13 Unique Best Man Gifts for Your Wedding

Enjoy Our Top Unique Best Man Gifts!

He has always been there for you, through both thick and thin. He may even be your best friend since grade school. While that all is important to you, today is when he truly matters the most to you, he is your best man. He is the guy who has made your bachelor party the best it could have ever been, organized your groomsmen since that is like herding cats, and he has made sure every detail of your wedding goes as planned so you can focus on looking your best. For all the effort he has put in, he deserves to get one of the most unique best man gifts you can find! These thank him for everything he has done with a way to relax, look his best, or give him an overall badass gift! Make sure your best man knows how much you’ve appreciated him being there for you over the years as well as at your wedding by getting him one of the most unique and cool best man gifts possible!

Black Box Set of the Most Unique Best Man Gifts

Cigar and Whiskey Set of Unique Best Man GIfts

Why settle for just one gift for your best man when you can get him a matching box set? He’ll never forget just how grateful you are for him being there and supporting you throughout your engagement until the day you are wed. When he sees his name has been engraved on the box, rocks glass, cigar case, and even his initial on the cigar case, he’ll know you truly mean how thankful you are. Plus, now you’ve given him the ultimate set of gifts to help celebrate your marriage at the reception because you know at a minimum he’ll have his cigar case with him to ensure you have a celebratory stogie!

The Ultimate Badass Way to Toast Your Best Man

Custom Pint Glass Ammo Can Set for Best Man

Throughout your engagement and your wedding ceremonies, there are going to be endless amounts of toasts. Make sure the ones you do with your best man stand out with this personalized ammo can pint glass set. These are some of the most unique best man gifts that allow him to share a glass of beer with you in your honor! Just make sure to give this to him at the bachelor party so he can break the glasses out at any time! He can even carry the knife and bottle opener with him from here on out, just in case the two of you need an impromptu toast with a few bottles of cold brewskis! Talk about some of the coolest best man gift ideas!

Custom Decanter Box Set

Best Man Wedding Gifts is a Decanter Box Set

Usually, at weddings, the most memorable and beautiful thing is the bride, but for your best friend, it will be this epic initialed decanter box set! To him, it’ll be even more beautiful than your wife (no offense). With a decanter, keepsake box, and four glasses, this is a set of best man wedding gifts for the record books. Now, he’ll always think of your wedding each time he has a drink at the end of the workweek when he takes his set off his table or home bar.

A Touching Message You Won’t Have to Belt Out

Embossed Leather Belt

Guys often have difficulty expressing their emotions in words. It just isn’t really what they do. Instead of a card, handwritten note, or working up the courage to say something, give your best man a belt he can wear on your wedding day (or any other occasion) that holds a special message embossed on the inside. Here, you can crack a joke, thank him, or anything else you can think of.

Axe Him to Be Your Best Man

Unique Best Man Gifts are Engraved Hatchet

In the olden times, it was not uncommon for someone who did an outstanding job or was well respected to be rewarded with a weapon. While a claymore sword would be cool, it may also be a bit unwieldy. Instead, get your groomsmen this hatchet which is the perfect way to thank a man for a job well done. You can even get your groomsmen all hatchets with this set of 5!


Sophisticated Best Man Wedding Gifts

Custom Twist Glass with Cigar Case

You know for a fact that at your wedding your best man is going to want to have a few stogies before, during, and after the ceremony. Plus, he will definitely want to indulge in his vices with you at your bachelor party. Don’t let him ever be without his stogies with this ultimate, personalized cigar and whiskey gift set. Thanks to the two glasses, he can easily share a toast with you while the cigar gifts ensure that no matter where he goes that he will always be able to enjoy a cigar. Talk about an awesome set of unique best man gifts!

Memorable Rustic Wood Carving

Carved Wooden Odin Figurine

Give him a small gift of gratitude that he can take anywhere in his house, office, or even in his car with this hand-carved Odin figurine. This is a cool, yet sentimental gift that every best man will love getting. Made from a single piece of Mango wood, it is sure to be one of the most unique and memorable gifts he has ever gotten!

Thank Him for Keeping Cool

Whiskey Stone Set of Best Man Wedding Gifts

Being a best man can be incredibly stressful; however, no matter how sideways things go, he will always keep his cool. Make this whiskey stone gift set the most appropriate way to tell him “Thank you!” Aside from a nice rewarding drink, these best man wedding gifts will last just as long as your marriage, so even when you’re celebrating your tenth anniversary he’ll still be able to enjoy this awesome gift that you got him.

Arm Him with the Tools for Success

Engraved Sharp Tool Ammo Can Set

Ensure that no matter what he faces when helping you out with your wedding that he is prepared. Whether he has to defend you from an army of the undead or a trim loose thread on your tux before walking down the aisle, as long as he has this custom ammo can gift set, he’s got your back! He even has a cigar flask so he can celebrate with you at the reception, between bars during your bachelor party, truly anywhere!

Badass Wine Tumblers for the Best Man

Steel Wine Tumblers are Unique Best Man Gifts

Coming in with a sleek black aesthetic, no this isn’t your groomsmen, it is the gift for your best man! The gorgeous black box set with matching tumblers makes for a fantastic set of best man wedding gifts because it matches his style so well. Dark, classy, and because of the stainless steel tumblers—practically indestructible (just like him)! There has never been a better way for him to enjoy his Riesling wine or chilled Jack and Coke!

Top-Tier DOPP Kit

Leather DOPP Kit

Ensure your best man looks perfect for photos and the day of your wedding with a DOPP kit so he can easily bring his razors, trimmers, pomade, and mustache wax with ease. Not that he is forgetful, but this DOPP kit is near foolproof in ensuring that he will have everything he needs to look like the finest groomed best man in history!

Presenting a Custom Liquor Gift Box

Personalized Liquor Gift Box

Getting the best man a bottle of liquor is a lot of people’s first instinct and it is actually a pretty damn good one. However, you can take things up a notch by placing it inside a gorgeous liquor gift box. Instead of an ordinary gift, you’ve created one of the most unique best man gifts that he’ll be able to enjoy in the comfort of his home. Whether he savors a top-shelf bottle for years or puts a new one in there after the first is finished, he’ll be using this gift for many celebrations to come!

A Smug Mug Gift Set

Best Man Beer Mug Box Set

He may not share in the glory of being the groomsman but that doesn’t mean he won’t feel like a king on your wedding day. Surprise him at the reception with this gorgeously engraved beer mug box set. This way, for the rest of the night, he can outclass everyone else at the reception with the most badass vessel for enjoying his brews! Better still, inside he can keep photos from the wedding or even a few beer caps that you, he, and all the groomsmen shared together at the wedding!