27 Great Military Retirement Gifts

27 Great Military Retirement Gifts

Our men and women in the Armed Forces are brave, incredible people. After their many years of service to our country, they deserve a nice gift to congratulate them on their retirement.  What makes a good gift for veterans, you ask? Something respectful of course, but also a gift that is useful. These amazing people have been trained to only have what is necessary, after all! Our experts searched the web for the best possible military retirement gifts from all branches, so you’re sure to find something awesome for the veteran in your life. 

Patriotic Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized Ammo Can Beer Gift Set for Veterans

Whether he’s newly retired or is a seasoned veteran, he will absolutely love this incredible ammo can gift set. Complete with two pint glasses, a cool knife, and an even cooler bottle opener made from a bullet, he’ll love it all. The ammo can is perfect for him to bring along to the range, store tools, or use as a memory box for keepsakes from his service. He’ll love using the pint glasses to share a cold one with you or one of his brothers-in-arms as they reminisce about their missions together and feel like young men again excited about starting their career in the Armed Forces.

The Coolest Gift for a Naval Officer

Custom Wooden Navy Anchor Sign

The retired Naval officer in your life is a manly guy who has spent most of his life on ships. Naturally, he’s retiring to a beautiful beach side home where he can keep spending every day on the ocean. He even bought himself a boat! What kind of gift is perfect for the Navy veteran who has it all? A custom piece of decor for his new home! This awesome Navy sign is customizable to make it a unique, one-of-a-kind Navy retirement gift for him. You could have the two lines of text read “Admiral Jonathan West, Serving 2008-2019” or “Keith Johnson, Semper Fortis, COMSUBDEVRON FIVE.” Whatever you choose, he will be honored to receive such an awesome custom sign to celebrate his retirement and will proudly hang it in his home.

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set for Pilots

Custom Military Pilot Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Military pilots fly all sorts of planes, not just fighter jets! Any pilot who has had the privilege of flying a Cessna 172 or a similar, older aircraft will get a kick out of this classy Air Force retirement gift. The veteran pilot in your life will love using his new custom whiskey glass for his nightly drink of Johnnie Walker scotch. He’ll never leave the house without his cigar case and lighter on hand so that he’s always prepared to puff a stogie while regaling someone with his tales of his time in the armed forces.

Patriotic Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Military Whiskey Decanter Set

Now this is an impressive military retirement gift! This gorgeous custom whiskey decanter set is perfect any branch of the military and is entirely engraved with your veteran’s name, rank, and the day he or she retired. This set belongs on display in a home bar for all to admire, and a great gift to unveil at a retirement party! Make sure to include a bottle of their favorite whiskey, bourbon, or scotch as well. With this decanter set, you both honor and appreciate their service for the United States while also giving them a fantastic gift to treasure forever.

Stainless Steel Gift Set

Personalized Travel Mug Set with Flask

Your veteran’s many years of blood, sweat, and tears shed while fighting for our rights have not gone unnoticed, but how do you show your appreciation for such a man? This travel gift set is thoughtful, useful, and a very nice military retirement gift. The cool engraving that shows off his name, rank, and the date he enlisted is a respectful touch that he’ll love. He’ll also love having a nice stainless steel mug to bring along plenty of piping hot coffee to keep him energized throughout the day and a liquor flask for when he feels like a shot or two. The tactical knife contains a hidden survival kit, which is perfect for bringing along on fishing, camping, or hiking trips. After all, military guys like to be prepared for anything!

Custom Wood Sign

Customizable Wood Sign for Veterans

After 20 plus years in the military, the veteran in your life deserves a truly special gift to thank him or her for their many years of serving our country.  This awesome gift for veterans is a wooden sign that bears a unit’s emblem, name, and custom phrases all of your choosing. That’s right, you choose the entire design! Your retiree will absolutely love this incredible gift and proudly display it in the home. This is one of the most thoughtful military retirement gifts you’ll find in this blog!

Military Decanter in Four Styles

Whiskey Decanter in Four Styles

This handsome whiskey decanter comes in four styles: Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force, making it the perfect military retirement gift for men or women! Your veteran will love having a cool decanter bearing the crest of their military branch to store and serve liquor whether it’s tequila or scotch. It’ll look fantastic on a home bar or in a dining room.




His Own Custom Poker Set

Monogrammed Poker Gift Set with Cigar Glass

No matter what branch he served in, the retired military man in your life will enjoy having his own custom poker set to play a few rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em with his fellow veterans just like they used to in the early days. His brothers-in-arms will be jealous of his awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass for sure! This game set is also great for playing card or dice games with his family such as Go Fish or Farkle. He’ll love everything about this incredible military retirement gift and will certainly use it for many years to come.

A Game to Play With Family

Custom Military Bean Bag Toss Game

Sometimes the best retirement gift is something the veteran can share with his or her family, like this custom bean bag toss game! Easy to play and great for all ages, your veteran can play with their children and their grandchildren for many years to come. The two lines of text in the corner are customizable, too, so that you can have it say your veteran’s name and rank or their troop’s catchphrase. The best part is that this awesome military retirement gift is great for Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, or Air Force veterans! This family-friendly gift is sure to become your go-to gift for veterans.

Navy Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized U.S. Navy Whiskey Decanter and Two Glasses Set

Naval officers are awesome guys, and they deserve military retirement gifts that are just as cool as they are after their incredible service. This whiskey decanter set is one of them! The handsome decanter is ideal for displaying as a unique piece of decor and using to serve whiskey to his guests. The U.S. Navy engraving is a classy nod to his service as a guy in the Navy and makes this whiskey set even cooler.

Military Watch

Black U.S. Army Watch for Military Retirement

A military-themed watch is one of the coolest military retirement gifts you can give. This handsome Army watch is sure to impress with its sleek style. He’ll want to wear it all the time so that he has something that both shows off his service and patriotism. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this watch will last for years to come. This watch is one of the classiest ways to thank your veteran for his many years of service in the United States Army.

Army Green Ammo Can Set

Green Ammo Can and Flask Military Retirement Gift Set

Now this is the perfect military retirement gift! The signature Army green of the ammo can and matching flask is ideal for anyone retiring from any of the Armed Forces, but especially the Army. The best part about this cool gift for veterans is the customizable engraving of two lines of text, which can be anything like “John Smith Iraq Veteran” or “Luke Armstrong Lieutenant Colonel,” the option is yours! He will love that you got him something so personal and thoughtful. He can use the ammo can to store his trusty ammunition or keepsakes from his time serving our country. The flask is perfect for him to enjoy a shot or two of his favorite spirit when he goes camping or to the lake with his brothers-in-arms.

American Beer Gift Set

Patriotic Beer Set for Military Retirement

Is the military retiree in your life a beer fan? Then he’ll absolutely love this ultimate beer gift set. It comes with an amber glass growler, two pint glasses, and a cool beer bottle cap map of the United States. He will love being able to have plenty of his favorite craft beer from his local brewery on hand at home in the handy growler or use it to store his latest home brew. He can serve you or a friend a nice cold beer in the awesome personalized pint glasses. After he opens a bottle of beer, he can place it in the map and show off all of his favorite kinds of beers for everyone to see. Everything about this set makes it one of the best beer gifts for veterans.

Military Flask Gift Set

Military Veteran Leather-Wrapped Flask Set

Now that he’s retired, the veteran in your life can drink whenever he likes. Celebrate his retirement from the military with this handsome custom flask gift set! As soon as he opens it, he’ll want to fill it up with his favorite liquor and pour you both a shot with the included stainless steel shot glasses. Besides being an awesome flask gift set, the foam insert of the custom gift box is removable to be reused as a storage box for your veteran’s memorabilia! How cool is that? He’ll love having the perfect place to store his coins, awards, badges, and keepsakes.

Beer Mug Gift Set

Personalized Beer and Cigar Gift Set with Survival Knife

One of the coolest military retirement gifts you can give is this neat gift set. Perfect for a man in any branch, he will love the large personalized beer mug, survival knife, and new cigar accessories. Now he can kick back, relax, and enjoy a full mug of beer in the comfort of his own home just like he did in bars overseas. The survival knife is a must-have for veterans who like to go camping, hiking, and fishing as its many tactical features will come in handy for various situations. Plus, military guys like to be prepared for anything. After his cold beer, he can cut and light up a fresh stogie with the professional cutter and flip-top lighter. Retirement from the military may have just begun, but with this set it’s awesome already!




Personalized Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set with Cigar Accessories

There’s nothing like a nice glass of bourbon and a fresh cigar after dinner. You know your veteran’s routine and you want to get him or her something nice for the anniversary of their retirement from the military. This custom whiskey gift set is the perfect gift for veterans! From the military surplus ammo can to the personalized rocks glasses, he will love every piece in this incredible set. Whether he’s retired from the Army, Air Force, Navy, or other branch of the military, this awesome gift will make his nightly routine even better.

Veteran Fleece Jacket

U.S. Army Fleece Jacket

If you’re stumped on what to get the veteran in your life, a nice jacket is always a good idea! This fleece zip-up comes in an Army style (pictured), Navy, Vietnam, and more, making it the perfect military retirement gift for any branch of the Armed Forces. He or she will love that you got such a cool veteran gift that is both useful and shows off their proud service. The jacket is lightweight enough for the fall, but slim enough for layering over in the winter, making it the perfect go-to jacket.

A Customizable Beer Stein Ideal for Any Officer

Custom Beer Stein with Patriotic Pewter Crest

Have you ever seen a cooler, more patriotic beer glass? This awesome beer stein is a great vintage gift for veterans. The pewter shield topped by the majestic American eagle pays tribute to your American hero, and you can customize the engraving as well. Whether he’s newly retired or a seasoned veteran, he’ll enjoy using this stein for his beers at dinner or even to display as an antique decoration.

Manly Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Veteran Whiskey Gift Set with Hatchet

The veteran in your life is a manly guy who is still as strong and awesome as he was when he first started in the military. He’s the kind of guy who says he has everything he needs and never wants anything, so he can be hard to buy for. Why not surprise him with a gift set that is both practical and just as awesome as he is? This custom whiskey gift set is great for sharing a glass of bourbon with a fellow retiree and sharing stories about the good old days of serving together. He’ll love bringing the engraved hatchet along when he goes camping with his family so that he can show his kids how to build a fire. This incredible gift set is truly the perfect military retirement gift!

Cool Grenade Decanter

Grenade Whiskey Decanter

A classic, but always a goodie, this grenade whiskey decanter is one of the most popular military retirement gifts of all time. Your vet will love it, guaranteed! It’s perfect for displaying as a fun bar accessory with a nod toward his incredible military career and using to pour a round of drinks for his friends. He can use it to store wine or any of his favorite liquors as the secure cork will keep it fresh.

Coast Guard Shirt

Coast Guard Veteran Shirt

This Coast Guard shirt is made of lightweight moisture-wicking material that will keep him cool and comfortable no matter the temperature. He can wear this working out, hiking, or just to go grocery shopping. In the winter, it’s perfect for layering and keeping him warm. It’s sure to become his new favorite shirt!

American Flag Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized American Flag Whiskey Set for Veterans

One of the best military retirement gifts you can give is a personalized whiskey decanter set. This handsome set features an American flag design that also has his name, rank, and the date he enlisted or retired. The decanter is a stunning piece of glassware that will look fantastic displayed on his home bar or lounge area, and the equally cool glasses are perfect for serving guests. Whether he’s in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or the Coast Guard, he will love this incredible set.

A Bottle Opener for Every Branch

Military Crest Bottle Opener

Have you been struggling to find a great gift for the military retirees in your life? They’re all from different branches and have served in different wars, divisions, and retired with different ranks. What’s one thing they have in common? They drink beer! That’s where this cool wall-mounted bottle opener comes in. You can choose from four different styles of military crests: Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. Whether they are a longtime retiree or newly retired, this bottle opener is a great gift for veterans!

Unique Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stone Set with Bottle Opener

Can a retirement gift get any cooler than this awesome bullet-themed set? Included are a set of super unique bullet-shaped steel whiskey stones in a custom box with accessories, a matching personalized glass, and a bottle opener made from a genuine .50-caliber bullet! Your retiree will love showing off the way too cool whiskey stones to friends and family because not only do they look great in a glass of whiskey, but they keep it cold too! Anyone retiring from the military, no matter the branch, will enjoy this unique gift set.

Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized Ammo Box Set with Hatchet

Looking for a really cool, useful military retirement gift? This is the perfect gift set. Included is a personalized ammo can, an awesome hatchet, a handy liquor flask, and a trusty pint glass. He’ll love having a custom ammo can for storing his ammunition, tools, or old duty gear. The hatchet is ideal for him to use to chop firewood in the winter and clear out trees in the summer, but it’s also useful for bringing along when camping or fishing! He’ll love having a cool flask to bring along on his travels so that he always has a few ounces of his favorite spirit at his side. The pint glass is perfect for drinking beer of course, but it’s also the perfect size to enjoy a soda, iced tea, or even cocktails. Everything about this gift set makes it one of the best gifts for veterans because it’s super useful and totally awesome.

Scale Model of His Ship or Aircraft

Scale Model of B-17 Airplane

Vets are often very attached to their military vessels whether he’s an Air Force pilot who flew B-17s or a Navy guy who sailed on a heavy cruiser, so a scale model of their favorite is one of the best military retirement gifts you can give. He will love having a miniature version on display in his home so that he has something tangible to remember his service on it. His friends and family will love seeing a physical representation of the incredible vessel they hear so much about as well!

The Ultimate Military Retirement Gift

Custom Military Retirement Gift Set with Whiskey Glasses

Have you ever seen such a great military retirement gift? Last but certainly not least, this incredible gift set comes with everything a veteran needs: double old-fashioned glasses, a cigar case with a cutter, and a gaming set including cards and dice. He can play a good old fashioned game of Go Fish with the family or a few rounds of Yahtzee with fellow veterans like they used to in basic training. Plus, he’ll always have fresh cigars on hand thanks to the new cigar case. All around, this set is one of the best military retirement gifts you can give.




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