27 Cool Wedding Gifts for the Groom He Will Love

27 Cool Wedding Gifts for the Groom He Will LOVE

Updated 6-10-2019

The groom’s big day has finally arrived and it’s bound to be a memorable occasion. Naturally, you’re wondering what is a great wedding gift for the groom? What are some cool gift ideas for a groom? How will I ever find the perfect wedding gift for the groom on his special day? Luckily, we’ve cultivated a list of truly unique, personal, and unforgettable wedding gifts that will please any groom.

Custom Wooden Whiskey Set – Remarkable Gift for a Groom


Whiskey Glass Box Set

Whether the groom is a seasoned man whiskey drinker or aspiring to be one, this beautiful whiskey essentials set will be a standout gift. Countless different personalization choices are available. You can even customize both the glasses with an initial to add the perfect personal touch for this wedding gift for the groom.

Cool Personalized Beer Flight Set

Cool Personalized Beer Flight Set

Sometimes choosing one single thing is hard. With this custom beer flight set, the groom wouldn’t have to settle for just one of his favorite beers. With four snifter glasses and a stylish wooden paddle, this gift would allow him to share his favorite craft beers with his friends or treat himself.

Memorable Monogrammed Decanter and Glass Set – Perfect Wedding Gift for the Groom that’s a Whiskey Aficionado

Perfect Wedding Gift for the Groom that’s a Whiskey Aficionado

This groom’s gift has a timeless character. With a birchwood base and monogrammed glassware, this will appeal to any guy. Whether it’s next to a bar cart in the groom’s living room or straight from the set of Mad Men, this decanter and glass set will be something the groom will use for years to come.

Star Trek Tiki Glasses – A Wedding for the Groom Who’s a Little GeekyStar Trek Tiki Glasses – A Wedding for the Groom Who’s a Little Geeky

Is your groom a little bit of a geek? If so, these Star Trek tiki glasses are the perfect wedding gift idea for a groom. The groom can enjoy his favorite tropical drink from Picard’s famous bald top or swear his allegiance to the Borg. You can pick out the groom’s favorite characters from the show or get a set of 6. Either way, this is a wedding gift for grooms they will love.

Awesome Bullet Whiskey Stones

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stones Set

He’s already going to be unwrapping stylish housewares for his wedding gifts, but these bullet whiskey stones are an awesome addition to his home bar. Paired with classic rocks glasses and engraved with his monogram, these are the only glasses the groom will want to use. He’ll love showing off this gift to anyone that wants a drink in his home.

Wax Seal Whiskey Glasses – A Groom’s Gift To Be Remembered

Engraved Ammo Can with Pint Glasses

A precision-made American military ammo can gift set is perfect for the groom that wants to enjoy his beer in comfort and style in the outdoors. The engraved initials add an ageless quality. The sleek knife and 50 caliber bullet bottle opener are certainly a memorable touch. You could go all out and give one of these incredible ammo can sets to the groom and all of his groomsmen so that they all have matching gifts!

Bluetooth Speaker Table

Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table

He’s already compromised and gotten rid of some furniture he had since his freshman year in the dorms, but now that’s he getting married the groom still wants something to call his own. This awesome table is a compromise that he’ll love to have in any room. Not only does it look modern, but it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. He’ll be able to set whatever mood he wants with music from the touch of his phone.

Classy Whiskey Set with Wood Box

Custom Decanter Set

At some point, there comes a time where a groom must throw away his plastic cups and shot glasses. What better time than his wedding? With this impressive personalized whiskey set, the groom can say goodbye to bags of ice and hello to whiskey rocks. The groom can even use the box to store ties, watches, business cards, and whatever else. The options and classic look make this a great wedding gift for the groom.

Personalized Axe Every Man Needs

3 Lines Engraved Hatchet

After the groom takes his vows he’ll officially be the man of the house. And what does every man need? Well, their own personalized axe of course. They’ll be chopping up steaks for dinner, trimming bushes, and hurtling toward that overhanging branch that keeps scraping against the bedroom window.

Personalized Flask Set – For the Groom Who Loves To Celebrate

Classy Flask Set Grooms Will Love

There is no better time for the groom to get a flask than by his wedding. This four-piece flask set is the perfect gift for the groom who loves to spend his time with his favorite spirit on game days, during the summer, or while entertaining guests. You can even personalize the name and phrase on the set so the groom has a constant reminder that this awesome gift was made especially for him.

Custom Shadowbox

Personalized Ticket Stub Collector Box

Why not get a gift celebrating his love of the game? This custom shadowbox is sure to please the groom. He can display the ticket stubs for every important game or concert he has across his marriage. He could save their first concert as a married couple. Even years down the line he could add the first ticket stub for the baseball game where he took his kids. This wedding gift idea for the groom will be a smash hit with the bride as well. A shadow box makes the perfect gift for the groom, all of his groomsmen, and even the whole wedding party!

Personalized Cigar Set – For the Groom Who Loves Stogies

Cigar Case Essentials Gift

Giant bags of chips, jars with impossible to open lids, and empty beer cans clutter the poker table are all familiar sites when the groom gets a chance to have a bro night with his friends. With this cigar lovers gift for the groom, he can enjoy nights with friends while sporting his favorite cigar and enjoying some of his finest whiskey.




Classic Cufflinks

Neiman Marcus Cufflinks

Some wedding gifts for grooms end up forgotten. However, these intricately designed cufflinks are a wedding gift idea for the groom that will have him clamoring to dress up. With a glance of either wrist, the groom will be able to look sharp no matter where he is or the occasion. The cufflinks even come with a handsome, black case so the groom can safely store them when they’re not in use.

Beer Lovers Growler Set

Beer Lovers Growler Set

This is a wedding gift idea that any groom will appreciate. What better way to celebrate his nuptials than with a growler he can fill with his favorite kind of beer? The classic custom Oakmont logo will be the envy of his best man when he shares a pint with him. The groom could even share with his lovely, new bride.

A Globe Decanter for the Groom Who Loves to Travel

A Globe Decanter for the Groom Who Loves to Travel

Whatever their poison may be, it will look great in this globe decanter. This is truly a unique wedding gift for a groom. Anytime he pours a drink from it, the groom will think back where he celebrated his honeymoon and maybe where he’d like to celebrate his next anniversary. Perfect for a study, home office, or even nestled in front of some bookshelves.

Cashmere Hoodie

Gray Cashmere Hoodie

No guy will ever be that far away from their favorite hoodie. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have one that’s comfortable enough to be worn around the house and stylish enough when going for a night on the town. Everlane makes a cashmere hoodie that ticks both those boxes. This is a gift for the groom he’ll still be wearing when he’s celebrating his twentieth anniversary.

Personalized Glencairn Glass Set with a Timeless Appeal

Four Personalized Glencairn Glasses

A newlywed couple can never have enough glasses. This special wedding gift idea will please both the groom and bride. Whether it’s hosting their first dinner party as a married couple or spending some time with the new neighbors, this personalized Glencairn glass set will become the go-to when wanting to share a drink. It doesn’t matter if the groom prefers whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. This set is all he needs to enjoy his favorite drink.

Beer Gift Set – A Wedding Gift Idea for a Groom That They Will Never Forget

Personalized Beer Mug, Bottle Opener, and Box

If the groom is a true beer aficionado or aspires to be one, this personalized beer box set would be right up their alley. Flavors will no longer be muddled by a dirty glass. The stylish beer mug will allow the groom to truly experience and savor each unique note of their favorite kind of beer.




Beautiful Monogrammed Marble AshtrayBeautiful Monogrammed Marble Ashtray

A groom can no longer be expected to ash their favorite cigars over a sidewalk or backyard table.  This wedding gift for the cigar-loving groom is sure to be appreciated. Capable of holding four cigars, this custom ashtray is great for smoking cigars with his groomsmen. The solid stone marble look works well both inside and outside the home.

Ceramic Beer Stein

Custom Ceramic Beer Stein

Even if he’s dragged his feet into adulthood, the groom is now entering married life. He’ll be going into adulthood with a smile on his face. This ceramic beer stein shows him there are some definite perks. He’ll be hoisting in the air for toasts, filling it up before big games, and busting it out anytime he wants to celebrate.

John Wayne Teaches the Groom how to Grill

John Wayne Teaches the Groom how to Grill

Want a wedding gift a groom will use every summer? John Wayne’s youngest son collect the Duke’s favorite recipes and put them all in one book. It comes complete with pictures of original memorabilia and stories from the people who knew him best. Pair this with our personalized grill set (item #8) for a winning wedding gift combo for the groom.

Sharpened Tools Ammo Can Set

Ammo box with axe, knife, & cigar flask

This ammo can has everything a groom needs to get to his roots and enjoy nature. This wedding gift will appeal to any groom that loves camping, fishing, or the outdoors. This will allow the groom to impress anyone with his nature conquering skills.

Steel Class Box Set – A Wedding Gift Idea for the Modern Groom

Manly Stainless Steel Drinking Box Set

Some grooms need a drink for every occasion. This stylish steel glass set will let them save time by easily having the perfect drinking equipment for any moment. Their beer or liquor will stay cool as ever with this stainless steel set. The box is even a nice touch to store his favorite mementos. With custom engraving options, you can add that personal touch that will make this a truly unforgettable wedding gift for the groom.

Traveling Bar Set – A Groom Will Never Be Without Their Favorite LiquorTraveling Bar Set – A Groom Will Never Be Without Their Favorite Liquor

This is a wedding gift loved by grooms. The travel bar comes with every tool needed for a groom to craft a classic cocktail. If they’re traveling for work or stopping by their favorite BYOB event, whipping this bar set out will turn every head in the room and be the envy of everyone sipping their overpriced, water downed drinks.

A Mad Scientist Groom’s Ideal Wedding Gift: A Deluxe Smoke Box

A Mad Scientist Groom’s Ideal Wedding Gift: A Deluxe Smoke Box

The smoke box is a showstopper in any groom’s home. They can take their drink of choice and combine them with their favorite spices and wood chips creating a completely original cocktail. If you’re looking for a wedding gift idea that will bring a groom years of joy than look no further. He might even name a drink after you.

Upgrade the Homestead

Personalized Wooden Sign

The groom is going to hear a ton of advice before his wedding day. But one of the things that bonded this couple was their love of sharing a nice bottle of wine, trying out new cocktails, or doing brewery tours. That’s why this The Couple That Drinks Together, Stays Together personalized sign is something he will love to display in his home.

Personalized Cutting Board – A Wedding Gift for the Groom who Loves to Cook

Personalized Cutting Board – A Wedding Gift for the Groom who Loves to Cook

It doesn’t matter if you’re groom has spent time in culinary school or spends an hour watching the Food Network they will love this personalized cutting board so they can slice up a steak, throw it on the grill, and then chop up the perfect side to go with it. Our BBQ & Beer logo makes this a great wedding gift idea for the groom that loves to grill outdoors or cook a hearty meal for friends and family inside the comfort of his home.





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