Fall Cocktail: The Brandy Snap

Whether looking for a cocktail to keep you warm during the cooler months, or a tasty treat to enjoy after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, this delicious cocktail will serve you perfectly. The Brandy Snap gives you just the right balance of sweet & flavorful spirits, without a thick, overbearing texture. So many cocktails designed for cooler weather contain milk, cream, or other heavy ingredients. This tasty fall cocktail uses only three ingredients, and is served warm. Not freezing cold, and not piping hot, but just warm enough to let you relax your mood while you sip on a glass of true comfort.Whiskey and Brandy for The Brandy Snap Cocktail

The Brandy Snap Cocktail

  • 2 parts Laird’s Applejack Brandy
  • 1 part Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice whiskey-liqueur blend
  • 1 dash freshly squeezed orange juice

Mix all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. If you really love ginger, you go with 2 parts brandy and 2 parts whiskey blend, but expect a bite. Holding half of a freshly cut orange over the shaker, give it a good squeeze, cut side up. This prevents seed from falling into the shaker, and also reduces pulp. Place the lid on your shaker and give it one gentle lift to combine the ingredients. Pour into old fashioned glasses, or your most trustworthy flask.

The Brandy Snap cocktail is meant to be enjoyed at room temperature, or slightly warmer. These brandy sippers are excellent, because the warmth from you hand raises the temperature ever so slightly, and are also fun to sip from. This brandy cocktail is also great to server around the dessert table, alongside a fresh piece of pecan pie, or as a stand alone libation.

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