29 Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Make His Birthday Unforgettable with Unique 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

When a man reaches his fortieth year, it’s a milestone. It’s the kind of special occasion that calls for an extra special present to commemorate the day. What are the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men? How much should you spend on his gift? Who can customize it for you? These are all important questions to ask when choosing the best 40th birthday gifts for him. Read on for top birthday gift ideas for him that’ll make his fortieth birthday truly spectacular.

He’s 40, Ditch the Plastic Cups – He Needs a Whiskey Glass Set Worthy of His Age

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

He’s 40, time to ditch the plastic cups and bargain glassware. For the man who loves to entertain, no 40th birthday gift for him would be better suited than a set that allows him to entertain the neighbors and other guests. This Oakmont wood boxed whiskey set includes four engraved whiskey glasses, a handsome liquor decanter and it all comes in a customized maple gift box. Your father, brother or best friend will be the envy of the neighborhood with this divine whiskey set.

Grilling 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Custom Grilling Tools 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

No 40th birthday gift ideas for men are better than these personalized grilling tools, especially for the man who loves to grill! He will be so excited to use these essential BBQ tools to grill up burgers, steaks, kabobs, and more for all of his friends and family. The fact that he can easily store and bring his trusty tools anywhere from the lake to his friend’s house makes this incredible birthday gift even more awesome.

Handcrafted Presentation Gift Set – A dignified set for 40 year olds

Handcrafted Presentation Gift Set - A dignified set for 40 year olds

Here’s a fun 40th birthday gift for men. Consider one of these personalized serving sets for entertaining guests in style, poker games, or the big game. No matter what he uses it for, you can rest assured your gentleman will be ready for the event with drinks and snacks for all the guests. It will keep him from spilling a single drop of that single malt scotch or handcrafted bourbon. It’s fancy and convenient. Everyone wins!

Help Keep Him Organized with a Custom Watch Case

Personalized Watch Case

After many Christmases, anniversaries, and of course birthdays, he is sure to have quite the watch collection at this point in his life. While most 40th birthday gift ideas for men are watches, you know he has plenty of them. From his day-to-day Fitbit or his finest timepiece, why not make organizing his watch collection easier than ever with a gorgeous black wood and leather watch case? Engraved with his name, this will be one of the best ways for him to keep all his accessories. Nevermore will he be searching around for the ideal watch or for both cufflinks. Now, getting ready for casual days at the office to classy date nights will be a breeze!

Create His Own Whiskey Label

Personalized Whiskey Label Decanter Set 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

One of the best 40th birthday gift ideas you can give him is a dream come true: his very own namesake whiskey label! Any man who’s had Jack Daniels or Jim Beam has wondered what a whiskey brand named after him would look like, and your birthday gift makes it a reality. By customizing all of the text in the unique design, you can make this decanter set a one-of-a-kind gift that no one else will have so that it’s extra special.

Coolest Cutting Board for Men

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Keep him happy in the kitchen with one of the coolest and toughest 40th birthday gifts for him, a custom bamboo cutting board! He’ll love seeing the engraving with his name on it each time he goes to slice some tomatoes or dice a few onions. Plus, aside from making him happy, now that he has a new cutting board, you can be sure he’ll be firing up his grill way more often than he ever has in the past.

A Blackout Set of Luxury 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set for 40th Birthday

Make your guy celebrate like it is his 21st birthday all over again with this gorgeous black box gift set perfect for celebrations like his birthday. He’ll have never felt like a classier birthday boy than when he has a cigar in one hand and his custom glass in the other. Better still, he can take the cigar case and acrylic stand with him in case the two of you go out for dinner and he wants to have a cigar as the ideal complement to his meal. With 40th birthday gift ideas this good, you know you’ll see him using this set at home all the time from here on out!


For the Stylish Guy, A Wallet That Will Last

Ridge Wallet Gift for 40th Birthday

So your husband or best friend has reached his fortieth year and he’s still using that old wallet from high school. Don’t you think it’s time to help the guy out? This wallet exudes class and sophistication and is worthy of any 40 year old. Give him this cool minimalist carbon fiber wallet. Bonus: If you’re gifting this as a gift for a friend, call his mom and see if you can’t track down that senior picture he hated so much and slide that bad boy into the wallet to really give your buddy the business and add a personal touch. He’ll enjoy it for years to come.

The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set of 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to finding the best 40th birthday gifts for him, think first about the things he loves. For a beer lover, this custom beer mug box set is ideal! He will love being able to enjoy his favorite beers in a hefty beer mug that’s just like the ones at his favorite pub whenever he wants. He can even share a brew with a friend since the set comes with two mugs! These mugs will definitely be used often, just make sure you get a six-pack of his favorite beer so that he can try out his new mugs as soon as he opens his birthday gift. In fact, these are so good, he may want another set when you eventually start searching for 50th birthday gift ideas for him!

Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men are Signs

Personalized Tavern Sign

After years of enjoying his favorite beers at home, it is time to make his favorite local watering hole feel official. This personalized tavern sign is a great personalized 40th birthday gift that gives him something he can enjoy every day. Perfect for where he keeps his six-pack or for over his home bar, he’ll always have a smile on his face when he sees this thoughtful gift as he pours his first beer of the night.

A 40th Birthday Gift for Him for His Best Memories

Engraved Shadow Box for 40th Birthday

After 40 years on this planet, he’s found some hobbies that have created unique memories that he always seems to cherish. Help him hold onto each moment with a memento using this engraved shadow box. Perfect for his desk or hanging on the wall, he’ll love seeing a cigar band from that trip with his brother or when he celebrated his anniversary with his wife. Shadow boxes are fantastic 40th birthday gift ideas for men because there’s nothing quite like a daily reminder of some of your favorite moments in life to make for a great gift.

Personalized, Classic Crystal Decanter Set

Crystal Decanter Set of 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

His 40th birthday is the perfect time to have him feel on top of the world and not over the hill. A custom crystal decanter set is the ideal way to have him feeling like he finally made it as the big shot he’s always envisioned himself as. He can already see himself enjoying a drink from this to celebrate the night or while he watches the big game or plays a game of billiards. Make him feel like a million bucks with this classy and custom gift every 40 year old man needs!

A Game Perfect for His Age

Custom Cornhole Game Set of His 40th Birthday

Something every 40 year old man likes to do is spend time with his friends and family. After years of grinding at the office, he’s realized they are what matter most to him. Make those moments with those closest to him a blast with this personalized corn hole set. This gift is ideal when he’s got guests over for a BBQ, tailgating, or just hosting a fun night. Everyone can take turns playing against each other, but don’t be surprised when the guy you gave this to ends up being one of the top players.

Cigar Smoker? How About a One-of-a-Kind Ashtray for his 40th Birthday

Personalized Ashtray 40th Birthday Gift for Him

Every cigar smoker needs a proper ashtray. And it’s difficult to even conceive of a more luxurious ashtray than the Monogram Marble Cigar Ashtray. Made with a naturally shed horn inlay that makes each one unique unto itself, your forty-year-old smoker will know just how special he is. The built-in stainless steel bowl will make sure none of those pesky ashes get away.

Wine Box Sets are Luxury 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Luxury Wine Glass Box Set of 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

A custom wine set full of 40th birthday gift ideas for husband is a fantastic gift idea to help him celebrate his special day. Make sure you’ve got a bottle of wine for him ready and he’ll put this set to use before the candles on his birthday cake have had a chance to even go out yet. But seriously, he’ll love using this gift set each night when he has his glass of wine with dinner or after a long day at the office. Add in the gorgeous gift box and wine tools, and this will be a 40th birthday gift for the ages!

Golf Birthday Gift Set He’ll Look Fore-ward to Using

Personalized Golf 40th Birthday Gifts for Men

Is he spending his birthday on the golf course? Before he goes, give him these golf gifts! Perfect for any man who loves golf, he’ll appreciate having the flask on hand to have a celebratory drink for every hole-in-one he makes. The custom bag tag will look great on his club bag, and the 2-in-1 ball marker and divot tool will certainly come in handy as he plays. Once you give him these 40th birthday gift ideas for men, he’ll never want to go golfing without them from now on!

Workout for the Tech Junkie

Virzoom VR Workout

It’s even more important to stay in shape the older you get. If you want a 40th birthday gift for him that appreciates the fact that he takes care of himself then look no further than Virzoom. It combines the workout of a quality exercise back and blends it with a unique VR experience. It’s perfect for tech heads and certainly beats watching the local news while burning calories.

A New Twist on Cigars and Whiskey

Custom Twist Glasses and Cigar 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

This set of 40th birthday gifts for him will quite literally smoke out the competition! This is a milestone occasion for any guy, and he deserves to celebrate his 40th in both class and style! Toasting from his new personalized glasses at the start of the celebration, or having a relaxing drink after the festivities will be the best way for him to start or finish his big day. He can even enjoy a stogie as a way to make the smell of cigar smoke a constant reminder of how great his birthday celebration was!

Vintage-Inspired Gift He’ll Keep Forever

Unique Personalized Beer Stein 40th Birthday Gift for Him

He may be quickly approaching the age of 40, but that doesn’t make him any less awesome! Make sure he knows just how great of a guy he is on his special day with a timeless birthday gift that will make him feel like the coolest man on earth. This custom beer stein shows everyone that he is the kind of man who is an ultra rare edition. Every time he uses his beer stein for a drink or sees it on his mantle, he’ll be reminded that as he grows older, he doesn’t get any less awesome. In fact, he’s like a priceless antique that gets better and more valuable with age!

The Perfect Gift Box

Personalized Liquor Gift Box

Struggling to find that perfect gift? Why not get him the perfect gift box instead? This engraved gift box is the ideal way to get him something special like a top-shelf bottle of his favorite liquor while also giving him the custom gifting experience on his 40th birthday. The engraved lid has a special message of your choosing, while inside he will find a delectable gift that you hand selected for him. Even when the bottle has long since been drunk, he’ll keep this special gift box.


New Gadgets Are Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Smoke Box System 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Finding good 40th birthday gifts for him can be as simple as getting him a cool new gadget to enjoy! The smoke box system infuses anything inside with a new smoky flavor whether it’s his usual evening bourbon or a Jack and Coke. As far as birthday gifts go, this unique gadget is one of the coolest because it has endless possibilities for creating new drinks. He’ll have so much fun experimenting with his birthday gift that he’ll forget about all of his other presents!

Decorate His Home Bar

Custom English Pub Sign

It’s about time to give his home bar a fresh look, and his 40th birthday is the perfect time to do so! With this unique personalized sign, he’ll feel like he’s young again and decorating his home bar for the first time. In fact, he’ll be so inspired by your thoughtful birthday gift that he’ll want to redo the whole home bar based on this unique sign! By far one of the most creative 40th birthday gift ideas for him, this sign will make him think of his youth and the many English pubs he frequented back then every time he looks at it.

A Whiskey Set Perfect for The Office

Engraved Shot Glass Whiskey Set

Need the perfect gift for your husband? The Stillhouse engraved whiskey gift set will keep your husband happy all day long. It even has your 40th birthday boy’s name right on it. Give him a gift to relax with for his fortieth.

Light Up the Night with a High Powered Flashlight

Powerful Flashlight 40th Birthday Gift

What’s a great gift idea for the forty-year-old camper? Of all the great 40th birthday gift ideas out there, we suggest the Klarus XT11GT – 2000 Lumen Flashlight. He’ll never want for light again as he makes his way through the dense woods at night. No matter how bad his eyes get in future years, this light will be there to guide his way.

Fill His Cave with Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Custom Wooden Man Cave Sign

At 40, he is sure to have his own area of the home that you know he simply can’t get enough of. This is where he reads, plays games, watches movies, or hangs out with his friends. What could be a better gift than making that spot his official man cave? He’ll love having a custom sign to tell the world that he has his own man cave, and that he runs the show there! 40th birthday gifts for him like this personalized sign will have him enjoying his man cave more than ever, and it’s all thanks to you!

Practical Gifts for Men Are Always Best

Personalized 40th Birthday Gift for Men Whiskey Box Set

You can’t go wrong with a practical gift set like this one as a 40th birthday gift for men! He will love having his very own personalized rocks glass and a couple of whiskey stones to make his nightly Jack on the rocks more enjoyable. The wrench multi-tool will quickly become his new favorite go-to tool because of its many uses at home, work, and on the go! He’ll definitely want to fill up the flask with his favorite spirit and carry it with him for when he wants a drink after using it for celebratory birthday drinks.

Get his Favorite Rare Book

First Edition Books

Every guy has that one book they’ve read over and over again. The covers getting worn. A few pages have wrinkles that will never come out. Now you can get him a rare treat for his birthday when you surprise him with a first edition of his favorite book. Abe Books specializes in getting rare and out of print books and making them easy to find. Just make sure he keeps this one in tip-top shape.

Funny 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

Funny Whiskey Stone and Glass Set

He’s had a lot of years to look back and remember some incredible birthday gifts, but these fun 40th birthday gift ideas are fantastic presents he’ll never forget. Anytime someone asks him his age, he’ll immediately hold up his custom glass that insists he’s simply 39, not any older. He’ll get a kick out of the custom glass and unique whiskey stones for years to come, even when he’s reached his next milestone birthday!

Personalized Glencairn Gift for his 40th Birthday

Glencairn Glasses and Box for his 40th

Your man is now in his forties. He no longer has to suffer through well-whiskeys and dollar shots. He can finally save the delicate flavor or scotch in style with this Glencairn gift set. Pair it with a bottle and join in with this awesome 40th birthday gift for him.


What is a good 40th birthday present for a man?

So, you are wondering what you give someone for their 40th birthday? While this may seem like a difficult task, gifts for a 40 year old man are not as bad as you might think. 40th birthday gift ideas for men need to be classier gift ideas that he will find use in. So, if you know him, think of his hobbies and interests and align your gift idea with that. For the man who loves billiards, potentially a custom billiard sign over a new pool cue is the way to go. Many men enjoy a good stiff cocktail so a whiskey decanter set (especially a personalized one) will stand out as one of the best gifts of their lives. Plus, when you give a good gift, not only will they love using it now, they’ll keep it and use it for years to come.

What symbolizes the 40th birthday?

The 40th birthday in anyone’s life is a milestone in their life known as a Ruby Jubilee. A Ruby Jubilee is the anniversary of a monarch’s 40th year of ruling, so when you celebrate his 40th birthday, you’re lowkey saying, “You rule”! Years ago, 40 was considered old and many people didn’t make it to this point in their lives. Now, there is a running joke that they are over-the-hill starting at 40, having lived half of their life. So, a 40th birthday symbolizes both 40 years of awesomeness while also commonly joking about him finally starting to become older.

What do you buy a 40 year old man for his birthday?

At 40 years old, he has been a man for quite some time so your 40th birthday gifts for him will want to align with his masculinity. Plus, this is a milestone birthday so you want to make sure this gift has a lasting impact on him. Gift sets and personalized items that he can or will want to use every day are just what you need to be searching for. Think of things like cigar accessories, cutting boards, decanters, or even wallets as awesome 40th birthday gifts that he’ll never want to leave his side.

What can I do for my husband’s 40th birthday?

When you’re in search of 40th birthday gift ideas for your husband you can strike gold with a personalized gift idea. Something like an engraved watch case to hold all those awesome watches you’ve gotten him over the years or a personalized grill tool set for that grill he got a few months ago will be ideal! You know your husband better than anyone, so finding a gift that can complement one of his interests is just what you need!


So there you have it, humble suggestions to help that special fellow celebrate his fortieth. Hopefully it helped you out a bit with your decision making process. Because let’s face it, a milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift that he’ll remember for decades to come.