21 Best Rum Glasses for 2023

Rum is one of your favorite liquors. Whether you’re drinking it by itself or in a cocktail, you deserve to get the most enjoyment out of it! That’s why you need to be using the proper glassware that will make your rum-drinking experiences better than ever before. A great rum glass is classy, high-quality, and will accentuate the flavors of your rum better than any other glasses. You’ll absolutely love these incredibly unique rum glasses and liquor decanter sets that’ll enhance your rum enjoyment to the max and make you feel like a sophisticated rum drinker.

Sculpted Rum Glass and Chilling Stones Set

Custom Box Set of Sculpted Rum Glasses

Get super creative with your rum consumption with this fun set of sculpted glasses! These glasses make drinking rum a blast because their unique shape makes it easy to hold and aesthetically interesting to look at. You’ll absolutely love using these glasses to sip on your 10 Cane or Bacardi, especially when they’re filled with nice cold whiskey stones to keep your rum chilled to perfection. 

Set of Four Classy Custom Glencairns

Personalized Glencairn Glasses Set of Four

Glencairns make excellent rum glasses because of their unique shape. That’s why this set of four Glencairn glasses is what you need! The tapered mouth of these glasses brings the aromas in your rum to your nose, enhancing the taste and allowing you to notice every nuance in your rum. The set of four is perfect for when you’re sampling different rums at the same time, comparing and contrasting them to one another or enjoying rum with friends and family. 

Roll Around the Table

Rolling Rum Glass

Now here’s a rum glass that will make your rum taste better than ever without you having to lift a finger! This rocking glass is incredible because it moves around on a flat surface, letting your rum breathe and aerate before you drink it. You’ll greatly appreciate how delicious your rum tastes after being in this glass for a few minutes.

Beautiful Crystal Glasses for Rum

Set of Four Crystal Cut Glasses

Enjoying your favorite rum should feel like a special event each time you do it. This crystal cut glasses set is the perfect glassware set that’ll accomplish that goal. The intricate design of these glasses not only looks stunning, but it’ll ensure that you have a tight grip on the glass. You’ll never want to use any other glasses for as long as you live!

A Personalized Decanter Set for Your Rum

Etched Decanter and Twisted Rum Glasses Set

This twisted glasses and decanter set is an absolute must-have for any rum lover. Not only will the airtight decanter keep their rum fresh for a very long time, but the glasses are terrific rum glasses because the unique twisted shape sets them apart from any glass they’ve ever owned! Enjoying rum from these glasses will be more enjoyable than ever before because of their one-of-a-kind shape. For a rum lover, this personalized decanter set is a must-get!


Gorgeous Rum Cocktail Glasses

Crystal Coupe Glasses

Looking for the perfect glasses specifically for rum cocktails? This set of crystal coupe glasses is just what you need! Your Daiquiri, Cable Car, or Mai Tai will look and taste fantastic in these stunning crystal glasses, and you’ll feel extremely fancy and sophisticated sipping those cocktails from these rum glasses.

An Engraved Gift Set for Chilling Your Rum

Personalized Chilling Stones and Rocks Glass Set

Quite a few rum lovers really enjoy having chilled rum from time to time. However, ice can dilute your drink quickly, and no one wants that. That’s why this chilling stones set is the perfect rum glass set! The stones will cool down your rum and keep it chilled until the last drop without any diluting whatsoever. You’ll never want to drink Malibu Coconut or Cruzan rum without them ever again!

Custom Cigar and Rum Glass

Custom Cigar Glass for Rum

Some rums, like Ron Abuelo Centuria or Bayou Reserve, pair beautifully with cigars, and you deserve to be able to enjoy both with ease. That’s why this cigar holding glass is a must-have! It’s the perfect glass that you can use to smoke a stogie and sip on your rum all with one hand so you can play poker, give out high-fives, or do anything else with your other hand. 

Become an Expert Rum Taster

Liquor Tasting Glass

You consider yourself an expert rum taster, but your pallet can become even more astute with this rum tasting glass! The unique shape of this glass allows the aromas to flare out from the lower bowl so you can truly capture the taste of it. It’s also made for swirling your Don Q Reserva 7 or Brugal 1888 rum around inside it, bringing the mango or vanilla flavors out. 

Reflect Light into the Rum

Monogrammed Set of Rum Glasses

Want a classic set of glasses with a unique feature? This set of four monogrammed glasses is absolutely perfect for you! The special bases of these glasses bounce light off of them in a very aesthetically pleasing way, giving your rum a bright, super special look. The thick bases also help prevent condensation from forming on the surface below the glasses.

Unique Rum Tasting Glasses

Rum Tasting Glasses Set of Two

Is rum tasting your thing? Then you must have these unique-shaped rum tasting glasses in your collection! Thanks to their wide bowl that intensifies the aromas in the rum, they’re absolutely perfect for rum tasting. The thick stem of the glass makes it easy to hold without having to put your hand on the bowl in case you’re worried about warming it with your hands. 

Monogrammed Rum Glasses and Decanter Set

Monogrammed Decanter and Glasses Box Set

Since it’s your favorite spirit, you always want to have plenty of rum on hand and a high-quality, awesome glass to use to enjoy it. This monogrammed decanter and glasses box set is terrific for rum lovers because the decanter holds a lot of delicious rum as it sits on your home bar or kitchen counter. As soon as you want to enjoy a drink, you can get out one of your four glasses and pour yourself a glass of deliciousness. You’ll love the convenience and classiness of this monogrammed set!


Stunning Crystal Glencairn Glasses Set

Decanter and Crystal Glencairn Glasses

With this crystal cut Glencairn glasses set, you get the best of both worlds. Not only are the glasses incredibly stunning, but their unique bulb shape brings the aromas to your nose so you can fully taste your Brinley or Captain Morgan. The engraved decanter will ensure your rum stays fresh. You’ll absolutely love pouring rum from the decanter into these beautiful glasses, and you’ll want to use this set all the time!

Nosing Glass to Taste Every Subtlety 

Engraved Rum Nosing Glass

Really take in the aromas of your favorite rums with this custom nosing glass! This uniquely-shaped rum glass captures those aromas and helps you notice subtle flavors in various rums that you never knew were there. As a newly ordained rum aficionado (thanks to this glass) you’ll really appreciate being able to enjoy your favorite drink in a whole new way!

Colorful Rum Glasses

Colorful Glasses

Get super creative with your glassware choices by getting these uniquely designed, colorful glasses! With several colors to choose from, you can pick your favorite so you always feel awesome sipping rum from it. The unique texture of these glasses make them easy to grip, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it!

Presentation Set for Convenience

Custom Decanter and Glasses Presentation Set

You deserve to enjoy your favorite rums with ease, and with this decanter and glasses presentation set, you’ll be able to do so and feel extremely sophisticated at the same time! With a decanter filled with rum sitting on your coffee table or home bar, you’ll find it so easy to just pour yourself a glass of rum when you’re relaxing on the couch. If you want to indulge with a few friends, this classy set makes it easy for everyone to have their own rum glass!

Savor Every Sip with this Customized Set

Double Snifter Rum Glass Set

This snifter and chilling stones set is the perfect set if you want to really savor every sip of rum. These double snifters make terrific rum glasses because you’ll really enjoy taking in the aromas at the top of the glass before taking a sip. When you want to enjoy chilled rum, the chilling stones in this set will fit perfectly in the snifters, not diluting the rum and keeping it cold. You can even share your appreciation of rum with a friend or spouse with the pair of glasses!

Globe Decanter and Rum Glasses Set

Globe Decanter and Glencairns Glasses

Rum is your favorite liquor on earth, so you need a rum glassware set that symbolizes just that! This globe decanter set is fantastic because you can keep your rum in a super unique globe decanter and sip on it using these Glencairn glasses that are specially designed to enhance the flavors in your rum. You’ll love the way the crystal ship looks swimming through your Tanduay or Havana Club rum so much that you’ll want this decanter displayed in your home for all to see.

Four Bright, Beautiful Glasses

Etched Set of Four Glasses for Rum

Get the perfect rum glass set to show off the hues in your rum of choice! This set of four glasses have star-shaped bases that’ll make your rum look absolutely delicious. If you’re enjoying Mojitos or Strawberry Daiquiris, these glasses will show off the bright colors in your cocktails better than any other glasses.

A Stunning Silver Glass

Silver Glass

There’s no chance you don’t feel classy holding this silver rum glass! You’ll think the appearance of this glass is spectacular as well as the fact that as you pour rum into it, it’ll roll around, aerating the rum before you drink it. You’ll be a big fan of such a stunning glass that aerates your rum to make it absolutely delicious.

Glasses with Perfect Rum Portions

Rum Glasses and Chilling Stones Box Set

You don’t always need a huge glass of rum, but often simply a few sips to really savor it. This glasses and chilling stones set is perfect for enjoying shots of rum at a time. You’ll be a big fan of these small yet fantastic glasses, especially when you pair them with a chilling stone or two to make sure your rum stays chilled when you want it to.