19 Impressive Corporate Gifts for Clients

Check Out Our Impressive Corporate Gifts for Clients!

There are many occasions for giving corporate gifts for clients: thanking them for their business, celebrating a milestone for the company, or even welcoming new clients to your business. Whatever the reason, your gifts have to be pretty impressive to make sure that your partners know that you value them. The best gifts for clients are personal, useful, and are typically sets with multiple items. Don’t just give your clients the same generic coffee mug or a gift card, get them a gift you know that they’ll enjoy because you take note of their interests! But how much should you spend on corporate gifts for clients? What are good gifts for multiple clients? We’ll answer each and every one of your questions below!

Whiskey Sets Are the Perfect Corporate Gifts for Clients

Set of 5 Whiskey Gifts for Clients

When choosing the perfect corporate gifts for clients you need to first consider their interests. You don’t want to give them a gift they won’t like, after all! Your gifts should be personal and memorable so that your partners know that you care about them, and most importantly, their business with you. For clients that enjoy drinking whiskey, get them all personalized whiskey gift sets! Each box set in this set of 5 whiskey gifts comes with a personalized wooden box, two engraved shot glasses, 9 whiskey stones, a velvet travel pouch, and a pair of tongs. That’s a lot of things! Your whiskey-loving clients will be over the moon for these incredible gift sets and will want to pour you a glass right away. They might even propose a toast to your generosity! You can customize the three fields of text on the boxes and the initials on the glasses so that each client gets a specially unique gift.

The Perfect Coffee Gift for Clients

Personalized Coffee Mug Gift Set

In the corporate world, coffee is the lifeblood that keeps everyone going. Your clients love coffee just as much as you and your employees do, which makes this ultimate coffee lover gift set the ideal client gift! You can give this set as a nice thank you for doing business with them or as a personal way to welcome new clients to the business. Everyone loves using coffee mugs, after all, and you can’t go wrong with a set of two personalized mugs! Even better, the insulated coffee carafe is great for taking plenty of Joe on the go. The entire set is engraved with their names, which shows that you personally appreciate the client and their business.

A Luxurious Golf Gift Your Clients Will Love

Collapsible Putting Set

One of the most common stereotypes in the corporate world are business owners spending their free time on a golf course. You have a couple of clients who love to play golf, so why not get them their own personalized portable putting set? When they’re too busy to leave the office or the weather isn’t good enough to be on the green, they’ll love being able to practice their putting right in their office with this handy set. Convenient and portable, your golf-loving clients will enjoy using this set year round. Giving a gift for clients that allows them to enjoy their favorite hobby with even more convenience shows that you care about their interests and that you want to keep them happy, which are both very important qualities to have for a good business relationship.

A Classic Client Gift Set Sure to Please

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set

The best corporate gifts for clients are those that they can enjoy for years, especially if they can enjoy it with their family. A bean bag toss game is a prime example because it’s a timeless, easy game that they can play with all ages at family cookouts, tailgating parties, or even bring to the office party! The fact that it’s personalized with their name and initial is just the cherry on top of this incredible gift. You can give a custom bean bag toss game for any occasion, or even just to show your appreciation after years of business together.

Wine Themed Corporate Gifts for Clients

Engraved Wine Glass Set

It’s pretty common to give a bottle of wine as a gift in the corporate world, but you should do something a little more personal and special for your clients. This lovely wine glass set is one of the most impressive corporate gifts for clients! They will love the vintage-inspired design on the set and they will want to bring it home to enjoy a drink with their significant other. Giving a gift that a client can use for work is nice and all, but it’s certainly more appreciated if you give them something that they can use at home. Just don’t forget to include a bottle of wine with your gift set!


Food Gift Baskets Are Always Appreciated

Gourmet Edible Gift Basket

Edible arrangements are always enjoyed, but bigger is better when it comes to giving gifts for clients! You want it to be extravagant and over-the-top to ensure that they’ll remember you as the person who goes above and beyond to show your appreciation. By giving them a spectacular gift, they’ll be more motivated to do better business to see what kind of gift they’ll get next time. This incredible gift basket comes with all kinds of salty, sweet, savory, and gourmet treats they’ll be snacking on for the next week or two. Such a luxurious gift is an ideal holiday gift, but it’s also a great milestone gift when your company or your partner’s company accomplishes something special.

Ammo Can Sets for Everyone

Set of 5 Ammo Can Sets

Are several of your clients really into whiskey? Give them all the manliest whiskey gifts for clients around! These ammo can sets include a 30 caliber ammo box that was once used by the US military, two double old-fashioned glasses, and a set of nine whiskey stones. They will love using the custom engraved ammo boxes for storing their tools or ammunition. After work, they can enjoy a proper glass of scotch on the rocks with their new whiskey stones and rocks glasses. These ammo can sets are the perfect holiday or milestone achievement gifts!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Tumblers

Set of 5 Coffee Tumblers

Want to give a matching gift to each of your clients for the holidays or as an appreciation gift from a successful month? Coffee tumblers are always great corporate gifts! Everyone uses them for coffee, tea, soda, and protein shakes. These custom tumblers are made of double walled stainless steel and have a vacuum insulation so that everyone’s beverages stay cold or hot for hours. Your business partners would also appreciate a K-cup sampler pack or a package of ground coffee along with these custom tumblers as a complete gift. They’re sure to use their tumblers every day, and when they do, they’ll think of you!

Simple Beer Gift for Clients

Beer Themed Corporate Gifts for Clients

Have you often heard one of your clients talking about beer? They just went to a famous brewery or found a local craft brewery they absolutely love? Show them that you pay attention to their hobbies with a personalized beer mug gift set! They will love having a personalized beer mug to gulp down plenty of beer with at home just like they do at their favorite brewery. Beer mugs are bigger and better than the typical pint glass, after all. Your beer-loving client will also enjoy the personalized bottle opener and can start a collection of bottle caps in the wooden gift box. This particular set is a great holiday, anniversary, or special accomplishment gift for clients.

Start a Monthly Poker Night With Your Clients

Personalized Brown Leather Poker Set

Want to get closer to your clients and create more personal relationships with them? Give them a gift that you can enjoy together! For example, a poker set is one of the classiest and greatest gifts for clients you can give. Most people really enjoy playing poker, and it’s a great way to learn more about each of your partners personally and professionally. They will love having their own custom poker sets and taking turns hosting poker nights every week or month.

Your Client Gifts are on a Roll

Travel Tech Roll Corporate Gifts for Clients

Your clients are practical people who are always busy. Don’t get them something boring like flowers or food, they will appreciate gifts that are really useful! This tech or jewelry roll is something your clients are sure to appreciate! Life can get crazy and having to deal with messy cables is the last thing anyone wants, so make their lives a little easier with this classy travel carrying case! Your new and existing clients will greatly appreciate that you gave them a gift that they can use often in and out of the office.

The Coolest Beer Gift Basket

Monogrammed Beer Ammo Can Gift Set

Do you have a client who is all about beer and the outdoors? Get them a gift that represents who they are to celebrate a milestone for the company or their work anniversary! This unique beer gift basket is as manly and cool as you can get with the custom pint glasses, pocket knife, ammo box, and the bottle opener made from an actual bullet. Your client will want to take this entire set on a hunting or camping trip as soon as you present it to him. He’ll especially enjoy using the ammo box to store tools and gear for his adventures as it is incredibly durable and has a very secure seal.

Custom Wine Glasses for All

Engraved Set of Wine Glasses for Clients

Want to get matching gifts for all of your clients for the holidays? You can never go wrong with personalized wine glasses. These lovely gifts for clients are sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Each large stemless wine glass is engraved with a name and a year, which is simple but timeless and elegant. Your clients and business partners will love using these glasses for a relaxing drink after work. Make sure you include a bottle of wine with each glass to make it a complete gift!

The Coolest Corporate Gifts for Clients

Flask and Knife Corporate Gift Set for Clients

After getting to know some of your clients, you’ve discovered that quite a few of them enjoy spending time traveling and are often on the go every weekend. Why don’t get them all a nice gift set that will contribute to their travels? This flask gift set is perfect! Flasks are great traveling companions because they will always be close by whenever they feel like a drink. You can never have too many pocket knives, either, as they have hundreds of uses from opening packages to helping prepare a campfire. Bonus: the wooden box is actually a cigar case! How awesome is that?

A Set With a Little Bit of Everything

Personalized Variety Gift Set

When welcoming new clients, you don’t always know what they’re going to like. Sure, you could give a fruit basket or flowers, but that doesn’t show that you’re personally invested in them and their business. How about a personalized gift set with a little bit of everything? This unique gift set comes with a rocks glass, lighter, bottle opener, and a flask. Whether they’re into beer, liquor, or cigars, there’s a little something for everyone in this gift set. You can even add an additional gift such as a small sampler size of liquor as shown, a pack of cigars, or an edible treat.

Give Your Clients Something Alive

Money Tree

Want to give your partners something a step above the average flower or edible arrangement? How about a money tree? A cute office plant that’s easy to care for and is supposed to promote good luck and wealth, all of your clients will be happy to get this thoughtful gift. They will nurture and care for it for years to come, and you can watch it grow together along with your business! Giving something that’s living as a gift shows that you’re invested in this business relationship for years, just as they should invest in caring for the tree. They’ll be determined to keep it alive and healthy because you gave it as a gift, and it’ll surely reflect in their business dealings with you!

A Customizable Wine Gift Basket Any Client Will Love

Personalized Wine Glasses with Corkscrew

A great way to welcome a new client to the business is with a nice bottle of wine, but you should take it a step further and also give them this lovely wine glass gift set! This way, you’re giving them everything they need for a nice, relaxing evening with their significant other. The corkscrew multi tool has two different kinds of bottle openers, a corkscrew, and a foil cutter. The large stemless wine glasses each boast a 20 ounce capacity, which is plenty of red or white wine to help them unwind after a long day. You can personalize the text on each piece in the set with lovely phrases such as “Welcome, Courtesy of” followed by the company name, or you can have your own logo engraved on it. Your new partners will feel like you’re welcoming them into a family, and it will ensure a smooth transition with this set of corporate gifts for clients.

A Handsome Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Want to give one of your clients something special to thank them for their business? The most meaningful gifts for them is related to their interests. You’ve gotten to know them over the years and figured out that they enjoy drinking a specific liquor such as bourbon or tequila. The best gift for them would be a personalized decanter set! No matter what kind of liquor it is they enjoy, it can be served and stored with class in a decanter. They will love this handsome personalized decanter and the elegance it adds to their home bar. The two rocks glasses are large enough for cocktails, but not too big to enjoy their spirit neat. Your client will be so touched that you got them such a wonderful gift to show your appreciation!

An Unforgettable Ammo Can Set

Custom Ammo Can Set of Corporate Gifts for Clients

Is one of your clients a manly man who loves the outdoors? Then you should get him a special gift that is all about his favorite things! By giving him this awesome ammo can set, he will be able to do even more outdoor activities. The hatchet is a versatile tool that’s great for doing yard work, cutting up wood for a campfire, and so much more. He’ll love using the flask instead of a fragile liquor bottle so that he can carry plenty of his favorite liquor wherever he is. At home, he can relax with a refreshing glass of whiskey and tell his friends about his recent adventure. Plus, he can use the ammo can to store anything from camping gear to ammunition! Everything about this set who love the outdoors. By giving a gift related to their interests, it shows that you’ve taken the time to get to know your clients, which builds a better relationship with them. You might even get a great gift in return related to your favorite things!