31 Incredible 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

31 Incredible 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

UPDATED: Sep 28, 2022

Check Out These Awesome 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for the Men That They Must-Have!

Your husband or father is turning the big 5-0 and you want to get him something really nice. In his lifetime he’s accomplished a great many things such as becoming a dad, moved up in his job, and has been a valued mentor to everyone with his words of wisdom. He’s been on the Earth for half a century now, after all! But what are good 50th birthday gift ideas for men? At his age, he’d prefer birthday gifts for men that are as practical and useful to something that is related to things you know he already likes. Before you start shopping, you need to ask yourself some questions: Does my dad need anything? What is something that my husband has always wanted? Is there anything he has that could use an upgrade? Relax, we’ve considered all of the above and put together the best 50th birthday gift ideas for him!

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men You Can’t Beat

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your father or husband is turning 50 this year and you’re on the hunt for something truly special for him. He’s the man you look up to and you want to get him something that shows just how much you appreciate everything he does for you as well as a gift that doesn’t make him feel old. Luckily for you, this incredible ammo can gift set is the best of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men! He will be in awe of the awesome custom design on the ammo can and glasses, especially since you went to the trouble of making it unique just for him. Once he pours himself a glass of his favorite scotch in one of his new glasses and lights up a stogie with the handy cigar accessories, he’ll feel cooler than James Bond himself on his 50th birthday!

Insulated Beer Growler for His Travels

Double Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Growler

Does the man in your life enjoy traveling? He’s approaching 50 years old and he already enjoys the typical hobbies of a retiree: golfing, fishing, grilling, and even boating. He and his buddies try to at least one trip every month, and there’s always plenty of beer to go around. To make his adventures even better, you should get him this awesome insulated beer growler! With a carrying capacity of 64 ounces, he’ll have plenty of beer to last him through the first couple of hours of their adventure. The double walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel will keep it ice cold for hours on end so that he doesn’t have to mess with a bulky cooler for his beer. This growler is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for men who love to travel with their beer!

Infuse His Drinks with a New Smoky Flavor

Smoke Box System with Glencairn Glasses

The guy in your life enjoys whiskey as much as the next guy. He likes to have a glass every evening after dinner while he watches the news. He doesn’t have a particular favorite whiskey and likes to try different kinds now and then. For his birthday this year, you should surprise him with an upgrade do his evening routine: a smoke box system and engraved Glencairn glasses! With the smoke box, he can infuse his drink with a whole new smoky flavor! He can choose the kind of wood chips he wants to use, too. The Glencairn glasses are specially crafted to enhance the flavor of the whiskey through its unique design. By far, this set is one of the most unique 50th birthday gift ideas for men.

Make His Dream Home Bar Come True

Custom Tavern Sign Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

Over the years, you’ve heard him talk about how much he wants to create the ultimate home bar someday. Now that his 50th birthday is coming up, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a gift that will help make his dream come true—a custom home bar sign! He will be inspired to get started on his home bar right away once he finds the perfect place to display his cool new sign. In fact, you could get everyone who is coming to his birthday party to make your gifts themed around his home bar such as a new TV, bar stools, tap handles, and more so that he’s got the essentials! Such a unique and thoughtful gift is one of the best possible 50th birthday gift ideas for men who want their own home bar someday. For a man who already has an impressive home bar, this sign is the best way to make it official!

Must Have Whiskey Decanter Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set 50th Birthday Gifts

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t decided on the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for him, think about what he doesn’t have. If he doesn’t have a whiskey decanter set, you can’t go wrong with getting him this custom decanter set for his birthday! Even if he does have a decanter or two already, they aren’t as awesome a personalized set! He will love how classy and impressive this set looks, but he’ll love using it even more to enjoy his favorite whiskey from like a sophisticated connoisseur. Pair this set with a nice bottle of 50 year old whiskey and you’ll be golden!

Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Love to Grill

50th Birthday Gift Ideas Custom Acacia Butcher Block

Give the 50-year-old man who loves to grill the perfect place to do all of his preparation for his 50th birthday with this awesome personalized butcher block! With the vintage-inspired design declaring him the Grill Master, your dad or husband will want to prove his skills by grilling up burgers, steaks, kabobs, brats, hot dogs, and more as often as possible. Built to last for years just like he is, this amazingly sturdy butcher block will help him out by being his dedicated place to do all of his seasoning and chopping. Thanks to your great gift, he won’t be scrambling for paper plates to put the burgers on or making a mess of the countertops when he’s preparing the kabobs!

The Coolest 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Case for 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your dad is a simple guy. He has a routine every day when he gets home from work that you’ve known him to follow for your entire life. He walks in the door, takes off his shoes, and makes his way to his recliner. There, he pours a glass of Knob Creek and lights up a cigar. He stays there until mom says dinner is ready and you know not to disturb him until then. You’ve been wracking your brain trying to think of the best 50th birthday gift idea for him, but you’re stumped. Worry not, this cigar gift set is here to save the day! The perfect companion to his routine, it’ll make it even better. The awesome cigar glass will replace his old rocks glass and make it easier for him to enjoy his stogie and bourbon. The cigar case will ensure that his cigars are fresh and secure, and it even comes with a cigar cutter! Once you give this gift set to him on his birthday, he’ll be reaching for these two items as soon as he gets home.

Fun Gift for 50 Year Old Man

Personalized Cornhole Set for 50th Birthday

When thinking about the perfect birthday gift for a 50 year old man, make sure you consider the things he enjoys doing. For the man who loves spending time with his friends and family, get him something he can share with them! This custom cornhole set will quickly become a staple at every family gathering and party that he hosts. Not only is this a classic, easy-to-play game for all ages so that even the grandkids can enjoy it, but he can play it indoors, outdoors, or even take it with him on the big family camping trip! A gift like this will be enjoyed by him and all of his loved ones for years to come.

Give His Drinks a Whole New Flavor

Drink Smoker Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to 50th birthday gifts, you need to think outside the box. What’s something he doesn’t already have? A cocktail smoker! This handy little kit and personalized rocks glass is a fun way for him to experiment with smoke-infused drinks. He can use the smoke topper on other glasses, too, which means he can make unique smokey cocktails for everyone! Once he tries a smoked Old Fashioned with his favorite bourbon, he’ll never want a regular drink ever again.

The Best Way to Drink Beer

Custom 50th Birthday Beer Stein

Even at 50 years old, the guy in your life still enjoys drinking beer over any other liquor or wine. He’s come to know the differences between stouts and lagers, what the best glasses to enjoy certain types of beers in, and perhaps how to make it! He’s even visited Germany, the motherland of beer, to try their local brews. What is the best 50th birthday gift idea for men like him? A case of his favorite beer, of course, and a custom beer stein to drink it from! This lidded stein is inspired by 14th century German steins, which are designed to both keep bugs away and will make the head last longer. Your dad or husband will enjoy using this cool stein all the time!

Unique 50th Birthday Gift Idea for Men: The Birthday Book

Custom 50th Birthday Book

1969 was a long time ago, and the world was completely different. Your dad grew up without smartphones, he was a baby when the United States landed two astronauts on the moon, and robots were a thing of science fiction. He says he doesn’t want anything for his 50th birthday, but you want to get him something really cool. The Book of Everyone makes really unique books that you can customize! The milestone book (pictured) has highlights of the year he was born, fun facts, and all kinds of fun pages that you get to personalize. He’ll love reading through the book and will surely get a kick out of it. You can make it as funny or as heartwarming as you want! He’ll certainly treasure this awesome 50th birthday gift idea forever.

A Decanter Set for the Well-Traveled Man

Globe Decanter Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your husband has lived on the Earth for half a century and has explored as much of it as he could. He went backpacking through Europe after graduating college, traveled all over the place for his job, and always wanted to go somewhere new and exotic each summer with the family. Now that he’s older and well-traveled, he wants to revisit his favorite places. One of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men who have been all over the world is this awesome decanter set! Expertly etched with the map of the world on the decanter and glasses, this set is an incredible reminder of his travels. The glass-blown ship sailing through his rum inside the decanter is just the cherry on top of this handsome decanter set. In fact, the only thing he’ll wish was different about this set was that he got it as some of his 30th birthday gift ideas so he could have enjoyed it for 20 years already!


The Classiest Decanter Set He’s Ever Seen

Engraved Twist Decanter Set for 50 Year Old Man

Give his home a classy upgrade with this absolutely stunning decanter set for his 50th birthday! By far one of the fanciest, most luxurious pieces he owns, everyone who visits will be in awe when they see it. The elegant twisted design shows off the various hues of the liquor inside the glasses and the decanter whether it’s whiskey or gin. He will enjoy using the set for his evening drink every night because it makes him feel like a classy gentleman. He’ll love it so much that he’ll treasure it for another 50 years!

His Own Home Bar

What 50th birthday gift ideas are more unique than a personalized sign for his home bar? You’ll be hard-pressed to find something as awesome as this handsome decor! Perfect for helping him decorate his home bar or inspiring him to build one, this impressive sign will make the room feel like a real English pub. He’ll be so touched that you got him such a uniquely personalized gift that he’ll be sure to proudly display it for all to see for the rest of his life!

Unique 50th Birthday Gift Set

Custom Cigar Gift Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Your husband is a successful man who has accomplished a great many things in his 50 years. He’s moved up in his career, has a wonderful family, and is known among his friends as an expert on several subjects. He’s become a wise, distinguished gentleman that your sons look up to. What kind of 50th birthday gift idea is as cool as he is? This cigar gift set! He will love showing off his cool new cigar-holding glass at the next poker game he hosts. Thanks to you, he’ll have the perfect glass of whiskey every time and everything he needs to enjoy his cigars. Plus, you can customize the engraving on both the glass and the gift box to be anything from “Donald Grant, Best Husband” or “Jonathan’s Cigars.”

His Own Birthday Newspaper

Custom New York Times Front Page 50th Birthday Gifts

One of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts you can give a 50 year old man is this New York Times front-page newspaper that was printed on the day of his birthday! He’ll be able to see the headlines and read about what was going on in the world on the day he was born, how awesome is that? Now he can get a unique glimpse into the past and see what notable events happened on his birthday. This will make a really cool decoration in his home and a unique keepsake that he can treasure forever!

Make Sure He Feels Like a Legend on His Birthday

Beer 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men in an Ammo Can

Turning 50 is a big deal, and your gift should make him feel like it’s an awesome achievement without making him feel old. The best kind of 50th birthday gift ideas that does just that is this badass ammo can gift set! Declaring him “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.,” this awesome gift set is something he’ll be proud to use, and it will certainly make him feel like a young man every time he drinks from his pint glasses or uses his awesome new tactical knife. He’ll especially appreciate the cool ammo can, which he can take to the range full of ammo for target practice or bring it along on the next camping trip as it’s perfect for storing tools and gear. Such a versatile and awesome gift set is a great way to celebrate this milestone birthday!

A Sweet Gift He’ll Never Forget

Custom Vinyl Record

Remind your dad, husband, or grandpa of when you would listen to his favorite records with him with this thoughtful personalized vinyl for his 50th birthday! Yes, that’s an actual vinyl record that you can personalize just for him and even add a photo and a message to create a one-of-a-kind gift that he’ll proudly display forever. Every time he looks at it, he’ll think of those wonderful memories he has of listening to his record player and teaching you all about his favorite musicians.

Luxury 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men He’ll Use All the Time

Custom Cognac 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Whether he’s already a fan of cognac or has talked about trying it now that he’s older and wiser, one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for him is this luxurious cognac gift set! With two professional cognac snifters, he can enjoy the exotic flavors of cognac to the fullest, along with a couple of stogies to celebrate his birthday! Cognac is the perfect kind of liquor to celebrate special occasions, but even after his big day, he’ll want to use this set to sip and relax. Soon enough, he’ll be a cognac connoisseur, and it’s all thanks to you and your amazing gift! Of course, don’t forget to put a couple of stogies in the cigar box so that he can enjoy one as soon as he opens up his gift.

Personalized Cutting Board

Monogrammed Cutting Board Gift for 50 Year Old Man

Does the guy in your life have a love for cooking? He’s always coming up with something new in the kitchen whether it’s an exotic dish he read about in a recipe book or an intricately baked pastry with unusual ingredients. He’s even making his own birthday cake because no one else in the family is as talented at baking as him and he refuses to eat any store-bought cakes! You’ve noticed that his cutting board is a little beat up from years of chopping veggies, so why not get him a new one for his birthday? This handsome Sheesham hardwood cutting board can withstand his chopping and meal prepping without so much as a scratch, and it’s even engraved with his initials!

Classy 50th Birthday Gifts He’ll Love

Birthday Gift for 50 Year Old Man Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Treat the soon-to-be-50-year-old man in your life to the most luxurious birthday ever with this cigar and whiskey gift set! He will love using the elegant glasses to sip on his favorite whiskey and puff on his preferred brand of stogies. The handsome marble ashtray is a classy addition to his office or man cave, but he’ll especially appreciate the handy cigar case that he can take with him on the go so that he can enjoy a cigar whenever he wants. Thanks to your classy 50th birthday gifts for him, he can toast to his milestone birthday in style!

A Relaxing 50th Birthday Gift Idea for Men

Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Your dad has been working for over half of his life now and he’s starting to feel the effects of hard labor. He’s got aches and pains, a bad back, and can’t do all of the things he used to do at work. All of these things and turning 50 isn’t making him feel any better or younger, but you can give a birthday gift that can do both! This shiatsu massage cushion will help him relax and soothe his aching back with its heat and multiple modes of massage. He can treat himself to a full back massage or focus on his lower, upper, or middle back with the zoning mode. Thanks to your awesome 50th birthday gift idea, he’ll feel more relaxed and young again.

Personalized Poker Set

Custom Poker Game Set with Case

Poker is a favorite among your dad’s friends, and they often have poker nights at each other’s houses. They usually use his best friend’s set because it has the most pieces and is in the best condition. Your dad has always wanted his own poker set so that he can host, but just hasn’t gotten around to getting one. This handsome poker set is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for men who love playing poker! He can play other games with the set, too, such as Wichita with the cards and dice. Thanks to your great gift, dad can finally host poker night and impress his friends!

Essential Whiskey Accessories Every Man Needs

Custom Whiskey Stone Set 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your husband is a man of extensive knowledge and wisdom, especially as he is approaching the age of 50. He’s the man everyone goes to for life advice and for drink recommendations. Simply put, he drinks and he knows things. The best way to celebrate his 50th birthday is with this awesome gift set! The whiskey stones are just as efficient at chilling his drink as ice cubes are but won’t affect the flavors so that he can truly appreciate his drink. You can’t beat such impressive 50th birthday gift ideas!


New Set of Wine Glasses Guaranteed to Make Him Laugh

Custom Vintage Red Wine Glasses

Want to give your husband something nice but also a bit humorous? These custom wine glasses are the best of both! These stemmed wine glasses are engraved with your husband’s name and the year he was born along with “Vintage” and “Aged to Perfection.” It might make him feel old, but he’ll get a kick out of it every time he pours a glass of cabernet. These glasses are just classy enough to use for family dinners and when friends visit, and are certainly a conversation piece, making them a great 50th birthday gift idea for men!

The Ultimate Gadget He’ll Never Go Anywhere Without

Universal Socket Wrench

With his 50th birthday coming up, you’re probably thinking about what tools he doesn’t already have that you could give him as a gift. Well, he’s likely got them all! Instead of getting him something wacky and new, help him cut down on the number of tools he has by upgrading all of his socket wrenches to this single universal socket! This nifty wrench fits just about any socket and can be used as a wrench, on his drill, his screwdrivers, and more. Now he won’t need to hang on to his dozens of sockets and wrenches!

Outdoorsy Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

Custom Tools and Ammo Can Gift Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

The man in your life is a rugged, masculine guy, even in his late forties! He enjoys camping, hiking, and hunting with his sons and his friends every summer. He’s also the kind of man who has everything and wants nothing for his birthday, even his upcoming 50th. He would never turn down these incredible 50th birthday gift ideas though! This gift set comes with all of his favorite things: an ammo can to bring his ammunition to and from his hunting trips and the range, a flask to keep his liquor and stogies on hand, a handy hatchet for camping, and a custom hunting knife he’ll use for every adventure. 

The Bigger the Gift, the Better

Custom Giant Beer Mug 50th Birthday Gift

Turning the big 5-oh calls for a big gift: this gigantic beer mug! This colossal mug holds an entire liter of beer so that your soon-to-be-50-year-old can sit back, relax, and enjoy an entire football game or movie on TV without having to get up for a refill. Seriously, this incredible mug will be the only way he’ll want to enjoy his favorite beer from now on because it’s so handy! Of course, he’ll enjoy the personalization on it as well because you made it special just for him. Talk about great 50th birthday gift ideas for men, especially ones who love beer!

Grilling 50th Birthday Gift Ideas He Will Love

50th Birthday Gift Ideas Custom Bamboo Grilling Tools

Men love getting practical gifts, but they also love getting presents that they can use with their favorite hobbies. For the man in your life who enjoys cooking, you’ve definitely given him plenty of grilling gifts over the years: spices, meat rubs, a new grill, and all kinds of gadgets to make BBQ easier than ever. One thing you haven’t given him, though, is his own set of custom grilling tools! By far the most unique 50th birthday gift ideas for men, these awesome bamboo grilling tools will be his favorite go-to BBQ tools from now on. They are lightweight, heat-resistant, top quality, and even portable so that he can bring his trusty new tools everywhere he goes from the lake to the in-laws’ house. Plus, the engraved carrying case makes sure that everyone knows who these awesome tools belong to!

The Perfect Gift to Celebrate His Age

Funny 50th Birthday T-Shirt

Your husband is a practical guy who says he doesn’t want anything for his birthday. He’s a typical dad who makes dad jokes and puns that no one else thinks is funny. This funny T-shirt is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for him! It says “Made in 1969, All Original Parts.” He’ll want to wear this shirt all the time! At least, until he gets older and has to get a hip replaced and the shirt will no longer be true. Then, he’ll need a shirt that says “Almost All Original Parts.”

Funny Birthday Gift Set 

Build Your Own 50th Birthday Gift Set

For the soon-to-be 50 year old with a sense of humor and a penchant for cigars, look no further than this unique gift set. He will love having a whiskey glass and a flask that allow him to give the middle finger to his milestone birthday. Anytime someone asks him his age from now on, he’ll just hold up his flask and grin. He can use the wooden cigar box to keep all of his stogies nicely organized and fresh. The marble ashtray is as useful as it is attractive, and belongs right next to his new cigar box. Whether he’s your husband, father, boss, or friend, this awesome whiskey set is one of the coolest 50th birthday gift ideas for men.



What is the traditional gift for a 50th birthday?

While gold is the traditional symbol of 50 years, not every guy is going to want gold jewelry or trinkets. A thoughtful gift for his 50th birthday would be a bottle of his favorite whiskey that’s been aged 50 years, a personalized decanter set to display his prized liquor, or a unique gift set full of his favorite things. Keeping his interests in mind when choosing his gift will mean so much more to him than a new gold ring or chain.

What is a great gift for a guy who has everything?

You want to get him an amazing gift, but he says he doesn’t want anything or has everything he could possibly need. One way around this is to get him a new and improved version of something he already has, like an upgraded model of his TV or a personalized decanter that’s similar to the one he uses all the time. Another way to give a great 50th birthday gift for the man who has everything is by getting him something practical, but unique, like a set of glassware with his name on it or an ammo can turned into a cigar humidor to replace his basic wooden one.

What do you get for a 50-year-old?

Whether you’re looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband, brother, dad, or friend, one thing is for certain: get him something cool and unique! You want to make him feel special on this milestone birthday, but you also don’t want to make him feel old. Some of the best 50th birthday gift ideas are personalized glassware, a cool bar cart, a new set of grilling tools, or even a custom sign to give his home a fresh new look. These gifts are all practical, which is important for a 50-year-old man, but they can also all be personalized to make them extra thoughtful!

Which is the best gift for your husband?

The best 50th birthday gift ideas for husbands start with his favorite things: what does he enjoy doing to relax? Can you get him an upgraded version to a well-loved item he’s been using for years? Is there something he’s always wanted but has been putting off getting? Treat your partner to a truly awesome gift that he deserves, there’s no better time to do so than on his 50th birthday! Celebrate your husband’s 50th birthday with an engraved cutting board to do all of his grill prep on, a giant beer mug with his name on it, or even a drink smoker so that he can pursue his longtime desire to be a bartender! You want to make your husband’s special day amazing with a fantastic gift after all.

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