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Whiskey Decanter Sets

A staple for the liquor connoisseur, a scotch decanter provides a sophisticated touch when storing and pouring your favorite spirits. Perfect for whisky, scotch, & bourbon, a personalized whiskey decanter engraved with the phrase of your choice makes an excellent gift idea. It is the perfect way to showcase all your spirits in style.

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A throwback to the 1950s and 1960s after prohibition ended, bourbon, scotch, and whiskey decanter sets have re-surged in popularity in recent years. The centerpiece of this resurgence is the huge number of small-batch distilleries that have opened up recently, and the flood of new whiskey styles from the big boys like Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Crown Royal.

What is a Whiskey Decanter, and What is it Used for?

Originally limited to the most wealthy individuals, a whiskey or scotch decanter was used to preserve liquors, the prevailing wisdom of the time being that the bottles in which liquor was purchased in were ugly or unsophisticated, and also many times hard to reseal. Not only more beautiful, they also solved the problem of the cork drying out or going bad, tainting the flavor. The decanters of the time, and ever since have used a glass stopper instead of the cork stopper.

Fast forward to prohibition, and the whiskey decanter took on a new role, as a way to hide your illegal whiskey or scotch in plain sight. They accomplished this by using a decorative glass decanter bottle to disguise the liquor inside. You can imagine after the end of prohibition in the 50's and 60's, the liquor distributors main concern wasn't what their bottles looked like, they just wanted to get it on the shelves to meet the huge demand. From this, a new concern arose. How was one to be a sophisticated socialite, and throw a party for one's upscale friends with such ugly bottles adorning the counters? Enter the personalized whiskey decanter! A handsome way to showcase all your liquors them for your guests to see. Plus they are ideal for preserving your liquors from contact from the air, bugs, insects, and more thanks to their resealable stoppers.

Excellent storage devices for all kinds of liquor, you can buy our whiskey decanters engraved with your name and they seal nicely so they keep the flavors intact for years. The perfect match for our whiskey glasses, they are designed for easy pouring and would look perfect at the heart of any liquor cabinet or adorn the top of any counter-top from your home bar to your office.