33 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts of 2019

33 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts of 2019

Wedding season is here again, and you’ve got to find some really great gifts for all of the couples tying the knot in your life! What makes a great, unique wedding gift? For it to stand out, it has to be something they’d never expect that will make an impression. You want to give the couple a gift that they will love, of course, but it should practical and useful as well. Couples in 2019 are all about quality gifts they will actually use that will also help start their new life together with ease. Want to give them a nice personal gift not on their registry? Worried about budget? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! Our team of experts scoured the web for the best possible wedding gifts that will be treasured by any couples for years to come.

Personalized Sign for the Home

Custom Wood Sign for the Home

What unique wedding gift can you give that is sure to be loved by both the bride and groom? A custom sign engraved with their names and wedding date! The bride and groom will love having their own official sign to display in their home. This will be a great keepsake for them to remember their wedding day every time they look at it. The couple can display it in their entryway to give their guests a warm, homey welcome whenever someone visits.

A Vintage-Style Bar Cart

Globe Bar Cart

Forget the stereotypical and plain bar carts, this is a bar cart that is also a stunning piece of decor! This incredible work of art features a globe at the top painted with replications of 16th-century Italian frescoes that opens up to a neat storage area. The bride and groom can store their wine, whiskey, or cocktail glasses along with a couple of bottles on both the top and bottom of the bar cart. They will be over the moon for such an amazingly unique wedding gift!

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board for the Bride and Groom

Bamboo cutting boards are super popular again in 2019, and this one is personalized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date! This sweet wedding gift will look lovely on their kitchen counter and works great for everything from seasoning to chopping. This is one of those unique wedding gift ideas that the newlyweds will love to get and will definitely use forever.

Set of Personalized Wine Glasses

Set of Four Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

A set of nice wine glasses are absolute must-haves for any couple! This set of four is personalized with their new last name and initial and work great for red or white wines. The stemless design is easier and more secure to handle, which will prevent spills.

Custom Beer Mug Set

Unique Wedding Gift Set of Custom Beer Mugs

Whether the groom is a beer snob or the couple enjoys knocking back a couple of cold ones together, these gorgeous beer mugs are great wedding gifts. The set of four is perfect for a round of beers with the husband’s friends during the Super Bowl or for a double date night with the wife’s friends. The monogram and starburst design on the mugs make them one of the most unique wedding gifts for beer-loving couples you can give!




Canvas Print of their Wedding Song

Wedding Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Do you know what the bride and groom will be walking down the aisle or playing for their first dance? This canvas is printed with the lyrics of that song along with their names to make a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind wedding gift. The bride and groom will love having such an amazing piece of decor to display in their home that is also a wedding keepsake they will treasure forever.

Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Quality glassware is an always appreciated wedding gift, and this set is sure to impress. The four glasses have a unique bubbled base that is both gorgeous to look at as the couple sips whiskey and practical as it prevents condensation rings from ruining their furniture. Then there is the absolutely gorgeous decanter. Intricately detailed crystal beautifully reflects the colors of the whiskey inside, making a stunning piece of decor on the married couple’s home bar area. And it gets better! Also included is a wooden gift box that they can use to store the set or for keepsakes from their wedding. Plus, each piece in this incredible set is engraved with the bride and groom’s initials to add a personal touch. This set is by far one of the most unique wedding gift ideas ever!

Custom Acacia Cutting Board

Personalized Raw Acacia Cutting Board

Cutting board are classic, timeless gifts that anyone will appreciate and this gorgeous acacia cutting board is unlike any other! The raw style makes it look rustic, and each board features a singularly unique style of grain so that it is a truly one-of-a-kind gift. The bride and groom will love having a nice cutting board to use when making Sunday breakfasts together or dinner on the weeknights.

Marble Wine Chiller

Genuine Marble Wine Chiller - Unique Wedding Gift

Gone are the days when the bride and groom constantly have to make trips to the fridge for cold wine because this awesome wine chiller will keep their bottle ice cold for hours! Now they can enjoy a full bottle of chilled wine all through their date night. The handsome marble will look classy and is super sturdy, ensuring that the bottle will stay secure. The added engraving is the cherry on top of this incredibly unique wedding gift!

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

Smart Home Wedding Gift Idea: Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

2019 is all about smart products like the Amazon Echo. The newlyweds will love having their very own Alexa to play their music, make calls, make to-do lists, ask questions, control certain devices, and so much more. Alexa will help the bride and groom become a more organized and “smart” couple in the digital age. The handy speaker can correspond with any other Amazon Echo or bluetooth devices and help them turn off the lights, control the temperature, or even turn on the coffee maker all without moving an inch.

Bottle Cap Maps for the Couple Into Craft Beer

Bottle Cap Signs of the States

Whether the couple is from the same state or is getting married in a state they both call home, a bottle cap map is an interesting and fun wedding gift idea. The bride and groom will love showing off their bottle cap collection from their favorite craft beers with this one-of-a-kind piece of decor. If the bride and groom are from different states, you could get each of them one to have their own cap maps to decorate as a sweet his-and-hers gift.

Whiskey Stone Gift Set for Two

Personalized Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones Set

For the scotch and bourbon lovebirds, this lovely whiskey gift set for two is the perfect wedding gift. Complete with two gorgeous rocks glasses and a box set of accessories, the bride and groom can enjoy a proper nightcap in style. The accessories box and glasses are engraved with a design featuring a title, name, and date, which gives you a few options for customization to make it a really touching gift.




Unique Wine Decanter

Unique Aerating Wine Decanter

The couple who enjoys wine will fall head-over-heels for this gorgeous wine decanter! The expertly crafted design of the decanter will aerate their wine when they pour a glass, enhancing the aroma and taste that will improve even the cheapest of wines while also doubling as a stunning piece of modern decor. The decanter will look great in their dining room, home bar, or that new bar cart they probably got as a wedding gift!

Serving Set for Guests

Pint Glasses and Snack Tumblers With Serving Tray

This super cool serving set is for the couple who loves to have friends and family over! This set comes with four pint glasses, four snack glasses, and a handy serving tray to carry it all. Whether it’s girls’ night with the bride, guys’ night with the groom, or game night with the whole family, they’ll be prepared to serve everyone!

Incredible Suitcase with Built-In Charger

Sturdy Suitcase With Built-In Charger

The next step after a wedding is the honeymoon, and this incredible suitcase will make their travels from now on so much better! The incredibly durable and theft-proof casing will keep their necessities safe and secure wherever they go while also having an extra battery to keep them charged even during unexpected two-hour layovers! Inside are tons of pockets to keep everything organized and neat. They’ll never travel anywhere without this suitcase!

Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set for the Groom

Whiskey and Cigar Ammo Can Gift Set for the Groom

Want to get a special wedding gift for the groom? He’ll be over the moon for this set! Included is a custom engraved ammo can, two whiskey glasses, a cigar cutter, and a lighter. Now he can go shoot some targets at the range with his new father-in-law and then knock back a scotch and a stogie with him afterward!

Elegant Whiskey Serving Set for the New Home

Personalized Whiskey Glass Set with Decanter and Serving Tray

One of the most popular wedding gifts is glassware, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! This beautiful presentation set comes with a decanter, four glasses, and a serving tray to display them all. Each piece is engraved with the bride and groom’s new last name and initial. Now they will have a unique set to entertain guests with and use to share a drink together. They can display the set on their bar cart, home bar, in the dining room, or lounge area.

Unique Coffee Gift for the Couple

Custom Coffee Mugs and Travel Carafe

Does the groom love coffee almost as much as he loves his bride-to-be? Then he’ll be over the moon for this incredible coffee gift set! Included are two mugs and a travel carafe, all personalized with his name. He’ll love having his very own mugs to enjoy his morning cup of coffee at home, and another to keep at work for his midday cup. The carafe is made of double walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel so that he can bring his whole day’s worth of his beloved caffeine wherever he goes and not worry about it getting cold for hours. If he prefers iced coffee, the carafe will keep it chilled all day long!

Start a Collection as a Married Couple

Wine Cork Collector Shadow Box

Getting married is a big step for a couple as it means they will start doing even more things together like pay bills, file taxes jointly, and go grocery shopping. With this cute shadow box, the couple can start their marriage with something fun that they can bond over: collecting! Whether it’s wine corks, fortunes, ticket stubs, or bottle caps, they will love watching their shadow box fill up with unique memories from their wedding day until their first anniversary (or whenever it’s full!). This is one of the most fun and unique wedding gifts that any couple is sure to love!

Agate Serving Tray

Agate Cheese Board

Geodes and crystals are on the rise, which means more gorgeous agate decor! This incredible serving tray is one of the most beautiful and unique wedding gifts you can give. Each piece of agate is entirely different, making this tray a truly one-of-a-kind gift. The groom can use it to bring breakfast in bed to his new wife or the bride can use it to serve an array of cheeses to her guests. When not in use, this tray is a work of art that will bring a touch of class to their kitchen or dining room.

A Wine Glass for the Bride

Extra Large Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

For the bride who loves her wine: a glass finally big enough! This extra large wine glass holds an entire 750 mL bottle of wine. Yes, you read that right, an entire bottle of wine. Now the bride can pour her glass and never have to get up for a refill while she binge-watches the latest seasons of The Great British Baking Show or reruns of HGTV. Now she can sit back, relax, and drink her glass of wine and truthfully say to her new husband, “I’ve only had one glass!” when he asks where all the wine went during date night!

Bartending Tool Set for Their Home Bar

Ten Piece Bar Tool Set

A quality bartending set is a classic wedding gift and a must-have for couples! This set has everything the new husband and wife need to mix up their favorite cocktails after dinner as well as serve their guests at a party. You could include a couple of cocktail mixers, a bottle of tequila or rum, or a recipe book to help them get started. The lovebirds will use this set for years and enjoy learning how to become pros at bartending from home. 

Wine to Celebrate Their Marriage

Wine Gift Box with Tools for First Anniversary

One of the most unique wedding gift ideas is to give the couple a bottle of wine meant to be saved for their first anniversary. With this gift box, they’ll also have all of the essential tools to enjoy their anniversary wine and every bottle after! The top of the gift box is engraved with two lines of custom text for you to personalize with a sweet message such as “For Your First Anniversary” or “To Be Opened In One Year,” it’s up to you. This is a really heartfelt, unique gift that they will be excited to open after their first year as a married couple.




Amazing Liquor Decanter

Ship in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter with Two Shot Glasses

Want to give a showstopping wedding gift? You’ve found it. This gorgeous whiskey decanter set is a beautiful work of art that the bride and groom will love from the intricate glass ship inside to the rustic design of the base. Also included are two shot glasses so that the couple can raise a toast together. The spigot dispenser makes it very easy to serve themselves and their guests a round of drinks. Plus, the decanter itself is sure to be a conversation piece. 

Personalized Cheese Board

Custom Slate Cheese Tray - Unique Wedding Gift Idea

Cheese boards are pretty classic wedding gifts, but this is no ordinary cheese board! In the corner of this elegant board is a lovely engraving of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” followed by their new last name. They’ll love getting this one-of-a-kind, unique wedding gift! Now they can enjoy cheese like the rest of their classy adult friends and have a striking way to serve it to them!

His and Hers Custom Robes

His and Hers Cotton Personalized Robes

There’s nothing like a cozy robe on a chilly morning or after a hot bath. The bride and groom will love these matching waffle-knit robes! Embroidered with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” along with their last name, these robes are super cute and unique wedding gifts. They’ll never accidentally put each other’s robe on and always have something warm to layer up with when the house gets a little chilly.

Personalized Coasters

Custom Marble and Acacia Wedding Date Coasters

One of the most underrated wedding gifts are coasters because everyone needs them, especially couples who are getting married and moving into a place together. These beautiful coasters are made of gray marble and acacia wood, which is engraved with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date. These lovely coasters are thoughtful and unique wedding gift ideas that they are sure to appreciate. Both decorative and practical, these coasters will help keep their new furniture safe from condensation.

Whiskey on the Rocks Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter and Two Rocks Glasses with Ice Molds

Want to give the happy couple a really unique wedding gift they’ve never seen before? They will love this beautiful decanter set! The two included whiskey glasses come with a unique ice mold that freezes as a wedge against the glass, which ensures their scotch on the rocks stays nice and chilled until the very last sip. The gorgeous decanter will look amazing in their dining room, lounge, or home bar.

Fun Custom Sign for the Bride and Groom

The Couple That Drinks Together Stays Together Custom Sign

Whether the bride and groom enjoy going out drinking together or the occasional wine at dinner, this custom wood sign is sure to be a hit! Personalized with the very true statement of “The Couple that Drinks Together Stays Together” followed by their names and the year they were married, this sign will look great in the home bar or dining room. This romantic sign will remind the newlyweds to enjoy a nice bottle of wine together or a couple of glasses of brandy by the fire.

Aerating Wine Glasses

Set of Four Unique Aerating Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a pretty typical wedding gift, but these works of art are far from ordinary! Each glass is uniquely designed to aerate the wine, ensuring that each sip is absolutely perfect. Plus, the shape makes them easier to hold. When displayed on a home bar or in the dining room, they are modern pieces of art! The soon-to-be-married couple in your life will love these gorgeous glasses to drink white or red wines from and will want to show them off every time friends and family members visit.

A Cooking Class

Give the Bride and Groom a Cooking Class

Want to give the couple a really unique wedding gift that they’ll really appreciate? Give them a cooking class to go to! The newlyweds will love learning how to make a delicious dish together. You could give them just the one class, a week’s worth, or a whole course for them to take together. Cooking together is a valuable bonding experience that they will benefit from in the long run, and it’s also a lot of fun! Who knows? They might discover a new favorite recipe they both enjoy thanks to you!

Box Set for the Groom

Liquor Gift Set for Men

Is the groom a guy of many tastes? He’ll love this variety gift set! Included is a rocks glass, bottle opener, lighter, flask, and a gift box. This is the perfect gift set for guys who like all kinds of liquors and cigars. The groom will love having a cool personalized set all for himself.

Wedding Whiskey Gift Set

Unique Wedding Gift Set

Want to give the happy couple a really nice gift that’s both thoughtful and useful? This gorgeous whiskey decanter box set is the best of both. The bride and groom will love having a nice set of glasses to enjoy their bourbon together with plenty of glasses leftover to share with their friends or family. The decanter will look great anywhere they display it as well. The included gift box will keep the entire set secure, or they can reuse it to store keepsakes from their wedding. Each piece in this set features the bride and groom’s names, new last name, and their wedding date centered around an ampersand. They’ll love every bit of this set and will certainly use it for every anniversary and special occasions!




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