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About Us and the Home Wet Bar difference.

Why Shop Here Instead of a Mass Merchant?


Produced in the USA / Guaranteed Quality

We own all of our equipment and produce all of our personalized products in-house right here in Oklahoma City, OK, the heartland of America. That means FAST serviceAmerican jobs and Guaranteed quality that other merchants cannot provide. In fact, we own multiple lasers, engravers, embossers, pressers, and large format printers big enough to handle the largest jobs, to insure your order is done quickly and correctly every time. We even do company logo engraving on many of the items we sell! 

Personalization room lasers

A row of our multiple trotec lasers and a rotary metal engravers in our Oklahoma City personalization department.

Personalization room lasers 2

With our dozens of lasers, we can handle any job size from one to 20,000 pieces.


Our Oklahoma City warehouse where your order will ship from. Renovated as part of our self-funded urban renewal project.



Real People - Making Awesome Gifts for YOU

When you buy from us, know that you're supporting a family owned business, who truly cares, and stocks the product they sell. What that means is you're going to get your items FAST, and talk to a real person right here in our Oklahoma City offices and warehouse when you call, email, or chat. Our gift experts are trained to be knowledgeable about the products we sell, and if you have a question about a product they can walk right out into the warehouse and go pick that product off the shelf to answer any questions. Finally, being family owned, our personal touch goes even further. It all starts with our selection of only quality items by our merchandising team. Next, it extends to our knowledgeable customer service specialists and gift experts who can, quite literally, go pick most products off of our on-site warehouse shelves to give you the full details if you have questions. Finally, our team in the warehouse carefully hand packs your order immediately after you place it instead of your order being thrown into some mass operation tossed around by a machine. 

Family Owned Business

Founder Keith, Megan, and their two children Lily and Claire


We give back! In 2012 and 2013 we quite literally put our "money where our mouth is" by embarking on a massive urban renewal project. Self-funded with no government loans or grants, we did it to build something unique and preserve a landmark in OKC's original industrial district. It involved a year of work, extensively renovating a depressed 1950s warehouse and the property around it, improving the community and neighborhood around us. (some completed renovation photos above) Not only that, we also give back by donating time to events like Habitat for Humanity, and providing fund raisers for foundations like Susan G Komen breast cancer, Wounded Warrior Project, and other major charities each year. 

hwb-we give back

Donating to Toys for Tots and Susan G Komen for the Cure


Exclusive designs and products you will not find anywhere else. Not only, do we scour the globe for innovative products, we also create the designs, artwork, and personalizations that go on our products right here in our Oklahoma City office. Our design studio, housed inside an old 1950s warehouse that we extensively renovated, provides inspiration for our artists to create innovative designs, artwork, and techniques that are unique to and unlike anything else out there. We even provide artwork services if your brand or company needs help with your designs. 

hwb-conf room
sitting area

A peak inside our Oklahoma City offices and design studio. Housed in an old 1950 warehouse, our facilities are fully renovated in modern style. 


We are BIG supporters of our military! We know that without their dedication and the dangerous work they do every day, we wouldn't be free to pursue our dreams and have the freedoms that we do here in the USA. That's why we offer 10% off for all Military orders Shipping Overseas to an APO or FPO. If you'd like to send a special care package to support our fighting men and women, please make sure to take advantage of our overseas military discount program here

hwb-supporters of our military

Photo to the right: Donating to the Wounded Warriors Project


Our Humble Beginnings...

Originally started in 2001, we are a true homegrown business that was built and is staffed by people who use the products and know the product line, and each new product we carry is still hand selected by the original founder, Keith Winter, for uniqueness, function, quality, and value. We are still true to our roots, and you can rest assured that every dollar you spend with us goes to a family-owned company, our employees, and to our community; not to some mega corporation. 

The HomeWetBar story starts in 2001 with a bar Keith built while in college at Oklahoma State University. Every weekend friends and family would come over and admire his redwood bar complete with a see-through bottle cap top, liquor cabinet, refrigerator, and fish tank in the front. Soon people were asking where he got the plans to build it and where they could get them. To this he simply replied, “There is no kit or plans. I made it from scratch.” After countless people asking about the plans, he decided to formally draw the plans up and open a small bar plans site on the internet to sell them; he named it Throughout the rest of his college career he sold the plans on the internet for extra spending money. A couple of years went by, and he graduated from college with dual degrees in Marketing and MIS, leaving Stillwater to pursue a management training program at a new job in Oklahoma City, OK. 

about-us-original-bar about-us-original-bar

The original HomeWetBar built by Keith in 2001. The original free bar plans here, enjoy compliments of HomeWetBar! 

After about a year of the management program, things were going well, and Keith had worked his way up into management while still earning extra money off selling bar plans. Then one evening, inspiration hit. If he could sell over a dozen of these bar plans to people every month, didn't they need accessories too? After all, they were building bars in their homes and would need supplies. He already knew more than most people about bar and wine items. Why couldn't he provide them with supplies too? So he went to work in his spare time, and a few months later in September of 2004, was reborn as a full e-commerce site. 

He started slow, only selling a few items out of his closet in his one-bedroom apartment, but he soon needed more space and moved into a two-bedroom apartment. Not long after that he had filled his new “warehouse” (second bedroom) with items, and all of the products and boxes soon started overflowing into his living room. Still only working on part-time during the evening and early-morning hours, he realized he no longer could work 60+ hours a week at his main job and then spend his evenings and mornings working his second job at He knew he had to make a decision. So he took the leap and left his management position with his full-time employer and went to work on full time. A few months later, he moved the business to a 2,800-sq. ft warehouse, where the business really took off. Shortly thereafter he found himself hiring new team members to help with orders, customer service, and the day-to-day operations, all the while adding hundreds of new products. Then, in 2008 HomeWetBar outgrew that warehouse and moved into a larger 7,500 sq ft. warehouse, but that location was quickly filled up as well. 

Finally in 2012 a new facility was located. Based in the heart of Oklahoma City at 425 E Hill Street, our newly renovated facility spans 32,000 sq. ft. and was originally built in the 1950s. Renovations on the warehouse and office were completed in the fall of 2012 and it is where the business continues to grow today, fueled by the passion Keith and his team members have for finding new, innovative home entertaining products and their dedication to treating each customer like family.

Why Else Should I Shop with You?

If the fact that you are supporting a family-owned business run by people just like you is not enough, rest assured we 100% guarantee you are going to love every gift you receive from us. What that means for you is worry-free shopping. If any item you receive is defective, broken, or not of high quality, let us know immediately and we will refund the purchase price or exchange it. For more see our easy returns page. Besides our 100% satisfaction guarantee, here are just a few more reasons why you are going to love shopping with us. 

Extraordinary Customer Service 
See for yourself! Look at what our customers have been saying. We pride ourselves in providing the very best customer service. In fact, unlike mass merchants who claim to have the product but really have call centers in other countries (with reps that have never even seen the product), we can, quite literally, go pick most products off our on-site warehouse shelves to give you the full details if you have questions; just ask! Need to exchange or return an item? No problem! Just use our handy Contact Us form to send us your questions and we will promptly reply with an answer and a smile. 

Safe Shopping Guaranteed 
Our top goal is your security and privacy. That is why we do not store credit card information, and all transactions are encrypted with the highest levels of security by Geotrust, one of the nation's largest secure certificate companies. Additionally, we are independently audited by AlertSite for security. You can verify this at any time by clicking on the AlertSite logo on the bottom of our page so you know your information is safe with us. For more details visit our Privacy Protection & Security Notice page. 

Unique Items 
We pride ourselves in finding unique entertainment items that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for years to come. If it does not meet our quality standards it is discontinued and we stop carrying it, bottom line. Try finding a mass merchant willing to say that! Found an item you think we should carry? We are always eager to hear from you. Just visit our Contact Us page and let us know what you want to see more of on our site! 

Free Gift Messages 
Have a special gift message you want to share? Then do it! On all orders you can enter a free gift message to be included with the package (special order items excluded). Just enter your message in the comment box during checkout, and your gift message will be printed directly on a gift receipt without item prices for your recipient. 

Easy Returns 
Whether you buy the item for yourself or for a gift, returns are easy! Just click on the item you want to return in your order history and we will reply promptly to schedule your return. It's just that easy! Plus you get a full 30 days to return any item, so you have plenty of time to decide if that item is right for you after it arrives! For more details visit our Easy Returns page. 

Our Goal 
Our goal is to create a unique destination providing great items for leisure and everyday life; we want to be the first place you come to when you are searching for great home entertainment items and for unique gift ideas. We, like many of you, have searched for those perfect items for hours to no avail, and that is why we created this web site and company, because we know others share our passion for upscale entertaining and unique gifts that are just plain fun! 

We hope you enjoy shopping our unique selection of gifts and that you get as much joy from shopping our web site as we did in creating it. Welcome to the HomeWetBar, where your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 


If you have a product you would like to see on our web site, please contact us via our online contact form

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