19 Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes

19 Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes

UPDATED: May 16, 2022

Enjoy Our Top Picks of Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes!

While your groomsmen are important, one stands above all the rest—your best man, of course! Thank him for always being there for you, being at your wedding, and even helping you keep your cool during stressful situations with a best man gift box. This is a personalized gift that comes with a collection of items to show your gratuity. These items might help him celebrate, be keepsakes, or may even be an inside joke between the two of you. However, what you know for sure is you couldn’t do this wedding without him. So, whether you’re not even sure if the best man usually gets a gift? What should you buy your best man? Does the wedding party get a groom gift and best man gift together? Or how much should you spend on a best man gift? We are here and have the best best man box ideas you could ever hope for!

Proposal Best Man Gift Box

Custom Proposal Best Man Gift Box

Ask your best man to be a part of your wedding in the most fitting way possible, with a best man proposal gift box! It comes filled with things he’ll need, like a glass for toasting you, a tie to look his best, as well as a flask for a little bit of liquid courage. The box even comes with a unique card on the inside of the lid so that you can make sure that he is asked to be your best man in the most unique way possible!

Resupply Your Best Man

Engraved Ammo Can for Best Man

Make your best man feels as manly as possible with this badass custom best man gift box. With this gift, he will truly have everything he could ever imagine needing as a best man. Glasses to celebrate, cigars to light, and a whole ammo can! You are even able to tailor this to your best man too by filling the ammo can with cigars, bottles of whiskey, ammo for the range, or anything else you think he would be amazed to find inside.

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Best Man Box Set for Beer Lovers

Bring a custom best man gift box to the party to make your best friend know that you went out of your way to find him something awesome for being there for you on your big day. This beer mug box set is the most awesome and fitting idea possible. With manly mugs and hardy handles, the two of you can celebrate your upcoming nuptials all night long. Plus, he will be able to hold onto this gift set for years after your wedding and the two of you can still share a pint from time to time.

A Luxury Golf Gift Set

Golf Best Man Gift Set

Got a golf-loving future best man? Make sure to get him the ultimate best man proposal gift box with this personalized golf gift set! With personalized golf tools and golf balls, this set has everything he will want to play the most professional feeling golf rounds of his entire life!

Best Man Box for Cigar Lovers

Best Man Proposal Ideas for Cigar Lovers

Make your best man feel like he did something that made him truly worthy of getting such a great gift when you get him this cigar and whiskey best man box set! With two glasses, a humidor, whiskey stones, and a cigar cutter, he’ll feel almost like he should be the one marrying you! But in all seriousness, this fantastic gift is a great way to show someone just how much you appreciate them helping you with your wedding and being your best friend for years.


Legendary Best Man Gift Box Set

Legendary Best Man Groomsmen Gift Box Ammo Can

Have him feeling like the legendary King Arthur when he pulls his gifts out from the metaphorical stone when he gets all of these amazing gifts from this engraved ammo can gift set! With badass tools like a survival knife as well as all the supplies he’ll need to celebrate your upcoming wedding, he couldn’t ask for a more fitting groomsmen gift as a best man!

Perfect Cigar & Whiskey Gift Box

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Box Set for Best Men

For the best man who enjoys the occasional scotch and stogie, there is no better box set than this custom cigar and whiskey gift set. He will love that this gift quite literally has his name all over it! Plus, it is fantastic for celebrating your upcoming nuptials as soon as he opens these best man gifts, and he can even bring the cigar stand and lighter to the wedding for celebratory cigars at the reception!

A Smokin’ Hot Gift

Tobacco Roll

While it is not strictly a box, you’ll definitely want to get the most classic best man this tobacco roll. Embossed with your choice of text, you are even able to put a custom spin on the gift. Add in some pipes and accessories, and you’ll have your best man partying like it is 1799!

A Gift to Grill Your Best Man

Unusual Best Man Gifts are Custom Grill Tools

Take a step away from the traditional gift when you give your best man a set of engraved bamboo grill tools. Whether you have a BBQ planned for your wedding and he is to be the pitmaster or you know he is a man who loves to spend time on the grill, you simply cannot beat this set of unique grill tools as a best man gift!

Custom Watch Gift Box

Best Man Gift Box for Watch Lovers

Give an unusual best man gift with this unique watch case box. Sure, it may seem a little odd at first but it is an incredibly classy and practical gift. Now, he can easily keep all of his watches and cufflinks in order, making it super easy for him to look his best on the big day. Plus, you could even add a few cufflinks or a watch inside to make this an even more unique gift!

A Celebratory Best Man Box

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Wedding Gifts

Give him everything he needs to celebrate your happiness with this set of best man gift ideas. The cigar and whiskey set ensures that he will be ready for a toast of celebratory stogie at the drop of a hat. Plus, he will love that the whiskey stone box and whiskey glass come with his name, title, and date of your wedding engraved on them.

Monogrammed Dopp Kit

Monogrammed DOPP Bag

Ensure he can both look and smell his best on your wedding day with a personalized leather DOPP kit. You can make it more unique to him too by adding in a few items that you deem are the essentials of every great best man such as beard oils, hair pomade, combs, and more.

Best Man Proposal Gift Box

Best Man Proposal Card with Flask and Bow Tie

The card on the inside of the box says it all. Ask your best man to suit up with this best man gift box. With a flask and bow tie, he’ll be able to look his best on your wedding day while also having the sleek and convenient flask for celebratory sips of liquor all throughout your wedding as well as your reception.


Legendary Whiskey Gift Box

Legendary Best Man Box Whiskey Gift Set

Thank your legendary best friend with a mythically good gift with this engraved whiskey stone and rocks glass box set. The two of you can have drink after drink together as he celebrates the fact you are getting married. And better still, this best man box will be a reminder of your thankfulness and friendship for years to come!

Personalized Tie Clip and Cufflinks Set

Some of the greatest best man gift ideas are not only fantastic gifts but also are items he can use at the wedding. Take this gift box that comes with personalized cufflinks and a tie clip for example. These gifts will be a way for him to keep his classy appearance while also giving him that unique touch that every best man deserves!

Unique Whiskey Glass Box Set

Custom Whiskey Box Set for Best Man

Don’t let your best man gift box blend into anything else he may have in his home. Use this personalized gift box that comes with sculpted glasses to have that standout gift that your best friend deserves. Whether you give this as a proposal gift to him or as a thank you present, make sure to bring some whiskey because he is definitely going to want to share a drink with you right away!

For the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box

While your best friend is helping you get ready to be married, let him hold onto some of the best memories with this custom shadow best man box! Inside, he can place mementos such as cigar bands, bottle caps, or ticket stubs to show off the great times you and he have had, and there is plenty of room left to add more collectibles for when you two have more awesome adventures.

Keep His Feet Classy

Socks are Best Man Gift Ideas

Need a gift for your best man that is less formal? Get him some comfy and fun socks! A great thank you gift that could also work for the rest of your groomsmen, these socks will blend in perfectly with the dress code, but upon closer inspection, people will see they’re covered in fun mustaches!

Personalized Best Man Box for Beer Lovers

Engraved Beer Growler Box Set for Best Man

Equip your best man with the beer lover’s gift set that he deserves with a personalized beer growler box set. You can even fill the growler up with his go-to brew ahead of time so he can indulge in his gift right away. With a gift set like this, there is simply no way he could say, “No.”


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