27 Amazing Police Academy Graduation Gifts

They’re about to graduate from the police academy, and you’re so proud of them! You want to show the new police officer just how impressed you are with their hard work by getting them a congratulatory gift. What kind of present would a new cop want in their home? What about getting the best police gift that helps them when they’re on the job?

A graduation gift should be a personal, useful present that will help them show off their pride for being a member of law enforcement and make their first time on the job better! If you can’t think of any gifts that fit this description, don’t worry! We found some spectacular gift ideas for academy graduates that they’re sure to love.

1. Super Fun Police Academy Graduate Gift

Bean Bag Toss Set

Police officers definitely deserve to have some fun once in a while, especially after studying so hard to graduate from the police academy! This bean bag toss game is one of the most fun gift ideas for graduates that they’ll love playing with friends and family. Not only will they love seeing friends and family compete with each other at their graduation party or other get-togethers, but they’ll be so proud every time they see their name and department on this board.

2. Police Badge Custom Cigar Case and Buckman Glass

Custom cigar travel case and police officer whiskey glass
Man in suit holding whiskey glass

Graduating from the police academy is no small feat, so you should find a way to treat him with gifts that pair well together. Well, this personalized cigar case and whiskey glass is just what the doctor ordered. Both personalizable with his name and badge number, the whiskey glass and cigar holder are a match made in heaven if your police officer enjoys a nice cigar and whiskey every now and again. The cigar holder also comes with an attached cigar cutter, so he’ll be ready to enjoy his cigars at a moment’s notice.

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3. Police Badge Pen and Pencil Gift Set

Police badge pens and pencils inside wood box

Having your own pens and pencils that you can call your own and have in one place can be handy. With this pen and pencil gift set, you’ll be giving your graduate exactly what he’ll need when he’s at the office. Personalizable with his name, the pens, pencils, and the box they come in are instant keepsakes that he’ll be able to treasure for years to come. This is an awesome gift for graduating from the academy that he’ll absolutely love.

4. Not a Gun of the Mill Police Graduation Gift

Gun Decanter Set is a Police Academy Graduation Gift

Get the new proud officer a gift that’s so cool, it should be against the law! This gun decanter set is a super impressive gift that’ll make enjoying a drink when they’re relaxing off the clock more enjoyable than ever before. Not only is it perfect for storing their favorite whiskey or other spirit, but it’s such a stunning decor piece that guests will ooh and ahh at. The bullet-embedded glasses are the icing on the top of such a spectacular gift that is borderline criminal with how cool they are!

Police cadets graduating from police academy

5. Officer’s Prayer Custom Wood Sign Police Officer Gift

Officer's Prayer custom wood sign

Staying safe out there as a police officer is incredibly important, so creating a sacred routine that helps encourage that is important. With this Officer’s Prayer wood sign is perfect for those exact occasions as they go out and perform their duty. With a beautiful design, this wood sign diplays a police officer next to the American flag in a Thin Blue Line style. Of course, it displays the prayer in its full form right above his name and badge number.

6. New Police Officer Sleep Device

Dodow Sleep Device
Person touching dodow sleep device near bedside

As mentioned earlier, new officers often have differing sleep schedules with having to work nights and other unconventional hours. It’s vitally important that when they do sleep, they get the best sleep possible, which is why this Dodow sleep device is a fantastic police graduation gift. This ingenious contraption will help calm their breathing at night using a rhythmic light, making sure they fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

7. Custom Ammo Can and Bullet Opener Police Officer Gift Set

Custom ammo can with beer glasses and other accessories

Not entirely sure what to get him but you know a select set of gifts would do the trick? Look no further than this awesome ammo can gift set, which comes with all the fixings he’ll need to have a good time. The ammo can is an authentic piece of U.S. military equipment, only it’s been refurbished. Within the ammo can is a set of cool gifts, including two pint glasses, a pocket knife, and a 50 caliber bullet bottle opener. The great part is the ammo can will store a lot, so he can put any other of his goodies in there no problem.

8. A Sign Full of Pride

Personalized Blue Flag Sign

Becoming a police officer is the achievement they’re proudest of in their life. Help them show this great feat off with this custom thin blue line sign! It’s a phenomenal police academy gift that will look fantastic hanging in their entryway or living room. They’ll love representing their department with this handsome sign, and they’ll beam with pride every time they see it.

9. Insulated 30oz Custom Tumbler Cup for Police Officers

Insulated custom tumbler cup for police officer graduates
Top view of black coffee tumbler

Everyone has a designated coffee mug that they go to in the morning or keep on them throughout the day. Next time he fills up his mug, make sure he has this custom tumbler mug, which he can use for his coffee and other drinks. What’s great about this black tumbler is it holds a whopping 30 ounces and keeps whatever he’s got packing at the temperature he poured it thanks to the insulation technology. It’s also BPA free and comes with a handy lid, so he’ll be able to take it anywhere.

10. Perfect Beer Box Set for the Academy Graduate

Pint Glass Box Set

After a long shift, nothing will sound better to a new police officer than coming home and having a pint glass full of ice-cold beer. Having a beer with their fellow officers will also be one of their favorite things to do when they’re relaxing. That’s why this beer box set is one of the best personalized gifts for police officers. They’ll feel so cool seeing the customization on the pint glasses as well as the box, which makes a unique display piece for their home. Drinking their favorite beer from these special glasses will really let them relax and enjoy their time off.

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11. “The Thin Blue Line” Police Tribute Sculpture

"The Thin Blue Line" Police Tribute Sculpture
Zoom in on "The Thin Blue Line" Police Tribute Sculpture

You want to show how much you honor and respect him for all the hard work he put into graduating from the academy. With this Thin Blue Line eagle statue, you’ll be doing just that while also giving him something he can cherish for his entire career. This statue is hand crafted and hand painted, so it’s not only authentic but quite a unique piece. On top of that, a portion of the proceeds go to first responders and their families. A truly thoughtful and beautiful gift for your graduate.

12. Custom Police Officer Draper Decanter and Eastham Glasses

Enjoying his favorite glass of whiskey after a long shift is necessary, especially if he has someone to share with. Get him this whiskey decanter set which is perfect for any police academy graduate or officer in general to have a peaceful whind down session. This set is awesome as it comes with two whiskey glasses and a Draper style decanter, all of which can be stored in a custom wood box. On top of that, everything can be personalized with an image of a badge with his police number and his full name. Pretty awesome gift for police officers.

13. Ammo Can for Mementos

Personalized Ammo Can for Cops

Their time in the academy and early days of being a police officer are some of the more memorable of their lives, and they never want to forget it. This custom ammo can is an awesome police academy graduation present that gives them not only a super cool decor piece but a place to keep those mementos! From copies of their first official IDs to photos of themselves at graduation, the items that they can keep in this ammo can are so precious to them, and they’ll be so happy having a place to keep them.


14. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Etched Whiskey Decanter

Just seeing their badge number and name on a gift for graduating from the academy like this customized whiskey decanter will fill them with pride. They’ll absolutely love having this handsome decanter on their home bar or dining room table, filled with their favorite whiskey that they’ll use to pour themselves a glass of when they want to relax on their time off. Every time they look at this gift, they’ll feel so proud to be serving their community.

Two young police officers standing near squad car

15. Customized Acrylic Academy Gift Plaque

Thin Blue Line police academy graduate plaque

Looking for an incredible academy graduation gift? Look no further than this customized acrylic plaque which is perfect for any police officer in your life, especially graduates. This plaque showcases a beautiful design while displaying the emblematic image of the Thin Blue Line flag embedded inside the plaque. It’s even personalizable to the point you can include his name, the name of his department, and a personal message.

16. Shotgun Decanter Set – An Awesome Gift for Academy Graduation

Shotgun whiskey decanter set with four bullet whiskey glasses
Shotgun whiskey glass with whiskey inside

Are you looking for a police academy gift that’ll absolutely blow him away? If that’s the case, you need to get this shotgun whiskey decanter set, which is truly a one-of-a-kind gift he’ll never forget. What makes this decanter set special is that the decanter is an exact replica of a 12-gauge shotgun and it sits comfortably on a stylish wooden stand. Not only that, but it comes with four whiskey glasses that have shotgun shells embedded in the glass. Simply a badass gift and an instant conversation starter.

17. Bet on this New Officer Gift

Poker Set of Gift Ideas for Police Academy Graduates

The best gift ideas for academy graduates are those that help the new officer have fun as well as give them a little practice for when they’re talking to suspects! They’ll love taking a break from work using this personalized poker set, whether that’s at home or when they’re working the overnight shift at the station when nothing’s happening. Reading people’s poker faces will help them hone their lying-detection skills, which will make them better at their job!

18. For When They Get the Munchies

Ultimate Snack Set Police Academy Graduation Gift

A lot of police officers, especially newer ones, have to work nights sometimes. Working late into the night is bound to cause them to get the munchies once in a while. That’s why this ultimate snack stockpile is an excellent gift idea! They’ll be so grateful to have their pick of salty or sweet snacks when they’re in the squad car patrolling, at a stakeout, or at the station working the front desk overnight.

19. Custom Bullet Pen with Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line pen

Is he graduating from the police academy and needs to stack up some supplies for his next journey? Get him this Thin Blue Line pen, which is an awesome gift any police graduate would love. The design of this pen is crafted to match the correct blue wrapped around the pen. It’s also personalizable, which makes this more than a gift but really a keepsake. And since it’s refillable, he’ll be able to use it for years to come by simply buying replacement ink when it’s out.

20. Honored to Serve Police Gift

Honored to Serve police officer graduation wood sign

Putting on full display of who he is and what he does for those around him is a gift that keeps on giving. Get him this awesome police officer sign, which he can proudly hang up on his wall in his man cave, in the garage, or wherever he wants. Made from high-quality birch wood, this sign is built to last and has a handmade style that truly makes it a one-of-a-kind piece. On top of that, he can get his name, title, and police department on it, which instantly turns this gift into a beautiful keepsake he can cherish for years to come.

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21. Tactical Wingman Patrol Bag by Galls

Tactical Wingman Patrol Bag by Galls
Police officer with wingman patrol bag in passenger seat

There’s a lot to deal with as a police officer while in a patrol car, so staying organized is important. Keep them organized with this wingman patrol bag, a gift that is incredibly useful and functional. This patrol bag is seriously heavy duty and can carry a lot of items efficiently and effectively. There are straps that allow him to easily attach it to the passenger seat, making it stable when he’s driving around. This is easily one of the more thoughtful gifts.

22. Rosewood Personalized Grilling Tools

Rosewood Personalized Grilling Tools
Police office BBQ grilling set inside wood box

After a long work week, it’s nice to have a BBQ with close friends and family, or even a private cookout with a few people. With this personalized grilling set, he’ll be able to have exactly the tools he’ll need to make whatever he needs on his grill. This set comes with the essentials, including a spatula, a fork, and tongs, which he can use for everything when grilling. What’s more, everything fits into a nice personalized wooden box, so he’ll have one place to keep everything and it’ll have his name and badge number on it. Pretty amazing gift.

23. Personalized Whiskey Gift Set with Bullet Stones and Glasses

Personalized whiskey glass set with bullet whiskey stones

Is he the type to enjoy his favorite whiskey on the rocks but wishes his drink wouldn’t get too watered down? This whiskey gift set with bullet stones is the perfect gift for him, leaving his whiskey nice and cold without any additional water. This set comes with two stylish Buckman glasses and a set of four bullet shaped whiskey stones. Not only can you get the glasses personalized, but there’s an accompanying wood box that fits the bullet stones which can also be personalized.

24. Police Crew Tee by 13 Fifty Apparel

Police crew t-shirt by 13 Fifty Apparel

It’s hard to find a t-shirt that really fits well and matches a particular style you like. For the police officer in your life, you’ve got to get him this police t-shirt by 13 Fifty Apparel. This t-shirt is awesome as it comes in every size you’d ever need and it’s made from high-quality materials that customers absolutely love. On top of that, it’s pre-shrunk so there should be zero worries about his t-shirt getting any small than when he gets it.

25. Custom Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

Custom Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set
Pouring whiskey into Rutherford style whiskey glass

Enjoying a nice glass of whiskey after a long day is necessary sometimes, especially when you’ve had a big day. Give him a chance to relax with this incredible whiskey decanter set, which sports four whiskey glasses so he can enjoy with others. The custom decanter is of the Carson style while the glasses are the classic Rutherford design, making these glassware pieces iconic as they are functional. You can also get them personalized, which turns these into an instant keepsake.

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26. Personalized Police Prayer Sign

Custom Police Prayer Sign

Above anything else, you want the young officer in your life to remain safe while on the job. This personalized police prayer sign is one of the greatest gift ideas for academy graduates because it will be a constant reminder that you’re thinking of them and praying for their safety. They’ll love hanging this sign in their living room, man cave, or bedroom, always remembering how much you care for them.

27. Custom 30 Cal Eastham Tactical Police Officer Gifts

Custom 30 Cal Eastham Tactical Police Officer Gifts

One way to make them know you care after they’ve graduated is to get them a nice gift box they can use and have fun with. That’s exactly what you’ll be gifting them with this custom ammo gift box, which is packed full of fun and function. These tactical police officer gifts are awesome as they include a survival knife with a secret compartment, a high-powered LED flashlight, a couple of whiskey glasses, and whiskey stones. On top of that, everything fits nicely inside a manly 30 caliber ammo can.

Police Academy Graduation Gifts FAQ

Do you give a gift for police academy graduation?

Yes, you should give a gift to police academy graduates as it’s a thoughtful way to honor their hard work and dedication to the force. You should consider a gift that’s both practical and personal, including a watch, a coffee tumbler, or personalized police gear. You can also get him something more cherishable, like a custom sign or plaque.

What do you write in a graduation card for police?

Like any gift giving, having a card that accompanies it is always nice. Write something from the heart and include an acknowledgment of their achievement and commitment to something meaningful. This message, along with a well-thought-out gift, will go a long way and will stick with him throughout his career.

What should I wear to a police academy graduation?

When you attend a police academy graduation, you want to dress semi-formally. For men, consider wearing a nice dress shirt tucked into a pair of slacks, with a tie being optional. For women, consider a simple blouse or dress with dress pants underneath. Keeping neat and respectful is key.