17 Kick Ass Gifts for Men They Will Actually Use

Get Him the Most Kickass Gifts for Men With One of These Epic Suggestions:

It’s never easy to find a great gift for the men in your life. Guys can be pretty difficult to shop for, but that’s where we come in! The best gifts for men should be useful, have a cool factor, and are totally unique. Guys love getting totally awesome gifts, but your gift has to be something he would never buy for himself. Forget those run-of-the-mill, boring gifts like belts and shirts. You need to step it up and get the guys in your life these amazingly unique gifts for men! Whether you’re on the hunt for a romantic anniversary gift, a show-stopping Father’s Day gift, a fantastic Christmas gift, or epic expensive gifts for men, we’ve found plenty of incredible gifts to choose from!

Badass Set of Unique Gifts for Men

Manly Unique Gifts for Men Ammo Box Set

Most men enjoy the great outdoors and anything related to nature. There’s just something manly about going camping or hunting. The guy you’re shopping for is no exception, which makes this badass outdoorsy gift set the perfect gift for him! It’s one of the most unique gifts for men because not only is it personalized, but everything in this set is manly and awesome. Seriously, what’s cooler than a cigar-holding flask? Perhaps the hunting knife, or even the tactical hatchet. No matter who you’re giving this amazing gift set to or even what occasion, he’s sure to love everything about it!

Classic Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Stone Shot Glass Box Set

Are you looking for a nice gift for the distinguished guy in your life? Forget your typical gift of a tie or a dress shirt, you need to give him something amazing. This customizable whiskey gift set is one of the most unique gifts for men that’s sure to make a lasting impression. The simple, elegant whiskey glasses and useful whiskey stones are great for an evening glass of bourbon after work with a friend or loved one. The whole set can be kept inside the personalized wooden gift box, which will look fantastic on his home bar or even in his office.


Classy Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

One word comes to mind when anyone sees this exquisite decanter set: “Wow.” This breathtaking crystal whiskey decanter set is a fantastically unique gift for men that’s dressed to impress. Decanter sets are great for displaying in the office, home bar, or living room when not being used to entertain friends or business clients. The guy in your life will feel like a classy gentleman every time he uses this beautiful decanter set to enjoy a nice glass of scotch with a loved one after dinner or to propose a toast to his coworkers for a successful business venture. Such an amazing gift for men is ideal for all kinds of occasions and achievements!

Custom Shadow Box

Engraved Shadow Box

An engraved shadow box is a memorable gift for any man. They come with various engravings; however, this one features an awesome cigar band design. This makes this particular shadow box great for storing memorable cigar bands. Whether they’re from one of his important business meetings, a date night, or the cigar he had while getting this gift. He now has the perfect way to store and show off his amazing cigar band collection.

The Manliest Gifts for Men You’ve Ever Seen

Custom Beer Gifts for Men

Men like to feel manly, cool, and downright awesome. However, it’s not always easy to find a gift that will make the men in your life feel that way. At least, until now! This custom set of manly gifts for men is one of the most badass gifts they’ll ever get. The set declares the recipient as “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” How cool is that? He’ll want to bring his ammo box wherever he goes just to show it off. The pint glasses will be his new favorite beer glasses, and his new cigar accessories will always be close by. He’ll never go hiking, camping, or hunting again without his trusty new survival knife! Any man would be over the man to receive this incredibly cool and manly gift set as a present.

Suave Whiskey and Cigar Set

Whiskey and Cigar Lover Gifts for Men

Do you have a guy in your life that often enjoys a cigar and a glass of whiskey when he comes home from work? The two vices are his favorite way to unwind and relax after a particularly long day. Spice up his relaxation routine with his own custom whiskey and cigar gift set! He will love having a personalized whiskey glass that’s just for him to use, especially because it’s the perfect size for an Old Fashioned cocktail or a double scotch on the rocks. The whiskey stones will quickly replace his usual handful of ice cubes thanks to their superior chilling ability and because they won’t water down his drink within minutes. When it’s time for a stogie, his new cigar case will keep his favorites fresh, secure, and ready to go with the handy cutter. Thanks to your thoughtful and amazing gift for men, he can unwind like never before! 

Luxury Whiskey Gifts for Men

Luxury Whiskey Gifts for Men

Great unique gifts for men do more than be a cool thing to give, they are items that improve his life in some way. This kickass set of luxury whiskey gifts enhances his ability to taste whiskey, scotch, and bourbon. This amazing-looking box set will improve his whiskey aficionado skills by funneling more unique flavors and aromas to his palate. Add in the cigar accessories and engraving and this has gotta be one of the classiest and most functional gifts for men out there!


Custom Grilling Tools are the Best Gifts for Men

A man’s grilling tools are as important to him as his power tools. You can make your grill master’s tools even more personal with this custom set! He’s probably due for an upgrade from his most-used grilling tools anyway, but these handsome wooden tools won’t make him miss his old set. This four piece set is perfect for everyday backyard grilling or even to take to the family reunion, the park, or campground thanks to the handy case. Your dad, grandpa, or husband will cherish these personalized grilling tools and use them every chance he gets!

For the Manly Man With Class

Ammo Box Set with Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Accessories

Whoever said a manly guy can’t be classy, too? The cool dude in your life is equal parts burly and suave, but these qualities often make it difficult to find him a gift that represents both. This ammo can set is all about men who enjoy the ruggedness of the outdoors as well as a distinguished cigar, making this one of the most unique gifts for men like the guy you’re shopping for. He’ll love using the custom ammo box for storing and transporting his ammunition, fishing gear, or tools. When he gets home from an outdoor trip, he’ll want to relax with a refreshing glass of whiskey and a tasty stogie.

Executive Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Celebrate his special achievement at work or in life with an impressive crystal decanter set! Whether you’re toasting to his milestone anniversary or big promotion, he will be in awe of these exquisitely unique gifts for men. He’ll want to show off the whole set in his office for every client to admire, especially so that he can offer them a drink after sealing a new deal. Or, he can keep it in his study or home bar at the house and enjoy a glass of bourbon with his sweetheart after dinner every date night. See? Even the most luxurious and attractive gifts can be practical, too!

Ultimate Whiskey Tasting Set is a Unique Gift for Men

Custom Whiskey Tasting Set of Unique Gifts for Men

Why get the whiskey connoisseur in your life a nice bottle of whiskey as a gift when you can get him something even better? This complete tasting set has every popular whiskey glass on the market! He can try his favorite whiskey in each glass and he will notice a difference in flavor and aroma in every single one. Each unique glass has its own special qualities that enhance the subtle flavors of even the most minute ingredients as well as direct the aromas to your nose so that you can enjoy the full bouquet. With this complete whiskey tasting set, he’ll be prepared for tasting every kind of whiskey!


This Set Gives Biting the Bullet a New Meaning

Monogrammed Whiskey Glass and Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

What do you get a guy who likes guns? Anything related to firearms whether it’s a fun novelty gift or gun parts! With this unique monogrammed bullet whiskey stone gift set, the gun guy in your life can enjoy a kick ass glass of whiskey like never before. The stainless steel stones really do look like bullets, and they’ll make his usual Jack on the rocks even better thanks to their ability to chill the whole glass without the need for ice. Plus, he can enjoy the fullest flavor because the stones won’t water down his drink. He will love coming home from the shooting range to enjoy a cool glass of scotch with this set!

Hardwood Cutting Board for Men

Custom Cutting Board

Custom cutting boards are phenomenal unique gifts for men. For the man that likes to cook, he’ll love seeing his name engraved on his gift each time he is getting all of his meal prep together. Plus, if he loves cooking, that means he’ll use your gift and have something tasty for the two of you to eat. How great is that!


The Coolest Decanter Set

Unique Decanter Set is a Gift for Men

You’re still looking for the perfect gift? Well, that means this spectacular decanter set is perfect for the guy in your life. He’ll never expect to receive such a kick ass bull liquor decanter, that’s for sure! Even the man who has everything will love this set. He’ll want to display the decanter prominently in his home either on his home bar or in his office so that everyone who visits can see its awesomeness. He’ll offer every person a drink just so that he can show it off! This striking decanter set is certainly one of the most unique gifts for men, and is sure to make a statement in his home or office.

Personalized Tavern Sign for Men

Custom Ale Tavern Sign

What gift would a guy get more use out of than a sign? Each time he goes into his home bar, man cave, or garage, his gift will always be there for him. It is the perfect way for him to establish that room of the house as his ultimate drinking room.

Beer Steins are Fantastic Unique Gifts for Men

Personalized Beer Stein for Men

Not sure what gifts for men truly fit the man in your life? How about an engraved beer stein? These are regal gifts that also feel incredibly robust and manly. Steins are a classic gift that work for nearly every occasion, too. With a classy feel but practical use, they’re a great gift for any man. From enjoying a beer with the family to having a gorgeous display piece on a mantle, this gift does it all!

Kick Ass Cigar Humidor

Personalized Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

Any man you know who smokes cigars wants to have a humidor to keep at home so that he can store plenty of different stogies. This way, he can enjoy whichever brand of cigar he wants instead of just going from pack to pack. One of the best gifts for men is this badass cigar humidor that’s made from a re-purposed military ammo box! That’s right, this custom made humidor isn’t just cool-looking, but it’s even more practical than a standard humidor. Thanks to the watertight seal of the ammo box, the extra durable steel, and the convenient handle, this humidor can travel! Your father, husband, or boss can bring his awesome collection of cigars to his buddy’s house, the lake, on a hunting trip, or even to an out-of-state bachelor party without worrying about his stogies going stale.