Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

29 Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Updated 6-4-2019

When a man reaches his fortieth year, it’s a milestone. It’s the kind of special occasion that calls for an extra special present to commemorate the day.  What are the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men? How much should you spend on his gift? Who can customize it for you? These are all important questions to ask when choosing gifts for him. Read on for top gift ideas and suggestions that’ll make his fortieth birthday truly spectacular.


He’s 40, Ditch the Plastic Cups – He Needs a Whiskey Glass Set Worthy of His Age

He's 40, Ditch the Plastic Cups - He Needs a Whiskey Glass Set Worthy of His Age

He’s 40, time to ditch the plastic cups and bargain glassware. For the man who loves to entertain nothing would be better suited than a set that allows him to entertain the neighbors and other guests. This Oakmont wood boxed whiskey set includes four engraved whiskey glasses, a handsome liquor decanter and it all comes in a customized maple gift box. Your father, brother or best friend will be the envy of the neighborhood with this divine whiskey set.

World’s Best Dad Ammo Can Gift Set

Ammo Can with Pint Glasses, Flask, & Bullet Bottle Opener

Get a gift from the whole family that your guy will love for his 40th birthday. The ammo box can be used to store whatever he wants. The rest of this gift set has everything your guy needs to relax and have fun on his 40th and any day after. The bullet bottle opener is so cool that he’ll keep it in his pocket, looking for any reason to show it off. The best part is he’ll never have an excuse to forget anyone’s birthdays again with this gift.

Celebrate His Commitment to Excellence with a Custom Wood Sign

Personalized Wood Sign

Here’s another way you can impress your guy. Give him a custom bar sign that reflects his commitment to excellence, no matter the job. Drinks need to be cooled? He’ll be there with ice at the ready. Need a refill on your whiskey? He’ll be pouring before you realize it. Have a home bar or man cave? Now it will feel complete. Pair it with a nice bottle of whiskey and your guy is sure to love it!

40 Year Olds Like it Smoked Not Stirred

40 Year Olds Like it Smoked Not Stirred

Now that he’s reached his fortieth year, it’s time for him to take his whiskey drinking to the next level. And let’s face it, sometimes the missing ingredient is smoke to make your whiskey, scotch or bourbon really pop, plus it’s one cool party trick! We recommend The Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker System. What works for his steaks will work for his drink as this smoke box and smoke gun set infuse his beverage with flavors like never before.

Cognac Gift Set

Boxed Cognac Set for 40th B-day

By the time he’s reached his 40th, your guy has learned to appreciate brandy and cigars. This classy cognac gift set finally gives him a way to enjoy his favorite vices in style while elevating one of his favorite past times.

Classic Decanter Box Set for his 40th

Decanter Set with Box and Glasses

It’s never too late to add a touch of glass to his life. His fortieth birthday is the perfect time to add a decanter set to his life. He can finally display the liquors he’s been carefully curating in a handsome display that would be fit to play nearly anywhere in the home or office. It even comes with a pair of matching, personalized rocks glasses and handcrafted wood box for that extra touch of something special.

 For the Stylish Guy, A Wallet That Will Last

 For the Stylish Guy, A Wallet That Will Last

So your husband or best friend has reached his fortieth year and he’s still using that old wallet from high school. Don’t you think it’s time to help the guy out? This wallet exudes class and sophistication and is worthy of any 40 year old. Give him this cool minimalist carbon fiber wallet. Bonus: If you’re gifting this as a gift for a friend, call his mom and see if you can’t track down that senior picture he hated so much and slide that bad boy into the wallet to really give your buddy the business and add a personal touch. He’ll enjoy it for years to come.


Take His Newly Refined Tastes to the Next Level

Take His Newly Refined Tastes to the Next LevelDoes he love scotch? Well then how about this for a cool 40th birthday gift idea for him. Buy a personalized scotch and custom wood boxed whiskey set like this, and secretly put the tickets inside for an out of this world cool gift idea! It’s the perfect way to present him with tickets to that Scotch whiskey tour he’s always dreamed about. Too expensive? Well then how about a personalized set such as this, with a bottle of his favorite scotch or bourbon. Any 40 year old is sure to love this gift regardless of if you make it to Scotland or not. 


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Custom Champagne Flutes – Celebrate his 40th Birthday with Bubbly

Wine Gift Box to Open on His 40th

It’s his 40th birthday! You need to celebrate with his favorite wine These engraved wine connoisseur box set will kick his birthday off right and will be great for his 41st, 42nd, 58th, 67th, and every birthday after. The stainless steel wine glasses are a modern take for a modern man just now hitting his prime.

For the 40 Year Old Craft Beer Lover

For the 40 Year Old Craft Beer Lover

Here’s a gift that will be a sure hit with any guy who likes good beer or craft brew. Now that he’s 40, it’s time he stops drinking those light beers and learns to drink some real beer, if nothing else than for bragging rights among his friends! This monogrammed beer kit for men  comes with everything he needs to enjoy beer to the fullest. The included personalized beer glasses are perfect for all types of beer and the growler will be the perfect container for beers that he tries at the local brewery or his friends house that he wants to bring home to enjoy later.  Give him this set and you know you’ll be the first lucky person he invites to pop a cold beer with next time you’re in town. 


Cigar Smoker? How About a One-of-a-Kind Ashtray for his 40th Birthday

Cigar Smoker? How About a One-of-a-Kind Ashtray for his 40th Birthday

Every cigar smoker needs a proper ashtray. And it’s difficult to even conceive of a more luxurious ashtray than the Monogram Marble Cigar Ashtray. Made with a naturally shed horn inlay that makes each one unique unto itself, your forty-year-old smoker will know just how special he is. The built-in stainless steel bowl will make sure none of those pesky ashes get away.


Grilling Tools for Your 40 Year Old Handy Man

Golf Grilling Tools

You may wonder, what are some of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men who are always grilling something? How about something that would go in his favorite spot in the house, the grill. Checkout this cool custom golf grill set. They are made to look like his favorite set of tools. These would look pretty cool anywhere in the home whenever he can’t make the links and wants a delicious meal instead. 


Not Your Father’s Decanter Set

Not Your Father's Decanter Set

These cool decanter sets are so in style right now! Made of glass they will make your liquor look enticing and who doesn’t love that? It comes with matching rocks glasses with his name for a very cool 40th birthday gift idea that he is sure to love.

Workout for the Tech Junky

Virzoom VR Workout

It’s even more important to stay in shape the older you get. If you want a 40th birthday gift for him that appreciates the fact that he takes care of himself then look no further than Virzoom. It combines the workout of a quality exercise back and blends it with a unique VR experience. It’s perfect for tech heads and certainly beats watching the local news while burning calories.

Bullet Whiskey Stones He Won’t Believe

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

He’s had a lot of years to look back and remember some incredible birthday gifts, but these bullet whiskey stones are something he’ll never forget. They’re a fun and playful birthday gift for someone just now cruising into their 40s that will elevate any of their spirits. It even comes with a pair of double shot glasses, so he can share the wealth to whoever wants to toast him on his fortieth.

Beer Tap Handles for his Man Cave

Custom Beer Tap Handles

Complete your guy’s man cave or home bar with these awesome chalkboard beer tap handles. If he doesn’t have one yet, this is a great gift to get him started. It’s even perfect if he loves homebrewing because he can write the name of his latest brew on tap handles for each season.

Cool Twist on Gifting Glassware

Four Benson Rocks Glasses

Got a cocktail-loving guy you need a gift for? Then how about this, buy him four Benston style cocktail glasses for his favorite cocktail. Give him the glasses with mini bottles of unopened spirits inside. They’re versatile whiskey glasses that are great for drinking neat or on the rocks. What a cool 40th birthday gift idea men! Anytime he wants a drink he’ll make sure it’s gift that keeps on giving!


All the Vices Gift Set – For Manly Guys Turning 40

All the Vices Gift Set - For Manly Guys Turning 40

Here’s an gift idea for that manly guy. This all the vices gift set for men is perfect for that 40 year old guy who loves a good smoke, stiff drink, and shooting guns. I mean how can you go wrong with this set? Even if he’s not into guns,  ammo cans such as these are endlessly useful for storing everything from tobacco (add a sponge to use as a humidor), holding his tools, to storing his spare change and everything in between. Truly a gift any guy worth his salt can appreciate!


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Custom Gift Set for Aspiring Collectors

Golf Ball Collecting Display Case

Is your guy a collector? Upgrade his collecting experience to the something worthy of a 40 year old with this handsome golf ball shadow box. Perfect for any golf balls after a great match, it comes in a hand crafted wood box. Coming in under $60, it’s a cool inexpensive 40th birthday gift idea that looks like it cost much more than it really does.

Complete Decanter Set for a 40th Birthday

Complete Decanter Set for a 40th Birthday

As your man is about to enter the best years of his life he should be enjoying his liquor in the best way possible. Get him a decanter set that will make his favorite whiskey look more enticing than ever. He’ll love being able to show off the impressive set with the matching glasses to any friends that come by.

Cigars Never Go Out of Style

Cigar Lovers 40th Birthday Set

As he’s gracefully entered his forties, he’s gotten a sense of refinement about him. He may not be the flip cup champ he was in college, but he now knows a good cigar when he sees one. It’s what makes this whiskey and cigar gift set an amazing 40th birthday gift for him. He’ll love taking his cigars with him wherever they’re needed and pairing them with a fine bottle of whiskey. Just like him, this gift will only get better with age.

A Whiskey Set Perfect for The Office

Engraved Shot Glass Whiskey Set

Need the perfect gift for your husband? The Stillhouse engraved whiskey gift set will keep your husband happy all day long. It even has your 40th birthday boy’s name right on it. Give him a gift to relax with for his fourtieth. 


Light Up the Night with a High Powered Flashlight

Light Up the Night with a High Powered Flashlight

What’s a great gift idea for the forty-year-old camper? Of all the great 40th birthday gift ideas out there, we suggest the Klarus XT11GT – 2000 Lumen Flashlight. He’ll never want for light again as he makes his way through the dense woods at night. No matter how bad his eyes get in future years, this light will be there to guide his way.


Handcrafted Presentation Gift Set – A dignified set for 40 year olds

Handcrafted Presentation Gift Set - A dignified set for 40 year olds

Here’s a fun 40th birthday gift idea. Consider one of these personalized serving sets for entertaining guests in style, poker games, or the big game. No matter what he uses it for, you can rest assured your gentleman will be ready for the event with drinks and snacks for all the guests. It will keep him from spilling a single drop of that single malt scotch or handcrafted bourbon. It’s fancy and convenient. Everyone wins!


Around the World in Your Own Liquor Cabinet

bar globe 40th idea

Is your forty year old a Renaissance man? Is he the the kind of guy who deserves the whole world? Well, you may not be able to give him the Earth, but you can give him a cool globe bar to hide all his favorite liquorsLend your man’s cave a bit of old world charm with this replica of an old Italian globe. Let him stock with with his own collection of whiskeys, bourbons, scotches, vodkas and more from around the world. 

Ultimate Beer Lovers Box Set

Beer Glass Variety Box

Over the decades, your guy’s love of beer has only increased. Sure, he still enjoys a Coors Light while BBQing with friends, but he now knows the joys of a hoppy IPA, rich stout, or mouth-puckering sour. This ultimate beer set has glasses designed to elevate every kind of special brew. He won’t need to drink straight from the can anymore. He’ll be celebrating his birthday and every other occasion with the perfect beer and its matching glass.

Get his Favorite Rare Book

First Edition Books

Every guy has that one book they’ve read over and over again. The covers getting worn. A few pages have wrinkles that will never come out. Now you can get him a rare treat for his birthday when you surprise him with a first edition of his favorite book. Abe Books specializes in getting rare and out of print books and making them easy to find. Just make sure he keeps this one in tip-top shape.

40th Birthday Present for the Wine Connoisseur

Engraved Wine Glasses for his 40th Birthday

Now you’ve got your man drinking the good stuff. So give him a great wine set to enjoy his wine more fully. With this cool 4 piece wine glass set he’ll be able to aerate and filter his favorite wine to increase the flavor intensity and remove all those stubborn sediments. It even comes with a drying rack for easy cleaning. It’s the gift that every wine drinker needs.

Personalized Glencairn Gift for his 40th Birthday

Glencairn Glasses & Box for his 40th

Your man is now in his forties. He no longer has to suffer through well-whiskeys and dollar shots. He can finally save the delicate flavor or scotch in style with this Glencairn gift set. Pair it with a bottle and join in with this awesome 40th birthday gift for him.

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So there you have it, humble suggestions to help that special fellow celebrate his fortieth. Hopefully it helped you out a bit with your decision making process. Because let’s face it, a milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift that he’ll remember for decades to come.


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