Top 17 Wedding Gifts for Parents

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Gift giving is an important part of the ceremony for every couple that is about to tie the knot. While gift giving is usually associated with the couple who is getting married, one of the gifts most often forgotten are the wedding gifts for parents of the bride and groom. These gifts show appreciation to the families that raised them and are a reminder of the wonderful ceremony they attended. If you are looking for unique wedding gift ideas for parents, you may have a few questions like, which gifts for your parents are appropriate for a traditional or intimate wedding? How much should I spend on these types of gifts? What makes it a unique wedding gift for parents? Luckily, we have hand selected a list of items that are sure to impress your loved ones on before or after the big day.  

Cool Engraved Wedding Gift Box for Parents

Cool Engraved Wedding Gift Box for Parents

Your mom and dad will forever remember the day you got married, so why not give them a gift where they can assemble all those memories together? When mom collects your wedding pictures, personalized glassware, or invitations from the wedding, the mother of the bride or groom will have an awesome engraved box to put those keepsakes in. They will never have to forget a single detail throughout the night and have an easy location to find them whenever they want a reminder. It’s a very thoughtful gift.

Custom Whiskey Presentation Set for Mom and Dad

Custom Monogrammed Whiskey Presentation Set

When looking for a personalized wedding gifts for your parents, you want something that will make both happy. Dad will be happy to get a personalized whiskey decanter with the family name on it to use with his favorite spirits and Mom will get a way to present it to others while hosting people at their home. It’s a wedding gift that will they will cherish forever. When you give this to your parents on your big day, they will remember their own anniversaries over the years and how spending time with loved ones was their true happiness in life. They will never forget a gift like this.

Most Elegant Wedding Gifts for Parents

Personalized Twist Decanter Set

You can’t thank your parents enough for all they’ve done for you, but you can buy them an amazing gift to show your gratefulness. This whiskey decanter set is a stunning gift that will demonstrate your thanks better than anything else! They’ll be so impressed by this gorgeous set with their name on both decanter and glasses that they’ll never want to use any other glassware for as long as they live.

A Personalized Shadow Box is the Most Thoughtful Wedding Gift Idea for Parents

Shadow Box Wedding Gift for Parents

Your parents will remember every aspect of your wedding for the rest of their lives. Let them toast those memories each week when you give them a personalized wedding shadow box. With both your names prominently displayed with the date of your wedding, you are sure to provide your parents with a perfect wedding gift. It will last a lifetime and is something the mother of the bride will always cherish. Talk about one of the most unique wedding gifts ideas for parents!

Best Unique Parent Wedding Gift

Stainless Steel Tumblers Box Set

Your parents deserve only the best gifts. That’s why you’ve found a gift set that is absolute perfection. Throughout your life, from your childhood to adulthood, and even planning your wedding, they’ve been there for you and helped so much. Thank them with a unique gift set you know why won’t be able to help but love. Fill their new keepsake box with a few mementos from over the years, throw in a bottle of their favorite wine, and they’ll love sipping on their favorite wine while they look through years of memories that led up to your big day! Talk about a set of good wedding gifts for older couples.

Aura WiFi Digital Photo Frames – Cool Wedding Gifts for Parents That Standout

Aura WiFi Digital Photo Frame

It can be difficult to keep up with your family when life gets busy and life gets even busier after you get married. If you want your parents to be able to keep up with your crazy adventures, check out this picture frame. You can upload pictures directly to your parents from your phone. You could even send them the best shots from your honeymoon while you’re getting ready for a romantic dinner with your new spouse. There is no better way to stay connected even if you are far away!

For Drinking and Remembering

Whiskey Glasses Set Wedding Gifts for Parents

There’s nothing like a beautiful and personalized whiskey box set as the ultimate way to say, “Thank you,” when you’re searching for the ultimate wedding gift ideas for parents. Not only will the engraving give the gift a unique touch, but they’ll love storing wedding photos or other mementos inside the keepsake after the wedding. That’s not even to mention that tucked inside are a beautiful pair of customized glasses, perfect for your parents when they want to share a drink together.


Sonos Play 1 for Sharing Your Wedding Playlist

Sonos Play 1 for Sharing Your Wedding Playlist

If you belong to a family that loves music then we highly recommend the Sonos Play. You can share your Spotify or Pandora playlists and you will finally have a place your family can share all their music together. If you added your wedding playlist, your parents can bring back those memories anytime they wish. It’s a great way to stay connected with family.

Gift Seen Round the World

Custom Globe Decanter Set

Your parents mean the world to you, so you simply can’t go wrong with this globe decanter set. You know mom and dad won’t be able to help how much they adore this unique and custom gift. They’ll think of your wedding every time they see this beautiful glassware gift. Sipping whiskey from these classy Glencairn glasses and gazing at the unique decanter will make them very happy.

Cool Marble Wine Chiller for Weddings

Cool Marble Wine Chiller for Weddings

When you share your next bottle of wine with mom and dad as a couple, make it a memorable occasion. When the conversations at the dinner table go on for what seems like an eternity after bringing up your honeymoon activities, your wine will still be nice and cool. A marble wine chiller is more than a great way to keep your wine cold; it’s a classy gift idea for parents that they can use all the time.

Together Forever Stemless Wine Glasses 

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Set

One of the most traditional wedding gifts out there is glassware. People across cultures all over the world use glassware at weddings because it is elegant and timeless. Your traditional parents would be happy to get a set of glassware as a gift from your wedding. It shows you know their style. These monogrammed wine glasses and decanter feature the initials of the bride and the groom, making them an excellent wedding gift. You can even order these for all of your guests in larger quantities from us.


Personalized Wedding Wine Box – A Perfect Wedding Gift for Parents

Wine Box Perfect Wedding Gift for Parents

When you present your parents with their favorite bottle of wine inside of an engraved wine box, they will get emotional. This thoughtful wedding present for parents is a perfect way to ensure they will remember you in their will. With a wine box they can use over and over for a picnic or family event, they will always remember what great children they raised. Thoughtful children are the best children. You will have a lifetime to rub that in the face of your brothers and sisters.

Whiskey Box Set for Weddings

Whiskey Box Set for Weddings

Mom and Dad will both want as many keepsakes as possible from your special day. It’s a reminder that their hard work in raising their children paid off to continue the family legacy. Finding a wedding gift for parents that speaks to legacy can be tricky, but nothing is as timeless as a decanter box set. It has everything they could want. It’s personalized with your names and the date of the wedding. They even get a beautiful engraved wooden box to display it in.

Portable Tabletop Fireplace Gift

Portable Tabletop Fireplace Gift

If you are looking for a practical gift that can lighten up your parents’ home, then think about getting a tabletop fireplace. Not only will it brighten and warm their home with firelight, it can also be seen as a reminder that love is eternal. A fire represents passion, creativity, and motivation, which are things that exemplify love. It is a great gift for parents.

Perfect Personalized Cutting Board Made for Wedding Gifts

Perfect Personalized Cutting Board Made for Wedding Gifts

One thing you will find on the registry of every couple is a personalized cutting board. They want a way to remember their wedding in every place in their home, which includes the kitchen. If you are looking for creative wedding gift ideas for parents, then you need to include a personalized cutting board of your wedding for them. If you convinced the siblings from both sides of the family to get ones as well, the mother of the bride could prominently display multiple cutting boards in their kitchens for each couple in their family. It’s a great gift idea that will remind the mother of the bride of all their married children each day.

Cookbook & Tablet Stand To Share Family Recipes

Cookbook & Tablet Stand To Share Family Recipes

The best gifts are given with a purpose. If you belong to a family that shares food then a cookbook & tablet stand is a perfect wedding gift for your parents. You will be able to share family recipes over email and even link new ones that you found after visiting exotic places on your honeymoon. Your parents will love the opportunity to share dad’s favorite barbeque recipe or your mom’s secret recipe for lasagna. With a stand that allows for cooking and sharing, it’s exactly what they want from you.

A Sign of Your Parents Love

Home Sign Wedding Gift for Parents

When it comes to gifts that you know your parents will absolutely adore, a cute sign for their home is always a great choice. This personalized home sign is an amazing wedding gift for parents because it will remind them how much they love each other and are always at home when they’re together. They’ll think it’s gorgeous and full of sentiment, making it a phenomenal gift idea for them at your wedding.