71 Awesome Home Bar Ideas!

These Home Bar Ideas Will Create Your Dream Home Bar!

Decorating your very own home bar can be a daunting task. It’s your sacred space to unwind and naturally, you want it to reflect your personality and taste. That being said, finding those perfect bar ideas for your personality can be difficult and for others, diy home bar ideas are almost totally off-limits. However, there is a solution, there are plenty of pre-made great ideas out there as well as diy home bar ideas that are not as hard to complete as you would think. So first, decide on your style by examining these cool home bar ideas that we searched into every corner of the internet to find you. Then, take inspiration from these unique home bar ideas to keep designing your favorite room to be 100% your creation and style. Whether you prefer a refined atmosphere, vintage, or rustic, there is a design for every imbiber! So grab a beer, whiskey, or glass of wine and get inspired because here are 71 totally unique ideas for decorating your home bar.

1. Globe Bar:

Italian Replica Globe Bar Decor

Now you can map your tastes with this cool home bar globe, an excellent choice for refined and worldly imbibers. Plenty of room to hold all your favorite liquors and also wine.

2. Bookcase Bar

Wine Cabinet

Change your bookcase into a boozecase with this cool at home bar design. Books and bottles are comparable in size, making library shelves great pieces of home bar furniture.

Monogrammed Presentation Set of Home Bar Ideas

Keep the classy look of your home bar going with a monogrammed presentation set that will fit perfectly in one of your boozecase shelves or on the bar countertop. With bottles on the shelf and a custom presentation set, you’ll be ready to enjoy a drink at a moment’s notice with this set of home bar ideas!

3. Liquor Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet of Home Bar Ideas

When it comes to home bar ideas, this one is simple, subtle, and an easy DIY project for a productive weekend.

Custom Home Bar Sign

Continue adding some sweet bar themed home decor with your own personalized bar sign. Ideal to display next to your new liquor cabinet, this sign will let everyone know you’ve got the coolest home bar in the neighborhood!

4. Bottle Cap Backsplash

4 Cap Backsplash Bar Ideas

Put those bottle caps to good use and transform them into home bar decor instead of litter on your carpet. A modern twist on classic bar designs.

5. TV Bar

Classic Television Bar Idea

Turn a thrift store find into an awesome home bar design. We love this very Mad men inspired decor. Great for a basement bar or game room.

6. Home Bar Signs

Home Bar Sign Ideas

No home bar is complete without some signage. These personalized bar signs are the best, get one or two and personalize them with your name so everyone knows who’s bar they are visiting.


7. Old Piano Bar

Piano Home Bar Ideas

For the musically inspired drinker, this home bar is a must and will keep your guests talking! Install a little basin in one of the stools and you’ll get one of the most unique wet bar cabinets in the world.

8. Recycled Beer Can Track Lighting

Beer Can Track Lighting

This home bar decor is completely unique. The materials are easy to obtain, and let’s face it, most of us have some empties lying around. Since you can pick and choose what cans to use, you will have some completely original home decor.

9. Skull and Antler Bar

Skull Bar Decor Idea

In-home bars should reflect your style. For those who want a more rugged, southern inspired bar, accents of skulls and antlers can give your drinking space a really intriguing look.

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Bar Ideas

When you’re looking for things to accompany your skill and antler bar, few things will go better than a classy glass of whiskey paired with a phenomenal stogie. Between your hunting trophies and these top-quality cigar and whiskey gifts, what more home bar ideas could you want?

10. Wine Barrel Outdoor Sink

Wine Barrel Sink

If you’re seeking out outdoor bar ideas, look no further than this awesome barrel sink. This would look great on any deck or patio.

11. Vintage Truck Bar Top

Pick Up Truck Bar

I am in love with this idea. Re-purposing junkyard cars can make for an excellent conversation piece and bring a vintage vibe to spacious house bars.

12. Fish Tank Bar

Fish Tank Bar Decor Ideas

For those who drink like a fish, look into integrating some fish friends into your home bar ideas.

13. Keep Your Flavors Safe

Engraved Cigar Ammo Can Humidor Home Bar Idea

Add this badass bar idea to your home bar to ensure each time you go to pair a stogie and scotch, cigar and cognac, or simply enjoy a good some on its own, that your tobacco is always fresh! An engraved ammo can humidor is a must for any home bar that enjoys a good stogie!


14. Suitcase Bar

Suitcase DIY Home Bar - Great for Small Apartment Bars

If you’re short on handy man skills but big on thrifting, a vintage trunk can add a lot of interesting detail to your bar plans.

15. Cork Words

Cork Wine Home Bar Design

Just corks and glue can make fun DIY home bar ideas.

16. Whiskey Bottle Lights

Whiskey Bottle Lighting Bar Ideas

Light up your home bar in style with this awesome whiskey bottle bar decor. You can also switch up the bottles or even use old decanters!

17. Large Spool Bar

Outdoor Home Bar

Forget your boring deck and create a sweet outdoor bar on a budget.

18. Beer Bottle Chandelier

Beer Bottle Chandelier is a Cool Bar Idea

For those classy folks who also love their beer, this home bar idea is just what you need to add a fun touch to your drinking space.

19. Cork Candles

Cork Candles - Great for Wine Tastings at Home

When it comes to home bar ideas, there are few as simple as this one! All you need are a few candles, some corks, and a vase style of your choosing.

20. Pallet Bar

Pallet Home Bar Ideas

When all you need is pallets and stone blocks why wouldn’t you want to do this? The perfect piece of inexpensive small bar furniture.

21. The Perfect Home Bar Idea: A Classy Wine Decanter

French Wine Decanter Bar Idea

What home bar would be complete without a wine decanter? Wine is perfect for any occasion, and this fantastic gift is a simple, elegant, and efficient way to oxidize any wine. Meaning that with this decanter, you’ve got the easiest way to enhance and enjoy your wine!

22. Repurposed Wine Barrel

DIY Home Bar Wine Barrel Cabinet

Snag an old bourbon barrel and turn it into an awesome home bar. Some breweries and distilleries sell them after they are through with a batch and you can pick up one for super cheap.

23. Re-Writable Tap Handles

Chalkboard Bar Tap Handles

Change up your home brews and always display what’s on tap with a chalkboard tap handles in your home bar.


24. Record Bar

Music and Booze Go Well Together - Very Cool Home Bar Idea

For the drinkers who love vinyl on the side, your record player table can serve as an awesome looking home bar setup, giving it a nostalgic and vintage feel.

25. Pallet Rack

Pallet Wine Rack Home Bar Decor

Easy to do, this rustic DIY bar can be accomplished in a weekend and will look great in any living space.

Stemless Wine Glasses are Home Bar Ideas

Once you’ve got your bar ready to go with your own rack for wine bottles and glasses, you’ll still need one thing—wine glasses! Make your home bar even more unique by adding your own personalized set of stemless wine glasses which are sure to catch guest attention as well as make each sip of wine feel like a special occasion!

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