27 Unconventional 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate the Best Year of Your Life Yet With Unique 1 Year Anniversary Gifts!

The best year of your life is coming to an end, and it’s all because of your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. You need ideas for 1 year anniversary gifts because nothing seems good enough for the one person who makes you happier than you ever thought you would be. The perfect first anniversary gift for the love of your life shows them how much you love and appreciate all they do for you while also being something that you think they will genuinely enjoy – and it can be hard to find items that meet that criteria. What kind of gift truly says “I love you”? Does my wife want something beautiful or functional? Will my boyfriend want something serious or funny? Don’t worry, because below answers all questions and contains all kinds of amazing gifts that you might not be able to think of off the top of your head, from wall art to whiskey glasses to kitchen appliances. There’s no doubt that you’ll find many things here that your special someone will adore, and they will truly know how much you care about them. There’s no doubt they will remember the gift for the rest of your lives.

Beautiful Box of Whiskey Necessities

Boxed Decanter Set First Anniversary Gift

Classy gifts make the best one year anniversary gifts, and few drinks are more classy than whiskey, especially poured out of a decanter. For your special man, this decanter set is the perfect, classy anniversary gift. This gorgeous crystal decanter comes with four matching whiskey glasses so your man can enjoy whiskey with friends. These items come in this stunning brown gift box that is perfect for storing items and also is great as a decoration. Any man would go crazy for this anniversary gift.

I Love You and My Space

One Year Anniversary Man Cave Sign Gift

Anniversary celebrations should not only be about celebrating your time together, but showing your respect for each other’s alone time and personal space. For your husband’s man cave in your home, he needs a sign so he can ensure that the kids and potential guests know that they are entering his space. This man cave custom wooden sign is simple and aesthetically pleasing, the perfect choice for any wife looking to get a sign for her husband’s man cave. It can be engraved with his name, a year, and the phrase of his choice at the bottom. A custom sign is seriously one of the best anniversary gifts for him!

Decant and Drink

Wine Decanter and Glasses

Everyone loves wine, and your wife is the most wine-obsessed person you know. Buy her wine glassware set that is not only great for enjoying wine but functions as a fantastic home decor set. This wine decanter and glasses are beautiful and classy, perfect for your wife to decant her Cabernet Sauvignon and then enjoy it out of one of her beautiful matching glasses. This is an amazing anniversary gift because she’ll know that you pay attention to her desire for beautiful glassware that is functional and stylish.

Better Together – Beer Mugs for a One Year Anniversary Gift

Beer Mug First Anniversary Gift

When it comes to 1 year anniversary gifts, it’s no doubt that some of the best are items that commemorate your relationship. You want something you can look back on for years to come and be reminded of way back when it was your first anniversary. These handsome beer mugs will do just that. Sturdy, sparkling, and ready to be used, these glasses are the perfect way for you and your love to enjoy whiskey or another favorite beverage. For the personalization, two names and a date can be added to all items, so the two of you will always remember the date that your love story began.

Tidy and Functional Items for The Home

Cutting Board and White Marble Coasters

Every time you’re in your partner’s home or apartment, you’re amazed at how organized it is, and you can tell how much they appreciate tidiness and beautiful decor items in the living room and kitchen. Help your partner maintain that tidiness while adding beautiful, personalized accessories to the space with this beautiful cutting board and these ingram white marble and acacia wood coasters as first anniversary gifts. This cutting board is crafted from natural sheesham hardwood, so it’s a stylish yet functional piece for the home. This set of four stunning and modern two-tone coasters will protect her coffee table or desk from any condensation while adding style to the room. Your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t be able to stop pointing these items out to their guests because of how functional and lovely they are.


Food Brings Us Together

Gourmet Anniversary Gift Basket

Marriage and relationships are hard work, so it can be important to celebrate not only your love for each other, but reward yourselves for the work you put in. That’s why some of the best 1 year anniversary gifts include food! This anniversary gift basket for couples includes several gourmet food products for a delicious Italian dinner date at home, including pasta, pasta sauce, a dessert and Chianti wine. Show your husband or wife how much you love spending time with them with this gift that doubles as a promise to spend a nice, romantic evening together.

Raise Your Glass for One Year Anniversary Gifts

Couple's Bar Sign for Home 1 Year Anniversary Gift

Your guy loves to play host and bartender, and it’s one of the qualities you adore him for the most. He’s proud of his bartending and drink-mixing skills, and he should be, so he deserves to be bragged about. This bar sign is the perfect addition to your kitchen or bar area, and will make him very happy that you appreciate and admire him for one of his favorite hobbies. And what better first anniversary gifts than ones that show appreciation and admiration? The immaculate wood finish and stunning reddish-brown color make this gift a no-brainer for your mixologist of a husband.

Wine Time

Wine Gift Box for Couples

Few activities are more romantic than sharing a glass of wine together. Make your favorite date night better by sharing a glass of wine together, drinking out of wine glasses with your names on it and the date your relationship or marriage began! This custom wine gift set for couples includes two beautiful stemless wine glasses, a classy corkscrew and a lovely engraved wooden box. Not only will the glasses and box be engraved with your names and a date, but the corkscrew can be as well for that extra special touch. Your romantic partner would adore this gift for your first anniversary!

I Heart You

Carved Heart Tree Sign 1 Year Anniversary Gift

One year anniversary gifts are meant to be cheesy and cute. You are supposed to feel like teenagers in love on that day. And what better reminder than what it was like to be a teenager in love than a carved heart tree personalized sign? This sign looks like a photograph of a tree with you and your husband’s names carved into it, when obviously it’s just a very realistic looking design. Simply submit your names when you purchase it and voila! It looks like a very expensive photograph. It comes with pre-drilled holes for hanging on the wall, but it could also be used as a table piece with a sign holder.

Chop Chop

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Show your appreciation for your wife’s delicious cooking by buying her an anniversary gift that will make her time in the kitchen more efficient. This cutting board is crafted from durable bamboo, so it’s very strong and resilient, just like your wife. She will adore this beautiful board for her kitchen and will display it for all of her guests to see. And it makes chopping so easy that soon she’ll be cutting up random things for fun!

Matching Bracelets

His and Hers Bracelets First Anniversary Gift

Jewelry isn’t only for women, and these bracelets definitely aren’t. These his and hers bracelets are a phenomenal first anniversary gifts for couples because you will always feel close to each other when you look down and see your bracelet, knowing that the love of your life is wearing their matching one wherever they happen to be at the moment. It’s also water resistant, so neither of you have to take it off!

Mugs for the Ages

Beer Mugs and Bottle Opener

Sometimes, all your man needs is his favorite beer and a great mug to drink it out of. Your guy needs one of these personalized beer mugs in his hand, stat – and your hand needs one, too. These handsome mugs are crafted from solid glass so they are built to last and keep beer colder than other beer glasses. Also in this set is a bottle opener, so you two don’t have to worry when it comes to opening any bottle on your anniversary.

Isn’t She Lovely

Wine Aerator and Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Beauty and functionality: the two qualities women want for any kitchen accessory or appliance. This wine aerator and set of stainless steel wine glasses will not only greatly enhance the flavor of her favorite red wine, but keep all wines the ideal temperatures as well. These items are beautiful in appearance, which means they will have a permanent place on the kitchen counter or on top of the bar. She may even have several professional photographs of these taken and then frame and hang them all over the house – it’s entirely possible. What is for certain is that your wife or girlfriend will adore this aerator and wine glasses and use them for years to come.

Moscow Mule Gift

Moscow Mule Set with Gift Box

You and the love of your life have always enjoyed drinking Moscow Mules together. Make the classic cocktail better than ever before with this set of stunning Moscow Mule mugs. You and your other half will spend so much quality time together, sipping out of these lovely mugs, talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company. Since there are four mugs in the set, they’re also great for when you have guests, who will ooh and ahh over these amazing mugs. The beautiful brown box makes an excellent decoration as well as a place to store items.

Spruce Up the Home

One Year Anniversary Gift Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Sign

You’ve seen your spouse become frustrated with the lack of wall decor in your home. They want something that is beautiful and elegant yet simple enough to match with any room in the house. This personalized wood sign will fit their desires perfectly and make a fantastic first anniversary gift. It is individually crafted from natural American birchwood with a stained dark walnut finish, giving it a rich, gorgeous color your spouse will go crazy for. In the center of the sign is “Mr & Mrs” with two lines of personalization above and below it – maybe your wedding date on top and your names on the bottom, for example. After hanging this in your home with its pre-drilled holes, you’ll never hear your love complain about lack of wall decor again.


Sentimental is Best

First Dance Song Print

For the traditionalist inside you, 1 year anniversary gifts will be paper gifts, and you know your wife absolutely adored your first dance at your wedding. The most amazing gift to get her is the personalized wedding first dance song lyrics heart print. Mounted on an elegant yet simple black frame, the lyrics to that beloved song will be printed in a heart shape. Underneath is you and your wife’s names along with the date of your wedding. Hang this on the wall and each time your wife sees it, she’ll be taken back to that amazing moment when you first danced as husband and wife.

Gorgeous Wine Box and Glasses

Wine Glasses Box Set First Anniversary Gift

Make your wife feel like the best wife there is with a wine glasses set she’ll be instantly obsessed with. This set of four stemless wine glasses are beautiful and elegant, and she’ll feel like a queen when drinking her Merlot out of these glasses. They come in an elegant maple wood box that is stained with a lovely walnut hue that your wife will love displaying in your home as a piece of decor.

Roger That

Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Whether your boyfriend is in the military, a veteran or just a fan of cool stuff for guys, he definitely thinks ammo cans are super cool and would love to own one. He’s in luck, because for a first year anniversary gift, he can! This set includes an engraved 50 caliber ammo can is repurposed from the United States military and was actually used by the armed forces to carry live rounds of ammunition. He can store tools, alcohol, or anything else he’d like in this army-green box. Also included in this awesome set are two whiskey glasses and whiskey stones, so he can enjoy his whiskey in a cool new glass and keep it chilled with the stones. The last item in the set is a tactical survival knife that has tiny tools inside so your boyfriend will always be equipped for anything. There’s no doubt that all of his friends will be insanely jealous when they see it.

Drink Together, Stay Together

Drink Together Sign

You and your husband like to kick back and have a drink together, and you think that has made your marriage all the more stronger. For an anniversary gift that is funny, useful and aesthetically pleasing, this wall decor is the best choice. The personalized sign reads “The Couple that Drinks Together Stays Together” followed by your last name and the year. The sign is uniquely carved from stunning birchwood, so you’re sure to get many questions from envious guests about it. Your husband will not be able to stop talking about this sign.

Beautiful Wine Glasses for a Beautiful Woman

Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 4

Your special girl is a huge wine fan, and she’s always searching for beautiful wine glasses to add to her collection. Get her the most beautiful wine glass set for your anniversary: these stemless wine glasses. This set of four is so lovely, and her favorite white wine will look delicious inside these stunning glasses. You can monogram them with her initials to create a gorgeous, person gift that she will love, and she’ll know how much she means to you.

For the Adventurers

World Travel Map One Year Anniversary Gift

You married a traveler; he wants to see the world with you by his side. Get him this personalized anniversary pushpin world map for a first anniversary gift so he can have a visual representation of all the places you’ve traveled together. This print of a vintage-inspired world map has eight frame color options and comes with 100 pins to mark each and every one of your destinations. Personalize this gift with three lines of text on a plaque at the bottom, and you have a gift he’ll look at and treasure for the rest of your lives.

Commemorative Shadow Box

You and I Shadow Box

You want to buy something that your love will see every day and be reminded of your relationship. Buy your other half this beautiful shadow box. Inside, you and your love can collect bottle caps from beers you enjoy together, wine corks, photographs, or anything else the two of you decide to collect. This shadow box is the perfect way to the two of you to cultivate a collection of mementos from your relationship.

Whiskey Collection

First Anniversary Whiskey Box Gift Set

Your wife loves whiskey, and you love her for it. For your anniversary, this amazing whiskey gift set is a fantastic gift that you’ll both enjoy. The lovely dark brown wooden box can be put on display for all to see, making a great home decor piece. The decanter is the best way to enjoy perfectly decanted whiskey, and in the four new whiskey glasses, the two of you and two others can enjoy a delicious glass of your wife’s favorite whiskey simultaneously.

Your Roll

Beeropoly Game and Four Pint Glasses

What better way to celebrate your anniversary with a brand new board game and pint glass? For your 1 year anniversary gift, get your boyfriend Beeropoly and new beer glasses! A play off the game Monopoly, this game comes with the board, 6 caps, and dice. Different spaces on the board indicate different actions that players must do. And, of course, beer is involved in most of them, so include these amazing pint glasses to go along with this super fun game. This is a fantastic gift for your game-loving boyfriend; you two will have hours and hours of fun with friends playing this game and using the glasses, and those memories are something money can’t buy.

Celebrate Properly

Set of 4 Champagne Glasses First Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries are a time of unique celebration, and what says celebration more than champagne? This set of four champagne glasses is an ideal one year anniversary gift because you can use them on your anniversary and then all the other anniversaries to come. Cultivate a tradition of giving a toast to your relationship and its strength each and every year. These elegant glasses can also be used to entertain guests and celebrate on other occasions such as New Year’s as well.

 My Sun, My Moon, and My Stars

Star Map One Year Anniversary Gift

The day you began your love story with your girlfriend is a day the two of you will never forget. For your first anniversary gift, get her a modern art map that displays how the stars looked in your exact location on that exact day one year ago. This special gift can be in the form of a poster or a canvas, wish a specialized message for your girl underneath the stars. There are different fonts to choose from and various color schemes to customize this gift exactly as your girlfriend would like. Every time she sees it on her wall, she’ll be reminded of how much you care for her and how blessed she feels to have you.

A Toast to Us

Decanter Set with Twist Glasses

The 1 year anniversary gift should symbolize the fact that, while your relationship or marriage is just one year young, it will continue to age and grow for the rest of your lives. This personalized decanter set with twist glasses is beautiful, classy, and the quintessential gift that says, “I want to grow old with you.” This decanter holds 23 ounces of you and your soulmate’s favorite liquor and will age it to its best quality. This is paired with two beautiful glasses that you will greatly enjoy using due to their beautiful shape and high quality. The decanter can be personalized with a name and a year, and on the glasses an initial can be monogrammed. This set is an essential piece of your anniversary when you’re enjoying your favorite liquor and enjoying each other’s company.