13 Ultimate Cigar Starter Kits

Start Your New Hobby with These Awesome Cigar Starter Kits!

Cigars are a luxurious way to enjoy fine tobacco, and for some people, it’s a hobby they indulge in regularly. For someone who wants to get into this sophisticated practice or has just started enjoying stogies, they’ll need a few things to start with. A cigar starter kit is a set of cigar-related items such as a torch or lighter, cigar cutter, ashtray, a humidor, cigar case, cigar stand, and of course a variety of stogies to try. This way, the new cigar smoker will be fully prepared with everything they need to dive into the world of cigars! A beginner cigar kit is a great gift for any aspiring cigar smoker, just don’t forget to pick up a few different stogies for them to try. Wondering what kind of liquors pair best with cigars? Looking for a gift to give someone who wants to become a cigar aficionado? Are you in search of a set of cigar accessories that will introduce someone to cigars for the first time? We’ll answer all of your questions, so get scrolling!

The Ultimate Cigar Starter Kit

Personalized Cigar Starter Kit with Whiskey Glasses

For someone who wants to get into cigars, pairing them with whiskey is one of the first things they should do. This ultimate cigar and whiskey set is the best way to enjoy this perfect pairing! They will love the unique glasses, but they’ll especially be amazed by the handy portable cigar stand and cigar case that allows them to take their stogies on the go. This set has just about everything but the actual cigars and whiskey, so make sure you pick some up before you give the aspiring cigar lover this incredible set.

Coolest Way to Have a Cigar & Glass of Whiskey

Custom Beginner Cigar Kit with Glass

What if you could puff on a cigar and sip whiskey at the same time? This incredible 2-in-1 glass allows you to do so with ease! Anyone who’s just getting into cigars will be in awe of such a cool glass, and they’ll definitely love having the cigar case on hand when they’re on the go and want to enjoy a stogie. This duo is a cool beginner cigar kit that is an absolute must-have!

A Humidor Unlike Any Other

Engraved Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is an essential item for anyone who smokes cigars, even if they’re just starting out. You can find a small, standard humidor pretty easily, but why settle for a boring one that most cigar lovers have when you can give the new cigar fan a humidor unlike any other? This incredible ammo can humidor is the coolest one on the market and holds twice as many cigars as any regular humidor. It is a great cigar starter kit for a new cigar smoker and is sure to impress every cigar lover they know!

Custom Essentials Set

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Starter Kit

Looking for a set to help the new cigar smoker in your life become an aficionado? This essential beginner cigar kit is perfect! Complete with a cigar cutter, lighter, cigar stand, and even a whiskey glass, this set has everything a cigar fan needs to enjoy a nice stogie alongside a glass of whiskey. Plus, the cigar stand, cigar cutter, and lighter are all easily portable so that they are prepared for a stogie wherever they go, talk about a great cigar gift set!

The Three Things Every Cigar Fan Needs

Monogrammed Cigar Gift Set

What do you give someone who is just getting into smoking cigars? This awesome ashtray gift set! They may have an ashtray already, but they definitely don’t have a genuine marble one that’s custom engraved with their initials. And they certainly won’t have the awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass! This stunning cigar set is sure to make any cigar fan feel like a sophisticated aficionado, even if they’re just starting out.


The Beginner Cigar Kit That Has Everything They Need

8 Piece Cigar Smoker Starter Set

For those of you who want a starter kit with everything in it, this is the one for you! Included in this eight piece set is a standard humidor that can hold up to 20 cigars, a humidifier for the humidor, humidification solution, humidor seasoning, two different types of cigar cutters, a torch, an ashtray, and two acrylic tubes to hold cigars. This kit teaches a new cigar smoker how to properly store and enjoy stogies at home. Talk about a great starter kit for the aspiring cigar aficionado!

Sophisticated Box Set

Engraved Cigar Starter Kit Box Set

A newcomer to the exotic world of cigars doesn’t have to work their way up with basic cigar necessities, they can start off their new hobby with this luxurious box set! They will love using the unique cigar stand to hold their stogie in between puffs, and the awesome whiskey glass is ideal for a nice glass of scotch on the rocks (well, whiskey stones) to enjoy with their cigar. The handsome black box can store the entire set in between uses or it can house a cigar band collection. This set is by far the most sophisticated cigar starter kit that any beginner would enjoy!

A Shadow Box to Store Their New Collection

Funny Personalized Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

Now that they’re smoking cigars, they can start saving the bands from each stogie and build a collection! One thing they’ll need is a place to keep the bands, and a shadow box is the best place to do so! This awesome gift makes it super easy to show off their collection as well as add to it. This fun personalized shadow box is a must-have for any cigar aficionado, especially when they’re just starting out so they can get started on their collection of cigar bands right away.

For the Cigar Fan Who Loves Whiskey

Custom Decanter and Cigar Starter Kit

Whether they’re also just getting into whiskey or they’ve been a whiskey lover for some time before pairing it with cigars, this exquisite decanter set makes for an impressive gift. The unique cigar-holding whiskey glasses take the classic pairing of cigars and whiskey to a whole new level, and they’ll love being able to share the experience with a fellow cigar fan! Such an amazing beginner cigar kit is something they’ll enjoy for years to come. Some of the best pairings are a Cohiba Black with Johnny Walker Blue, Four Kicks Selección No. 5 with Tullamore D.E.W., and Knob Creek Quarter Oak with the Partagás.

An Introduction to Cigars and Whiskey

Personalized Beginner Cigar Kit with Whiskey Stones

If the previous decanter set is a little too much for someone who wants to try both cigars and whiskey, this smaller set is a great gift for a beginner. They’ll enjoy using their new rocks glass with a couple of the whiskey stones for a smooth bourbon to pair with a Romeo y Julieta cigar. There’s no better way to relax than with a cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other, after all! Plus, the cigar case can easily go with them on the go so that they can enjoy a stogie wherever they are.

Cigar Sampler Set

Cigar Variety Set from Cigars International

A great cigar starter kit is a sampler pack of different types of stogies to help a new cigar smoker decide which ones they enjoy the most. This set comes with two of each type so that they can be sure they enjoy the cigar the second time around or they can share it with a fellow cigar smoker. They even get their own humidor to store them in, which is absolutely necessary for them to be able to enjoy their stogies to the fullest.

A Kit With a Little Bit of Everything

Customizable Whiskey and Cigar Box Set

Does the new cigar fan already have a few essentials such as an ashtray, torch, and humidor? Then this set will be a welcome addition! They will never want to drink whiskey any other way once they try out the nifty cigar-holding rocks glass, especially when they try the whiskey stones. This box set is a fantastic way to indulge in their favorite whiskey and stogies, and is a great gift for any beginner to get used to this luxurious pairing.

The First Piece for a Cigar Lounge

Personalized Cigar Sign

Since you’ve made it here, clearly you’re looking for something a little different. How about a unique piece of decor to celebrate their new hobby? This suave sign is the perfect way to begin building their cigar lounge or simply introducing stogies to their home bar. They will love that you took the time and effort to create such a cool and personalized sign just for them, and every time they look at it they’ll feel like a true aficionado.