11 Impressive Groomsmen Knives

Cool Groomsmen Knives For The Whole Wedding Party

Don’t get your groomsmen any old gift. Your oldest friends deserve personalized groomsmen knives. They’re perfect for your friends that like camping, fishing, hunting, or getting stuff done around the house. A knife is an essential tool every man should have. Your wedding party is no exception. We have a variety of knives, so you can find the perfect groomsmen gifts for the guys that will be by your side on your wedding day.

Engraved Hunting Knife

Outdoor Knife Gift for Groomsmen

When searching for groomsmen knives it’s always best to start with a knife that is great for several situations. This hunting knife is serrated, has a seatbelt cutter, and even has a glass breaker. Basically, it has everything your groomsmen could possibly need to go on a daring adventure. Plus, it’s even engraved with their names and easily fits in a pocket. You know your best friends need this in their life.

Manliest Groomsmen Knife Set

Beer Mug, Knife & Cigar Accessories Set

Don’t just hand your best friends a t-shirt and think that’s going to be an adequate thank you for their years or friendship. Get a beer mug set that includes engraved knives for your groomsmen. Owning your own beer mug is a must for any guy. Getting that bar experience in your own home is amazing. The Zippo-style lighter will give everyone an excuse to celebrate your pending nuptials with a fine cigar. The included knife is possibly the manliest thing they’ll have ever seen. Your groomsmen will feel like real men the moment you hand them this gift.

Custom Groomsmen Knife Box Set

Box with Flask and Liner Lock Knife

It’s almost expected that a groomsman will get a flask before the wedding ceremony. It’s an unwritten tradition. Give your wedding party an awesome surprise when they get an engraved flask, inside an awesome wood box they can use around the house or office, and a sleek liner lock knife. It’s the perfect gift to take camping or fishing. The knife is razor sharp, so they’ll be looking to cut loose threads, prune the flowers on the tables, or whatever else needs a good slice during the reception.

Impressive Tactical Knife

Tactical Groomsmen Knife

Want to get groomsmen knives that are more than meets the eye? This personalized tactical knife is great for handling jobs inside and outside the home, but the really cool part is what’s hidden inside the handle. They’ll also get a compass, sewing kit, matches, fishing line and hook, and even a split shot weight. With this gift, they might want to undertake their own Bear Grylls style challenge. Just make sure they agree to do it after the wedding. They can check out even more badass groomsmen gifts right here!

Stylish Knife Set for Active Groomsmen

Groomsmen Knife Set for Guys on the Go

Your groomsmen have a certain sense of style about them. A set of timeless, matching, pitch black items that better their already amazing existence is an ideal gift for your groomsmen. The flask will always be there when they hit a hole-in-one or are tailgating at their alma mater. The tumbler will keep their drink cool or hot while they’re getting stuff done around town. Finally, the knife will be the handy tool they always need to get any job done. This is a gift that will show your friends that you know them through and through.

Ultimate Groomsmen Axe

Engraved Axe for Groomsmen

You don’t have to go with a knife. You can go with a knife’s awesome cousin. This engraved axe can be personalized for anyone in your wedding party. Your groomsmen will channel their inner Paul Bunyan as they try and chop down trees. You might even catch them chopping up wood for the fireplace even if they don’t have one. They will find any excuse to use this gift.

Black Carabiner for All Knives

Leather Carabiner for Knives

Your groomsmen are going to cherish the knives you get them. Some of them will even want to have them proudly displayed and within easy access whenever they’re on the move. This knife carabiner is ideal for any of your wedding party that wants easy access to their knife while still being comfortable. It attaches to any belt or belt loop, so they can use it with any outfit they wear.

Modern Groomsmen Gift Set

Beer Mug and Knife Box Set

When getting your groomsmen a knife you want to make the gift impactful and memorable. This set pairs the awesome tactical knife with a classic beer mug and a handsome wood box that you get to personalize just for your groomsmen. They’ll keep the mug in the freezer so it’s always frosty. The knife will be used for years. The wood box can be used to store tools, liquor bottles, or whatever brings your groomsmen joy. You can even pair it with a six-pack to get your friends started.

Sharpened Tools Ammo Can Set

Personalized Axe & Groomsmen Knife Gift Set

Yes, groomsmen knives are incredible. But they’re even cooler when they’re paired with an axe. Nothing will be left unconquered after you hand over this gift to your wedding party. After they chop down their first tree, they can have a celebratory cigar and pull of their favorite liquor with the included cigar flask. And, all of these awesome items come inside a .50 caliber ammo box. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Two Stone Knife Sharpening Kit

Smith's Knife Sharpening Kit

A quality knife deserves the care and attention any tool in frequent use demands. Let the knives you get your groomsmen be as sharp as the day they opened them with this two stone sharpening kit. Not only will this cure the natural dull knives get after use, it even includes honing oil so the knife always looks brand new. What makes this get an even cooler gift is the included sharpening guide. Beginners and experts can learn something new when it comes to knife sharpening. This gift is paired perfectly with any type of groomsman knife.

Custom Knives for the Entire Wedding Party

Set of 5 Groomsmen Knives

If you want to easily get engraved knives for groomsmen in one fell swoop, this set of five will take care of your entire wedding party. You can personalize each knife individually so no one is left out. Your usher, best man, even the father-of-the-bride can walk away with a knife they will keep in their pocket long after the ceremony has ended. Everyone has a way they can use this original gift idea.