19 Amazing 3-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

19 Amazing 3-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Updated 7-26-2019

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know that the three year anniversary is a big deal. It proves you’ve been through a lot and that after three years you need a great way of showing your appreciation. Of course, every year has a gift theme. The third anniversary is no exception. After three years, the traditional anniversary gift is leather, but the more modern tradition is glass. You naturally still have some questions. What makes a great gift after 3 years together? What are some ideas for a modern gift? How much should you spend on this anniversary gift? We actually put together this list of 19 amazing 3-year anniversary gift ideas for him that has a wide range of modern gift ideas and even a traditional one for good measure.

Legendary Decanter Set

Legendary Decanter Set If your love is as legendary as your man, he will want to show it off to the world. There is no better way to show off a gift than to have it prominently displayed in your home. That’s why a legendary decanter set is one of those perfect 3-year anniversary gift ideas for him. He will be handsomely displaying his liquor and sharing a drink with friends and family while telling them he received this gift from someone he loves very much.

The Manliest Anniversary Gift

Custom Ammo Can Hatchet Whiskey Gift Set for Men

Your man is the kind of guy who enjoys going on adventures and spending his free time outdoors. Your dates are often activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. You two have been together for three years now, and you want to get him something special that you know he’ll love. This custom ammo can gift set is perfect! It comes with a whiskey glass, leather-wrapped flask, a hatchet, and a genuine military surplus ammunition can. Your boyfriend or husband will love everything about this set! He’ll enjoy taking the ammo can on every adventure as it can hold his fishing gear, rock-climbing cables, and of course ammo for hunting. The hatchet will definitely be by his side for his excursions as well, but he’ll enjoy coming home to you and his go-to scotch glass. Best of all, this set is totally customizable with its two lines of text on the ammo can, glass, and flask. Plus, you’re giving him something with a bit of tradition mixed in thanks to the leather-wrapped flask! Could a 3 year anniversary gift for him be any more perfect?

Whiskey Connoisseur Set for Two

Anniversary Whiskey Gift Set for Two

Do you and your husband enjoy a nice glass of whiskey together every now and then? For your 3rd anniversary, surprise him with this custom whiskey gift set! Going with the more modern tradition of giving glass, this handsome set is perfect for date nights and after-dinner drinks. You can even personalize the glasses and whiskey stone box with a title, name, and a date. Your hubby will love using these proper double old-fashioned glasses for their namesake cocktail after he gets home from work. The whiskey stones will keep his drinks chilled and full-flavored so that he doesn’t ever have to deal with a watery drink from melted ice ever again!

Game Used Leather Wallet – A 3rd Year Anniversary Gift for Football Fans

Game Used Leather Wallet – A 3rd Year Anniversary Gift for Football FansThese leather wallets are unlike anything else out there. Each one is crafted from a game-worn jersey of an NFL player. Pick out the one for your guy’s favorite team and watch as his face lights up when he realizes his wallet might have once contained Aaron Rodger’s sweat. Built to last, this should be the last wallet he should ever need. It has just enough slots for every ID, business card, or gift certificate you guy carries around. This is the kind of gift he will show off to friends, family, and coworkers. He might even brag about it to strangers in the street if they’ll lend him an ear. Even when the wallet is beat to shreds years from now he will always be sure to hang on to it. It also doesn’t hurt that leather was the old tradition for anniversaries.

Phantom Skull Liquor Decanter

Phantom Skull Liquor DecanterIf you want to stick with the modern tradition of 3rd year gift ideas but also want something that will stand out then this Phantom Skull liquor decanter is something your man will appreciate. Your man will love emptying his liquor bottles into this decanter. It’s great if you guys like watching scary movies together, going all-out for Halloween, or just enjoy a bit of spookiness. He’ll appreciate the sharp way it displays his favorite spirit and it’s sure to draw attention from any house guests. Friends and family will often want to a pour from it, so he’ll get the chance to refill it again and again.

Personalized Rocks Glasses Gift Set

Personalized Rocks Glasses Gift SetSome 3-year anniversary gift ideas are going to be in use much longer than others. This personalized rocks glasses gift set not only adheres to the glass tradition with 6 quality crafted pieces, but it also encourages social interaction. Your man will take any chance he can get to show off this handsome serving tray filled with 4 glasses and a decanter displaying his spirit of choice. With each piece engraved with his name and initial, this is a gift he will want to use again and again.




Beer Cap Map & Custom Growler Gift Set

Beer Cap Map & Custom Growler Gift Set

If your guy is a bit of collector and loves beer then he will treasure this beer cap map and growler gift set. He’ll be able to proudly display the bottle caps to all of his favorite craft beers, store one of them in the custom glass growler, and enjoy its full flavor in a pint glass designed just for him. Still holding to the glass tradition, but with something extra added, this is one of those 3rd year anniversary gifts he can’t wait to unwrap.

A Gift Set with All of His Favorite Things

Monogrammed Variety 3 Year Anniversary Gift Set

Every year, finding your boyfriend the right anniversary gift is a struggle. He has a lot of different interests and hobbies, and you can never quite settle on one gift. Not this year! With this unique variety gift set, he’ll get all of his favorite things. The set includes a monogrammed rocks glass, a nickel-plated bottle opener, a lighter, a leather-wrapped flask, and a monogrammed wooden gift box. Especially ideal for a practical man, he’ll love everything in this set. He can even reuse the gift box to store anything from his watch collection to cocktail mixers!

Classic Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized Ammo Can with Pint GlassesWhat’s better than one pint glass? Two pint glasses with a personalized ammo can gift set with each of them engraved with three lines of your choice. This set is one of those ideal 3-year anniversary gift ideas for him if he likes to sample a flight of beers, host friends for game days, or grilling in the backyard. He can even use the dapper ammo box to store home bar supplies, ties, or anything else he might like. These will become the pint glasses he always reaches for and the gift still sticks with the glass giving trend.

Where Chefs Eat – A 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Food Lovers

Where Chefs Eat – A 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Food Lovers

You and your man have shared many great meals. Now in its third edition, Where Chefs Eat can tell you all the best places in the entire world to eat. If your guy travels for work, loves planning vacations, or just needs an excuse to travel then he will appreciate this extremely detailed book. No matter what kind of cuisine he prefers he is sure to find a fantastic place to eat on each page.

Glencairn Glass Set – A 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Scotch Connoisseurs

Glencairn Glass Set – A 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Scotch Connoisseurs Scotch fans know that it should only be consumed in very precise ways. If your guy loves his scotch then you know the type. This Glencairn glass set includes a beautiful decanter to display the rich, brown tones of scotch and the intrinsically designed Glencairn scotch glasses. Their unique shape allows your guy to enjoy every single note and aroma of his favorite scotch. For scotch fans, there’s really no better choice.

Personalized Bar Sign

Personalized Bar SignHome bars and man caves aren’t complete without a personalized bar sign. For your anniversary you can get your guy a gift that will finally bring his home bar together. The original design is perfect for beer drinkers, wine enthusiasts, and people that strictly stick to cocktails. Personalize two lines to turn it into a sign he will love to get for your anniversary.

Enjoy a Beer Together

Personalized Beer Mugs Gift Set with Bottle Opener

There’s nothing like an ice cold beer with the love of your life. You two have been together for three whole years now, isn’t that crazy? Time flies when you’re having fun, and even more so when beer is involved. You and your love enjoy drinking beers together at home, at bars, and on trips to the lake with friends. With this custom beer mug gift set, you two can drink your favorite beers just like you do at your preferred bar! These handsome beer mugs are engraved with a unique vintage-inspired design that features a name, initials, year, and a phrase. Your boyfriend or husband will love using these bar-quality beer mugs and new bottle opener! Plus, he can use the wooden gift box to store all kinds of collections and items. It’s safe to say you’re winning the anniversary gift-giving this year!

Carraway Rustic Leather Flask Set

Carraway Rustic Leather Flask SetThe traditional leather anniversary gift isn’t always a bad way to go, especially if that gift is this sharp looking flask set. Two stainless-steel shot glasses and funnel are paired with a custom flask housed in a handsome leather box. If your guy loves to carry his liquor on his person and have the option to generously pour a shot then he will appreciate the thought you put behind this traditional gift.




Beeropoly Board Game – A Fun 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Him

Beeropoly Board Game – A Fun 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for HimIf you and your husband or boyfriend like to have drinks together and love to gather people around to play drinking games then he will always remember the day he unwrapped Beeropoly for your 3rd anniversary. Beeropoly combines all the best aspects of drinking games into one fun board game that is incredibly social. Beeropoly is fun with friends or just as a couple. Your guy will probably want to invite people over that very night. You might need to remind him that you’re currently celebrating.

Indoor/Outdoor Monogrammed Marble Ashtray

Indoor/Outdoor Monogrammed Marble AshtrayIf your guy is a cigar smoker then he needs a quality ashtray in his life. He’ll probably want to celebrate your anniversary with a quality cigar. You could even join him for the special occasion. This monogrammed marble ashtray is exactly what he needs for his vice. The sleek, black marble will look great wherever he looks to smoke in the home, but it’s also durable enough to withstand the elements for an awesome outdoor ashtray that your guy can gather around with his buddies while they enjoy cigars.

Unique Wristwatch

Unique Wristwatch

Watches have become a must-have accessory for any guy that wants to look sharp wherever he goes. This terra time watch is no exception. The design stands out enough to buy an eye-catching timepiece, but the gray casing with matching band works great with your guys’ suits and casual outfits. This is a gift idea for him that is stylish and practical.

Everything He Needs for Game Night

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set with Gaming Set

Does your husband enjoy having a weekly game night with his friends? They play board games, video games, card games, even poker! For a guy like him, this awesome gift set is the ideal 3 year anniversary gift. It comes with two custom rocks glasses, a cigar case that comes with a cigar cutter, and a handy travel game case with two decks of cards and a set of dice. He will be the envy of all of his friends when he comes over for card games with his fancy new game set and cigar case! When it’s his turn to host, everyone will want to try one of his custom rocks glasses.

Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker

Some 3-year anniversary gift ideas for him are things he didn’t even know he wanted. This legendary whiskey gift set is one of those gifts. He can make delicious cocktails for you, friends, and family. This is a great addition to your guys home bar or bar cart. He’ll love using this whenever you guys are hosting people in your home or he just wants a nightcap for himself.





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