Sriracha Sauce

13 Ingenious Uses for Sriracha You Need To Know

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

Sriracha sauce is one of the hottest condiments around, and not just because it’s spicy. This sweet hot sauce has been available for decades, found on tables in barbecue shacks and Asian restaurants everywhere. But what is sriracha sauce? Named after the island in Thailand where it was created, sriracha sauce, sometimes known as “rooster sauce,” is a particular hot sauce recipe featuring chili peppers, distilled vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, and occasionally a few other spices.  This unique flavor combination has acquired legions of devoted fans who cringe at the idea of having any other hot sauces on their food.

As sriracha has grown in popularity, new uses for this hot sauce have naturally been found. From the best ways to kick-start your food, to medicinal uses, here are 13 ingenious uses for sriracha sauce that you need to know.

Add to Eggs

Eggs with sriracha hot sauce

The perennial breakfast favorite, eggs, has always suffered from one thing: bland flavor. There’s many solutions, such as salt, paprika, cheeses, and salsa, but you haven’t truly tasted amazing eggs until they’ve been topped with sriracha. For scrambled, while you are whisking together your eggs and milk, add a pinch of salt and one tablespoon of sriracha chili sauce for every two eggs. Scramble as normal, then get ready for a plate of eggs so tasty you may never turn back. If you’re preparing your eggs any other way, just squirt some over the top.


Mix with Ranch Dressing

We’ve seen ranch dressing on tons of different things, from cornbread stuffing to pepperoni pizza. In some ways, sriracha is the new ranch dressing. When the two are mixed together, you double the possibilities. Sriracha ranch is great on tuna salad sandwiches, egg sandwiches, french fries, your fingers, and the list goes on. Use two parts ranch dressing to one part hot sauce, mix thoroughly, and you’re golden.

Stir into a Bloody Mary Cocktail


The age-old hangover cure and favorite of people who like to drink before noon, the Bloody Mary cocktail, just got better. You can start with Bloody Mary mix, or just simple tomato juice. Add one tablespoon of sriracha, and then your vodka. Stir it all together with a celery stick or giant pickle, and you are ready for brunch. You can add as much hot sauce as you like, and if your cocktail gets too spicy, just add more vodka!



Make Boring Soup Taste Better

Canned soup sometimes tastes more like the can than it does any kind of soup. Even a tiny dash of sriracha will take the flavor of any bowl of soup from boring to beautiful.

Keep Cats Off of Your Furniture

Keep Cats Off of Your Furniture

Have a cat who won’t stop scratching at your wooden coffee table? Smear on a little sriracha to his favorite scratching zone. The spiciness will get on the cat’s claws, and the flavor will deter them from scratching the same surface again. Don’t worry about your cat getting sick from the spiciness. If it makes you feel better, just set a bowl of beer on the ground. Drinking beer always helps me when I eat something spicy.



Add to Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Shrimp cocktail is a party favorite, but store bought cocktail sauces can all start to taste the same. Make yours stand out by adding a dash of sweet chili sauce. Your guests will still recognize that signature cocktail shrimp flavor, but find an unexpected kick from your secret ingredient, as well.

Add to your Popcorn


This amazing idea is actually two in one. Popcorn is a great crunch snack that’s tasty and easy to make.  You can take it to the next level by adding sriracha for a spicy sweet treat. There are two recommended techniques, and you should try both.  First, you can stir together one tablespoon of sriracha with 1/3 cup salt, then spread out on a plate and let it dry. After a few hours, you’ve got a flavor-infused salt that can be sprinkled over popcorn, or anything else you want. Alternately, you can melt 1/3 cup of butter, then mix in 1 tablespoon of sriracha, and pour this beautiful buttery mixture over your fresh, hot popcorn. Prefer to go four star spicy? Use both!



Natural Pain Relief

Peppers and vinegar have been central ingredients in home remedies for centuries, and the magical sriracha sauce has both. Whether you’ve got a bruise, muscle aches, or an insect bite, rub on a little hot sauce for instant pain relief. The capsaicin in the peppers, along with the soothing qualities of the vinegar, will relieve minor topical aches and pains without the need for a trip to the pharmacy. Careful to avoid open wounds, though. Even though the vinegar has antiseptic properties, the thought of rooster sauce running through my veins is just weird.

Use as a Fruit Topping

If you are looking for an interesting way to enjoy tasty, healthy fresh fruit, look no further than your kitchen cabinet. Sriracha sauce is great on pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, and all sorts of berries. You can mix it into a fruit salad, or just squirt it onto individual pieces as you go. The pepper flavor brings out the sweetness in the fruit, and it’s way healthier than sugary chocolate coatings.

Mixing with a Vodka Shot to Relieve Congestion

Sriracha Vodka Shot

Wheezes and sneezes and chest congestion are a common side effect of allergy season and the common cold. If you want to knock some of that mucus out of your sinuses, and get a little kick in the process, mix a half tablespoon of sriracha into an ice cold vodka shot. The spice will clear up your nasal passages, and the alcohol will sooth your chest. Don’t pretend you’re at a college party, though. Too much sriracha at one time can cause stomach irritation. One shot should be plenty, anyway.



Make Your Own Breakfast Sausage

Little known fact: breakfast sausage is just ground meat with seasoning in it. You can take any kind of ground meat, including pork, chicken, or turkey, and turn it into sausage just by adding a tablespoon of sriracha for every pound. Thoroughly mix it in a bowl before cooking the meat, and if you have some dried sage, and a teaspoon of that, too. Cook as normal, and then tell your family you are treating them to your very special “homemade” sausage.

Add to Left Over Mac & Cheese

Sriracha Mac and Cheese

Left over mac & cheese is a staple in my refrigerator. When I finish my last helping, I usually reach for a pot to make another batch. It’s an easy comfort food that stays good in the fridge for several days. Cheese, though, can loose some of it’s flavor after it’s been reheated, so try refreshing your leftover noodles with a splash of sriracha. You can even stir it in with some fresh grated cheese, and your leftover mac will be as good as new.



Make It Yourself

Making hot sauce is incredibly easy, and primarily involves combining ingredients most people keep on hand. Learn how to make hot sauce with this great homemade sriracha recipe, then experiment to create your own signature version.


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