43 Kick Ass Gifts for Men They Will Actually Use

43 Kick Ass Gifts for Men They Will Actually Use

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2022

Get Him the Most Kickass Gifts for Men With One of These Epic Suggestions:

It’s never easy to find a great gift for the men in your life. Guys can be pretty difficult to shop for, but that’s where we come in! The best gifts for men should be useful, have a cool factor, and are totally unique. Guys love getting totally awesome gifts, but your gift has to be something he would never buy for himself. Forget those run-of-the-mill, boring gifts like belts and shirts. You need to step it up and get the guys in your life these amazingly unique gifts for men! Whether you’re on the hunt for a romantic anniversary gift, a show-stopping Father’s Day gift, a fantastic Christmas gift, or epic expensive gifts for men, we’ve found plenty of incredible gifts to choose from!

Badass Set of Unique Gifts for Men

Manly Unique Gifts for Men Ammo Box Set

Most men enjoy the great outdoors and anything related to nature. There’s just something manly about going camping or hunting. The guy you’re shopping for is no exception, which makes this badass outdoorsy gift set the perfect gift for him! It’s one of the most unique gifts for men because not only is it personalized, but everything in this set is manly and awesome. Seriously, what’s cooler than a cigar-holding flask? Perhaps the hunting knife, or even the tactical hatchet. No matter who you’re giving this amazing gift set to or even what occasion, he’s sure to love everything about it!

Vintage-Inspired Wet Shaving Kit

Gentleman Jon Shave Kit

Sometimes, it’s best to go back to the basics. Some men don’t like using electric shavers and prefer the precision and manual nature of a regular razor. Make sure your guy has the best shave of his life with Gentleman Jon’s wet shave kit! Inspired by the classic single-blade razors that replaced the straight razors back in the day, this kit comes with everything he needs for a traditional wet shave. He’ll finally be able to achieve that perfectly smooth, clean look that he’s dreamed of thanks to this unique gift for men!

Tools Are Classic but Great Gifts for Men

Craftsman Tool Set

Tool kits are always well-received gifts! They’re the perfect go-to gifts for men for Christmas, Father’s Day, and birthdays. After all, no man can ever have too many tools, and this complete set ensures that whoever you give it to has plenty of essentials. From various screwdrivers to every possible ratchet size, this incredible tool set has it all! A classic set like this would be an ideal housewarming or graduation gift for a guy moving into his first home to make sure that he’s prepared for anything whether it’s a DIY project or fixing up things around the house.

Classic Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Stone Shot Glass Box Set

Are you looking for a nice gift for the distinguished guy in your life? Forget your typical gift of a tie or a dress shirt, you need to give him something amazing. This customizable whiskey gift set is one of the most unique gifts for men that’s sure to make a lasting impression. The simple, elegant whiskey glasses and useful whiskey stones are great for an evening glass of bourbon after work with a friend or loved one. The whole set can be kept inside the personalized wooden gift box, which will look fantastic on his home bar or even in his office.


A Watch is Always a Great Gift for Men

Citizen Eco Drive Watch for Men

Every man needs a dependable watch to wear every day. Citizen watches are known for their durability and classic design, so it’s no wonder that every guy has owned one at some point in their life. Some men refuse to wear anything but a Citizen because of how long they last and how well they work! This classic Eco-Drive watch is solar-powered and has a durable leather band that’s built to last for years to come. Your father, brother, or husband won’t need another watch for many years, and he can wear it every single day whether he’s rocking a tailored suit or just a casual weekend outfit. Watches are by far one of the best gifts for men for any occasion.

Beef Jerky Gift Set

Camouflage Cooler with Beef Jerky Assortment

Fact: men love beef jerky. There’s just something about dried meat in the form of a stick that guys just can’t get enough of. Give your guy the ultimate beef jerky gift with this manly gift set! It comes with all kinds of different jerky, cheeses, and spreads in this badass camouflage cooler. He can take this whole set on his next camping or hunting trip to munch on and enjoy using his new cooler to transport his beer too.

The Manliest Gifts for Men You’ve Ever Seen

Custom Beer Gifts for Men

Men like to feel manly, cool, and downright awesome. However, it’s not always easy to find a gift that will make the men in your life feel that way. At least, until now! This custom set of manly gifts for men is one of the most badass gifts they’ll ever get. The set declares the recipient as “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” How cool is that? He’ll want to bring his ammo box wherever he goes just to show it off. The pint glasses will be his new favorite beer glasses, and his new cigar accessories will always be close by. He’ll never go hiking, camping, or hunting again without his trusty new survival knife! Any man would be over the man to receive this incredibly cool and manly gift set as a present.

Must-Have Charging Valet Tray

Wireless Charging Valet Tray

In today’s modern age where we no longer need to plug in our devices to charge them, every guy you know probably has a little wireless charger taking up space on their bedside table. The extra device takes up essential space, leaving little room for his wallet and other everyday essentials. With this charging valet tray, he can easily charge his phone and keep all of his daily accessories in one convenient place. The tray secures everything so that he doesn’t accidentally knock his keys off behind the nightstand or lose his wallet under the bed. Plus, it’s an attractive addition to his room!

Essential Briefcase

Genuine Leather Briefcase

Do you know a busy businessman who takes his briefcase everywhere he goes? Whether he’s a lawyer or a corporate guy, he needs a dependable and durable briefcase that will keep his important documents and notes safe during his travels. Surprise him with this handsome new leather briefcase, which has a padded laptop pocket, several interior pockets, a comfortable shoulder strap, and is made of the finest quality leather that’s made to last for many years.

Classy Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

One word comes to mind when anyone sees this exquisite decanter set: “Wow.” This breathtaking crystal whiskey decanter set is a fantastically unique gift for men that’s dressed to impress. Decanter sets are great for displaying in the office, home bar, or living room when not being used to entertain friends or business clients. The guy in your life will feel like a classy gentleman every time he uses this beautiful decanter set to enjoy a nice glass of scotch with a loved one after dinner or to propose a toast to his coworkers for a successful business venture. Such an amazing gift for men is ideal for all kinds of occasions and achievements!

Every Guy Needs a Dopp Bag

Dopp Toiletry Bag Set

When a guy goes on a trip, he either keeps his toiletries in a large plastic bag or a Dopp bag. There’s no in between. Help the guy in your life stay organized with his own Dopp bag! This durable, breathable bag is perfect for storing his cologne, toothbrush, body wash, and shaving kit. It even comes with a handy mesh bag that’s the perfect size for his toothbrush and an extra mesh pouch for other small items like razor blades or floss picks. The moisture-wicking fabric of the entire set ensures that everything will be dry by the time he needs to use them on his journey.

Sleek Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether he often takes the noisy subway to work everyday or just likes to listen to music at home, the guy you’re shopping for could probably use a new set of headphones. Bose just released this attractive pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones that comes with 11 different levels of noise-cancellation to customize to the environment around him. These futuristic headphones even come with a built-in precision microphone and a button to activate the wireless assistant he uses, how neat is that? There’s even a handy Conversation Mode button, Bose AR compatibility, and even more customization via the Bose App. With these headphones, you’re not just giving a regular old pair of headphones to listen to music, but rather an immersive experience for every album, podcast, and even his phone calls. Out of all of the headphones on the market, these unique headphones are by far the coolest and most high-tech pair you’ll find. Every one of the music-loving or podcast-listening men in your life will want a pair of these!

Suave Whiskey and Cigar Set

Whiskey and Cigar Lover Gifts for Men

Do you have a guy in your life that often enjoys a cigar and a glass of whiskey when he comes home from work? The two vices are his favorite way to unwind and relax after a particularly long day. Spice up his relaxation routine with his own custom whiskey and cigar gift set! He will love having a personalized whiskey glass that’s just for him to use, especially because it’s the perfect size for an Old Fashioned cocktail or a double scotch on the rocks. The whiskey stones will quickly replace his usual handful of ice cubes thanks to their superior chilling ability and because they won’t water down his drink within minutes. When it’s time for a stogie, his new cigar case will keep his favorites fresh, secure, and ready to go with the handy cutter. Thanks to your thoughtful and amazing gift for men, he can unwind like never before! 

The Perfect Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

When one cup of coffee just isn’t enough, he should be able to brew a whole pot to keep him energized all morning! However, he can’t do that with a basic single-serve coffee maker. Give your man’s coffee addiction an upgrade with this 2-in-1 coffee maker! It can brew either a full-sized pot or a single serving. The coffee lover in your life will be thrilled to be able to make as much java as he wants whenever he wants instead of just using several single-serve pods all day long. This Cuisinart coffee maker is truly the best model for men who love their coffee.

The Most Unique Gift for Men Who Love Video Games

Nintendo Entertainment System Classic

Remember when back in the day there were only a handful of basic, 8-bit gaming consoles that were so cool and futuristic? Bring back your guy’s childhood favorite game with the Nintendo Classic Edition! Resembling the original NES, this awesome console has over 30 pre-installed classic games such as the original Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and so much more. He’ll feel like a kid again when he plays these classic games! This retro console is certainly one of the best tech gifts for men, especially if they remember when the NES came out and changed the video game industry!

For the Top Gun Fan You Know

Custom Beer Mug Gift Set for Men

Do you know a guy who loves the movie Top Gun? Make his day with this custom Top Gun-inspired beer mug gift set! The badass design will make him feel like a cool Air Force pilot just like Maverick whether he’s really a pilot or has always dreamed of becoming one someday. He will love using the hefty mug to knock back a couple of beers as he unwinds for the night after a long day at work. He’ll take care not to lose the custom bottle opener, and he could definitely use the wooden gift box for storing all kinds of keepsakes! This practical, unique gift for men is perfect for birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries for any Top Gun fan you know.


The Air Fryer Everyone’s Talking About

Digital 5.3 Quart Air Fryer

Guys love their fried foods, and will try just about anything that’s fried! However, that doesn’t mean they have to deal with all of the grease and unhealthy fats that come with fried foods. With an air fryer, the guys in your life can enjoy frying whatever they want without the extra calories. Air fryers can cook just about any fried food perfectly, and they can do more than just fry things! This nifty gadget can also bakes, steams, sautees, and roasts! The foodie guy you know will love having his own fryer at home, especially since it can cook his favorite fried foods without all of the extra grease.

Sophisticated Cologne Set

John Varvatos Cologne Set

It’s only natural to want your husband or boyfriend to smell good. With this set of colognes, your man will smell manlier and better than ever! This set of four different scents gives him a cologne to wear for every season of the year, or he can change it up every day. Your man will smell so good with these manly aromas that you’ll never buy him any other kind of cologne!

Custom Grilling Tools are the Best Gifts for Men

Personalized Grilling Tools are Unique Gifts for Men

A man’s grilling tools are as important to him as his power tools. You can make your grill master’s tools even more personal with this custom set! He’s probably due for an upgrade from his most-used grilling tools anyway, but these handsome wooden tools won’t make him miss his old set. This four piece set is perfect for everyday backyard grilling or even to take to the family reunion, the park, or campground thanks to the handy case. Your dad, grandpa, or husband will cherish these personalized grilling tools and use them every chance he gets!

His Coffee Will Always Be the Perfect Temperature

Temperature Controlled Mug

There’s nothing worse than a forgotten cup of coffee that’s gone lukewarm. The coffee-loving guy in your life often has to deal with this tragedy, but you can solve his problem! Even if he gets interrupted for an impromptu meeting at work or gets distracted by a new urgent project, his coffee will always be the perfect temperature with the Ember mug. This electric mug is programmable to be any temperature he wants from 120 degrees to 145! The mug will light up to indicate when it has reached the desired level of heat and keep it at that exact temperature for an hour and a half. Finally, his coffee will be the perfect temperature at all times even when he forgets about it!

Complete Set of Golf Clubs

Set of Golf Clubs

The best gifts for men are related to their favorite hobbies and pastimes. For a guy who’s into golf, an all-new set of clubs is the perfect gift! This complete 13 piece set is by far the best gift for golfers for an anniversary or the holidays. The attractive grayscale color scheme on the whole set won’t make him stand out on the green, but he’ll certainly play better with these quality clubs than he did with his old set! Whether he’s just getting into the sport or has been playing for a while, he will love this entire set.

For the Manly Man With Class

Ammo Box Set with Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Accessories

Whoever said a manly guy can’t be classy, too? The cool dude in your life is equal parts burly and suave, but these qualities often make it difficult to find him a gift that represents both. This ammo can set is all about men who enjoy the ruggedness of the outdoors as well as a distinguished cigar, making this one of the most unique gifts for men like the guy you’re shopping for. He’ll love using the custom ammo box for storing and transporting his ammunition, fishing gear, or tools. When he gets home from an outdoor trip, he’ll want to relax with a refreshing glass of whiskey and a tasty stogie.

The Ultimate Multi-Tool

Swiss Army Knife Multi Tool

Every guy needs a Swiss Army Knife in their life. The famous, practical multi-tools comes in handy for a variety of situations and they’re easily portable, so it’s no wonder that most guys carry one wherever they go. If the man you’re shopping for doesn’t have one, now is the time to get him one! This particular Swiss Army Knife is one of the most popular gifts for men because it comes packed with loads of tools: a pen, nail file, scissors, ruler, bottle opener, corkscrew, saw, screwdrivers, and so much more. Whether he’s at work or on vacation, he’ll definitely be using his new multi-tool several times a day!

The Complete Art of Manliness Set

The Art of Manliness Book Collection

Some guys enjoy getting clever, funny gifts rather than something unique and practical. For the funny guy in your life, get him this complete set of The Art of Manliness! This set of books will teach him everything about how to be a manly man and inspire him to be the coolest guy he can be every day. This fun set is mostly for laughs, but who knows? He might learn a thing or two from this manly guide! Such a unique gift for men is perfect for your witty boyfriend or prankster brother for Christmas.

Executive Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Celebrate his special achievement at work or in life with an impressive crystal decanter set! Whether you’re toasting to his milestone anniversary or big promotion, he will be in awe of these exquisitely unique gifts for men. He’ll want to show off the whole set in his office for every client to admire, especially so that he can offer them a drink after sealing a new deal. Or, he can keep it in his study or home bar at the house and enjoy a glass of bourbon with his sweetheart after dinner every date night. See? Even the most luxurious and attractive gifts can be practical, too!

The Funniest Card Game

Exploding Kittens Funny Card Game

When in doubt, a funny card game is always a fantastic and well-received gift. Especially great for giving at gatherings so that everyone can play it right away, any guy would be excited to get the infamous Exploding Kittens game! It brings out the dark humor in everyone, and what guy doesn’t enjoy that? This wild game is the most-funded Kickstarter game ever made, and it rivals even the hilarious Cards Against Humanity. This crazy game will make parties with new friends or gatherings with longtime best buds tons even more fun. As soon as you give him this card game, he’ll want to bring it over to every single one of his friend’s houses to play it!

Make His Very Own Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Kit

Do you know a man who will try anything spicy? One time you saw him eat a burger with ghost pepper cheese and he started sweating, but insisted it wasn’t too hot for him. Now he can create his own spicy sauce with this cool kit! It comes with everything he needs from peppers to equipment so that he can make all kinds of super spicy concoctions. He might even come up with a combination that’s entirely new!

Ultimate Whiskey Tasting Set is a Unique Gift for Men

Personalized Whiskey Glass Tasting Set

Why get the whiskey connoisseur in your life a nice bottle of whiskey as a gift when you can get him something even better? This complete tasting set has every popular whiskey glass on the market! He can try his favorite whiskey in each glass and he will notice a difference in flavor and aroma in every single one. Each unique glass has its own special qualities that enhance the subtle flavors of even the most minute ingredients as well as direct the aromas to your nose so that you can enjoy the full bouquet. With this complete whiskey tasting set, he’ll be prepared for tasting every kind of whiskey!


Create Unbelievably Cool Recipes

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Some guys like to get pretty experimental in the kitchen and create new, unusual, and sometimes even weird recipes. With a molecular gastronomy kit, he can make all kinds of weird dishes! Using science combined with cooking, he can make things like mint caviar, chocolate spaghetti, and even a lemon cloud. The kit comes with a recipe book, some pre-measured food additives, and some special tools so that he can get as creative as he wants. Seriously, this is one of the coolest and most unique gifts for men who love to experiment when they cook!

Nifty Drone

Mini Camera Drone

There’s just something about robots that guys love, especially when they can fly! Drones are the hit gadget for yet another year, and they just keep getting better. This badass camera drone actually fits in the palm of your techy guy’s hand, but its small size doesn’t mean it isn’t fully loaded with amazing features: 30 minute fly time, up to 4 km streaming distance, 3-axis 2.7k pixel camera, and weighs an ultralight 249 grams. He will love seeing the world from a new point of view with such a cool drone and sharing his spectacular videos with friends. This handy little drone will be lots of fun to take on trips to the lake, the mountains, and even the beach!

This Set Gives Biting the Bullet a New Meaning

Monogrammed Whiskey Glass and Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

What do you get a guy who likes guns? Anything related to firearms whether it’s a fun novelty gift or gun parts! With this unique monogrammed bullet whiskey stone gift set, the gun guy in your life can enjoy a kick ass glass of whiskey like never before. The stainless steel stones really do look like bullets, and they’ll make his usual Jack on the rocks even better thanks to their ability to chill the whole glass without the need for ice. Plus, he can enjoy the fullest flavor because the stones won’t water down his drink. He will love coming home from the shooting range to enjoy a cool glass of scotch with this set!

He’ll Be Ready for Anything With a Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Men who enjoy going out into the wilderness love the thrill of adventure and the possibility of danger, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be prepared for an emergency. You can rest easy the next time your man goes on a solo hiking trip thanks to this complete survival kit! It has quite literally everything he could possibly need in the event of a mishap or a serious emergency: a first aid kit, flashlight, ponchos, rope, a sleeping bag, rations, and so much more. Everything comes packed in a convenient backpack so that he can still travel light. Thanks to your thoughtful gift, he’ll be prepared for anything wherever his travels take him!

Monogrammed Gold Cufflinks

Make sure your man looks his very best on formal occasions with these handsome gold cufflinks! They’re even monogrammed with his initials, which makes them even more special. He will love wearing these attractive accessories at the next big meeting he has or the upcoming holiday party for work. Everyone who sees them will be amazed at how cool they are and will want to know where he got them!

For the Man Who Loves His Stogies

Beer Box Set of Unique Gifts for Men

Why give a cigar-loving guy just a boring box of cigars when you could give him something really special like this gift set? Everything in this classy gift set is all about cigars and beer, a match made in heaven. The suave guy in your life loves to have a glass of beer and a fresh stogie after work almost every evening, and this set will make his routine even more enjoyable. He’ll enjoy having a new cigar cutter cutter and lighter, but he’ll enjoy the tasty beer peanuts with his stogie and beer even more! This fancy beer and cigar gift set is definitely one of the most unique gifts for men who enjoy the two vices! Plus, the customizable design on the set makes it the perfect gift for his birthday, your anniversary, or even Christmas.


The Only Notebook He’ll Ever Need

Microwaveable Notebook Set

Whether you know a guy who’s about to start college or loves to write, the best gift for him is a notebook that he can use over and over! Once he’s filled up the Rocketbook completely, he just has to microwave it and the pages will be blank once more! This way, he can use the notebook for many years. He will love this handy notebook and will want one for every class! Any avid note-taking guy you know will be amazed by this high-tech and practical gift.

Breakfast Will Be Better Than Ever

Infused Set of Maple Syrups

When in doubt, food-related gifts are the best go-to gifts for men. For a guy who loves breakfast foods more than anything, these unique maple syrups will be an unforgettable gift! This set comes with three different infused syrups: classic maple syrup that’s been aged in bourbon barrels for an extra kick, a sweet hibiscus flower infusion for a summery flavor, and a cinnamon vanilla syrup that will be perfect for fall. These tasty syrups will give his favorite meal of the day an all-new flavor that he’ll look forward to every morning until he runs out of all three bottles!

The Coolest Decanter Set

Unique Decanter Set is a Gift for Men

You’re still looking for the perfect gift? Well, that means this spectacular decanter set is perfect for the guy in your life. He’ll never expect to receive such a kick ass bull liquor decanter, that’s for sure! Even the man who has everything will love this set. He’ll want to display the decanter prominently in his home either on his home bar or in his office so that everyone who visits can see its awesomeness. He’ll offer every person a drink just so that he can show it off! This striking decanter set is certainly one of the most unique gifts for men, and is sure to make a statement in his home or office.

Executive Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

It doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for, you know at least one guy who could use a new wallet! Men have a tendency to use their wallets until they’re literally falling apart, which means a new wallet is always a great gift. This handsome, genuine leather wallet is made to last for years and has more than enough pockets for cards and cash. He will definitely enjoy having a trusty new wallet that he doesn’t have to keep duct-taping and repairing!

Unique Gift for Men Who Love History

WWII New York Times Headlines Book

He is really into history, especially World War II. You’re never quite sure what to get him as a gift because he would love nothing more than old relics and antiques from the war, but those aren’t always easy to find. Make his birthday or holiday the best ever with this custom history book! This unique compilation of newspapers from WWII will give him a whole new look at the infamous war and the goings-on of the world during those turbulent times. He’ll love poring through this fascinating book, especially because it’s personalized just for him as well! This thoughtful and impressive gift is one of the best gifts you can give for a WWII history buff. If he loves history but is more into other time periods or notable events, there are plenty of other options for him!

Your New Go-to Gifts for Men

Engraved Flask Box Set of Gifts for Men

You’ve made it this far and still haven’t found the perfect gift for him? Whether he’s the kind of man who has everything, is just picky, or you’re getting a last minute present, this gift set is absolutely ideal. Who wouldn’t love a custom flask, matching cigar box, and a cool pocket knife? Any guy you give this set will enjoy his personalized flask and pocket knife to carry with him wherever he goes, and the cigar box is great for storing stogies or keepsakes. Whether you need a birthday gift for a friend or a Secret Santa gift for a coworker, this set is the perfect go-to gift for men!

The Newest Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 5

Today is the age of fitness trackers and smart watches, and the man in your life wants one of his own! If he’s dedicated to his iPhone, then the Apple Watch is the perfect watch for him. It’s like having a phone right on your wrist because it not only does everything a fitness tracker does, but it allows him to answer phone calls, send texts, and even play games right on his wrist. How cool is that? He will enjoy using his new smart watch more than his actual phone!

Body Care Set

Jack Black Body Care Set

It’s only natural that you want your man to smell good and take care of his body, which is why a complete body care set is a fantastic gift for your boyfriend or husband. This set comes from Jack Black himself, who’s taken the internet by storm with his superior line of men’s body care products. Not only does it smell amazing, but it will make sure that your man’s entire body from head to toe is thoroughly clean, moisturized, and taken care of. This set comes with a multi-tasking wash for his face, hair and body as well as a loofa, deodorant, and lotion. Your man will feel like a whole new person after trying out this excellent set!

Kick Ass Cigar Humidor

Personalized Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

Any man you know who smokes cigars wants to have a humidor to keep at home so that he can store plenty of different stogies. This way, he can enjoy whichever brand of cigar he wants instead of just going from pack to pack. One of the best gifts for men is this badass cigar humidor that’s made from a re-purposed military ammo box! That’s right, this custom made humidor isn’t just cool-looking, but it’s even more practical than a standard humidor. Thanks to the watertight seal of the ammo box, the extra durable steel, and the convenient handle, this humidor can travel! Your father, husband, or boss can bring his awesome collection of cigars to his buddy’s house, the lake, on a hunting trip, or even to an out-of-state bachelor party without worrying about his stogies going stale.


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