11 Must-See Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holders

We Found the Best Ways to Enjoy Cigar and Whiskey

You don’t have to be a veteran cigar aficionado or whiskey expert to want to find the best ways to put a glass of whiskey and a stogie together (although it certainly doesn’t hurt). A glass of whiskey and a cigar is a classic combination, much like bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, chicken and waffles, even spaghetti and meatballs. These combinations work because of complementing flavor profiles, cigars and whiskey prove that it doesn’t have to be just food, but also your favorite indulgences can be paired and balanced together too! However, unlike food, when you pair a cigar and whiskey you’ll want to not only find the perfect flavor profile but also have the ideal glassware set up to enhance the experience from holding the stogie to sipping on your favorite year of whiskey. These classic and innovative whiskey glass and cigar gift pairings are great for beginners to true connoisseurs and will age just as well as their favorite spirit!

A New Take on Classic Cigar and Whiskey Glassware

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

A great way to pair a drink with a stogie isn’t just with great glassware, it is also with a set that allows you to share it with a friend! This whiskey glass with cigar holder gift set ensures that you’ve got everything you need to use these personalized gifts with your best friend, father, or groomsmen when you’re enjoying a glass of Blanton’s bourbon while puffing on a few Olivia cigars! The twist glasses put a fresh take on the classic whiskey glass, while the cigar holder and case ensure that no matter what you’ve got going on, you’ll always be ready to enjoy a stogie!

A Stately Set for Stogies and Whiskey

Personalized Decanter with Cigar Glasses Box Set

Sometimes, when you have cigars and whiskey paired together, you feel like you’re the classiest person in the world. When you’ve got stately glassware like this engraved decanter with cigar glasses set, you can be sure everyone will see you as a true whiskey and cigar aficionado. You can even use the keepsake to store a few stogies or a bottle of whiskey, ensuring you’ve got all of your tools for ultimate relaxation in one place! This cigar and whiskey gift for men looks so good in fact, you’ll leave this out by your poker table, on your home bar, or even on the end table, just so you get to see it daily!

Don’t Coast on Table Protection

Cigar Holder and Coaster Combo

Does anything ruin your experience of sitting back with a quality bourbon and your favorite stogie more than finding out you’ve been leaving rings on your best table? Never again! This coaster ashtray combo makes enjoying your classic vice combination easier than ever. In fact, thanks to the cigar holder on the ashtray, you can leave to go get even more ice for your favorite bourbon!

A Set They Can Take Anywhere

Custom Ammo Can Tool Set with Whiskey and Cigar Flask

 A lot of people who enjoy a good cigar and whiskey also have awesome taste, which is why they love cigars and whiskey in the first place. So to match their classy but strong taste in gifts, you’ll need something incredibly unique, just like their own personalized ammo can set! Thanks to the fantastic cigar flask that comes with the other amazing tools, they can be deep in the wilderness and still pair some Maker’s Mark with a nice full-bodied Nicaraguan cigar, allowing them to bring some class with them no matter where they are in the world.

You Simply Can’t Leave Out Game Night

Monogrammed Poker Set with Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

The only thing that pairs together as well as cigars and whiskey is when you add a card game into the mix! When you’ve got this whiskey glass with cigar holder combined with the monogrammed poker set, you’ll always have a blast with your friends and family when game night comes around!


Engraved Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Personalized Rocks Glass with Cigar Holder

Use this personalized cigar gift set as the ultimate way to create a clash of flavors inside your mouth when you combine a glass of 10 Year Eagle Rare with a Fuente cigar! There simply isn’t a better way to unwind at the end of the day then when you’ve got your hand wrapped around this custom glass and have a smoldering cigar waiting for you. Whether you’re enjoying this in your cigar lounge or on the back porch while looking at the night sky, you can be sure this set will make the most of every experience!

Keep Cigars Par for the Course

Cigar Holder for Golf Cart

Not every cigar experience exists at home. In fact, some of the best times you can have is when you’re out enjoying one of your favorite hobbies, such as golf! When you’re on the green, add this Puff Caddy cigar holder on so you don’t just have a golf caddy, now you’ve got a cigar caddy, too! Sink putts and crush drives between sweet smoldering pulls from your favorite stogie!

For Celebrating at a Moment’s Notice

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Flask

Not every whiskey holder has to be the classiest of classy glassware, instead, some can be made from metal and leather like this slick cigar and whiskey flask! Perfect for a jacket or bag pocket, you can easily take out this personalized flask when you just closed a big business deal, nailed the presentation, or whatever other reason you determine deserves you to celebrate with a drink and cigar on the spot!

A Patriotic Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Patriotic Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder Whiskey Stone Set

Got a bit of patriotism in you? Then look no further than this epic American themed patriotic cigar and whiskey gift set! Better yet, pair this with some Bulliet Cask bourbon and a Rocky Patel Edge to enjoy this set to the best of its ability! This is the perfect gift set for the patriotic person or vet who not only wants to show off their love for their country but wants a badass whiskey and cigar gift set to help them do so!

A Gift that Doesn’t Make Scents

Metal Cigar Holder

Not everyone enjoys remembering the fantastic cigar they had earlier in the day or even a day after when they notice a cigar smell lingering on their hands. When you’re enjoying a glass of whiskey, attach this metal cigar holder to the end of your favorite stogie, this way you can keep your hands clean of any lingering scents!

For the Nineteenth Hole Celebration

Monogrammed Whisky Glass and Cigar Case

Ensure you’re ready for all of your favorite things with one awesome gift set. This monogrammed whiskey glass with cigar holder is one of the ideal ways for you to kick back at the nineteenth hole with your best friends after a great round of golf. Make sure you’re stocked with Power’s John’s Lane and a few La Palina Classic Rosado Robusto and you’ll have a nineteenth hole that none of your friends could ever hope to pass up!