17 Best Whiskey Stones Sets Ever Made

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The people in the know absolutely love having whiskey stones in their drink, and for good reason. For those of you here hearing about these magical chilling devices for the first time, you may be wondering: “what are whiskey stones?” Well, whiskey stones are made of soapstone or stainless steel and have been shaped specifically to fit into your unique whiskey glasses. Once they’re in, they will chill your whiskey, scotch, or bourbon to a nice cool temperature without fear of watering down your expensive liquor. As you educate yourself, take the time to find the set of stones that works best to your aesthetic and preference with the best whiskey stones on the market!

A Pretty Chill Whiskey Stone Gift

Personalized Glass and Best Whiskey Stones Set

When you’re feeling the need for a slightly larger drink than the last set of glasses, this personalized whiskey set is one of the best whiskey stone setups. You’ll always have cold stones for each glass since you’ve only got one glass! Enjoy your drink with your very own personalized glass and whiskey stone box. Your chilled glass of Bullet or Maker’s Mark will never taste better than when it is served across your very own stones!

A Kick-Ice Whiskey Stone Set

Engraved Ammo Can Whiskey Set

You better arm yourself against the chills you’ll feel with the one of the best whiskey stone sets ever made! Not only will you be able to have a cold drink at a moment’s notice, but you get to store all of your whiskey accessories in your very own ammo can! You can bug out for a drink any time you need to with a set as cool as this. And don’t forget the survival knife, who knows when that could come in handy for you?

Introduction to Whiskey Stones: It’s Ice To Meet You

Classic Whiskey Stones Set

The traditional square whiskey stones deserve to come in a classic whiskey set. These soapstones are a great starter set, but that isn’t to say someone well versed with whiskey would be disappointed. This whiskey stone set comes with everything you could ever want for your whiskey drinking experience. Plus, the gorgeous display box makes a great piece of home decor to leave on your bar, end-table, or mantle. Store all your whiskey accessories inside so you can be prepared for a great drink at a moment’s notice!

A Steel of A Whiskey Stone Set

Whiskey Stone Box Set with 2 Glasses

Treat yourself to some of the coldest whiskey stones on the market. You may be wondering, why these are so much cooler? Well, they are made of stainless steel and filled with a gel that allows them to freeze at a much lower temperature. So, take that people who say soapstones are the only pure way to drink chilled whiskey! This extravagant whiskey gift set is a fantastic way to share your Glenlivet or Chivas Regal at an ice-cold temperature with a friend while using your new glasses.

The Best Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stone Set with 2 Glasses

Set yourself up with some of the coolest whiskey stones around. That pun was most definitely intended. These bullet stones might even have you questioning what are whiskey stones anymore in the first place. So, grab your spouse or a friend and share a drink with a set of stainless steel whiskey stones in the shape of bullets! No matter what kind of guy you are, you know there are very few things left in the world as manly as drinking whiskey with these in your glass!

Whiskey Gift You’ll Never Fore Get

Golf Whiskey Chiller Set

While not technically a stone, it is hard not to fall in love with these sweet whiskey chillers. Golf fans are going to love drinking from this set. They’re new golf balls will keep their drinks at just the right temperature as they sip from their golf ball shaped glass! This whole set is even dimpled; how much cooler can a whiskey chilling set get than this?


Patriotic Personalized Whiskey Stones

Best Whiskey Stones and Set of 2 Glasses for Patriots

Whether you’re a veteran yourself, a patriot, or you’re simply buying the best whiskey stone set for one of the above, you cannot do better than this. When they get this set as a gift, they know they’ll know they’re getting an ultimate whiskey stone gift set. This personalized American flag set comes with tetrahedral whiskey stones, giving the stone even more surface area, which will get their drinker cold quicker and for longer.They can put those to use right away with their new glasses which when combined with their new stones will give them one of their best whiskey drinking experiences!

The Best Single Whiskey Stone Set

Whiskey Stone and Glass

Stay on the ball with your whiskey stones with this whiskey sphere and glass gift set! Some people prefer many stones, while others like a single round one. The advantage of this style of stone is that it is very easy to roll around inside the glass, giving a fast, even cooling effect. The elegant stone looks fantastic and keeps your whiskey just how you like it, simple and neat.

Stones for Any and Every Glass

Engraved Hatchet Whiskey Glass Set

Giving whiskey stones as a gift can be an interesting venture. However, thanks to this legendarily engraved hatchet and whiskey stone gift set, they’ll be up for any task! From exploring the coldest tundras to the densest forests, they’ll go anywhere to find their prized whiskey, just to bring it back home to get enjoy a glass on the rocks from the gorgeous box set!

Stones, Cigar, and Scotch

Cigar and Whiskey Best Whiskey Stones Set

Whiskey and cigars are a timeless pairing, but a way to take them to the next level is with perfectly chilled, undiluted whiskey! When you are using a set like your going to feel like a king! Your whiskey will be chilling to perfection as you cut and light your cigar. Then, once you need a sip of that fantastic golden-brown liquid, it will be exactly as cold as you’ve always wanted it to be!

A Rawr’ Stone

T-Rex Whiskey Stone

Now, when you’re asking yourself what are whiskey stones and what different shapes they can come in, you’re in luck. The reason being is, soapstones are super easy to shape, so you can get cool stuff like this T-Rex skull! You too can feel like the king of the dinosaurs when you’re drinking when you use this single large stone to chill your whiskey!

Whiskey Stone Gift for a Really Cool Guy

Custom Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

Get him a cool drink with a personalized whiskey stone set! This small, but perfect kit will become his go to method of drinking cool sips of his favorite liquor. He can store the stones in the freezer so he’ll be ready to chill his drink at any moment, or if he needs to take them with, he has a gorgeous display box to carry them along with. He’ll only ever want to drink from his matching whiskey stone set from here on out!


A Tasty Whiskey Gift

Whiskey Tasting Set and Best Whiskey Stones

Give one of the best whiskey stone sets around with a fantastic whiskey tasting gift. These wide-mouthed Candadian Glencairn glasses will be his new favorite way to drink his chilled drinks since they’ll reveal new aromas and flavors to his palate. The entire set will look great sitting out on a table as he drinks and discusses the nuances of whiskey flavor! Give a whiskey stone set that not only chills his drink but makes it taste better with the decanter and Gelncairn tasting glasses!

Soapstones for Any Glass

Whiskey Soapstones and Set of 2 Glasses

These mid-sized whiskey stones are a fantastic gift for a glass of any size. No matter if they prefer a single, double, or even a triple, they’ll be able to fit the right amount of stones in their drink to keep it cool all night. These stones sit well side-by-side in a wider glass, but can also stack easily on top of each other in double-old fashioned glasses!

Chill Out with These Whiskey Stones

Manly Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Give one of the manliest and best whiskey stone sets to grace this Earth. Aside from a glass and the bottle itself, this whiskey stone set comes with everything a guy could ever need in his life. He has some kickass bullet whiskey stones to keep his drink chilled and he also has an equally kickass bottle opener in case he decides to pop the top off of one of his favorite beers. Oh, and you know he’ll find a use for his survival knife; whether that means fighting people off from taking his awesome gift, or maybe just opening the mail with it.

Yup, These Are Gold

Best Gold Whiskey Stone Set

A premium spirit deserves to look of the highest quality when you are putting stones in it. For some, soapstones are too rustic. Create an air of class and refinement around your whiskey stones with gold stainless steel whiskey stones! These will chill your whiskey the same as other stones, but how many people do you know that get to drink with gold whiskey stones?

The Best Bull Whiskey Stone Set

Personalized Bull Whiskey Decanter Set

Grab your best whiskey stone set by the horns with one of the coolest novelty sets you’ll ever get the chance to drink out of! This bull decanter set will make your whiskey taste way better than ever by oxidizing your drink before you bring it down to the right temperature with your stones. Enjoy a cool drink of whiskey from your very own personalized glassware set. Between the stones, the decanter, and the old-fashioned glasses, you’ll find yourself appreciating flavors from your favorite whiskey you’ve never noticed before!