21 Upscale Whiskey Gift Sets

Check Out These Whiskey Gift Sets Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike:

From novice to connoisseur, the best whiskey gift sets will enhance the drinking experience. Bottles can be good gifts; however, those are presents he can only enjoy once. You want to get him a whiskey gift set because he will be able to enjoy your present for years to come. With awesome whiskey glasses or a box set, he’ll think of you every time he makes himself a drink. Make it a personalized whiskey gift by going the extra mile and customizing one of these amazing gifts with his name or his initials. You simply can’t go wrong with any of these upscale whiskey gift sets!

The Ultimate Whiskey Gift Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Tray Set

A whiskey tray with glasses and a decanter is the perfect whiskey gift to make someone feel classy while drinking. It’s one thing to have matching glasses and a decanter, but with a matching tray set they’ll feel like refined luxury and relaxation are the way their supposed to be living! This is the perfect set for anyone who loves whiskey. They can easily drink on their own or entertain with their new decanter and glasses! When they aren’t drinking, they are sure to have this whiskey set out on display, not only to show off the gorgeous glass work, but to show off how great their liquor looks inside their own personalized decanter!

Must Have Whiskey Stone Set

Engraved Whiskey Stone Box Set with 2 Glasses

Personalized glasses and stones are a classic whiskey gift set. Everyone who enjoys whiskey will love getting their own box set with personalized glasses. This set is a fantastic gift because it works for all levels of whiskey enthusiast. If they are just getting into exploring the world of whiskey, they will now have the perfect way to chill their drink while the experienced whiskey connoisseur will appreciate the display box and glass set as the refined gift it is.

The Ultimate Whiskey Gift

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Seriously, this is the best whiskey gift you can possibly give someone who loves their whiskey! The fact that the design on the entire set is customizable makes this beautiful decanter set a truly unique gift. From the exquisite double old-fashioned glasses with their glacier-like bases to the decanter that ensures your whiskey stays fresh thanks to the sealed stopper, everything about this set is amazing. Plus, this decanter set will be a one-of-a-kind gift every time you give it to someone because of the unique personalization!

A Classy Tasting Set

Luxury Whiskey Set of Glencairn Glasses and Toppers

What says, “Upscale,” more than Glencairn glasses? How about a whole set of engraved Glencairn glasses? This box set is perfect for tastings as well as group tastings. The unique design of the Glencairn is world-renowned for enhancing tasting abilities. So, make every sip of liquor perfection with this gorgeous whiskey set!

A Dapper Decanter

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

An engraved decanter set is the perfect whiskey gift set for the person who knows they love their whiskey. They’ll immediately want to fill the decanter with their favorite single-malt or 12-year whiskey to prepare it for their next drink. Since they have four glasses, this set will become their new way to share their favorite passion, they’ll always want to be filling up your glass or one of their other guests’ glasses and you all enjoy a good whiskey and have the best conversations!


The Best Whiskey Gift in the Whole World

Etched Globe Decanter Set

Pardon the pun, but this stunning globe decanter set is the best whiskey gift in the world! From the beautifully etched map of the world on the glassware to the delicate glass-blown ship sailing through the whiskey inside the decanter, every aspect of this unique whiskey decanter set is absolutely stunning. Anyone who drinks whiskey will be proud to have such a magnificent decanter set on display in their home bar, office, or living room!

Superior Smoking Set

Cocktail Smoker Set is the Best Whiskey Gift

Have every drink as unique as you are with this cocktail smoker set. The topper allows you to infuse each drink with a unique smokey flavor. Each time you enjoy a cocktail you’re going to feel like a top-tier mixologist. Perfect for the person who wants to dive deeper into their passion for whiskey or for the person who thinks they’ve tasted it all, this set will keep whiskey new and fresh for quite some time!

Engraved Decanter Gift Set for Whiskey Lovers

Luxury Rocks Glass and Decanter Whiskey Gift Set

Keep things simple and classy with a gorgeous whiskey decanter set that is just what you need. Great for neat drinks, drinks on the rocks, or cocktails, this set has everything you need. It even comes with snacks. Because what makes a drink better than something to munch on? It’ll give a classy bar feel from the comfort of your own home.

The Manliest Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Upscale whiskey gifts don’t always have to be the most refined gifts in appearance. Sometimes, the best upscale gifts are about how it makes your guy feels. An ammo can set is a great gift for whiskey lovers because it becomes their whiskey bug out kit. Anytime they need to break out a good drink, they’ve got their glasses and stones ready to go. They could even keep their best bottle of bourbon in the ammo can as well! There’s also something right about pairing whiskey and ammo cans, no matter if they love guns or if they love whiskey, this set is ideal for all whiskey enthusiasts!

Best Whiskey Gifts are Unique Ideas

Sculpted Whiskey Glass Box Set

You’ve seen plenty of different whiskey gift sets in your search for something for your home. Make sure the one you get is unique to all others with this stand-out and classy gift set, a sculpted glass box set. With unique edges, no one will have ever seen any glassware quite like this. An added bonus isn’t that these glasses just look unique, but the edges contour perfectly to the ridges in your hand ensuring a solid grip and comfortable feel.

Take Off with this Set

Globe Airplane Whiskey Decanter Gift

Take off and get yourself the best whiskey gift that will always put a smile on your face each time you go for an old-fashioned or a neat glass of whiskey. This globe airplane decanter will have your imagination running wild with trips you want to take or exploring the region of the world that your bottle of whiskey came from. Such a unique piece will surely be the subject of discussion each time it is seen on your home bar.

Unique Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set with Unique Whiskey Tasting Glasses

Talk about the best whiskey gift! This exceptional decanter box set is far from average. These glasses may look unusual, but their design isn’t just for looks! The wide bowl allows for plenty of swirling room, which helps unlock hidden flavors and enhance the exquisite aromas. Once the whiskey lover you’re giving this set to tries out the unique glasses, they’ll be amazed at how different their favorite whiskey tastes in them compared to regular rocks glasses.

Coolest Crystal Glassware Set

Engraved Decanter and Crystal Glassware Box Set

Every occasion that you want to raise a glass will feel like a sophisticated event with these personalized decanter and crystal cut old-fashioned glasses. Talk about one great upscale gift set for whiskey lovers. Crystal is a classic material for glassware and it will be timeless in your home bar. Add in the decanter and with just this set alone you’ll leave your guests stunned when you pour them a glass of Pappy Van Winkle.

A Classy Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Best Whiskey Gift Set for Cigars and Whiskey

Give him all the tools to enjoy whiskey and cigars to the fullest with this one set! If he aspires himself to be the next great Dos Equis most interesting man in the world, nothing will beat this whiskey and cigar gift set! Ready for all occasions from formal to informal, he can have his cigar and whiskey while he hosts or even on the go thanks to his matching leather cigar case! He’ll even love the display box that his gifts come in too, which he can leave out as a centerpiece or use to store his other whiskey accessories!


A Smokin’ Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Set for Smoking Cocktails

Infuse your next gift with something different! Does the recipient seem to know everything about whiskey? Throw them a whole new set of flavors with a that puts new flavor into their old favorite! With different wood chips and/or herbs, this smoker set will completely change the flavors of a tried and true whiskey. They’ll be able to create their own style of whiskey any night they want! Plus, as their taste expands into areas like bourbon, this will double as one of the ultimate bourbon gift sets for smoking their drink too!

Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Label Decanter Set with Sign

Inspired by Jack Daniels, this whiskey gift set is perfect for the Tennessee whiskey enthusiasts. Nothing will top a personalized whiskey set for someone with a passion for Tennessee whiskey. The impressive display will let everyone know exactly what style of drink is their favorite. Hang the sign in their favorite place to have a drink and leave the display box out for a conversation piece! This glassware set with classically styled old-fashioned glasses is a home-run for the upscale whiskey enthusiast!

A Whiskey Set With Real Beef

Bull Decanter Whiskey Gift Set

Have him grab life by the horns with his very own whiskey decanter set that comes in the shape of a bull! He’ll feel like a matador each time he reaches out to fill up his new engraved glasses with his best whiskey! Make your man feel like he could take on this intimidating beast with one of the coolest decanter sets around! Whether he is a rancher, matador, or just thinks bulls are cool, this is the perfect gift for just about any guy. You know he’ll like it so much that he’ll always have it out on display and you know for a fact that he’ll have a hard time not showing off anytime company is over!

A New Twist on Whiskey Stones

Custom Twist Glasses and Whiskey Stone Box Set

Chill his whiskey with a twist with this unique whiskey gift set! He’ll love the feel of these twist glasses in his hands, but he’ll enjoy the stones even more. Now he can chill whiskey without oversaturing his drink with water from ice. Give him a personal gift by engraving each piece of this set! This box set is perfect for guys who love everything from blended whiskey all to 20 year-old scotches!

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Gift

Personalized Cigar Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Surprisingly, some upscale whiskey gifts come in small packages. For the man who loves cigars and whiskey, there are few sets out there more fit as a gift than this. He will have his own personalized cigar holder and uniquely styled whiskey glass. This is perfect for the guy who likes to socialize and is constantly on the move. While he is out shaking hands or talking with his hands, he can easily hold his cigar and whiskey in one hand securely!

The Official Aficionado Set

Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Gift Set

If he has a nose for good liquor, look no further for your gift! A decanter with a set of Glencairn glasses is an ideal gift for guys who are particular or passionate about their whiskey. They’ll love the new aromas that come from this set. Their new decanter opens up the aromatics, while the Glencairn is indisputably the best glass for tasting all of the subtle flavors of whiskey. This gift set is perfect for the guy who knows his whiskey and loves to take in all the aspects of it while he sips!

Upscale Sculpted Glass Set

Sculpted Glasses with Engraved Whiskey Decanter

This upscale gift set is perfect for someone who always wanted to feel classy. Few things in the world make you feel as refined as you do while holding these sculpted glasses. These whiskey glasses show off an impressive design and will surprise you with how nicely they feel in the hand. Make this the best whiskey gift they get all year by adding a touch of personalization to their decanter as well. Combining these sculpted glasses with a custom engraved decanter will be a whiskey gift that cannot be beaten!