Beer Humor Round-Up: Beer Jokes & Funny Beer Gifts

Sit around any neighborhood bar long enough, and you’re bound to overhear guys swapping their favorite beer jokes. That’s because beer is like a magic potion that makes people want to share a good laugh as they throw ‘em back. It’s also a well known fact that beer makes all jokes funnier. We love great beer jokes just as much as the next guy, so we’ve collected a few of our favorites from around the web. From drunk one liner jokes, to funny beer gifts, crack one open and enjoy. Feel free to share your favorite beer humor in the comments.

One Liner Beer Jokes

It’s easy for drunk people to remember one liner jokes because, well, you only have to remember one line. Plus, if you say something boisterously enough, everyone at the bar will laugh at even the stalest joke.

Beer T-Shirts

Nothing says casual cool like a witty beer t-shirt. I like to wear them in any number of public places so everyone thinks I’m one of those rebels who is sneaking booze into my 32 oz. cup.

Beer T Shirt
Wasn’t that a song in the 90s?
Beer T Shirt
My all time favorite beer t-shirt.

The Beer Drinker’s Food Pyramid

Beer and infographics aren’t exactly synonymous but…

Funny Beer Food Pyramid

Funny Beer Signs

No man cave wall should be without a funny beer sign. For that matter, every single wall needs one, if said wall wants to be cool.

Funny Beer Signs
An always satisfying meal.


Funny Beer Signs
This happens to me every time.

Funny Beer Gifts

There are two types of beer drinkers: those who have lots of funny beer gifts, and those who want lots of funny beer gifts. You can’t go wrong with something that celebrates the awesomeness of beer consumption, while serving even a slightly functional purpose.

Funny Beer Glasses
Doctor’s orders!