29 Creative Gifts for Son in Law

You may have only known your son in law for a few years or he may have been a part of the family for what seems like forever. Either way, you need to get him an awesome and creative gift! He is part of the family, after all, so he deserves a gift just as good as anyone else, right? However, since he is your son in law, that makes him a man which means he can be a little tricky to get a gift for, that is unless you have some expert advice (don’t mind the writer patting himself on the back here). Gifts for son in law need to be manly things any guy will love such as gifts to enhance his favorite hobbies, things to spruce up his favorite hang out spot, useful items, or even cool and unique personalized gifts. Make him feel like he has always been part of the family with these creative gift ideas for son in law!

A Creative Twist on Gifts for Son in Law

Twist Whiskey Glass Set of Gifts for Son in Law

Is there a man on earth who would not be impressed by this classy, engraved whiskey gift set? Personalized with his name and initial, when he sees this black and gold box, he’ll know that he is in for something special. Whether you’re getting him this gift for his anniversary, Christmas, or his birthday, he’ll be ready to celebrate as soon as he flips open the latch to find a matching pair of twist glasses, making it perfect for him and his spouse to get right into the festivities using his new awesome gift!

Arm Him with All The Supplies He Will Ever Need

Engraved Ammo Can Gift Set for Son in Law

As a man, you never know what you’re going to be faced with in the world. Make sure your son in law is prepared for anything by arming him to the teeth with this personalized ammo can gift set. It doesn’t matter if he has a bottle of whiskey coming his way or a huge pack of classy craft beer, this gift set will ensure he has all the proper tools for the job. Plus, you can even take this gift a step further by filling the ammo can with a few tasty beverages, some snacks, gift cards, or anything else you know he likes to make it feel even more like a truly one-of-a-kind gift!

Every Man Needs a Quality Cutting Board

Son in Law Cutting Board

Keep your gift ideas for son in law practical with a classily monogrammed cutting board. Since this gift has his first, last, and middle initial front and center, you can be sure he is going to want to use it right away. He’ll no longer use that worn-out plastic cutting board, instead, when he is preparing his next brisket or kabab, he’ll be doing all his seasoning, slicing, and dicing right on this awesome gift.

Vintage Headphones for Him

Marshall Headphone Son in Law Gift Idea

There is never an occasion where headphones do not make a good gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Father’s Day—it doesn’t matter, they’re all perfect! Make sure his stands out from the crowd with these epic Marshall over-ear headphones! Pumping his ears with premium sound, he’ll love the vintage look and leather these stylish headphones bring.

Unique Whiskey Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Sculpted Glass Set of Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Get truly creative with your gifts for son in law with this sculpted rocks glass and whiskey stone gift set. He will love seeing this one-of-a-kind gift, especially since he knows you went to a lot of time and effort to find him something so rare. Be ready for impromptu toasts and plenty of celebratory drinks when he gets this gift because there is no way he isn’t thanking you with a glass of his finest whiskey from the other glass.


The Classiest Presentation Set Ever

Presentation Set of Son in Law Gifts

When you’ve got a son in law who enjoys entertaining, it can feel like an enormous pressure to get him a gift that is fitting for him to use. He needs it to blend with his decor, look great, and be functional. Instead of tearing your hair out trying to come up with such a gift, why not just check out this monogrammed presentation gift set? It comes with his initials on literally all six-parts, including the acrylic tray. Now, he and his wife can entertain in style as they pour drinks, sit back, and relax with this awesome gift!

Call Your Shot with a Personalized Billiard Sign

Custom Billiard Sign for Son in Law

Speaking of entreating, some gift ideas for son in law are as simple as the finishing touch to a room of the house that he never knew he was missing. For his pool or game room, this custom sign is the perfect way for him to let all his friends and family know he has made this spot in his home the ideal place to kick back and have a good time. From pool to poker to a few good brews, he’s got it all and this sign shows it!

Premium Duffle for His Travels

Leather Duffle Bag

Every man needs to travel from time to time. Whether he is going to the office, overnight on a trip, or even to the gym, he’ll need a bag. Make sure he can bring everything from his workout shoes to those important documents inside this classy leather bag!

Craft Glasses for the Son in Law with a Nose for Beer

Beer Snifter Set of Gifts for Son in Law

If there is one thing your son in law is into, it is a good beer. He loves to show off the new brew that he found and share a pint or two with anyone he can. Class up his at-home tasting parties with a matching set of beer snifters. Now, not only will he get all the flavors and finer notes of his new favorite brew, but his guests can too! How cool is that? Pretty soon, he’ll be feeling like his home will be the next must-check-out brewery!

A Custom Whiskey Gift for the Chillest Son in Law

Whiskey Stone Rocks Glass Set of Son in Law Gift Ideas

Got an occasion coming up where you can’t quite come up with the most fitting set of gifts for son in law? Then you must check out this engraved rocks glass with a matching whiskey stone set. For occasions big and small, a personalized gift is always perfect. Plus, one they can use right away is even better! So, whether he just got that promotion or you are in search of the perfect stocking stuffer, you simply can’t go wrong with this awesome gift set.

The Most Creative Humidor He Has Ever Seen

Personalized Cigar Humidor

Make your son in law feel like the manliest guy around when he opens up his gift to find that he has gotten a custom cigar humidor that comes inside of an actual United States ammo can. This is the perfect gift for the guy who loves to enjoy a good stogie because from now on, he’ll never have a spoiled cigar ever again. This gift will ensure that each cigar is kept at the perfect humidity, so whether he has a large inventory of cigars and likes to enjoy one daily or simply has one for big occasions. He can rest easy now, knowing that they’ll always be in top condition.

Gifts for Son in Law to Keep Him Looking Dapper

Manicure Set of Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Keep your son in law looking good for your daughter with this high-end manicure gift set. Each set comes inside a high-class leather travel case and includes things like tweezers, nail trimmers, manicuring scissors, and more! He’ll always be looking his best for his wife thanks to this perfect gift!

A Sign for His Favorite Hideout

Son in Law Gift is a Metal Garage Sign

For the guy who loves to work with his hands, there are no more fitting gifts for son in law than this metal garage sign! Engraved with his name, it’ll help show off his passion for escaping from the world and putting his head down to work in the garage. However, now when he lifts his head up to wipe sweat from his brow, he’ll see this awesome personalized gift each time!

Poker Night Sets are Great Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Monogrammed Poker Set of Gifts for Son in Law

There is nothing a man loves more than a good poker night with his buddies. Now, thanks to your embossed poker gift set, he can easily set up a weekly game! The set includes all the cards, dice, and chips he’ll need to play everything from Craps to Texas Hold’em. It even comes with a classy and unique cigar whiskey glass that will have him feeling more boss like than Tony Soprano. So, when the gift ideas son in law are up, bet big with this monogrammed poker gift set!

The Only Tool He’ll Ever Need

Engraved Wrench Multi Tool for Son in Law

Sometimes, the worst part about fixing things is not having the proper tool right next to you or even on hand at all. Never let him not be able to fix a leaky faucet, cut a rope, or backout a screw ever again when you get him this engraved wrench multi-tool. This awesome gift is great for any son in law too because no matter what he is like, what his hobbies are, or what he does for a living, you know for sure he will eventually have to fix something. And thanks to this custom gift, he’ll always be prepared!


A High-Tech Pair of Shoes

Under Armor Bluetooth Shoe

What do you get when you combine the latest tech with style and comfort? This amazing Under Armor shoe! Not only will he look like he is the head coach of your local pro NFL team while he walks around town but these shoes even help track his workouts. They have Bluetooth in them that connects to an app that measures and tracks his running or walking metrics. How cool is that? You can be sure his current shoes don’t do that for him!

For the Son in Law Found of Memories

Shadow Box Pint Glass Set of Gift Ideas for Son in Law

There is nothing quite like reflecting on memories as you get older and your son in law realizes that. Help him connect to important memories as often as he wants with this personalized shadow box gift set. Whether he wants to store beer caps inside from shared pints with friends, or he prefers the likes of ticket stubs, photos, or hand-written notes, this shadow box is ideal for anything to bring back a favorite memory. Now, all he has to do is sit back and have a pint while he goes through the nostalgia.

 Badass Mug Set of Gifts for Son in Law

Classy Mug Box Set of Son in Law Gifts

Gift ideas for son in law should make him feel tough like he is bad to the bone. Now, while a mug on its own would normally do that, you can be damn sure he’ll feel like the biggest badass who ever lived when you hand him this personalized beer mug box set. Not only will he feel like a tough dude as he enjoys his suds from a beer mug, but he’ll also have this awesome black keepsake too!

A Tablet for All His Needs

Boox Drawing Tablet

Got a son in law who is truly creative? Then this unique Onyx Boox tablet is just what he needs! Not only can it surf the web and be used as an e-reader, but it also comes with a stylus pencil, making drawings and note-taking easier than even paper. How cool and unique is this gift for him?

Creative Copper Tumblers

Copper Tumblers are Gifts for Son in Law

Gifts for son in law also need to be about enhancing some of his favorite things, and if he is a wino, look no further! These copper tumblers are more than just engraved with his initial, they are now the coolest way for him to enjoy wine, literally! Dinner parties and wine tastings will never be cooler than when your son in law is using this set. These are perfect to keep the Riesling or Chardonnay he is sharing chilled to perfection thanks to their stainless steel insulation; plus, how cool will these unique copper glasses look at every cheese plate or meal? They’re sure to add a bit of class anywhere he uses them!

Gift Ideas for Son in Law Who Means the World to You

Son in Law Globe Decanter Gift Set

Ever since he joined your family he has meant the world to you. He is like a long lost son that you never knew was lost. Show him just how much you appreciate everything he does and that you truly love having him as part of the family with this sophisticated globe decanter set. Whether he loves geography or simply enjoys a good glass of whiskey, you can be sure he will stare at this set of hours as he enjoys a good glass of Glenlivet or Pappy Van Winkle.

A Unique, Wooden Bourbon Gift

Bourbon Barrel Stave Smoking Chunk

Give the guy who is into his bourbon one of the ultimate gifts, his own set of bourbon staves made just for smoking with! That means he can use these to infuse his meats, cheese, or even his drinks with extra bourbon and wood flavor! Think of all the new creations he’ll come with while using these Pappy and oak flavored staves! Plus, this is a 5lb bag of staves which means he’s got plenty of wood to infuse everything in his life with a delicious, smoky, bourbon flavor!

Make Him Feel Like the Owner of His Own Bar

Custom Bar Sign

Is there a guy on this planet who wouldn’t love to have his own home bar? The appeal of having only your best friends and favorite family as the only patrons, your go-to beer always on tap, and only the best tunes playing is simply too appealing. Use this custom bar sign as the ultimate gift ideas for son in law. It doesn’t matter if he already has a home bar and this is the finishing touch or this is his first step past having a few bottles on the kitchen counter, you can be sure he won’t be able to wait to hang this personalized bar sign up!

The Classiest Monogrammed Set of Gifts for Son in Law

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Son in Law Gift Set

Have your son in law feel like the world’s best CEO with a monogrammed cigar and whiskey gift set he will never be able to get enough of. Thanks to its unique design, he can easily thank you with a one-armed hug or fist bump while using his other hand to still hold onto this drink and cigar.

A Backpack for All His Adventures

Military Backpack for Son in Law

Oh, the places he will go. You always knew he was an adventurous guy who can never stay still. So when searching for gifts for son in law, there are few things better than a military-quality backpack. It won’t matter if he is going for a stroll with the dog or hiking up into the mountains, with this top-tier bag, he can bring everything he needs for his trip while feeling like there is hardly anything at all on his back!

For the Avid Beer Fan

Beer Cap State Map

Give him the opportunity to create the coolest home decor in his office or man cave with a beer cap map that comes in the shape of his favorite state. Pick the state he always talks about such as where he was born, where he lives, or maybe where he went to school and he’ll have a blast filling each hole up with a beer cap of his go-to beer, caps from the local brewery, or if he is a true fan of beer as well as that state he can use caps from a local brewery from that state itself!

Perfect Wine Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Wine Decanter Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Put a smile on every son in law’s face with a gift set they simply won’t be able to stop staring at, this engraved wine decanter gift set! Once he opens it, he’ll never want to put it away, making it his new kitchen or bar centerpiece. But, aside from looking good, these large stemless glasses, as well as the decanter, will enhance every sip of Merlot or Bordeaux he has from now on!

A Cool, Old-School Gaming Setup

Arcade Machine

Blow him away with a gift for your son in law that he’ll never see coming, his own arcade machine! He’ll be spending hours in the game room or garage smashing buttons to beat his latest high score! While modern consoles may be the current craze, you can be sure the nostalgia and joy of standing at a full-sized arcade machine will have him grinning from ear to ear!

A Par for the Course Gift

Golf Gift Ideas for Son in Law

Never let him feel like you don’t put a lot of thought and effort into your gifts ever again when you get him this whole set of gift ideas for son in law. Now, when he is on the course he’ll have an awesome bag tag and divot tool to make him look and feel like he tours on the PGA pro tour, but when the round is over, he’ll still have this awesome 19th hole sign to come home to as he and his buddies relax and hang out with a few post-round pints!