11 Impeccable 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Impress Your Father with Amazing 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Can you believe your dad is turning 60 years old? He’s almost to retirement and is enjoying his golden years, but you’re not really sure what to get him as a birthday gift because he’s the kind of guy who has everything. 60th birthday gift ideas for dad can be nice items for him to enjoy the next several years that are related to his interests or are upgrades to the things he already has. Your dad deserves something special for his milestone birthday, after all, and now is the perfect time to get him a nice gift. These impressive birthday gifts for dad are all meant to last for years to come so that he can enjoy them now and throughout his future retirement years!

Stunning Crystal 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Monogrammed Crystal Decanter Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Whether he’s got an awesome office at work or a nice man cave at home, one thing is for certain: he deserves this incredible crystal decanter set for his 60th birthday! Just looking at it on display in his office will make him feel like James Bond, and when he uses it he’ll feel like a king! The gorgeous set is perfect for treating himself to celebratory drinks on his birthday, enjoying romantic anniversary drinks with your mom, and raising a glass for his annual Christmas toast with the whole family.

The Perfect Golf Gift for Him

Custom Wooden Golf Bar Sign

Any dad who loves golf dreams of having their own awesome home bar where all of his buddies come over for drinks after playing 18 holes. With this custom sign, you can help make his dream come true! His home bar will now be the official 19th Hole and all of his golfing friends will start calling it that. If he doesn’t have a home bar just yet, the sign is the perfect way to start building one. By far one of the most unique 60th birthday gifts for dads, this fun sign is sure to be a signature decoration he’ll enjoy for years to come.

Treat Your Dad to These Luxurious Birthday Gifts

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Dad deserves to relax and enjoy himself on his birthday, so make sure he feels pampered by getting him these relaxing whiskey and cigar gifts! With a glass of his favorite whiskey and a stogie in hand, he’ll be able to unwind to the fullest. Of course, you can join him for a drink and a stogie to celebrate his birthday and he will enjoy his gift and his birthday even more. Even after his special day, he’ll want to use this relaxing set after he’s had a long day, to celebrate other special occasions like the day he retires or the holidays, or even just because he feels like it. This set is one of the most thoughtful 60th birthday gift ideas for dad, but make sure you fill the cigar case with a couple of his favorite stogies and pick up a bottle of his favorite scotch to make it a complete gift!

The Coolest 60th Birthday Gifts for Dads

Custom Beer Ammo Can Set with Bottle Opener

Just because he’s turning 60 doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a cold one or go on an outdoor adventure! Make sure your dad feels young even on his 60th birthday with this awesome ammo can gift set! The two of you can enjoy a couple of beers in his new custom pint glasses, and will certainly get a kick out of using his new bottle opener. When he goes camping or hunting, his new ammo can and handy pocket knife will be the first things he packs. These cool gifts will certainly help your dad feel like a badass again even as he approaches retirement! In fact, he may even consider finding this set and personalizing it for you as your 40th birthday gift ideas so the two of you can have awesome matching ammo can gift sets!


The Ultimate Dad Recliner

Massage Swivel Leather Recliner

Every dad has a chair that he sits in every day and relaxes in, but your dad’s chair is probably looking a little worse for wear. For his 60th birthday, get him an upgrade that will last him for another 20 years! This incredible recliner comes loaded with awesome features like cupholders, pockets, an eight-point massage system, built-in heating, and even 360 degree swivel. Seriously, your dad might not ever want to leave his new chair once he tries it out because it’s so amazing and comfortable! Thanks to your incredible gift, your dad will have a comfy new place to relax and even help soothe his achy back and joints.

Impressive Decanter Set He’ll Be Proud to Show Off

Personalized Decanter Set 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

As an older gentleman, your dad appreciates antiques and the finer things in life. As such, your gift for his upcoming 60th birthday should reflect his tastes. Look no further than this gorgeous personalized decanter set! He will love the elegant curves of the entire set that makes his finest whiskey even more beautiful. When he uses the set, he will feel like royalty as he sips from the unique glasses every evening after dinner. When you come over to visit, he will be sure to serve you a drink in his luxurious decanter set! Such a stunning birthday gift will be treasured for the rest of his life and might even be passed down to you someday.

A Gift He Can Share with The Whole Family

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game

Now that he’s turning 60, your dad has probably said that he doesn’t need or want anything for his birthday. Still, you want to get him a nice gift that he can really enjoy. How about a fun game that he can play with his kids, grandkids, and friends? This custom cornhole set will instantly become a new family tradition to play every reunion and holiday because it’s so fun and easy. He will absolutely love teaching his grandkids and great-grandkids how to play this classic game, and even his buddies will feel like they’re in college all over again when they come over for game day and beers. It may be simple, but this cornhole set is sure to be one of the most memorable 60th birthday gift ideas for dad that he will treasure forever.

Give Him a New Experience

Smoke Box System

Since your dad is turning 60, he’s likely got his preferred brands of liquor and he definitely sticks with them. For his birthday, why not give him a gift that will allow him to enjoy his favorites in a whole new way? The smoke box system infuses his drink with a whole new smoky, delicious flavor by using wood chips! He will enjoy trying the different flavors with his tried-and-true brands of whiskey to create a whole new concoction that might just become his new favorite drink of choice. Plus, he will want to invite all of his friends over to try out his fun new gadget!

Classy Whiskey Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can set 60th Birthday Gifts for Dads

From the vintage-inspired design to the impressive rocks glasses, this entire set is all about class! Your dad will feel cooler than the Dos Equis guy as he sips on his finest scotch from his personalized whiskey glass and prepares a stogie with his new cigar cutter and lighter. Even the custom ammo can is cool enough to use as a display piece or to store his prized bottles of whiskey! These unique 60th birthday gifts for dads will make your dad feel like a classy man who is in his golden years instead of an old man for sure.

Unique Golf Gift Unlike Any Other

Vintage Iron Golf Club Clock

How awesome is this golf club clock? Made from vintage Arnold Palmer irons, this one-of-a-kind clock is one of the most unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad! He will proudly display this awesome timepiece in his home bar, man cave, or office for all to admire. None of his friends will have such a cool piece in their home, and he will enjoy showing it off when they visit. Both a representation of his love for golf and antiques, this unique piece is something he’ll enjoy forever. Warning: when you ask your dad what time it is from now on, he will say “It’s golf o’clock” because of this golf club clock.

For the Dad Who Likes His Beer

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Is your dad more of a beer fan than a whiskey aficionado? Get him this vintage-inspired mug set for his 60th birthday! The large mugs are perfect for his evening beer, but they’re also perfect for sharing a cold one with a buddy or even you when it’s game night. He can even use the gift box to store his new mugs inside between uses or use it instead to hold keepsakes, photos, or a collection of items. Of course, don’t forget to get him a case of dad’s favorite beer to go with this set so that he can pour the two of you a couple of cold ones and try out the awesome new mugs.