27 Cool Wedding Gifts for the Groom He Will LOVE

Get a Wedding Gift for Groom to Make His Wedding Day Extra Special!

While wedding days are usually all about the bride, you want to make sure that the groom feels special on his big day, too! By getting a wedding gift for the groom, you can make his wedding day even more memorable. Wedding gifts for your soon-to-be husband can be something to help him prepare for his big day, to use on the day of the wedding such as a flask or cigar gifts, or to enjoy afterward as a married man! Many brides like to give their soon-to-be husbands a special gift or groom gift box on their wedding day, but it’s also common for the best man or even the groom’s parents to get the groom a gift. We picked out some great wedding gift ideas for groom that can be from anyone in the wedding party or even from a guest so that he can have an awesome wedding day!

Remarkable Wedding Gift for Groom

Whiskey Glass Box Set

Whether the groom is a seasoned man whiskey drinker or aspiring to be one, this beautiful whiskey essentials set will be a standout gift. Countless different personalization choices are available. You can even customize both the glasses with an initial to add the perfect personal touch for this wedding gift for groom.

The Toughest-Looking Wedding Gifts for Groom

Engraved Beer Set of Wedding Gifts for Groom

The groom has just faced one of the biggest moments in his life. So congratulate him with an equally large gift, this pint glass ammo can gift set! No beer will ever taste better in his life than the first one after he has taken the plunge and married his beautiful bride. Better still, this set also comes with a survival knife, cigar accessories and there is still room for you to add a few personal touches inside the ammo can like a few beers, handwritten cards, or maybe even something off his registry!

A Cool Wedding Gift for Groom Unlike Any Other

Engraved Beer Stein Wedding Gift for Groom

Show the groom just how happy you are for him to begin this new journey in life as a married man by giving him a gift he’ll never forget: a custom beer stein! This unique wedding gift for groom is something he can enjoy on his own as a reminder of his wedding day or even display it as a cool keepsake. You can customize the cool design to make it just for him, or even order it as a set of groom and groomsmen gifts and he will love using it for gulping down his favorite ales and lagers for years to come!

Star Trek Tiki Glasses – A Wedding for the Groom Who’s a Little Geeky

Star Trek Unique Gifts for Groom on His Wedding Day

Is your groom a little bit of a geek? If so, these Star Trek tiki glasses are the perfect wedding gift idea for a groom. The groom can enjoy his favorite tropical drink from Picard’s famous bald top or swear his allegiance to the Borg. You can pick out the groom’s favorite characters from the show or get a set of 6. Either way, this is a wedding gift for groom he will love.

A Classy Etched Decanter Set

Unique Whiskey Gift Set for Groom on Wedding Day

This bourbon decanter set is so good-looking that the only thing he can think of that has ever been better looking than it was his bride as she walked down the aisle! This decanter box set is a great gift for a groom that he can enjoy for years. At his reception, on anniversaries, or just because you can be sure he’ll love using this set for a celebratory stogie and glass of bourbon. He can even have a celebratory toast with his new bride using the glasses!

Coolest Wedding Gifts for the Groom on His Wedding Day

Wine Box Set of Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom

Not every set of wedding gift ideas for the groom have to be about whiskey, some can be about wine of course! After all, wine is one of the most traditional drinks at a wedding. But at this reception, he’ll look like the coolest groom ever when he is in his black tuxedo and is able to enjoy a merlot or chardonnay from one of these blackout and engraved stainless steel wine glasses. He can even enjoy this awesome set with his spouse on the honeymoon too since it comes with two glasses.

Celebrate His Wedding to the Fullest

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set for Husband

The groom will be absolutely speechless when you give him these wedding gift ideas for the groom on his wedding day! Perfect for celebrating his nuptials with a cigar and a glass of fine scotch before he walks down the aisle, this amazing gift set is sure to be a fun part of his big day. Even after the wedding, he’ll want to get this set out for a relaxing drink after a long day or for a celebratory smoke on every special occasion!

Bluetooth Speaker Table

Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table

He’s already compromised and gotten rid of some furniture he had since his freshman year in the dorms, but now that’s he getting married the groom still wants something to call his own. This awesome table is a compromise that he’ll love to have in any room. Not only does it look modern, but it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. He’ll be able to set whatever mood he wants with music from the touch of his phone.

Establish His Space in the Home

Custom Man Cave Sign for Groom

Part of getting married is usually getting gifts for things for the house. While most of the items tend to lack focus on what he wants, yours won’t! This custom sign is a fantastic gift that helps him create a spot in the house or to decorate his man cave! Whether the date personalized on the sign is when his bride moved in together, their wedding date, or when he built his man cave with his bare hands, this sign is a fantastically unique gift from the groom on his wedding day!

Box Set of Unique Gifts for Groom on His Wedding Day

Cigar Glass Box Set is a Personalized Wedding Gift for Husband

Get the groom a gift box that is filled with everything he needs to celebrate being married with this custom cigar and whiskey set! It’ll be the perfect gift for him to enjoy at the reception or even on the honeymoon since it allows him to have a celebratory stogie while using the same hand to enjoy his favorite whiskey. This way, he has a free hand for handshakes, keeping his lovely bride around his arm, or for anything else!

Presenting: The Coolest Wedding Gift for Groom

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

The wedding day does a pretty good job of making both the bride and groom feel like they are the most beloved and classy people on earth. A perfect gift to keep that feeling going for the groom is by gifting him his own presentation set! This is a gift you know he will keep out on display, ready to enjoy a drink at any occasion. Plus, the classy engraving will remind him of how awesome he felt on his big day!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom He’ll Love

Customizable Wooden Gift Box

Are you thinking about getting the groom a really nice bottle of his favorite liquor? Well, don’t just show up to the wedding with a bottle of whiskey and a bow around the neck, you can do better than that by presenting it in this handsome personalized gift box! The groom will be so touched by your thoughtfulness and creativity when he reads the engraved message on the lid before opening his gift, so make sure you think long and hard about what you want your custom text to be. No matter what you come up with, he’ll remember your gift the most because it’s the most personal.

Custom Shadow Box

Personalized Ticket Stub Collector Box

Why not get a gift celebrating his love of the game? This custom shadowbox is sure to please the groom. He can display the ticket stubs for every important game or concert he has across his marriage. He could save their first concert as a married couple. Even years down the line he could add the first ticket stub for the baseball game where he took his kids. This wedding gift idea for the groom will be a smash hit with the bride as well. A shadow box makes the perfect gift for the groom, all of his groomsmen, and even the whole wedding party!

Personalized Cigar Set – For the Groom Who Loves Stogies

Cigar Case Essentials Gift

Giant bags of chips, jars with impossible to open lids, and empty beer cans clutter the poker table are all familiar sites when the groom gets a chance to have a bro night with his friends. With this cigar lovers gift for the groom, he can enjoy nights with friends while sporting his favorite cigar and enjoying some of his finest whiskey.


Neiman Marcus Cufflinks

Some wedding gift ideas for groom end up forgotten. However, these intricately designed cufflinks are a wedding gift idea for the groom that will have him clamoring to dress up. With a glance of either wrist, the groom will be able to look sharp no matter where he is or the occasion. The cufflinks even come with a handsome, black case so the groom can safely store them when they’re not in use.

The Perfect Groom Gifts for a Shotgun Wedding

Engraved Whiskey Stone Set Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

Pardon the pun, but how awesome is this bullet whiskey stone set? The groom will love the badass whiskey stones that make him feel manly as he sips on his favorite whiskey, but the fact that he can enjoy a drink in his own custom glass as well as share a drink with a friend makes this set truly special. He will enjoy this set for years to come whether you give it to him at the bachelor party, before he walks down the aisle, or even as a wedding gift just for him.

Personalized Stogie Sign for the Groom

Personalized Cigar Sign Wedding Gift for Groom

Still searching for the perfect wedding gift ideas for groom? Look no further than this perfect sign! Ideal for his home bar, man cave, or even garage, this is the ideal way to give him a funny but fitting gift that is perfect for him to enjoy while he is having one of his favorite stogies!

Cashmere Hoodie

Gray Cashmere Hoodie

No guy will ever be that far away from their favorite hoodie. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have one that’s comfortable enough to be worn around the house and stylish enough when going for a night on the town. Everlane makes a cashmere hoodie that ticks both those boxes. This is a gift for the groom he’ll still be wearing when he’s celebrating his twentieth anniversary.

Sophisticated Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Black Box Set

Make sure the groom is toasting to his wedding day properly by giving him this awesome cigar and whiskey box set! Complete with a cigar holder, cigar case, and a whiskey glass that’s personalized just for him, this gift set is the best wedding gift for groom. You’ll want to give him this set (along with a couple of stogies and a bottle of his favorite whiskey!) on his wedding day or at his bachelor party so that he can use the set to toast to the occasion right away.

For the Groom Who Grills

Personalized Grilling Tools Wedding Gift for Husband

Every man needs a quality set of grilling tools, and they make fantastic wedding gifts for grooms! This handsome personalized set is a must-have as a soon-to-be husband, especially so that he can become an awesome dad who grills for his family someday. The groom will enjoy having such professional tools on hand to make delicious BBQ for his new wife and in-laws, and the fact that he can easily bring them to the lake or his bro’s house thanks to the handy carrying case makes them doubly awesome!

A Classic Decanter Set Any Groom Would Love

Monogrammed Decanter Set

Want to give the groom a special gift that he can enjoy on his own or with his new bride? This monogrammed decanter set is one of the most impressive wedding gift ideas for groom! He will love using this set to treat himself to a relaxing drink after a long day, a romantic cocktail with his wife, or a casual drink with a buddy. This three piece set is sure to be enjoyed often, and even makes a handsome centerpiece for his office or home bar when he’s not using it!


Impressive Wedding Gift for Groom He’ll Never Forget

Engraved Whiskey Box Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

How classy is this custom whiskey gift set? Perfect for sharing a toast with the groom before he walks down the aisle or to celebrate his nuptials at the reception, this elegant set is ideal for special occasions or casual drinks. The groom will certainly enjoy his evening bourbon in style using this impressive set, and he can keep the entire set on display when he’s not using it because it’s as decorative as it is functional.

John Wayne Teaches the Groom how to Grill

John Wayne Grilling Magazine

Want a wedding gift a groom will use every summer? John Wayne’s youngest son collect the Duke’s favorite recipes and put them all in one book. It comes complete with pictures of original memorabilia and stories from the people who knew him best. Pair this with our personalized grill set (item #8) for a winning wedding gift combo for the groom.

Share a Cold One with the Groom

Beer Mugs Gift Set with Bottle Opener

For a groom who enjoys a nice cold beer, no wedding gift is better than a set of his own beer mugs! He will love having his own bar-style mugs to enjoy his favorite brews from, especially since he can share the experience with a buddy. Whether he’s having a beer with his best man before the wedding or watching the game with his dad at home, he will absolutely love these wedding gift ideas for groom.

Something the Groom Definitely Doesn’t Have

Personalized Cigar Humidor Ammo Can

Want to give the groom something truly special? He’ll never expect to get a personalized ammo can humidor! This awesome ammo can-turned-humidor is the coolest way for him to store and transport his favorite cigars. In fact, make sure you put a couple of his preferred brand of stogies inside the humidor before you give it to him so that he can pass them around to his groomsmen and enjoy a celebratory smoke before he walks down the aisle.

Impressive Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

Custom Wedding Gift for Groom Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Go all out for your wedding gift for groom with this incredible whiskey decanter set! Each and every piece in this stunning set is engraved just for him, making a special gift that he’ll treasure forever. He will love using this set to enjoy a round of his drinks with his best bros whether they’re celebrating his wedding or toasting to their team winning the game! Even when he’s not using this set, it will look impressive on display in his home bar or office. This amazing decanter set is sure to make any groom feel special since the wedding is mostly focused on the bride!

A Great Gift to Watch His Reaction

Personalized Watch and Whiskey Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

Weddings are stressful for the bride and groom. They have to make sure everyone has a good time and that everything is organized. Help the groom keep himself organized and keep the party going for him after the wedding with his valet gift set! Thanks to you, he’ll never be looking for a watch or tie-clip again, plus he’ll always have a personalized glass or flask whenever he wants to enjoy a quick drink!