17 Police Academy Graduation Gifts for New Officers

Celebrate Their Accomplishment With These Police Academy Graduation Gifts:

They’re about to graduate from the police academy, and you’re so proud of them! You want to show the new police officer just how impressed you are with their hard work by getting them a congratulatory gift. What kind of present would a new cop want in their home? What about getting the best police gift that helps them when they’re on the job? A police academy graduation gift should be a personal, useful present that will help them show off their pride for being a member of law enforcement and make their first time on the job better! If you can’t think of any gifts that fit this description, don’t worry! We found some spectacular gift ideas for police academy graduates that they’re sure to love.

A Sign Full of Pride

Personalized Blue Flag Sign

Becoming a police officer is the achievement they’re proudest of in their life. Help them show this great feat off with this custom thin blue line sign! It’s a phenomenal police academy graduation gift that will look fantastic hanging in their entryway or living room. They’ll love representing their department with this handsome sign, and they’ll beam with pride every time they see it.

Not a Gun of the Mill Police Academy Graduation Gift

Gun Decanter Set is a Police Academy Graduation Gift

Get the new proud officer a gift that’s so cool, it should be against the law! This gun decanter set is a super impressive gift that’ll make enjoying a drink when they’re relaxing off the clock more enjoyable than ever before. Not only is it perfect for storing their favorite whiskey or other spirit, but it’s such a stunning decor piece that guests will ooh and ahh at. The bullet-embedded glasses are the icing on the top of such a spectacular gift that is borderline criminal with how cool they are!

Perfect Beer Box Set for the Police Academy Graduate

Pint Glass Box Set

After a long shift, nothing will sound better to a new police officer than coming home and having a pint glass full of ice-cold beer. Having a beer with their fellow officers will also be one of their favorite things to do when they’re relaxing. That’s why this beer box set is one of the best personalized gifts for police officers. They’ll feel so cool seeing the customization on the pint glasses as well as the box, which makes a unique display piece for their home. Drinking their favorite beer from these special glasses will really let them relax and enjoy their time off.

Ammo Can for Mementos

Personalized Ammo Can for Cops

Their time in the police academy and early days of being a police officer are some of the more memorable of their lives, and they never want to forget it. This custom ammo can is an awesome police academy graduation present that gives them not only a super cool decor piece but a place to keep those mementos! From copies of their first official IDs to photos of themselves at graduation, the items that they can keep in this ammo can are so precious to them, and they’ll be so happy having a place to keep them.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Etched Whiskey Decanter

Just seeing their badge number and name on a police academy graduation gift like this customized whiskey decanter will fill them with pride. They’ll absolutely love having this handsome decanter on their home bar or dining room table, filled with their favorite whiskey that they’ll use to pour themselves a glass of when they want to relax on their time off. Every time they look at this gift, they’ll feel so proud to be serving their community.

Always Representing

Police Shirt

They’re so proud to finally be a police officer that even when they’re off duty, they want to represent their profession. This long-sleeved police t-shirt will become their new favorite shirt because it shows everyone who sees them that they’re a proud officer of the law. In fact, this shirt will essentially become their unofficial off-duty uniform!

Bet on this New Officer Gift

Poker Set of Gift Ideas for Police Academy Graduates

The best gift ideas for police academy graduates are those that help the new officer have fun as well as give them a little practice for when they’re talking to suspects! They’ll love taking a break from work using this personalized poker set, whether that’s at home or when they’re working the overnight shift at the station when nothing’s happening. Reading people’s poker faces will help them hone their lying-detection skills, which will make them better at their job!

Custom Mug and Flashlight Set

Personalized Coffee Mug and Flashlight Set

Two things are must-haves for new cops working the night shift—caffeine and a flashlight. Take care of both of these needs for the new officer with this custom coffee mug and flashlight set! Any new police officer will be beyond thankful for this police academy graduation gift that gives them a handsome, customized mug to drink coffee from as well as their own personal flashlight to use when doing a traffic stop or any other activity at night.

Ammo Can Gift Ideas for Police Academy Graduates

Ammo Can Set of Police Gifts for New Officers

This engraved ammo can gift set is sure to absolutely wow your recent grad with how unique it is! They’ll be incredibly impressed with the personalization on both the ammo can and the pint glasses, making them feel like the most beloved officer of all time. They’ll love keeping the ammo can on their new desk at the station, filling it with mementos from their time on the job or pictures of loved ones. When they’re relaxing at home after a long day, they’ll very much appreciate having cool, custom pint glasses to use to have a drink of beer.


Super Fun Police Academy Graduate Gift

Bean Bag Toss Set

Police officers definitely deserve to have some fun once in a while, especially after studying so hard to graduate from the police academy! This bean bag toss game is one of the most fun gift ideas for police academy graduates that they’ll love playing with friends and family. Not only will they love seeing friends and family compete with each other at their graduation party or other get-togethers, but they’ll be so proud every time they see their name and department on this board.

For When They Get the Munchies

Ultimate Snack Set Police Academy Graduation Gift

A lot of police officers, especially newer ones, have to work nights sometimes. Working late into the night is bound to cause them to get the munchies once in a while. That’s why this ultimate snack stockpile is an excellent gift idea! They’ll be so grateful to have their pick of salty or sweet snacks when they’re in the squad car patrolling, at a stakeout, or at the station working the front desk overnight.

Gorgeous Globe Decanter

Globe Decanter

The world simply wouldn’t be the same without hard working police officers ensuring that everyone stays safe. Congratulate the new young officer with a police academy graduation gift that symbolizes this—a globe decanter with a crystal police badge inside! They’ll know how proud their family and friends are of them every time they see this decanter filled with their favorite liquor on their home bar or dining room table.

Personalized Police Shadow Box

Personalized Ammo Can

They made some lifelong friends in the police academy, and they’ll continue to form close bonds with other officers they work with. Make treasuring all of the memories they make with their friends easy with this personalized shadow box! They’ll love keeping photographs of themselves and their police friends inside this box, or bottle caps from beers they share together when they’re relaxing off the clock, or any other items that hold a lot of meaning for them. Each one will symbolize a memory they share with a fellow officer.

Most Mythical Ammo Can Set

Ammo Can Whiskey Set of Gift Ideas for Police Academy Graduates

Make them feel like the most legendary police officer ever with this custom ammo can gift set! They’ll feel so awesome seeing this ammo can sitting on a shelf in their living room or man cave, filled with their favorite whiskey accessories or mementos from their time in the police academy, making it useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. Also useful are the flashlight and knife, which could both come in extremely handy on the job! After working hard on a shift, they’ll be so grateful for the cool, personalized glasses and stones that help them to fully relax.

New Police Officer Sleep Device

Dodow Sleep Device

As mentioned earlier, new officers often have differing sleep schedules with having to work nights and other unconventional hours. It’s vitally important that when they do sleep, they get the best sleep possible, which is why this Dodow sleep device is a fantastic police academy graduation gift. This ingenious contraption will help calm their breathing at night using a rhythmic light, making sure they fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Useful Police Academy Graduation Gift Set

Custom Police Academy Graduation Gift Set

This personalized police gift set is one of the most useful presents any officer could receive! The flask is awesome for when they’re out and about off the clock so they can enjoy a drink of their favorite liquor. When they’re on the job, whether that’s at the station or patrolling in a police car, they’ll be very appreciative of this stainless steel tumbler filled with hot coffee, iced tea, or any other drink that’ll keep them going.

Personalized Police Prayer Sign

Custom Police Prayer Sign

Above anything else, you want the young officer in your life to remain safe while on the job. This personalized police prayer sign is one of the greatest gift ideas for police academy graduates because it will be a constant reminder that you’re thinking of them and praying for their safety. They’ll love hanging this sign in their living room, man cave, or bedroom, always remembering how much you care for them.