17 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Shopping during the holidays is already hard. You want to try to get a gift that impresses those you care about, or a gift that makes their lives easier, or is even something they’ve been wanting for months. But what do you do when the people you are shopping for already have everything? Christmas gifts for people who have everything actually aren’t as hard to get as you would think. Get them gifts that are luxurious, personal, and custom. This way, they’ll have a sentimental attachment to it and they’ll love showing off your gift and using it all the time! So, normally during this time of the year, you’re still wondering what cool Christmas gifts to get for everyone, right? Well, not this year. Finish your shopping for the most difficult people to buy for with a Christmas gift for someone who has everything!

Luxury Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Decanter Set of Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Enrich their Christmas with a gift they never thought they’d need, a custom whiskey decanter set! While they are sure to have a few glasses and maybe even a decanter, you know they don’t have a whole matching set. For a couple who has everything, they simply need a matching decanter set. It is the best way for them to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Now, they can open presents around the fire with a drink from their new matching gift set!

Worldly Gifts for People Who Have it All

Globe Bar Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Part of finding the ideal Christmas gift for someone who has everything is making sure the gift is as unique as it is practical. A vintage-style globe bar cart hits this mark perfectly! It doesn’t matter if they already have a full home bar or have been wanting one for years, they’ll love this unique gift because thanks to the wheels, they can bring their drinks to whichever room the party is in. Also, they’ll have a blast taking a look at the unique gift and planning their next winter vacation using the globe or showing their children different areas that Santa could be giving gifts in at that moment.

An Engraved Wine Gift Set

Engraved Wine Tumblers

Just because the weather outside is frightfully cold doesn’t mean their hands should be when they’re enjoying their go-to wine or favorite wintertime cocktail. These personalized wine tumblers are fantastic Christmas gifts for people who have everything! The sleek design makes them a great fit for any home’s aesthetic while the insulated stainless steel allows them to have chilled drinks that will last much longer than it takes to open presents on Christmas! Talk about an awesome Christmas gift set!

Reduce the Holiday Stress with a Theragun

Red Theragun

Help them manage their stress throughout the holidays with a Theragun. Instead of booking an appointment for a massage or trying to convince their significant other to get rid of some of the knots in their back, they can just fire up their personal and professional level massager and feel all the stress of cooking, planning, and getting presents simply melt away!

A Smokey Christmas Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Smoke Box Christmas Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Want to get an interactive gift that will make their liquor new and unique each time they go for a glass? Then this gift is what you need! A smoke box set makes for a fantastic Christmas gift for someone who has everything. Now, instead of enjoying the same old drink or their boring traditional Christmas cocktail, they can spice it up with smoke! With smoke flavors like thyme, cedar, or rosemary added into their liquor, they’ll be able to develop their own liquor flavor from here on out. In fact, they might just feel like a top-tier bartender from now on too!


Make them a Master

Masterclass Christmas Gift

Sometimes, the best gifts in life are learning experiences. After all, when you learn something it is a gift that lasts you a lifetime. Give them a few Masterclass sessions so they can finally become the dream chef, master writer, or physicist that they’ve always wanted to be. These classes are taught by industry leaders with fantastic personalities and lifelong lessons that no one should miss out on!

Humor Them with a Humidor

Humidor Set of Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

They may have thought they had it all, but this holiday season, surprise them with a monogrammed cigar humidor gift set. Perfect for cigar beginners and enthusiasts alike, the humidor set is a gift that keeps on giving. From now on, they’ll never suffer from a spoiled cigar again, nor will they have to look for cigar tools. With this set, they can enjoy a stogie with ease while hanging out with the family. Better still, pack the humidor with a few of their favorite cigars, this way they can indulge in the greatness of their gift right away!

A Fistful of Holiday Cheer

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Inspire the holidays to be a little different with a personalized beer mug box set. While beer may not be everyone’s go-to drink during Christmas, a mug set makes for a great set of Christmas gifts for people who have everything! After all, what is better than a set of beer mugs with your name on them? Add in that they come inside their own matching gift box, and this is a one-stop shop for a beer lover on Christmas!

You Can Never Have Enough Watches

Unique Wooden Watch

Sure, they may have a Fitbit or Apple Watch but there is something about a classic analog wristwatch that simply cannot be beaten. Use this gorgeous wooden watch to add some modern style with classic inspiration into their wardrobe. This will be perfect for date nights, important meetings, or general day-to-day wear! In addition to this watch, you can also get them a custom watch display case too! Now, they’ll have a spot for all their watches, cufflinks, tie clips, or other jewelry.

The Best Tasting Christmas Gift Ever

Christmas Glencairn Box Set

Getting into the Christmas spirit has never tasted so good as when those spirits come from this custom Glencairn gift set. This is simply a must-have when searching for a Christmas gift for someone who has everything. Why? Because if they think they have it all and don’t have this set, they’re clearly missing out. Now, they can share their most expensive whiskeys guilt-free as the Glencairn glasses turn themselves and three friends into top-shelf connoisseurs thanks to the unique shape. Plus, the gorgeous look of the engraved glasses and gift box definitely makes this look like the luxurious gift you’ve been looking for to impress that friend or family member who has it all.

Unique Christmas Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Custom Shadow Box Christmas Gift

Don’t let any of the great holiday memories pass them by with this custom shadow box. Instead of only taking a picture of a moment (which could get lost upon the thousands of selfies and pet pictures they have inside their phone) they can store mementos inside this unique shadow box. Inside they can put in things like wine corks, beer caps, tickets, or photos. Now, they’ll always have a way to display their most sentimental memories with unique items from that awesome day!

Sounding A Lot Like Christmas

Bose Earbuds Christmas Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Whether they’re an audiophile or they need their weekly podcast to come through crystal clear, Bose headphones are a hard gift to beat. They can easily use these wireless earbuds while they’re at the gym, in the office, or cooking Christmas dinner. Better still is these have noise-blocking technology so even in the loudest rooms the person who has everything will be able to enjoy their music with clear sound.

Wine Set of Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Custom Wine Decanter Christmas Gift

Improve their next glass of wine this Christmas season with a custom wine decanter gift set! Not only will their wine taste better because of the decanter, but their whole experience will feel and look better when they’re toasting to themselves and their family from a matching wine glassware set. This is a great gift too since it has their name and initial on it, showing you went above and beyond to find them something truly special this Christmas.

Custom Top-Tier Whiskey Gift

Presentation Set of Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Give them a true sense of regalness with this unique Christmas gift for someone who has everything. A personalized presentation set is an incredibly unique gift that any sort of person will love. Aside from sharing drinks during the holidays, this set will look fantastic on their home bar, desk, or countertop. Even outside the holiday toasts, you can be sure this gift will be of a lot of use on date nights, other holidays, or just because!

A Gift Set for Their Travels

Luggage Travel Set

A big part of the holidays for those who have everything is travel. After all, not everyone wants to spend the whole winter in the snow. So, get them a new lightweight and luxury travel set so navigating the airports and hallways to their hotels will be easier than ever. The carbon styling even makes this a great gift for people with any sense of style since the colors go with anything!

Present Them the Best Wine Gift

Wine Presentation Gift Box for Christmas

On Christmas, a bottle of wine is always a safe gift—especially when you’re searching for Christmas gifts for people who have everything. However, you can take things to the next level with a wine bottle presentation gift box. Inside, they’ll find the fantastic vintage bottle you found cradled by soft fabric as well as the wine tools on the inside of the lid. Even after the bottle has been drunk, they can use the gift box to store wine for future special occasions. How cool of a Christmas gift is this?

For Their Home Theater

Custom Movie Sign

If there is one thing that everyone loves to do during the holidays, it is watching movies together. Whether they love Elf, A Christmas Story, or even Die Hard as their Christmas film, every movie will feel so much more special when they’re watching it under this custom home movie sign. This is a great gift for any person who absolutely loves film too. It doesn’t matter if they have a regular television setup or a full-blown home theater, every level of cinephile will love getting this gift for Christmas!