23 Unbeatable Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

23 Unbeatable Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

We all know a guy like this, the guy who has it all. Every time you see something cool or unique, it turns out he has already had it for weeks. This guy has it made; he never seems to be wanting anything. That is where the problem lies, coming up with gift ideas for men who have everything can be so hard. You want to get him something cool, something unique; you want to get him a gift that you know there is no chance he already has. Well, for those kinds of gifts, you’re in luck! We’ve gotten together some of the best gifts for men who have everything, this way you can surprise him with something cool he never even knew he wanted! Use our carefully curated selection to give the best gift for the man who has everything!

Now He Can Drink and Smoke At the Same Time

A Cigar Glass is the Perfect Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Your dad or husband is the kind of guy who likes to relax with a cigar and a glass of Crown Royal after work every evening. He’s a classy guy who is renown for his poker face and impeccable sense of style. What is the best kind of gift for a guy as suave as him? Something unique but practical, like this cigar-holding whiskey glass! This awesome glass will hold his cigar for him in between page turns of his Esquire as he reclines in his armchair after a long day at his corporate job. The cigar glass is without a doubt one of the best gifts for the man who has everything in your life!

The Manliest Beer Set for The Man Who Has Everything

Beer Ammo Best Gift for Men Who Have Everything

The guy you know is the biggest beer enthusiast you know. This ammo box is the set for the man who loves beer, he thought he had everything he could ever want, but once he sees this set, he’ll know he has always needed it in his life. This personalized ammo can gift set is definitely a unique gift you know he has never received before, making it one of the best gifts for men who have everything! The set is truly unique for him and he has likely never seen anything like it. You are going to blow him away because he may have a set of glasses or maybe even an ammo can, but he definitely doesn’t have a matching personalized beer set!

Give His Drinks a Whole New Flavor

Smoke Infuser Kit is the Best Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Does your husband dream of becoming a whiskey aficionado? He brings home a different bottle of whiskey every time he goes to the liquor store to sample with his friends and they discuss the flavors, comparing it to others they’ve tried. Yet, he doesn’t ever want anything for Christmas or his birthday. One of the coolest gifts for the man who has everything is a smoke box system! With this kit, your husband can infuse a smoky flavor to his whiskey or other liquors and give it a whole new taste. He and his friends will love trying the different combinations of wood chips and types of liquor to see what goes together best.

A Unique Game for Him and His Family

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game

This fun game isn’t just for him, it’s great for everyone in his family and his friends too! Cornhole or bean bag toss is an easy game that’s perfect for all ages. Whether he’s tailgating with his buddies or at a family reunion, he’ll want to bring this along to play with everyone. It’s even designed to look like his very own custom whiskey label! How cool is that? This game is the perfect gift for dads and husbands for Christmas!

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter with Matching Rocks Glasses

Your husband just got a promotion at his corporate job to be vice president of the company. He’s all for celebrating his awesome achievement with a nice dinner, but he says he doesn’t want any gifts because he doesn’t need anything. As his wife, you should try to get him a nice promotion gift, like something for his new office! This handsome personalized decanter set is the perfect gift for the man who has everything and wants nothing. He’ll be so surprised that you got him such a nice set for him to have in his office. Now he can impress the CEO and potential business partners with a classy drink when they come to his office.




All-in-One Speaker and Charging Table

Bluetooth Table with Wireless Charging

You read that right, this high-tech side table is a speaker and can charge his phone! Talk about an unbeatable gift. This incredible table can connect to any device via Bluetooth and play his music with 360 degree sound while wirelessly charging his phone. The expandable top and tempered glass surface ensures plenty of space for his snacks, remotes, books, or anything else he wants it to display. After using this just once, this futuristic table will become his favorite piece of furniture!

Italian Globe Bar

Globe Bar Cart

Your boyfriend or husband has always wanted his own home bar, but has no space for one. He wants to be able to entertain his friends and family members with style when they come over for game night and the holidays. How can you give him a home bar without having to move houses? With a bar cart! This gorgeous Italian globe bar cart is both a classy piece of decor and has plenty of room for wine bottles, liquor decanters, and glasses. He’ll love walking a friend over to the bar cart and opening up what looks to be an ornate globe to reveal a full-stocked bar! This fun bar cart is a fantastic holiday or anniversary gift for the man who has everything but a home bar.

The Best Cigar Gift for The Man Who Has Everything


I Smoke Cigar Sign For The Man Who Has Everything

One of his favorite vices is a good cigar. He is always going on about how much he knows about them. He loves the different styles and makes, and can probably identity where the tobacco came from with a single puff. For a guy who is this into cigars, get him a sign for his humidor room, smoking lounge, or even around the house. This sign tells the world that he has a ton of knowledge and absolutely loves his cigars. For the cigar enthusiast, this is one of the best gift ideas for the man who has everything.

Even the Guy Who Has Everything Doesn’t Have a Giant Cocktail Shaker

XL Cocktail Shaker is a Fun Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Yes, the cocktail shaker is actually that big. With a 110 ounce capacity, this monstrous shaker can make up to 10 martinis or margaritas at once! If he frequently entertains large groups, this giant shaker is a must-have. Thanks to your awesome and practical gift, he can make a big batch of the same drink to serve everyone. This both saves time and effort since he won’t have to rinse and refill his standard cocktail shaker over and over. This fun gift for the man who has everything is ideal for your boyfriend or husband. If he doesn’t have frequent parties, he’ll love breaking out this shaker when the whole family comes over for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

A Gift Set for All His Vices

Best Gift for Men Who Have Everything Whiskey and Cigar Set

Although refined, this guy loves to celebrate. He mixes his vices all the time, he loves to pair a good stogie and a glass of scotch. Give him a gift that makes that hobby even better. With this set he won’t have to worry about using both hands anymore like some pedestrian, he can smoke and drink with just one hand! And he’ll always have a perfectly chilled drink thanks to the awesome whiskey stones included in the gift set. This unique gift set is sure to be one he’ll love breaking out anytime he needs to indulge a little.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Exotic Foods

Hunter's Reserve Set of Exotic Sausages

Even guys who have it all won’t turn down food! For meat lovers, this set of exotic sausages is a lovely holiday gift. This set contains bison, elk, venison, wild boar, and classic sausage for him to try the wilder meats. He’ll enjoy sampling the different sausages with you or a loved one and comparing the flavors to typical pork or beef. Give him a pack of crackers and some gourmet cheeses and you’ve got the perfect food-themed gift for the man who has everything and wants nothing.

A Pretty Chill Whiskey Gift

Personalized Twist Whiskey Glass Set

Put a new twist on his drinking experience with the best gift set for the man who has everything. You know he already has a set of whiskey glasses; you’ve seen them and probably even drank from them. However, you know a matching box set with these elegantly engraved twist glasses are just the thing for him! They add more class to his drinking experience and have a great feel in the hand. He is going to be indulging in his favorite whiskey even more just to break out this personalized whiskey set!

Noble Beer Steins

Unique Beer Mugs with Pewter Crests

Regal enough to be fit for a king, the man in your life can’t help but love these medieval beer steins. Inspired by traditional steins in Germany, he’ll love the unique design and handsome pewter crest that is engraved with his initial. He’ll enjoy raising a glass together with you or a friend as you watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail or your favorite sport. A great birthday or holiday gift for the man who has everything such as your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband.




Tennessee Bourbon Sign

Bourbon Whiskey Sign for The Man Who Has Everything

This guy absolutely loves Tennessee whiskey, it is his go-to drink at his house and at the bars. Make his day by giving him a personalized sign that incorporates his name on his favorite label. This is surely one of the most unique gift ideas for men who have everything because they can’t simply go and buy a bottle with their name on it. This makes an even better gift than the bottle anyway because long after his bottle of bourbon is gone, he will still have this awesome sign hanging up in their home bar or living room. It is the perfect gift for him to show off his loyalty and passion for his favorite bourbon brand.

Tactical Gift Set for the Always-Prepared Man Who Has Everything

Survival Gift Set for the Man Who Has Everything

Your dad is the kind of guy who enjoys going hunting, camping, fishing, and especially shooting. He’s got a formidable collection of guns for each outdoor adventure. After a long day in the hot sun and the woods, he likes to come home and relax with a cool glass of whiskey or beer. He’s always hard to buy gifts for because he doesn’t need anything, but no longer! This awesome gift set is the perfect birthday or Father’s Day gift for him because it has a little bit of everything he enjoys. The bullet whiskey stones and bullet bottle opener will be there for his relaxing drink after a successful trip. The engraved survival knife will go with him no matter what new adventure he’s going on. This amazing gift set is one of the coolest gifts for the man who has everything!

A Grill that Cooks Anything Perfectly

Inferno NorthFire Grill

Gone are the days when your dad or husband has to wait for every steak and kabob to be cooked to perfection on his grill. With the Inferno, his BBQ will be done in seconds! You read that right, seconds. The incredible Inferno grill instantly gets up to 1500 degrees and has various levels of racks so that he can have his medium rare steak and cook yours well done at the same time. How cool is that? The amazing grilling ability of this high tech propane grill will create the perfect char and crispiness on his steakhouse-worthy food. Everyone in the family will want to come to your house for the Fourth of July and family reunions because of this awesome gift!

Practice His Putts Anywhere

Executive Golfing Set

For the golfer in your life who never wants anything, this executive golfing set is a great way for him to practice his shots on days when it’s not good weather for the actual course. He’ll enjoy the compact, portable style of the set so that he can bring it along to the office, his friend’s house, or on work trips. Your dad, husband, or boss will especially enjoy this cool golf gift.

The Ultimate Beer Set

Best Beer Set for The Man Who Has Everything

A beer growler set is one of those gifts for men that keeps on giving. Long after you’ve given him this awesome present, he will still be taking his growler to the brewery to get a full 64 oz of his favorite brew to bring back home; where he can enjoy his beer out of his custom pint glasses that rest on his very own custom coasters too. He’ll be enjoying craft and micro-brewed beers for years thanks to your awesome gift. That is a luxury he never thought he could buy!

Legendary Gift Set for the Awesome Man Who Has Everything

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Ammo Can Set

Your husband or dad is the coolest guy you know. He’s the kind of guy who has perfect aim, an incredible tolerance for liquor, and is good friends with various celebrities. Just last week, he attended a business conference and met Elon Musk. Now they have plans to get together for a tennis match! What kind of gift is suitable for such a legendary man? Even though he’s always saying he has everything he could possibly need, you still want to get him a nice gift for Christmas. This set is your solution! He’ll love showing off the engraved cigar flask as he offers a cigar to a new business partner for a celebratory smoke. The whiskey glasses belong in his office to offer visitors a classy drink. His ammo can will be at his side for when he goes to the shooting range or hunting. Everything about this totally awesome ammo can set makes it one of the best gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing.

Steel Tumblers for His Cold Drinks

Engraved Insulated Tumblers are Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Regular glasses will be a thing of the past once he tries out these revolutionary stainless steel tumblers! Double walled and vacuum insulated, these cool tumblers will keep his cocktails and sodas ice cold until the very last drop. His ice will melt slower, too, so that his beverage doesn’t get so watered down. Plus, the super durability of the steel ensures that he won’t have to worry about breaking them whether he’s enjoying a margarita by the pool or a cold glass of spring water at the campsite. Useful items like these insulated tumblers are always the best gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing!

His Own 3D Printer

Personal 3D Printer

Remember when 3D printers were first invented? They cost thousands of dollars and were a rare commodity, typically only in universities for scientific purposes. No longer! Your boyfriend or husband can now have his own 3D printer in his home! He can print all kinds of things such as extra parts for that Ikea table you bought for him or his own custom figurines. He’ll love bringing physical manifestations of his imagination to life with this incredible piece of technology! Even the guy who never wants anything will be over the moon to get a 3D printer.

The Classiest Way to Transport Beer

Briefcase Beer Carrier

Forget a beer caddy, this is the way to bring beer to a party. Your executive boyfriend or husband will love packing his fancy suitcase with a six pack. His friends will be really impressed when he opens his secret agent-style briefcase to reveal a couple of bottles of beer! He’ll want to use it any chance he gets because of how cool and fun it is. Even the guy who says he wants nothing will enjoy this totally awesome beer carrier.

A New Way to Drink Whiskey

Monogrammed Scotch on the Rocks Decanter Set

Your boyfriend enjoys a good scotch on the rocks after work every evening as part of his routine. He likes to make you iced cocktails when you come over for date night. More often than not, you two get wrapped up in your conversation and forget to take a sip of your drinks, and now they are watered down. He doesn’t like the idea of whiskey stones and prefers actual ice, but he doesn’t want to invest in a new ice machine. With this unique gift set, you can solve the problem and you both can continue to enjoy your iced cocktails and scotch! The glasses come with a special ice mold that, when frozen, forms a perfectly triangular wedge of ice that takes twice as long to melt. Plus, he’ll have a nice decanter to store his favorite whiskey on. It’s a win-win! What are you waiting for? This set is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for him!




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