The more you can make your gift something they use or see every day, the better!

What will be the best gift for a wedding?

The best gift for a wedding cannot be just one answer. After all, every couple is unique right? Well, you are going to have to tailor your gift to the couple too. If they are big whiskey fans, find something that ties the couple to the gift you give them, or maybe find the newlyweds who just bought a home a piece of decor that truly says “This is us” all over it. As long as your idea makes them feel loved and that you took your time, they’ll know you searched all over for the most meaningful wedding gifts.

What is the most traditional wedding gift?

The most traditional wedding gifts are sheets and bedding, fine china, crystal champagne flutes, small appliances, and crystal vases. However, you can modernize a lot of these gifts by looking for modern equivalents. For fine china you can still do dishes, but get something nice and more practical, essentially find a set they will be proud to display but also use too. For crystal glassware, you can easily find other glassware that looks just as good, is made from different materials or has been customized to give them a unique wedding gift.

What should I gift at my best friend’s wedding?

For your best friend, you should definitely search for unique wedding gifts. After all, you are going to know your best friend better than anyone else, and they are going to expect you to have something truly stand out. For your best friend, the easiest recommendation is to find the gift you like but to find a version that can be customized, engraved, or personalized. Adding that unique touch to your gift will make it the best best friend wedding gift idea that you could ever give.