13 Refined Gifts for Cigar Smokers

Give Bold Gifts with These Unique Gifts for Cigar Smokers:

Oftentimes, when people think of getting a gift for a cigar enthusiast they imagine people like Clint Eastwood in his cowboy days or their grandparent who enjoys a classic stogie. However, cigars have been making a massive comeback with younger crowds! Since stogies are becoming more and more popular, it is inevitable that you ended up here looking for gifts for cigar smokers. For these cigar gifts, you’ll want to get something to enhance the cigar experience. These gifts can be things to help smoke, something to pair with their stogie, or even for their smoking environment. Make the most out of the gifts for cigar smoker you pick up by letting us guide you to the top cigar gifts available!

Put a Twist on Cigar Gifts

Engraved Twist Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case with Accessories

A good stogie is a refined experience, there is something about the tasty smoke that simply makes everything feel classy and sophisticated but when you add in a good whiskey or bourbon, you’ve found the adult version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! These gifts for cigar smokers are the ones you simply can’t pass up! When you’re in search of a great gift for someone just getting into cigars or someone who you think could use an upgrade, this gift set is sure to blow them away! Perfect for pairing liquor and cigars at home, this set also has a lighter, cigar holder, and travel case, meaning no matter if they’re on important business or traveling with friends, they can still enjoy a good smoke!

A Badass Personalized Humidor

Cigar Humidor are Gifts for Cigar Smokers

One thing every fan of cigars needs is their own personalized cigar humidor. Without one, their cigars will rot or dry out, wasting all that precious, leafy tobacco goodness. However, you know for this enthusiast, not any humidor will do. You want to get something tough, maybe even something military-grade, which is why this ammo can humidor is perfect! The customized gift is even easily portable, so if they are going to a friend’s cigar lounge or want to bring stogies to celebrate with friends, they can with ease!

A Magnificent Set of Gifts for Cigar Smoker

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Ashtray

Gifts for cigar smoker need to be something practical as well as classy. People who enjoy cigars are different from the kind who you normally shop for. Cigar smokers want to have gifts that enhance their experience, which is why this monogrammed cigar whiskey set is ideal for every level of stogie enthusiast, from beginner to true aficionado! The cigar glass will be unlike anything they’ve ever seen or used before. Now, they can use just one hand to enjoy their vices, leaving the other one for fist bumps or smartphone usage! Plus, this set even comes with a matching marble ashtray which is the perfect upgrade to their old ashtray. You can be sure this will be a luxury cigar gift set they will love!

Bring the Heat with this Gift

Butane Lighters are Gifts for Cigar Smoker

What would a list of cigar gifts be without a butane lighter? Aside from a match, these give the cleanest light and most natural burn to any kind of rolled tobacco. It doesn’t matter how many lighters or how long they’ve been smoking for, you can be sure this will become the lighter that never leaves their pocket or their cigar lounge!

An Eclectic Gift for Stogie Enthusiasts

Cigar Box with Watch Sunglasses are Gifts for Cigar Smokers

Unfortunately, cigars are often associated with the older crowd, but there are plenty of younger people who enjoy a good puff every now and then. Let them know you found the hippest set of gifts for cigar smokers with this cigar box gift set! Everything comes inside a cigar box but it’s all stuff they can keep on them. A set of dapper sunglasses as well as a watch are an easy way to look sharp anywhere they go. Plus, they’ll also have the cigar cutter and lighter to ensure they’re ready to light up one of their stogies at a moment’s notice!


A Sign You’ve Found the Best Cigar Gift

Custom Cigar Lounge Wooden Sign

Every fan of cigars wishes they have a specific place in their house to enjoy a good stogie. While some already have the start to a lounge, others may not have begun yet. This personalized cigar sign is the kick in the pants to either finish off that fantastic man cave/cigar lounge or for them to start drawing up blueprints for the most epic lounge ever!

The Ultimate Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Personalized Cigar Glass and Decanter Box Set

So, you’re halfway through this blog and haven’t found the perfect gift yet. Have you considered going absolutely all out? This decanter box set is one of those gifts that is so stunning when you give it they won’t even know what to say! The whole set is engraved; plus, it makes pairing liquor and their favorite stogies easier than ever before! It even comes with two glasses, meaning you’ll likely be rewarded with such a gift with one of their favorite cigar and whiskey combinations!

Classy Cigar Holders

Wooden Cigar Holder Set

Keep your hands fresh and smelling clean with a wooden cigar holder! These ends to cigars are perfect for those who don’t want their fingers smelling of strong tobacco long after the final embers of their stogie have gone out. These gifts for cigar smoker make a great stocking stuffer or even accessory to one of the larger sets here.

Engraved Cognac Set of Gifts for Cigar Smokers

Personalized Cognac and Cigar Gift Set

Picture this, it is a cold winter day and they’ve just experienced the bitter cold. Maybe they shoveled, had a cold car ride, or had to be outside for another reason. Nothing will warm them up quicker than a nice glass of cognac and a freshly lit cigar! Thanks to you, coming inside to their personalized cognac gift set will be like a little kid having their hot chocolate after being in the snow building forts for hours!

Sleek Cigar Flask

Etched Cigar Flask is a Gifts for Cigar Smoker

Need gifts for cigar smokers who are always on the go? How about a set of gifts that is actually just one awesome one? This two-in-one combination flask is just what you’re looking for! Engraved with a special message, this is the sleekest and classiest way for them to bring their precious cigars and whiskey with them anywhere. Whether they need to celebrate at a wedding or want to unwind, this set has them covered. All they have to do is slip it inside a jacket pocket and they’re always ready!

Creative Cigar Collection for the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

Cigars often trigger a memory. The feel of the dried leaf, the experience of pulling one from the humidor, the smell, and even something as simple as seeing a band can bring about an old experience. Make that happen more often with this personalized shadow box. It can hold anything as a memento, but for the cigar lover, putting used bands inside is a great way to see some of their favorite cigar memories displayed on their wall or mantle!

Educate Them on the Best Pairings

Whiskey Cognac and Cigar Guide Book

There has been a lot of talk about pairing some of the finer things in life so far, but what if they don’t know how? Give them this whiskey, cognac, and cigar book that helps them to know which cigars pair best with what drinks and what sort of flavors to expect! This will even expand their whiskey knowledge which will make pairing it with their favorite stogies even easier. These life lessons are invaluable to any cigar fan!

The Rarest Gifts for Cigar Smoker

Personalized Gifts for Cigar Smoker is Whiskey Glass Cigar Flask and Whiskey Stones

Sometimes, gifts for cigar smoker need to be a little bit of everything and with this engraved cigar whiskey gift set, that is exactly what they’ll be getting! Thanks to this awesome set, they’ve got everything they need to pair a good Montecristo and Basil Hayden’s at home or on the move! Whether you’re helping an aspiring aficionado get their toes wet into the world of cigars and whiskey or shopping for the established smoker who needs an upgrade, you can’t go wrong with this engraved set!