The 15 Best Scotch Glasses

The 15 Best Scotch Glasses for an Extraordinary Home Bar

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Scotch, also known as “the Golden Nectar of Scotland,” also known as “the water of life,” is a liquor steeped in rich traditions and national pride. Distilled in a wide variety of single malts, single grains, and blended varieties, signatures of this whisky are oaky flavors and golden hues. The Scottish government still regulates production to this day, ensuring high standards when it comes to ingredients, coloring, and even minimum alcohol strength.

Proper scotch glasses are an important part of any home barware collection. While other spirits, such as vodka and tequila, can be poured into any old tumbler, authentic scotch traditionally calls for something more upscale. We’ve selected the best scotch glasses for you to consider, taking note of size, quality, and their impact on flavor and aroma. Rounding up a variety of shapes and styles, you are sure to find the perfect choice for your next tasting.

Glencairn Whisky Glass Set

Glencairn Glass Set

Most scotch lovers will agree that a Glencairn whisky glass set is a must for any home. The size and shape of these nosing glasses were specially engineered to enhance the flavor notes commonly found in single malt and blended malt scotch. The Glencairn Glass has been recognized by numerous organizations for quality and even won the Queen’s award for innovation in 2006.

Westbrook Square Scotch Glasses

Square Scotch Glasses

For something a little more casual, you might like this pair of square scotch glasses. More suitable for blended varieties, the size is generous enough for a few cubes of ice if you wish. These noble rocks glasses also include a timeless monogram, making them ideal for gifting at anniversary and retirement milestones.

Leather Wrap Monogrammed Whiskey Cup

Leather Wrap Whiskey Cup

A gorgeous complement to the caramel hues of authentic scotch, this leather wrapped whiskey cup captures the timeless feel of The Highlands. Very much inspired by classic lowball glasses, the warm band of natural leather and crisscross stitching give it something extra. The three-initial monogram creates a dapper executive gift.



Etched Scotch Glasses

Etched Scotch Glasses

You’ve probably noticed that we are enamored with engraving and monograms. These etched scotch glasses are the epitome of regal style, from the swirling monogram to the authentic gold rim. The perfect choice for dinner parties and special occasions, you might want to get more than one set.

Single Malt Scotch Glass

Single Malt Scotch Glass

For the ardent whisky drinker, single malt scotch represents the best of the best. So to enjoy top shelf choices like Glenlivet 18 Year, or The Balvenie 15 Year, you want to really dive in and explore the complexities. This is the best single malt scotch glass because you can lower the temperature of the spirit with the stainless steel chilling ball without dilution. The tulip shape is engineered for swirling and opening up the aromas, which then funnel to the top for your nosing pleasure.

Tulip Shaped Whiskey Glass

Tulip Shaped Whiskey Glasses

More experienced tasters and drinkers always arrive at their favorite scotch. If you always serve the same variety, why not track down something that’s approved by the distillery? A special edition tulip shaped whisky glass with the brand name etched into the side is definitely a signal to your guests that you only serve the finest.

Sheridan Scotch Tumblers for Weddings

Engraved Tumbler

People have been known to give rare bottles of scotch as wedding gifts, meant to be enjoyed at the first year anniversary. These scotch tumblers are the ideal companion, personalized with the couples first initials and last name. The unique detail on the base of this DOF refracts light through the liquor, celebrating the color and clarity with each sip.

Scotch Tasting Kit

Scotch Tasting Kit

For those occasions where friends come over to sample from your finest bottles, you need to have the best scotch tasting kit. These kits include things like small notebooks, color reference cards, and a presentation set. A presentation set will help you easily navigate between the bar and the table, or wherever your guests feel comfortable. Upon being served, they can easily taste and make notes about the experience.



Vintage Whisky Sipping Glasses

Whiskey Sipping Glasses

Unless you are mixing up cocktails (which is unusual, but not uncouth), most guests will want to enjoy their scotch slowly. These vintage whisky sipping glasses are ideal for Sunday afternoons lounging in the den, or a weekend in the country. Antique glassware comes in so many beautiful styles and patterns, but handle with care: replacements can be costly or impossible to find.

DiMera Scotch Nosing Glass Set

Scotch Nosing Glass Set

Whisky from different regions of Scotland have signature scents, due to the grains that are native to those areas, and even the particles in the air. This scotch nosing glass set is useful for exploring these distinctions. Because the bottom of the reservoir is wider than the upper lip, the aromas build up inside until you are ready to smell. Some tasters hold their hand gently over the top to magnify the aromas.


Russian Cut Crystal Scotch Snifter Glasses

Scotch Snifter Glasses

Scotch snifter glasses have been around for centuries, and are still considered a top choice for enjoying fine liquor. This Russian-made set was likely intended for vodka but is perfectly suitable for all complex spirits. And you never know when Uncle Charles is going send you a package from Moscow with a bottle of Beluga to enjoy.

Cut Glass Scotch Cups Barware Set

Scotch Cups and Ice Bucket

Sometimes it’s a special occasion, but sometimes it’s only Tuesday. These cut glass scotch cups are perfect for the latter made from durable glass but still stylish. The ice bucket is a nice touch, too, since some mid-range blended varieties actually taste better with a cube or two.


Glencairn Crystal Glasses

Cut Crystal Glasses for Scotch

Historic and contemporary styles come together in these Glencairn crystal glasses. A new twist on a relatively recent invention, the exterior is finished in crosshatch detailing. A little thicker than their older cousins, these tulip-shaped tasters are an excellent addition to an heirloom drinkware collection.

Whisky Wedge Tumbler

Whisky Wedge Tumbler

An unexpected choice for a list of the best scotch glasses, but one that deserves a chance. Although most traditionalists only drink scotch neat, with no ice, science has proven that a little bit of fresh water can make potent spirits more palatable, and even more flavorful, for some people. The Whisky Wedge is a superb choice because the liquor only touches one side of the ice causing it to melt more slowly. If you’ve been to a tasting and felt like you didn’t quite get what all the hubbub is about, give The Water of Life another try in this glass.


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