Kombucha Way to My Heart – A Guide to Healthy Cocktails

The first time I had kombucha I was in a hotdog costume. It was Halloween and my boyfriend’s roommate handed me a concoction made up of berry kombucha, gin, and pomegranate seeds this was the epitome of a healthy drink. New to the big bad city and trying to fit in I took the mason jar filled with random seeds and fizz and waited to inevitably fake my love for this obscure drink. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE WRONG IN MY LIFE. I absolutely loved it, so much so that I lost the guy and kept the kombucha. I’m actually in the midst of brewing my very own right now! If you don’t know exactly what kombucha is let me tell you, basically it is just fermented tea. Yup, that’s it. Simply tea, bacteria, and yeast make up this delicious, slightly acidic beverage. And while this health drink tastes great, it is also low in calories, sugar, and thrives with probiotics. With such great benefits one can see the advantage of adding this nutritional drink  to your healthy cocktails. Here is a guide to some of my favorite kombucha cocktail recipes and other low calorie healthy drinks.

kombucha healthy cocktail
Courtesy of Love & Lemons

Let’s start things out right. Incredibly simple, this Ginger Kombucha Cocktail only consists of ice, ginger kombucha, mint, vodka, and a lemon. How easy is that? As far as low calorie vodka drinks go this is a great go-to option that may not even require a trip to the store. 

Courtesy of Call Me PMC

Another simple and healthy cocktail, the Champagne Grapefruit Mojitio, is perfect for your post work happy hour. Light and refreshing this low calorie cocktail is ideal for hot summer afternoons or even a patio brunch. Its use of grapefruit gives it a fun pink color that makes you feel like you’re drinking spring.

Courtesy of Cafe Johnsonia
Courtesy of Cafe Johnsonia

While the Blackberry Basil Kombucha Shrub Cocktail may take a little more work it is completely worth it, I mean look at it! Add a special touch and go pick your own blackberries if they’re in season. These skinny cocktails would make a great drink to imbibe in during a romantic date. You’ll be talking about your favorite food co-op and locally sourced ‘bucha in no time!

Courtesy of In it 4 the Long Run
Courtesy of In it 4 the Long Run

I have to admit when I saw this I freaked a bit and started kicking myself for never thinking of this cocktail recipe. Basically the only alteration to this classic Moscow Mule is trading out the sugary ginger beer for ginger kombucha. With an eerily similar taste it’s easy to sacrifice all that sugar (approximately 30g!) for an equally delicious and healthy cocktail.

Courtesy of Wicked Spatula
Courtesy of Wicked Spatula

I love aloe vera juice. I can’t say it enough. And with benefits like digestion aid, this is the perfect cocktail to drink when you’re feeling a bit bloated or as my friend says “a greaseball”.  Aloe Vera Margaritas make an awesome drink to sit around with on the porch on a springy afternoon.

low cal cocktails
Courtesy of BS’ in the Kitchen

For a lighter refreshing taste, look no further than the Paloma. Not even a specialty cocktail, the Paloma has been around for ages and is a popular Mexican cocktail made with grapefruit and tequila and just so happens to be a skinny cocktail, perfect for bikini season!

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker
Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

What we love about the Cucumber Cooler is that it is easy to make but it looks damn good. Invite your friends over and impress them with this cucumber, mint, and lime it looks like something you would pick up at the bar downtown that you can rarely afford. 

Courtesy of Honey & Birch
Courtesy of Honey & Birch

I’ve mentioned my love for carrot juice before, it is the worst kept secret. Don’t be afraid, the carrot will not hurt you and is in fact a lot sweeter than you would think. I’m not a huge fan of rum but I think the refreshing mix of flavors in this Rum Orange and Carrot Cocktail may change most people’s minds. 

healthy cocktails
Courtesy of Edible Perspective

For the group of friends that are constantly looking for the best healthy drink, pull out this low cal punch at your next get together. Requiring tons of fruit, like any sangria, this Berry Kombucha Sangria uses not only a white wine but also a bottle of berry kombucha. Fruity and crisp, it is the perfect drink to serve at your next pool party.

Low Calorie Cocktails
Courtesy of Chez Us

Raise your hand if you know what a shrub is…A shrub is an acidic drink usually using vinegar or sometimes alcohol. While a lot of this round-up has featured Kombucha based acidity, this healthy elixir has a star ingredient by the name of apple cider vinegar which has benefits such as weight loss, energy boost, and even aids detoxification. Detox while you retox with this Green Jalapeno Pineapple Shrub.

skinny cocktails
Courtesy of the Clean Dish

For an ode to Spring, this refreshing Luck-o-the-Irish Kombucha Champagne Cocktail only requires three ingredients and has some herbal flavors incorporated for a healthy taste. Since it is so easy to put together it’s easy to whip up at a moment’s notice!