17 Country Wedding Gifts so Good They’ll Scream - Yee-Haw!

17 Country Wedding Gifts so Good They’ll Scream – Yee-Haw!

UPDATED: Aug 25, 2022

Make Their Big Day Extra Special with a Country Wedding Gift

Break out the wicker, mason jar lights, and cowboy boots, we’re about to have ourselves a country wedding! Weddings are all about the couple, so if the two of them are into being as country as can be, then you simply must get them country wedding gifts for their engagement or reception. Get them something unique to adorn their home with, celebrate their nuptials, or simply just get them a country gift that will make them scream “Yee-Haw!” each time they walk by. With our rootin’ tootin’ suggestions, they’ll know this isn’t your first rodeo for giving an awesome country wedding gift!

Take Aim at Great Country Gifts

AR-15 Decanter Set is the Ultimate Country Wedding Gift

It simply wouldn’t be a country wedding if there weren’t a firearm or two present, but what about after the festivities? Make them feel right at home each time they enjoy a cocktail as a married couple with an AR-15 decanter set. They’ll love toasting each other and have shots with their guests using this awesome gift set. In fact, you can bet that after a day at the range or riding horses, the best way to relax will be from this gift set.

For Grillin’ At the Reception

Rustic Wedding Gifts are Engraved Grill Tools

One of the best things about a wedding for country folk is that they do things their way. This custom set of grill tools then becomes a fantastic country wedding gift since the bride and the groom will be able to serve up burgers, steaks, and brats in style to their wedding guests if they’re going full country and having a BBQ reception to make sure they can grill in style with these gorgeous tools.

Stylish Champagne Set of Country Wedding Gifts

Personalized Champagne Flute Glasses and Box Set

It simply is not a wedding if the bride and groom don’t have a glass of champagne to celebrate their nuptials. Make that moment extra special with a custom engraved champagne flute gift set with their names on each piece. A toast from these will be the perfect way to get the reception started off on the right foot and they can even use them to celebrate each anniversary too.

The Classiest Rustic Wedding Sign

Personalized Wedding Sign

A welcome sign is a fantastic gift to give for any wedding. It not only welcomes everyone who walks in that day but also saves the happy couple from one more thing to get. They’ll love the rustic decor of the wooden sign as well as the fact that it is personalized with their names and wedding date. They can even use the sign as a check-in and have guests sign in, hang it as a piece of decor after the wedding, or both!

A Bold Bull Decanter

Bull Decanter Set of Country Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

Steer yourself in the right direction for a great country wedding gift with this custom bull decanter gift set. Just like the happy couple, this unique decanter is bold. They’ll think it is the perfect way for them to celebrate their honeymoon, with a drink in hand and an arm around each other as newlyweds!


Their Own Western Wedding Gift Set

Rustic Wedding Gifts are Whiskey Barrel Chairs and Bar Top

Have them take a seat at their new rustic wedding gifts that they simply won’t be able to get enough of. These whiskey barrel seats and bar top have that rustic farmhouse feel that every country guy and gal wants in their house! After all, they’ll never get tired of saying, “This house ain’t big enough for the two of us,” each time they go to sit down at their most favorite piece of furniture in their house.

An Engraved Set for Wine Lovers

Custom Wine Decanter and Stemless Glass Gift Set

If there is one thing that shows up at every wedding, from luxury to country, it is going to be wine. Whether the happy couple wants to use this personalized wine decanter set for their first drink as a married couple at the reception or save it for when they need a drink while writing all of their thank you cards, this is the perfect couples country gift. Open with a large mouth, like a sun tea jar, they’ll feel right at home drinking Merlots and Pinot Grigios from this gorgeous gift set.

Country Wedding Gifts Can Be Fun and Games

Personalized Cornhole Set of Country Gifts

Get everyone at the wedding up and moving with this personalized cornhole set as one of the more unique country wedding gifts. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, this game set will have both sides of the family easily meeting and mixing, all thanks to a game of bags. Better still, for years after they can use this game set for bonfires or tailgating events!

Engraved Whiskey Glasses & Decanter

Engraved Twist Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Give a gift for the country couple that they’ll both appreciate with a custom twist decanter gift set. He will love how manly he feels while holding the glasses while she will love how elegant the twist in the glass looks. This is a fantastic and classy country gift idea for their wedding that they will both love.

Country Wedding Gift for the Culinary Gifted

Cutting Board is a Unique Country Wedding Gift

An engraved cutting board is the perfect gift for any country couple. Especially when the cutting board is as heavy as this acacia board. It is just as good as being a spot for butchering beef, slicing veggies, and smashing garlic. Perfect for any kitchen decor, this cutting board will stand out as one of the most unique features in their kitchen. In fact, it looks so good they may even use it as a charcuterie board to serve meats, cheeses, and crackers.

Classy Cast Irons

Cast Iron Cooking Set of Four Pans

Cast iron is a fantastic country wedding gift idea, the pans last a lifetime, they add flavor, and they can even be used to cook on the open range. However, these gorgeous cast irons are no ordinary set, these are hand-forged, meaning each set will be as unique as the couple. Whether it is on the stove or in a campfire, you can be sure the country couple won’t be able to wait to cook their first meal with this amazing western wedding gift idea!

For Celebratory Rounds of Whiskey

Shotgun Decanter Set of Country Wedding Gifts

If at least one person in the wedding doesn’t have a shotgun, can it even be considered a country wedding? This shogun decanter set will embrace the love for firearms at the wedding and is a jaw-dropping set for the newlyweds. It is the perfect way to warm themselves after a long hunt or simply to celebrate as they watch their favorite football team make it to the Super Bowl during their first year of marriage.

Take a Buckshot at This Gift Idea

Shotgun Shell Coaster Set of Unique Country Gifts

Give country wedding gifts that they can use on a daily basis, this way, they will be thankful for your practical gift every single day. Something like these shotgun shell coasters will be far more memorable than a bottle of wine or a check. With these, they’re able to keep their tables in perfect condition while looking like absolute badasses!

For Those Who Love a Good Mule

Personalized Moscow Mule Box Set of Country Wedding Gifts

There is something perfect about enjoying a Moscow Mule on a front porch, maybe from a swinging chair with the one you love. Extend the marital bliss for the newlyweds with their own custom mule set. Each night together will feel like a celebration and now, they get to have a toast to make those nights together romantic but tasty too.

Coolest Custom Country Container

Engraved Military Ammo Can

This country wedding idea is not one for the newlyweds but for them to give out. How cool of a wedding favor is an ammo can with your guest’s name and your wedding date? It is the perfect way to give them all the sentimental goodies or delicious treats you’ve prepared for your guests. This can also be a great way to ask your groomsmen or bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding. Great as a gift, and even better as a practical way to take bullets to the range, or to carry tools, a custom ammo can is a must-have wedding favor.

A Reason to Be Blue About a Country Wedding Gift

Blue Hand-Painted Bison Skull

A great western wedding gift idea has got to be a buffalo skull. They make for beautiful decoration and really set the tone that the people in this house are about as country as it gets. However, getting this hand-painted buffalo skull is the perfect way to present one for a wedding. It takes it from a kind of a cool gift to something that is truly a work of art as well as one-of-a-kind.

The Best Doggone Decanter

Custom Dog Decanter Set is a Unique Country Wedding Gift

Enjoy the best doggone country wedding gift out there with this dog decanter gift set. What person in the world would not love having their own little whiskey-carrying doggo? This is the perfect gift for any country couple because you know it is going to remind them of all of the dogs they have had and the current farm dog they have now. Plus, it lets them drink whiskey too. How cool is that?


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