15 Practical Groomsmen Gifts They Won’t See Coming

Give Practical Groomsmen Gifts They Will Love with Our Kickass Suggestions!

Groomsmen gifts should be something awesome for the groom’s best friends. While the novelty gifts are cool when they’re all partying together they don’t make the most desirable items to keep. After all, a set of practical groomsmen gifts make far better presents than anything else. Something personalized that they can use for years on and will bring on sentimental thoughts about how great the groom’s wedding was! So, what makes a gift practical? Do these practical ideas work for best man gift ideas? Why would any groomsmen want amazing groomsmen gifts from a wedding for the rest of their lives? Follow along to find the ultimate practical and custom groomsmen gifts for any kind of wedding!

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

If you want one of those sensible groomsmen gifts that will last forever then you’ll like this handsome whiskey gift set. Your groomsmen will love drinking their favorite whiskey from a rocks glass with whiskey stones so his drink stays cool and the flavor doesn’t get watered down. They will never drink whiskey out of anything else.

Arm Them with Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Practical Groomsmen Gifts are Pint Glass Ammo Can Sets

Even the army ensures that their troops are fully equipped for when their soldiers go to war. Do the same thing for the men you call “Groomsmen,” with this awesome custom ammo can! It’ll be a breeze for them to have toasts towards you out of their matching pint glasses but better still is that long after the wedding is over, they’ll still have this awesome gift set they reach for each and every time they go to have a brewski!

Custom Beer Mugs – A Gift Set for Every Groomsmen

5 Custom Beer Mugs – A Gift Set for Every Groomsmen

You can probably name the favorite beer of every member of your wedding party. That’s why these custom beer mugs are one of those great, practical groomsmen gifts each of your groomsmen will love. Put an unopen bottle of their favorite beer in each mug when you give them the gift. This will be their go-to glassware item for every beer they drink. These matching beer mugs are great gifts for groomsmen and the entire wedding party. 

Awesome Hatchet & Ammo Can Groomsmen Gift

Awesome Hatchet and Ammo Can Groomsmen Gift

It’s a guarantee that your groomsmen have thought at least once in their life, “If only I had an axe.” Now you can finally make that a reality with this cool, sensible and custom groomsmen gift idea. Your groomsmen will love hacking away brush with the axe, drinking a refreshing beer from the pint glass, sipping their favorite liquor in the flask, and storing whatever’s needed in the ammo can. This is the swiss army knife of groomsmen gifts.

Monogrammed Money Clip

Monogrammed Money Clip

You’re getting married. You and your groomsmen aren’t as young as you used to be. That’s why these monogrammed money clips are an awesome gift idea for your groomsmen. They will appreciate ditching their Velcro wallets held together by duct tape for a classy way to carry their money and cards. With the monogrammed design, they’ll never forget their money at home and leave you with the bill by accident.

Coolest Cigar and Whiskey Custom Groomsmen Gift Set

Custom Groomsmen Gift Set for Cigars and Whiskey

There is something simply classic about having a good stogie with a groom before he gets married. Thanks to this personalized twist whiskey and cigar gift set, not only can you and your fellow groomsmen have a stogie before the wedding, you’ll all be kitted out to have a wild and crazy night during your bachelor party! Be the best groom you can be and include a few stogies so they can use this set of the awesome groomsmen gifts right away. Talk about a set of practical groomsmen gifts!

Two-in-One Cigar Holder and Whiskey Glass

Custom Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

Your groomsmen are simple but classy men. They enjoy a glass of scotch and a Macanudo after dinner as much as the next guy. They insisted that you didn’t need to get them anything, but you’re determined to get them a cool and practical groomsmen gift. Once they see these personalized whiskey glasses that hold their stogies, they’ll be amazed. That’s right, this revolutionary rocks glass actually holds a cigar. Now your groomsmen can enjoy a smoke and a drink while having a free hand to change the channel on the TV or scroll through their Twitter feed. This awesome glass is even personalized with each groomsman’s name, title, and the date of your wedding. Every time they use this glass, they’ll remember your incredible bachelor party and how awesome of a friend you are.


Personalized Whiskey Label

Decanter with Personalized Whiskey Label

Give a gift they’ll remember for years with a whiskey decanter that is far more than just a piece of glass. This custom groomsmen gift comes in the design of their favorite liquor brand; however, instead of the trusted name brand on the glass, this will come with their name in place! They’ll love having a bottle of “Dave’s Whiskey” on the shelf at all times.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – A Practical Groomsmen Gift for Coffee Lovers

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – A Practical Groomsmen Gift for Coffee Lovers

Cold Brew Coffee is all the rage. You can look in almost any direction and see someone enjoying a refreshing glass. Your grocery store has an entire section dedicated to it. Your groomsmen will love enjoying a fresh glass of cold brew coffee on a hot, summer day instead of driving to the coffee shop and waiting in an unreasonably long line. Plus, it will make sure they’re at full attention on your wedding day.

Monogrammed Poker Set You can Bet They’ll Love

Monogrammed Poker Set of Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Instead of going crazy for your bachelor party, just do something you normally do, but better! With all your groomsmen get them this custom groomsmen gift and you’ll have the most epic poker night ever! This monogrammed gift set will have everyone in your party feeling like they’re one of the dogs in the painting while playing poker. Plus, thanks to the cigar whiskey glass, they’re able to easily bet, hold their cards, and high-five with their free hand thanks to the glass’s unique design.


Watch Your Groomsmen Enjoy This Gift

Custom Groomsmen Gift Wooden Watch

Ensure that all your groomsmen can be on time and look as good as ever when they arrive with a personalized watch. Wooden watches make fantastic practical groomsmen gifts. Not only do they look great on any outfit but they also make being on time super easy!

Badass, Engraved Gift Box for Groomsmen

Engraved Liquor Gift Box

Want to keep things simple for your groomsmen? Check out this easy-to-gift but super cool custom groomsmen gift! This engraved liquor box will have their name, title, and a date on it but is the coolest way to gift them a bottle of their favorite liquor. Years later, they can still use this gift box to store a bottle for special occasions or even as a keepsake for sentimental items.

Vintage Polaroid Camera – A Fun Gift for Groomsmen

Polaroid Camera

Posing for a picture isn’t what it used to be. Someone snaps a shot, it goes into their phone, and maybe look at one more time before they upgrade to a new phone. That’s why this vintage Polaroid camera is an awesome gift for groomsmen. They can snap photos at your wedding and everyone will make sure they look their best as the flash goes off. People will be begging them for the photo or a chance to use the camera.

Grill Tool Set of Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Practical Groomsmen Gifts are Grill Tools

When you and the boys are hanging out, there is no doubt that the distinguished scent of grilled meat will be filling the air. Make sure each of the guys is always prepared to make tasty burgers, steaks, and brats with these custom bamboo grill toolsets. These practical groomsmen gifts could even be used to feed the whole wedding reception if your groomsmen are up to the task!

Badass Beer Gift for Groomsmen

Personalized Beer Mug for Groomsmen

The familiar “Psst,” of beer caps and clicking of mugs is all you are going to hear when your groomsmen open up their custom beer mug gift to find this mug set inside! They’ll feel like Vikings as they’re indulging and celebrating your upcoming wedding. Better still, now they’ll always have an awesome set of mugs for them to enjoy their go-to beer when they’re watching the game or unwind, even years later!