19 Brilliant Lead-Free Crystal Decanters

Add Some Class to Your Home Bar with One of These Crystal Decanters:

Crystal liquor decanters have been around for decades and are still often used today. You’ve seen them in movies, TV shows, and probably in antique stores. But why does it matter if the crystal is lead-free? Decanters that contain lead can cause your stored liquor to be contaminated with lead over time as well as affect the taste. While sometimes more beautiful in appearance, leaded decanters do pose a slight health risk. Don’t worry, you can still get gorgeous liquor decanters for your favorite spirits that are lead-free and just as stunning as traditional lead glass ones. You probably have a few questions: What can you store or serve in a decanter? How can you tell if it is really lead-free crystal? Are there specific decanter styles for certain liquors? Relax, we found a couple of the best lead-free crystal decanters and will answer all of your questions and more.

Square Personalized Decanter Set

Personalized Lead-Free Crystal Decanter with Glasses

First and foremost, decanters are best for displaying and serving liquor. You’ll typically see them filled with whiskey, but they are also ideal for vodka, gin, and even wine. However, certain styles of decanters are better than others for certain liquors. Take this crystal decanter set for example: clearly meant for whiskey, this set has a distinct square-shaped theme. The sharp corners of each piece reflect the beautiful amber color of bourbon or scotch within, accentuating the golden hues. One of the ways to detect if your decanter is free of lead is by the weight, and this particular decanter doesn’t feel as heavy as it looks! Most decanters like this one have loose-fitting stoppers, which means that your whiskey will eventually evaporate very slowly over time, but it will be fine for several months! This set may not have a lot of cut glass details, but the simple personalization makes it stand out among the rest of your glassware collection. Ideal for any home bar or as a centerpiece in the living room, this gorgeous set is a great example of crystal.

Classy Presentation Decanter Set

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set with Serving Tray

You’ve probably seen a similar setup of a crystal decanter and glasses in a movie before, typically in a CEO or wealthy person’s office. Now you can have your own set and feel like a rich badass in your own movie. The decanter in the center of the set is elegant and simple, making the personalized engraving stand out. While the crystal decanter in this presentation set is lovely, the real attention-grabbers are the glasses. Each one has a base carved with delicate bubbles, which provide a textured bottom for the glass to rest on that helps prevent condensation drips. You can store your choice of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch in this awesome liquor gift basket.

Sail Away in a Lead-Free Decanter Set

Ship and Globe Crystal Decanter Set

This unique ship crystal decanter set certainly isn’t your average decanter. There is something special about seeing your favorite bourbon, scotch, or whiskey being the sea that your ship sails on as you relax or celebrate with neat glasses on the rocks of your go-to liquor. Make this the lead-free set that all your friends and family talk about by sharing a glass with each of them from one of the coolest looking decanter sets you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing!

A Unique Decanter Gift Set

Twist Glass Decanter Gift Set

Want to have a crystal decanter set that stands apart from the rest? Look no further than this personalized and unique set! The sculpted glasses are unlike anything you’ve ever seen and will be some of the most comfortable you’ve ever held. Plus, the decanter also has a hidden feature to make this whole set incredibly unique. Complete with a sealed stopper, this decanter ensures that you’ll never lose any flavor or vapor to evaporation, how cool is that?

Be a Square with a Crystal Decanter

Custom Square Crystal Decanter

While being square may be an old-school insult, you’ll take it as a compliment from here on out, especially when they’re talking about your decanter! The angles of this gorgeous square decanter are ideal for capturing the light and reflecting them to show off the beautiful golden and amber hues of your scotch, whiskey, or bourbon.


Rolling Crystal Decanter

Rolling Wine Decanter

Be sure to put this decanter somewhere it can’t roll off! Designed to resemble a spinning top, this lovely crystal decanter has simple cut glass details toward the bottom to accentuate the liquor within. Like the above globe decanter, this one will certainly aerate your spirits. Ideal for wine and darker spirits such as rum and whiskey, this unique decanter will improve the taste of your favorite liquor.

One of the Best Crystal Decanter sets in the World

Globe Decanter Gift Set

Some people feel the need to travel the world while others are content to stay at home, thanks to your crystal decanter, you can do both at once! This globe decanter gift set is the best way to share a drink with friends or family while talking about things like the future, humorous stories, and due to the nature of this decanter, travel of course! Complete with whiskey stones to keep every drink chill without watering it down, all you’ll need to make this set complete is your favorite liquor!

Ornate Crystal Glassware Set

7 Piece Crystal Decanter Set

When you hear the words “crystal decanter,” this is probably more along the lines of what you were thinking of. With elegant cut details and a distinct pattern, this lovely decanter is a classic example of crystal glassware. You can use this particular decanter for whiskey, vodka, rum, and gin, but not wine. The matching glasses make it a complete crystal decanter set that is perfect for entertaining multiple guests. Another way to test if a decanter contains lead is by its weight as lead glass is distinctively heavier than unleaded. You can also shine a light through the glass to see if it produces a rainbow prism and if it does, it is leaded. Don’t worry, this set is definitely lead-free but just as beautiful as an antique lead set.

Unique Ship in a Bottle Decanter

Ship in a Bottle Decanter with Stand and Shot Glasses

Have you ever seen a better decanter for rum? You’ll feel like a rich pirate captain every time you serve a glass of rum with this cool decanter! The hand-blown glass ship is very similar to the one inside the globe decanter as it also sails through your fine spirits. This crystal decanter set even comes with two cool shot glasses for you and a friend to knock back a few shots during your Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.

Triangle Decanter

Triangle Crystal Decanter

Unlike the other decanters listed, this one has a unique triangle shape and the classic crystal appearance. The beautiful cutouts and geometric designs really enhance the liquor inside. The stopper is almost more attractive than the decanter itself with its starry design! This gorgeous crystal decanter is ideal for any liquor, even clear spirits such as gin and vodka. It’s perfect for an office or as a centerpiece for your home bar!

Classic Custom Crystal Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses and Gift Box

For some, the ornate crystal details on decanters are a little too much. This lovely and simple crystal decanter set is the perfect addition to anyone’s home bar or office. The decanter has a uniquely layered, almost double-walled appearance to it. The stopper on this particular decanter does have a rubber seal, so it is airtight. Ideal for whiskey, tequila, and vodka. The square glasses included in this set complement the decanter perfectly and are great for sipping straight whiskey or an Old Fashioned. The matching wooden gift box can be repurposed to store your bar tools, the set for safekeeping, or even your recipe books.

Dragon-Inspired Decanter

Dragon Crystal Wine Decanter

This decanter is by far one of the most unique crystal wine decanters around! Inspired by the mythical Chinese dragon, this reptilian decanter emulates the powerful muscles and elegant curves of the fabled beast. Both fun to use and thoroughly aerates your wine, you will love having this beautiful work of art on display when not being used. Unlike liquor decanters, wine decanters are not meant for storing wine.


Matching Personalized Decanter Set

Custom Decanter with Matching Rocks Glasses

The symmetry of this simple personalized crystal decanter set is what makes it truly special. From the similar shape to the matching engraving, this lovely whiskey decanter set is ideal for a home bar or home office. The tapered shape of the decanter will improve the taste of your scotch or bourbon whether it’s a $10 bottle or $50 by enriching the flavors and exposing the hidden aromas with each pour.

The Perfect Decanter for Any Spirit

Etched Crystal Liquor Decanter

You’ve seen decanters specifically for whiskey, gin, vodka, and tequila. This unique decanter is actually perfect for any liquor! A classic shape, this crystal decanter even comes engraved with the letter and name of your choice of spirit: absinthe, bourbon, gin, rye, whiskey, vodka, tequila, scotch, rum, and whiskey. How cool is that? You could get one for each of your favorite liquors and never accidentally pour rum into an Old Fashioned instead of whiskey again.

Gorgeous Wine Decanter

Unique Red Wine Decanter

Crystal wine decanters have a special kind of elegance that you don’t see in liquor decanters. They tend to be more fluid in design with little to no sharp edges or corners. This is because of the decanting process and you want your wine properly swirled and aerated. The most important thing to remember about wine decanters is that wine is not meant to be stored in them. The best way to utilize them is to pour only the amount of wine you plan on drinking that night, such as for a date night with your SO or for a formal dinner with family.

Luxury Platinum Decanter

Platinum Plated Decanter

You’ve probably seen a similarly shaped decanter before, but did you know that this kind of crystal decanter is ideal for wine or liquor? Specifically ideal for vodka, the wide bottom and thin neck will actually mellow out the sharpness of vodka when being poured. Full-bodied red wines are great for this kind of decanter as well because the flavor will be significantly richer and sweeter after being decanted. You don’t want to keep anything in this one for long as the stopper fits pretty loosely.

Must-Have Custom Gin Decanter

Personalized Crystal Gin Decanter

As for gin, you’ll want a square-shaped decanter with plenty of beautiful crystal details to show off the clarity and subtle colored hues. This gorgeous crystal decanter is an impressive imitation of vintage leaded decanters with its starburst-detailed stopper and the elegant curves of the neck. Gin doesn’t necessarily need to be decanted, but it is visually appealing and very classy to show off your favorite brand, such as Death’s Door or Tanqueray No Ten. Pink gin would look absolutely lovely in this gorgeous piece, and would make a lovely gift for the woman in your life who enjoys the spirit.

Impressive Bull Decanter

Bull Crystal Decanter Set

Novelty decanters can be classy and cool like the crystal skull decanter, or they can be incredibly impressive like this one that comes in the shape of a bull. The awe-inspiring shape makes the set a gorgeous piece of decor for any home. An oaky whiskey or peaty scotch would be ideal for this particular decanter because these classy spirits match the strong, refined look of the bull.

A New Angle on Lead-Free Decanters

Triangular Lead Free Decanter

When some people think crystal they think of the classic shapes of decanters. Gorgeous pieces from the Victorian era or the 1950s in America come to mind. However, there is no reason to be stuck in the past. You can have a modern take on a crystal decanter with this engraved angular one! This unique piece is the perfect centerpiece for any home bar or even as a desk accouterment to make a statement that you have a taste for the classics, but love putting a modern spin on them.