27 Incredible 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Show How Much You Love Them After a Decade with These Awesome 10 Year Anniversary Gifts:

Wow! Ten years, that is absolutely incredible! You’ve spent a decade together and after all this time, you still love each other as much as you did when you both said “I do.” Show that your love is just as strong as the day you met or even stronger with 10 year anniversary gifts that celebrate your commitment to one another with unique gifts that can be traditional, modern, or anything in-between! While it is a lot of fun to get gifts that fit traditional or modern gift-giving styles, when searching for 10 year anniversary gift ideas for couple, don’t be afraid to venture outside the box! However, what if you are looking for gifts for her or 10 year anniversary gifts for him? You will want to find the perfect gift for that couple or for each person. So, when you do, you’ll find a truly awesome gift you know your spouse will love receiving on your anniversary!

A Unique Twist on 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Twist Decanter Set

Is there any better way to commemorate the time the two of you have spent together than with a drink? Make your celebratory toast toward 10 years together just as memorable as your first day by having it out of this personalized twist decanter set! While this may not be a traditional gift, this is a great way to make sure you and your spouse have a gift that you’ll use for other major celebrations or even for nightcaps!

Upgrade Your Wedding Wine Glasses

Copper Wine Tumbler Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

After 10 years, it has got to feel like your love is unbreakable, so get a gift that symbolizes that with these engraved copper wine tumblers! Over ten years, you’re sure to want to only display the frail glasses you got for your wedding, but thanks to these copper stainless steel tumblers, you’ll have an anniversary gift that will last even longer than your marriage! Perfect for a Merlot or a chilled Chardonnay, these will be a great way to enjoy a drink as your anniversary night winds down!

A Cutting Board to Keep Things Hot in the Kitchen

Monogrammed Wooden Cutting Board

10 year anniversary gifts that keep the couple spending time together are always a win! So, why not get them this gorgeous monogrammed wooden cutting board, perfect for crafting home-made meals? Whether they decide to use it on their anniversary or wait to cook the perfect holiday dinner, they now have the perfect place to do all their cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing! Include some board oil so their gift lasts for years to come and you’ll have given the ideal anniversary gift!

A Gift Set for Making Memories

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couple is a Shadow Box Gift Set

While they may not still have any wedding flowers preserved from their big day a decade ago, they can use this personalized shadow box gift to preserve the bouquet of flowers he got for her for their anniversary on this monumental occasion! This is a great set of 10 year anniversary gift ideas for couple that will quickly become sentimental with all the neat and memorable items they can put inside. After all, they are only ten years in, they have plenty of time to continue making memories, which their new shadow box can easily preserve and put on display! They could start with the flowers he got her for their anniversary or maybe some special trinkets she has gotten him over the years. Add in the matching stemless wine glasses and they’ve just gotten one of the best anniversary gifts of the decade!

Engraved Cognac Gift Set

Personalized Cognac Box Set

When you’re in search of a great set of 10 year anniversary gifts, think about the kind of night you want to have. For example, snuggling up by the fireplace or fire pit on a cool night, sound good? How about spending time together over a drink? Why not do both? This custom cognac glass box set is a great way for you and your spouse to spend a wonderful evening together. You both can enjoy a beautiful cognac, and it even comes with a lighter and cigar cutter for a celebratory stogie. This set is fantastic for him to enjoy years down the road to as a unique 15 year anniversary gift for him!


Renew Those Pots and Pans

Non Stick Pot and Pan 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Those pots and pans you got at your wedding are starting to look a little worse for wear. Not that you don’t take care of them, but after a decade of meals, they are simply looking a little worn. So get a gift set you and your spouse will love with a new set of aluminum non-stick pans. Plus, being aluminum they even fit the traditional theme, how cool? Now the two of you can get back in the kitchen making pancakes, steaks, or any other tasty meals the two of you love!

How to Make it Another 10 Years

Engraved Wooden Sign for Couples

For the couple who still shares a glass of wine, a neat whiskey, a few brews, or any other combination of cocktails and drinks, you know this custom wooden sign is the perfect way for them to have a gift on display to show off not only their love for each other but as a way to show off one of their favorite ways to enjoy each other’s company! While there are plenty of 10 year anniversary gifts that have multiple parts, there is nothing like a personalized, meaningful gift that they get to see every single day in their home.

The Perfect Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couple

Rocks Glass Box Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Make your 10 year anniversary gift ideas for couple as easy as this custom gift box with rocks glasses. After all, they’ve been each other’s rocks for all these years, so not only is this a great symbolic gift set, it also makes celebrating their decade-long achievement easier than ever. The glasses and box even share a special engraving. However, once they take the stones and rocks glasses out, they’ll never want to put them back, leaving their gift box as the perfect keepsake for photos, cards, or anything else special to the two of them.

Personalized Wine Decanter Set

Custom Wine Decanter Gift Set for 10th Anniversary

What goes with anniversaries more than wine? Nothing! For this anniversary, you want to make sure that they get to enjoy their drink to the fullest when they are toasting you for a great decade together, and nothing will make their Merlot or Pinot taste as good as possible quite like a personalized decanter gift set! For your ten-year anniversary and every occasion after, you can be sure they’ll be reaching for these personalized glasses and decanter to make every drink taste as good as possible.

A Classy & Custom Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couple is a Decanter Box Set

There is simply something about a classy engraved decanter box set that makes it one of the most perfect anniversary gifts. Personalized with your anniversary date and names, this set will always make you think of the love of your life each time you see it on your home bar or table. Whether the two of you decide to make this your gift set to enjoy on special occasions or for daily use, one thing is for sure, you’ll never be happier than when you see the unique engraving and are clinking your glasses together in a toast!

They’re Your Biggest Fan

Air Purifier Fan

Take things the traditional route while also giving them a modern update with a Dyson air purifying fan! You’ve got the markers of a traditional gift thanks to the aluminum that makes up the fan while it is also a nice modern tech gift for your spouse! This is a great gift for them to keep the house smelling clean, having fresh air to breathe, while also creating an easily controllable breeze for those warm summer days.

For the Beer-Loving Couple

Monogrammed 10th Anniversary Gift of Pint Glasses for Couples

Are you part of a couple who loves beer as much as life itself? Then this monogrammed pint glass gift set is a great gift idea for you! Not only can the two of you share a stout or a lager, but this set looks amazing too! Engraved with each of your initials and your shared last one, these glasses will quickly become your most sentimental and most favorite way to spend time together while enjoying your favorite drink, beer!

Modernize Those Vintage Wine Sets

Blackout Tumbler Box Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

A couple simply can’t enjoy their tenth anniversary without a good glass of wine! When you are buying for your significant other, ensure the two of you will have the perfect anniversary with this unique and classy wine gift set of 10 year anniversary gifts! A chilled Sauvignon Blanc or Muscat will never taste as good as it does than when you’re with your loved one, on your anniversary, enjoying your first drinks from your favorite anniversary gift yet!

Presenting the Best Wine Gift for Couples

Personalized Wine Bottle Tool and Presentation Box

There is nothing like a bottle of wine on an anniversary. When you’re shopping for your significant other, you know that a bottle is a great way to set the tone for the evening; however, this is 10 years of marriage you are buying a gift for. So, instead of a top-quality bottle on its own, dress it up with this custom wine gift box! Inside, they’ll find all the tools they’ll need to enjoy their wine to the highest level. Better yet, when your wine has long been drunk, the gift box also is a great place to store a second important bottle. This way, when 11 years or a birthday come around you can easily have another classy wine experience at the ready!

Keep Their Whiskey Classy

Regal Crested Whiskey Tasting Glass Set

Get the classiest set of 10 year anniversary gifts for a couple with these crested whiskey tasting glasses. After 10 years together, and countless drinks, they’ve definitely developed a palate, so you know any couple who enjoys a tasty scotch, whiskey, or bourbon, will immediately put this set of glasses to use with their finest bottle of Buffalo Trace or Glenlivet.


The Best Seat Outside the House

Outdoor Loveseat 10 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Couple

Check out this romantic gift that any couple will be able to enjoy, an extra-large lounge chair perfect for two! Made from aluminum (see, still perfect for the 10 year anniversary) this chair is a great way for you and your spouse to sit outside and enjoy the stars, the fireplace, or even just each other’s company.

An Engraved Box Set 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Custom Decanter Box Set Anniversary Gift

Whether you are spending your tenth anniversary together at home or out on the town, one thing is for sure, as the night comes to an end nothing will cap the evening off quite like sharing a drink toward another few decades together like this personalized decanter gift box set. This is the perfect anniversary gift that keeps on giving! From that night on, anytime the two of you want to have a romantic date night or even a nightcap, this gorgeous decanter set will be the perfect way for the two of you to indulge.

Help Show Them the World

Globe Bar Cart

Give your spouse the home bar they have always dreamed of even if they don’t have room for a bar top with this globe bar cart. Since it comes with wheels, it is easy to take the party with them anywhere they go. From room to room, they’ll always have all the glasses, bottles, and mixers that they could ever need. Plus, it comes in the shape of a vintage globe, how neat looking is that?

The Ultimate 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couple

Monogrammed Whiskey Presentation Set

Make their anniversary as classy as you can make it with this sophisticated and soon to be sentimental engraved whiskey presentation set! The monogram makes this gift feel extra special since it shares both of your initials while also putting an extra bit of class onto this six-piece gift set. Just make sure there is a bottle of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch in the house so the two of you can start things off on the right foot with a celebratory drink from this amazing gift!

Toss These 10 Year Anniversary Gifts Into the Mix

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Set

After ten years, the two of you still love to have a good time together. It doesn’t matter what is going on, if you can get outside to have a good time, you’re going to do it! That is why a bean bag toss set is one of the best anniversary gifts. While the two of you host a tailgate or BBQ, you can entertain yourselves as well as your guests with this fun game! They better just watch out, because now that you own this game, you and your spouse are sure to be an unstoppable dynamic duo!

For the Classy Readers

Crystal Diamond Bookends

Take a unique approach to the modern anniversary tradition of diamonds with these diamond bookends! These classy gifts are perfect for every home. Whether you put these on a shelf or coffee table, they’ll look great holding up your spouse’s favorite book. Who knows, they might even use it to hold up the photo album with your wedding pictures!

Personalized Vineyard Sign for Wino Couples

Custom Wine Cellar 10 Year Anniversary Sign

While over the years you’ve given them everything you possibly can, one thing that you may not have been able to give them is their own personal wine cellar. However, with this engraved wine cellar sign, you can give them the next best thing! Now, wherever they store their wine is the wine cellar! Make the wino whom you love happy every time they go to get a perfectly aged Bordeaux or Merlot with this awesome wine sign!

A Barrel of Good 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gifts are Engraved Wine Set with Stemless Glass

How cute is this gift set for your spouse? This custom wine tool set with stemless wine glasses is one of the most unique 10 year anniversary gift ideas for couple you are bound to come across. This is a great gift to surprise them with at your anniversary dinner. When either the wine that pairs with dinner is brought out or the meal is done and it is time for a dessert glass of wine, they’ll be stunned when they are served from this unique gift!

Serving Up Some Superb Snacks

Personalized Slate Cheese Board

After 10 years together, it can feel incredibly hard to find a gift for your partner since at this point you have a decade’s worth of gifts for occasions such as Christmas, their birthday, and your anniversary. However, for the couple who loves to host parties, a personalized cheese board makes a fantastic gift! There Brie and Munster will never look as good as they do than when they’re served next to a set of crackers as well as your last name engraved right into the slate!

A Unique Box Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Personalized Twist Whiskey Glass Box Set

Make your ten-year anniversary extra special by getting a gift that is just as good looking as your spouse! This elegant glassware box set is the perfect gift to remind the two of you of your wedding day thanks to the sweeping glassware much like her dress as well as the clinking of glasses in celebration. This gift even comes with a keepsake which is perfect for storing mementos from the two of you from the past or ones made on your tenth anniversary.

Matching Anniversary Bracelets

Diamond Bracelet 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Keep things simple while also being classy with a set of anniversary bracelets that embrace the modern tradition of diamonds. These custom bracelets come with both you and your spouse’s name on them while also being encrusted with diamonds. These are the perfect set of understated gifts for the couple who wants to wear their new anniversary gift every single day with every outfit they own!

The Most Sentimental Gift Box

Engraved Gift Box

If you’re still searching for the perfect 10 year anniversary gift ideas for couple, why not make a gift box set yourself? This personalized gift box will share your last name and initial, and it also comes filled with gorgeous black paper, which simply leaves you to fill it with special gifts, mementos, unique items that you know your spouse will love. This gift box is the perfect way to take your great and unique gift ideas and take them to the next level!