15 Crystal Whiskey Glasses Friends Will Envy

Enjoy Your Next Drink From One of These Crystal Whiskey Glasses:

The best way to drink whiskey is with a glass made from crystal. Although many whiskey glasses are made from glass, there are a lot of upsides to crystal glassware. For example, crystal whiskey glasses are even more gorgeous to look at because they capture light better due to their mineral content, and they can be made thinner, creating an even classier drinking experience. Enjoying a drink out of crystal glassware is always both a stunning and unforgettable experience. So make sure to stock your home bar or kitchen cabinets with the best looking crystal glasses you can find! Luckily for you, we’ve already tracked down the best crystal whiskey glasses that are perfect for all your liquor needs as well as the ones that make for amazing and unique whiskey gifts, too!

The Most Beautiful Crystal Whiskey Glass

Crystal Cut Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Make your next drink come from a glass that looks as classy as you feel. This crystal cut Glencairn glass is the must-have tasting glass for anyone who wants to make their friends envious of their awesome, classy whiskey glass. You’ll feel fancier than ever holding a glass that looks more stunning than a diamond. Plus, thanks to the unique shape, this crystal glass will allow you to fully smell and taste all the notes in your whiskey.

Personalized Set of Pewter Crest Glasses

Personalized Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Replace your old standard set of glasses with this set of four crystal whiskey glasses! This classy set comes initialed with a pewter crest, how much fancier can you get than that? The beautiful crest combined with the gorgeous base makes for a stunning glass that any whiskey drinker will love enjoying their next Whiskey Sour or Old-Fashioned from.

Coolest Crystal on Earth

Globe Decanter Set with Pair of Glasses

Unique crystal bourbon glasses, like this globe decanter set, has an out-of-this-world beauty, which makes this set the perfect crystal glassware for you. You’ll love how the light hits your liquor which will highlight your crystal ship that is elegantly floating inside your decanter. This is a fantastic whiskey set that you can also use to enjoy a drink with friends or family. The entire time you’re sharing a drink from your globe glasses, they’ll be wishing they had a crystal set as unique and cool as this. 

For Your Whisky

Custom Four Canadian Whisky Glasses

Be the envy of all your friends with one of the coolest whisky tasting glasses around, this Canadian Glencairn glass set. Much like standard Glencairn glasses, these accentuate the notes in your whisky but these are larger, meaning you get to enjoy more of your favorite drink! Become the connoisseur your friends wish they could be when you start tasting all the flavors of your whisky from these unique crystal whisky glasses!

One of the Most Unique Crystal Bourbon Glasses

Uniquely Shaped Crystal Bourbon Glass

This crystal bourbon glass is absolutely-to-die-for when it comes to fine glassware. Never before will you have felt like such an aficionado of your favorite American-made whiskey. This is the perfect glass to break out when you’re enjoying a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel, Stillhouse Black Bourbon, or some Pappy Van Winkle. While you’re rattling off all the complex flavors you can find in your favorite brands, your friends will be wishing they had their own tasting glass for bourbon too!

Pair of Hefty Glasses

Engraved Crystal Whiskey Glasses Set of Two

This pair of hefty crystal whiskey glasses are perfect for any and all whiskey drinking experiences. Whether it’s a casual, chill night of sipping on neat glasses to a crazy party where you’re constantly filling these awesome glasses to the brim with your favorite cocktail, you’ll greatly enjoy drinking whiskey from these awesome glasses. However, what makes these glasses truly awesome is that they come in a set! These engraved glasses are perfect for sharing a drink with a friend. Rather than making them envious of your super awesome glasses, why not help them enjoy whiskey with you in a more refined manner?


One Perfect Glencairn

Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Perfect for aspiring connoisseurs and world class whiskey experts alike, the classic Glencairn is one of those glasses that is ideal for anyone. The shape of this brilliant glass is designed to bring out the flavors and aromas from your whiskey as you drink. So, although the glass itself may not be the most envious thing to your friends, they will change their minds immediately once they see the engraving! Having a unique engraving on one of the best whiskey tasting glasses will be too much for them, they’ll have to ask where they can get one too!

Gorgeous Set of Four Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Crystal Bourbon Glasses Set of 4

This gorgeous crystal glassware set is the perfect, lovely addition to any home bar or glassware collection. They’re made from lead crystal, which means that light will bounce off these glasses more than non-lead crystal glasses, making the fine details stand out. Anyone who shares a drink with you in your home or even happens to catch a glance of this gorgeous set will be extraordinarily envious. However, that won’t bother you because when you’re using these glasses to drink your whiskey, you’ll feel like absolute royalty because of how beautiful they are.

Most Unique Glass Ever

Custom Tuath Glass

You won’t be able to get over how awesome and unique this envious Túath glass is! The shape of this crystal bourbon glass is meticulously designed for good grip on the glass and for fingerprint prevention. As you sip, all the flavors and aromas of your whiskey will stand out in a whole new way. You won’t be able to believe you went so long without this glass, and all your friends will want one just like it!

Don’t Forget Decanters

Bourbon Decanter and Crystal Bourbon Glasses

Still looking for a phenomenal set of crystal whiskey glasses? Look no further! This fantastic decanter set made of pure crystal glassware will be the gorgeous centerpiece in your home that will have all your guests talking. Light will refract beautifully through the this whole set, both when the glasses are empty and when they’re filled with whiskey. So, when you see your guest’s jaws drop, don’t just stand there. Offer them a drink from your amazing crystal glassware set!


Black Marble Bases

Crystal Whiskey Glasses with Black Marble Bases

For a super unique pair of crystal whiskey glasses, these black marble glasses are the way to go! The handsome black marble bases add a unique touch to these glasses that you’ll find extremely impressive. Your friends will marvel at the novelty of these glasses and want some of their own!

Convenient and Attractive Cigar Glass

Round Crystal Cigar Glass

You won’t be able to stop talking about this crystal cigar glass! Not only is this glass extremely attractive, but the convenience it provides you is unmatched. Drinking whiskey and smoking a stogie will be easier than ever when you’re using this brilliant glass. 

Beautiful Diamond Decanter and Glass

Crystal Diamond Decanter and Glass

You will enjoy your whiskey more than ever before when you use this stunning crystal decanter and whiskey glass. The classy, modern look of this enviable set will add a fantastic touch to your home bar or kitchen counter. When you’re pouring whiskey from this diamond-cut decanter into the beautiful glass, you’ll feel so lucky to have one of the most elegant glassware sets in the world.

Four Times the Fun

Four Personalized Glencairn Glasses Set

There’s only one thing better than a Glencairn glass: four crystal Glencairn glasses and a serving tray! There are so many fantastic things you can do with this gift, from serving guests whiskey in your home to sampling different whiskeys and comparing with your spouse. You’ll wonder what your life was like before you had this magnificent Glencairn set crafted from thin but sturdy crystal.

Double-Take Tumblers

Prism Crystal Whiskey Glasses

You’ll do a double-take when you first see these prism tumblers. You’ll want to use these incredibly unique crystal bourbon glasses every single time you want to enjoy a refreshing sip of your favorite drink. These prism crystal glasses will definitely give you a whole new angle to enjoying your whiskey. Plus, anyone who shares a drink with you will be spending half their time enjoying this phenomenal glass, and the other half wishing this was their own set!