21 Congratulatory Groomsmen Gift to Groom Ideas

21 Congratulatory Groomsmen Gift to Groom Ideas

UPDATED: Jan 5, 2023

Groomsmen Gifts to the Groom are the Ultimate Gifts to Make Him Feel Special

The groom is just as important as the bride when it comes to their upcoming nuptials, but oftentimes it feels like he gets forgotten about. Don’t let him be an afterthought and instead step your game up to ensure he feels just as a part of the wedding as she is. Do your duty as a best man or groomsman and get a groomsmen gift to groom. These are gifts from his boys that show they care about his wedding and that they appreciate being a part of his special day. So, while you may find this unusual and ponder just what gifts are given to the groom? Or, how much money should a groom gift cost? Enjoy these groomsmen gift to groom ideas so you and the boys know just what you need to surprise the groom with something unforgettable!

A Full Hand of Groomsmen Gifts to Groom

Monogrammed Poker Set with Cigar Glass

His last bachelor days are upon him, so with your groomsmen gift to groom you’re going to want to make the most of his time. Have him acting like a mob boss from any classic movie with this monogrammed poker gift set. A night in with the boys with a thick layer of cigar smoke, the smell of scotch, and the clattering of chips is the best way for him to celebrate his upcoming marriage.

Cheers to the Soon-to-Be Married Man

Groomsmen Gift to Groom is a Beer Mug Box Set

Say “Cheers,” to his upcoming big day with a personalized beer mug box set. After all, guys know there is no better way to enjoy a brewski than from a mug; so, as all of his groomsmen, you’re obligated to get him one for his reception or bachelor party. Plus, this one has his name on it which means that he’ll love it even more. And just like his marriage, this is a gift that is going to last decades!

Present the Best Bottle Ever

Engraved Liquor Gift Box

One of the ultimate gifts for a man about to tie the knot is a bottle of liquor. It’s simply one of those traditions that feels like it goes back centuries (even if it doesn’t). However, this is your boy! Class it up a bit more and make this an even more memorable occasion with a custom liquor gift box. Now, your liquor gift has a unique presentation to it and he can keep the box long after the liquor has been drunk. It can become a keepsake for his bachelor party, a place to store fancy bottles of liquor or anything of his choosing.

The Perfect Wedding Decor for Men

Personalized Pub Sign is a Groomsmen Gift to Groom Idea

Some of the best groomsmen gifts to groom ideas out there have to deal with home decor. A personalized pub sign like this is a great gift for any man about to be married. It is classy and fun, and it allows him to have some say in the decoration of his home. Now, when you visit the happy couple, you won’t be surprised to see him acting like a bartender while he is mixing drinks while standing next to his favorite sign of all time!

Take His Beer Anywhere

Engraved Beer Growler for Groom

Just because he is getting married doesn’t mean that his adventurous life is over. That goes for both his love of exploring craft beer and the world! With an engraved stainless steel growler he’ll easily take his go-to brews everywhere from the campgrounds for his bachelor party to the top of Yosemite after climbing it; the possibilities are endless!


Grooming Groomsmen Gift to Groom Ideas

Luxury Shaving Kit

You simply can’t have a scruffy groom. Ensure he looks his best with a luxury classic wet shaving set. This is a perfect gift to give the groom at his bachelor party to make sure that on the morning of his wedding he has all the tools to look his best for the moment he says. “I do,” to his bride.

A Sophisticated Stogie Set

Custom Cigar Whiskey Glass Box Set of Unusual Groom Gifts

Some of the best groomsmen gift to the groom ideas come in not-so-large packages. Some are just meaningful, like this engraved cigar glass whiskey set. The perfect thank you gift to your favorite dude who has always been there for you. He’ll definitely appreciate being able to hold his drink and stogie in one hand while giving a round of fist bumps out with the other. Just make sure to supply a stogie or two and some booze and this will be an incredibly memorable gift to the groom!

Going to War with the Beer

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Groomsmen Gift to the Groom

Go to war with giving gifts and win with this custom ammo can and pint glass gift set. There is no better way as a groomsman that you can help him celebrate his upcoming wedding than by arming him to the teeth with everything he’ll need to have a good time! Better still, all these gifts will last as long as his marriage which means they’re the perfect sentimental items that he can still enjoy for decades.

An Amazing Ale Sign

Unique Ale Brewery Sign

If the groom is even slightly a fan of a cold brewski, you simply can’t pass up getting him a personalized brewery sign. This is the perfect piece of decoration for his man cave, home bar, or garage. Each time he cracks the top of a beer and hears that sweet “pssst” of a beer cap snapping off, he’ll look at the sign and think of how awesome his groomsmen were before, during, and after his wedding.

Unbelievable Groomsmen Gift to Groom

Bull Decanter Set with Engraved Whiskey Glasses

You and your fellow groomsmen have known this guy for years and have never seen him back down, so make your gift fitting with this custom bull decanter set! Groomsmen gifts to the groom should be throughout after all, and he will know you and the boys put in a lot of thought and consideration to get him a timeless gift that he will appreciate for years to come!

This Gift is in the Bag

High End Leather Duffle Bag

A high-quality duffle is an item every man needs in his life. Not only does it make traveling easier but it has him looking stylish even when he is on the go. With this Buffalo Jackson bag, he can easily bring all his clothes and toiletries to his destination wedding and use the bag years later for travel, work, or even the gym!

For the Memories

Shadow Box Groomsmen Gift to Groom

The night that you and the boys take him out, you already know there are going to be celebratory stogies. Ensure he can hold onto and cherish those menus for years to come with a personalized shadow box. He’ll be able to hang this anywhere in his home and always reflect fondly on the bands inside the case on some of his most memorable occasions. Plus, he can even add more cigar bands to it on occasions like his first anniversary or the birth of his first child.

A Modern Decanter Set for the Groom

Modern Tasting Glass and Custom Decanter Gift Set for Groom

Bring him into the modern world of whiskey enjoyment with a custom decanter set as one of the most unique groomsmen gift to groom ideas out there. Just make sure to include a bottle of his favorite booze too so he can use this gift immediately and give each one of his best friends a toast from the stainless steel tasting glasses.

Classiest Groomsmen Gift to the Groom Ideas

Personalized Wine Tumbler Box Set

A gift set as stylish as his tux? Say no more! These engraved tumblers look just like he does as he is waiting for his bride at the altar. For the groom who is more into cocktails and wines, this is the perfect set for him to enjoy a drink from. Also, with the two glasses, he can even share this set with his wonderful bride as they celebrate their first anniversary or as they send thank you cards to everyone who attended their wedding.

Keep Him Cookin’

Cutting Board is a Great Groomsmen Gift to Groom Ideas

Just because he is tying the knot doesn’t mean that the cooking has to stop. An engraved cutting board is a great groomsmen gift to the groom since it is a gift you know he’ll use all the time. From weekly meal preps to delicious home-cooked meals for his bride, you can be sure he’ll be slicing and dicing on this gift almost daily!


The Ultimate Coffee Table

Ultimate Coffee Table for the Groom

Okay, there have been a lot of cool and unique gifts so far, but you know a groom will definitely need this awesome coffee table. After all, groomsmen gift to groom ideas should be unique. And you know he’s never seen a coffee table that can charge his phone, chill his beer, store his snacks, play his music, and it even has lights! Talk about an awesome gift for the groom!

Decanter Set for the Stylish Groom

Custom Decanter and Cigar Glass Gift Set

Check out this set of unusual groom gifts. A personalized decanter box set with badass cigar glasses? You know he will have never seen anything quite so sophisticated in his life. He will love that he can use this to celebrate as a groom but that it will also look at home on his home bar for years to come when he wants to unwind or celebrate his anniversary.

A Unique Groom Gift for the Wino

Stemless Wine Glass Gift Box Set

Lots of people gift a bottle of wine for the wedding, but you are one of his best buds, you know you can do more than that! Get him an engraved stemless wine glass gift set so he can be the wino he’s always dreamed of while also having an awesome wine glass set for the house. You can already see him and his lovely bride enjoying a Riesling or Merlot together using this fantastic gift set.

Cool Custom Crystal Glassware Gift Set

Crystal Whiskey Glass and Cigar Groomsmen Gift to the Groom Idea

Right before the wedding is the ideal time in a guy’s life to make him feel like he is the classiest man who has ever walked the globe. With this custom crystal whiskey glass and cigar gift set, you simply can’t do better with a set of groomsmen gift to groom ideas. He’ll feel like Don Draper as he lights a cigar and enjoys a drink of his go-to whiskey, scotch, or bourbon from his gorgeous glasses.

Dress Him to the Nines

Deer Cufflinks

One piece of his tux where he can easily add a bit of style and flair without upsetting the agreed-upon dress code is his cufflinks. Give him a boost of confidence as he waits for his bride to walk down the aisle with this dapper set of deer cufflinks. A symbol of him being a stag, these will be a small but incredibly impactful gift for any groom.

A Sharp Gift Idea for the Groom

Damascus Knife and Cigar Glass Gift Set

Have the groom feel like the manliest guy on the earth with this unique Damascus knife and cigar glass gift set. Talk about a one-of-a-kind and awesome set of groomsmen gifts to groom. A knife that looks this good is like a ceremonial piece he will always want to keep on him. That isn’t even to mention how regal he’ll feel when gets to using his custom cigar glass.


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