27 Top Best Man Gifts for 2021

27 Top Best Man Gifts for 2021

UPDATED: Oct 8, 2021

Thank Your Favorite Groomsmen for Being There for You with These Amazing Best Man Gifts!

So it’s your wedding day and your best man is really coming through for you. The legendary bachelor’s party he threw left big smiles on all your groomsmen’s faces, he got you to the ceremony right on time and he’s ready to pass you that ring like a pro. Of course you want to thank him and all your groomsmen properly, but you have questions. How do you choose the best gift for your best bro? What makes a good best man gift for 2021, and what gifts were popular prior years like 2020 and 2019? How much are you supposed to spend on wedding party gifts anyway? Where can you find unique best man gifts? Who can personalize your gifts for you? The answers to these and many other questions are right here. So read on, you love-struck fool!

A Gift Set for The Outdoorsy Guy

Tactical Knife with Matching Black Flask and Tumbler

One of the reasons why you and your best man grew so close is because you both lead active lives. Show him his adventures have just begun with this black Spec Ops gift set. He can take his favorite drinks with him everywhere with the insulated tumbler. He can have an impromptu mixer with the matching flask. He can even take all of this when he goes camping with the tactical knife in hand. It has everything he needs for a comfortable adventure by the campfire or a Man versus Wild style excursion.

Liquor Flask with Built-in Shot Glass for Sharing

Flask with Shot Glass for Best Man

Does your best man like to drink on the go? Is he the kind of guy who’s always ready for the party to start? If that’s the case then the Engraved Dual Liquor Flask with Shot Glass Set is perfect for him. Wrapped in beautiful black leather and engraved with your best friend’s name, this flask is the pinnacle of class. When it’s time to imbibe, the collapsible shot glass pops right out of the side of the flask like magic. He’s always been there for you when it was time to party, why not help him continue his noble work with this awesome best man gift idea?

Upgrade Him to a Manly Whiskey Set – Plastic cups are so college…

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Best Man Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, your main groomsman is a classy guy. He’s going to have guests and he’s going to want to impress them. Why not help him show off with the Oakmont Etched Whiskey Decanter Set with Square Rocks Glasses set? The jaws will drop as he pours from his personalized decanter into his own personalized glasses. And when those guests ask him where he got this luxurious set, he’ll remember you and the big day he helped to create.

Best Man Essentials

Customizable Best Man Gifts Set

Looking for best man gifts that you can use to ask your best bro to be your best man? This unique flask box set is perfect! It’s completely customizable with its four different card choices and the ability to engrave nearly anything you like with up to three lines of text on the gift box. Your best man will be so psyched about using his new flask and bowtie on your wedding day, but his favorite part will have to be the gift box which is also a cigar humidor!

Celebrate with Cigars

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

You can’t celebrate your nuptials with your groomsmen without cigars! Your best man will need this awesome cigar and whiskey gift set to toast to your wedding and enjoy a celebratory stogie or two before you walk down the aisle. He will enjoy using the cigar glass so much that he’ll want to have a cigar and a glass of whiskey every night even after the wedding! Talk about a box set of the ultimate best man gift ideas, right? Make sure you put a couple of stogies in the set before you give it to him at your bachelor party or the rehearsal dinner so that he can enjoy his gift right away.

Cool Fly Fishing Rod

Tenkara Rods Best Man Gifts

What is a good gift for the head groomsman who is also the ultimate outdoor adventurer? A fishing pole, of course! And not just any fishing pole will do for your advanced fisherman buddy. He needs the challenge of fly fishing, the manliest of fishing styles. The Tenkara Rods Mini Sawtooth Fly Package collapses to a mere 13 inches so it can easily be carried to the remotest of fishing holes. Even if he’s not the outdoor type, this rugged gift will make him want to be. Show your best friend that you’re not afraid to invest in his outdoor survival. Let him know he’s the manliest of men. Those fish won’t stand a chance.


All-in-One Personalized Gift Box Set

Engraved Flask and Rocks Glass Gift Box

Show your #1 groomsman he’s truly awesome with this personalized gift box set. Including a flask, a bowtie, and matching personally engraved box and glass, what more could your best friend ask for? In fact, consider getting one for every member of your groomsmen party.

This Year’s Hottest Gift

Engraved Grill Tools Best Man Gift Ideas

Get your best man a gift you know he’ll flip for! Sorry for the pun, but as a fellow man, you know he is going to be so pumped to have his very own engraved grill gift box. All of his grilling tools will finally match and he’ll have the best-looking display box for them too. You two have spent hours cooking and eating together, keep that awesome part of the relationship going with best man gifts that are sure to make him want to cook even more.

 For the Best Man with an Impressive Poker Face

Custom Poker Set of Best Man Gifts

Whether your best man often hosts a poker night with the guys or he’s always wanted to, he would love to get a custom poker chip set as a thank you gift for being your best man! He will enjoy using the set to play Blackjack, 7-Card Stud, and even Texas Hold ‘Em as it comes with everything he needs for a variety of classic poker games. The perfect time to give this to him is at your bachelor party so that he can try it out right away with the rest of your groomsmen.

A Luxurious Decanter

Engraved Whiskey Decanter

You’re in search of best man gift ideas that show him just how grateful you are for having him by your side throughout the wedding planning process and making sure he keeps your rings safe on the big day. How about a personalized liquor decanter? He will love being able to display and decant his favorite spirit in this handsome decanter, which also makes sure his spirit of choice doesn’t evaporate! Thanks to your thoughtful gift, he’ll always have plenty of his favorite liquor on hand when he feels like a drink. In fact, you should pair the decanter with a bottle of his preferred liquor so that he can fill it up and display it in his home right away!

The Most Badass Best Man Gifts

Personalized Beer Ammo Can Gift Set

Make sure your best man knows how awesome of a bro he is with this incredibly cool beer ammo can set! He will be so surprised when you give him the ammo can that he might not even realize there are even more cool gifts inside. So, make sure you put a few bottles of his favorite beer in there as well this way he can try out the pint glasses as soon as he sees them. This amazing set is by far one of the most badass best man gifts you can get your best bro, and he will certainly know just how much you appreciate him for being your best man as soon as you give him this gift!

Engraved Steel Growler Set –  So many uses…

Stainless Steel Growler Set Engraved for Your Best Man

This stainless steel growler set is just what the Dr. ordered for your entire wedding party. These unique best man gift ideas are not only great for hauling home craft beers, but it’s also great if he wants to keep anything hot or cold. Beer, coffee, soda, wine, water, you name it, this set is perfect for taking a beverage with you on the go, hiking, biking, walking; really anywhere you travel.

Personalized Hatchet Makes a Unique Gift

Hatchet Wedding Party Present

Why not give him a present that he’ll never forget? Well, nobody ever forgets a hatchet. It cuts, it slices, and it has your right-hand man’s name right on it. With The Personalized 9 Inch Hatchet with its natural pakkawood handle and imposing black blade, nobody will get in his way as he delivers those rings to you and your bride. It’ll be the gift that everyone talks about.

The Ultimate Best Man Gifts

Personalized Best Man Gifts Watch Case and Glass Set

Can’t decide what to get your best bro? This unique gift set is absolutely perfect! He will be so surprised by the personalized flask, whiskey glass, and watch case that he’ll be speechless when you give it to him at your wedding reception. You could make this unbelievable gift even better by putting a new watch in the watch case or including a bottle of his favorite liquor!

A Unique Beer Gift He’ll Never Forget

Engraved Beer Stein Best Man Gifts

How awesome is this regal beer stein? When you give it to your best man, he’ll instantly feel like a manly Viking warrior with every sip of his favorite ale. This unique, hefty stein is certainly more enjoyable to use than a regular old pint glass, and he’ll never want to drink beer any other way from now on. When he’s not using his awesome stein to gulp down his favorite beer, he will love displaying it in his man cave or home bar as it looks like a priceless antique!

Custom Ammo Can Cigar Set

All the Vices Cigar Lover Gift Idea

What’s the perfect gift for the guy who loves to smoke a good cigar and shoot guns? Give him a gift set that as unique as your friendship. This ammo can gift set for cigar lovers make super cool best man gift ideas. It comes engraved with your best guy’s name on it, year, and phrase of your choice. Pop a couple of mini liquor bottles and some cigars in the gift can and you’ve got everything he needs for a night to remember.

Headphones He Can Jam Out To

Headphones Bluetooth Best Man Gift

So your closest friend is a music lover. We suggest the Symphonized Wireless Wood Headphones. For late at night or on an airplane, these headphones will let your best friend know that you cared enough to say thank you with the gift of music. With their noise canceling, bluetooth functionality and sleek wood finish, he’ll be in sonic heaven for years to come.


Manly Best Man Gifts He’ll Never Forget

Custom Whiskey and Hatchet Box Set

Whether he’s an outdoorsy kind of guy or you just want to give your best man a gift that says “You’re a badass,” this awesome whiskey box set is ideal! He will love using the personalized rocks glasses for his best man toast, at the bachelor party, and even after the wedding to treat himself to a relaxing drink. He’ll be excited to try out the cool hatchet on his next camping trip or even just to do some light yard work, and once he does, he’ll never want to use a regular axe again! This unique box set is one of the manliest best man gifts for your best bro and he’s certain to appreciate each and every piece.

The Biggest Best Man Gifts Are Always the Best

Custom Giant Beer Mug

Make sure your best man gets the ultimate serving of beer whenever he wants with this gigantic beer mug! This monstrous glass holds an entire liter of beer (about three bottles’ worth) so that he can kick back, relax, and enjoy plenty of beer without having to get up for a refill. Whether it’s at your bachelor party or just chilling at home, your best man will certainly be enjoying his awesome new glass as often as he can!

Beard Oil – for the Bearded Man

Beard Oil Best Man Gift

Your best man should have a soft beard. It should smell nice, too. For these simple reasons, this Beard Oil will be the perfect gift for him. The ladies will love the aroma of coffee and chocolate and he’ll be able to twirl that mustache and part that long beard however he sees fit. Of all the fancy beards out there, your best friend’s will be the fanciest of them all.

Practical Best Man Gift Ideas

Personalized Whiskey Box Set of Gifts for Best Man

The best kinds of best man gift ideas are those that he can enjoy even after the wedding, like this custom whiskey gift set! He will be in awe of the stunning crystal glasses and marvel at how well the stainless steel whiskey stones work to keep his drink chilled. The fact that he can keep the entire set in the custom gift box and have it on display when he’s not using it is a huge plus! He’ll make sure that this set is somewhere important in his home such as on his desk in his home office or on the coffee table in the living room so that he can use it to treat you to a drink every time you come over as a thank you for such an awesome gift.

Monogrammed Best Man Travel Bag

Monogrammed Leather Travel Bag Best Man Gift Ideas

Not that all of your groomsmen don’t need to be ready to go for your wedding, but out of all of them, your best man should stand out when he is heading to your big day. Make sure he can take everything with him and look good while doing so with a leather travel bag that comes with a matching DOPP kit too! From a change of clothes from the bachelor party to toothbrushes and toothpaste, these monogrammed bags will bring everything he’ll need!

Cigar Gift Set

Custom Cigar Glass and Cigar Case

Struggling to find the right gift for your closest friend? Think about his interests. He may be your best man, but before that he’s been your friend for many years! You know what he likes: cigars and whiskey. So get him this cool personalized cigar gift set! Not only does it come with a handy cigar case that has a handy cigar cutter attached, but also a whiskey glass unlike any other. This special glass will actually hold his cigar for him! How cool is that? Almost as cool as the custom engraving on it. Your best bro will love everything about this awesome gift set.

A Bright Set of Best Man Gift Ideas

Personalized Bamboo Sunglasses and Rocks Glass Set

Whether he needs a slick set of shades for photos during the day before the wedding or simply wants to look cooler than anyone else at the reception, this sunglasses and whiskey stone set is one of the greatest best man gift ideas! He can rock his shades any day of the week and just as easily unwind when the day is done thanks to his personalized rocks glass and whiskey stones.

A Classy Set of Best Man Gift Ideas

Best Man Gifts are Custom Cufflinks and Tie Clip

Let everyone know that your best man deserves to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen when the crowd sees he has the flashiest set of monogrammed cufflinks and tie clip as the ultimate personalized set of best man gifts. These classy gifts are a great way to thank your best friend for being there on your big day while also helping him look classy at your wedding and even other formal events down the road, too!

Custom Ammo Can – Manly and Infinitely useful

Best Man Engraved Ammo Can Gift Box

Ammo cans are infinitely useful, not only can they store ammo, they can be made into coolers, speakers, lamps, you name it, someone has done it. More practically you can turn this into one of the coolest best man gift ideas by engraving his name on the ammo can and then filling it with a bottle of his favorite liquor, photos of your mischief or a million other things. It’s the perfect gift for guys in so many ways.

Complete Set of Best Man Gift Ideas

Personalized Best Man Gifts Box Set

Best man gifts don’t always have to be for the wedding, but it certainly helps a bro out when your gift makes sure they have everything they need for the big day! This handy gift set supplies him with a classy black bow tie and a discreet flask so that he can offer you a sip of liquid courage before walking down the aisle. After the wedding, he’ll be sure to toast to you every time he uses his custom rocks glass! This set is ideal for giving your best man at the rehearsal dinner or your bachelor party to make sure he’s ready for your wedding day.

Hopefully this humble list will help you find the perfect gift for the friend who’s been there with you for it all. He stood by your side on your big day, the least you can do is send the guy some proper best man gifts.


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