9 Insanely Useful (and Fun) Father’s Day Gift Ideas

You know the feeling… …. Father’s Day is just around the corner, but what to get him? Don’t worry – these nine Father’s Day gifts will have your old man jumping for joy, whether he’s 36 or 86. Ready to get started? Then let’s go…

#1. Personalized Grillmaster Apron

What better way to get Pops out in the backyard this summer than this handy personalized grill apron?  But this isn’t just any apron… it includes an oven mitt, bottle opener and towel! Plus, there are several pockets (including an insulated pocket for storing a cold drink!) so your dad will have everything he needs right at his fingertips. And speaking of grilling…

#2. Three-Level BBQ Smoker Rack

This smoker rack lets you easily smoke three types of meat at once. Plus, it’s great for cooking for large gatherings (like, ahem, Father’s Day) so your dad won’t be chained to the grill all day. This rack works well for both gas and charcoal grills, and thanks to its non-stick coating, it’s a breeze to clean. And since Pops is outside, keep him happy with a…

#3. Stainless Steel Beverage Tub / Portable Fire

Keep Dad cool as he slaves over the grill with this stainless steel beverage tub, then use it as a portable fire pit at night to keep him warm. Best part about this gift? At only ten pounds it’s super easy to move… which means you can use in the backyard, on the beach or out in the courtyard. This tub holds 12 – 18 beer bottles or 4 – 6 bottles of wine (or Jack Daniel’s) which will definitely keep your dad happy for awhile. Did I mention Jack Daniel’s?

#4. Cowboy Boot Liquor Bottle Holder

Is this the best way for Pops to store his medicine? You bet your boots! This bottle holder is crafted from poly-resin to give it a startlingly realistic look, and stores any 750ml bottle (liquor, wine, etc.) with ease.

#5. 4-Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser

Great for parties, this revolving liquor dispenser will keep your dad and his buddies busy for a long time. There are two spigots – one for measured, the other for full pours – so everyone can make their own cocktails just how they like ’em. The dispenser holds four standard size bottles and with its sturdy base won’t fall over. Of course, if your dad is more of vino variety…

#6. Trevi Aerating Wine Decanter

Decanting wine – especially young, tannic ones – makes them softer and more drinkable. And with this ultra-classy aerating wine decanter, your dad can do it in style… … plus the aerator insert ensures your wine is fully aerated (which brings out its flavor). There’s even a wine filter which sits on top, which prevents any sediment from landing in your glass.

#7. 16th Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

This classic cool globe bar screams chic. It’s a world-class (get it?) way to blend history and cocktails, and your dad will love it. The globe holds three standard size liquor bottles and glassware for eight, with room below for twelve more bottles. Let your dad and his buddies practice their geography over a glass of Scotch. And speaking of which…

#8. Sparta Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

Nothing says “quality time with dad” quite like this whiskey decanter and glass set  (assuming both are full, of course). The 33¾-ounce decanter was crafted in Italy and displays your brown liquor in a clean, sophisticated manner. And with six glasses you’re dad can enjoy a cold one with you and his closest buddies – not a bad way to spend Father’s day, right?

#9.  Personalized Bar Sign(s)

This is just one of many personalized signs. You can see a whole bunch of variations on this – ranging from “Man Caves” to “Martini Bars” – right here.  No matter which you choose, your dad will love your effort to help him “mark” his territory. So there you have it – nine quality gifts your dad is bound to love. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!