33 Best Scotch Glasses

33 Best Scotch Glasses

UPDATED: Jul 25, 2022

Use a Glass That is Fit for Your Finest Whisky with One of These Amazing Scotch Glasses:

Scotch, also known as “the Golden Nectar of Scotland,” also known as “the water of life,” is a liquor steeped in rich traditions and national pride. Naturally, scotch glasses are expected to be worthy enough of such a fine spirit and made of the highest quality materials. Distilled in a wide variety of single malts, single grains, and blended varieties, signatures of this whisky are oaky flavors and golden hues. The Scottish government still regulates production to this day, ensuring high standards when it comes to ingredients, coloring, and even minimum alcohol strength.

Proper scotch glasses are an important part of any home barware collection. While other spirits, such as vodka and tequila, can be poured into any old tumbler, authentic scotch traditionally calls for something more upscale. Even the best bourbon glasses slightly differ from what some scotch drinkers look for in glassware. We’ve selected the best scotch glasses for you to consider, taking note of size, quality, and their impact on flavor and aroma. Rounding up a variety of shapes and styles, you are sure to find the perfect choice for your next tasting.

Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass Set

Personalized Glencairn Glasses Set of Four

Most scotch lovers will agree that a Glencairn whisky glass set is a must-have for any home. The size and shape of these nosing glasses were specially engineered to enhance the flavor notes commonly found in single malt and blended malt scotch. The Glencairn Glass has been recognized by numerous organizations for quality and even won the Queen’s award for innovation in 2006.

Scotch Whisky Serving Set

Whisky Presentation Set with Four Scotch Glasses

For the person who loves to entertain, why not make serving your guests easy? This handsome scotch serving set comes etched with your family name and last initial and is perfectly designed to allow you to easily serve guests in style. With plenty of scotch glasses to go around, everyone can enjoy your favorite and finest scotch.

Prism Faceted Tumblers

Prism Crystal Whisky Glasses

Intriguing and eye-catching, when you break out these bad boys people are going to notice. Great for slowly sipping a scotch, these prism faceted tumblers add dimension to your liquor would look great next to a custom decanter or a fine cigar. Coming in a set of two and holding 11oz they are great for sharing a fancy bottle of scotch among friends.

Official Tasting Glasses

Custom Scotch Snifter Glass Set of Four

These taster glasses are perfectly suited for those who love their scotch. Much like the Glencairn, the shape of these official Kentucky Bourbon Trail glasses enhances each sip of your refined liquor. Plus, the matching engraved set makes these glasses a perfect choice for dinner parties and special occasions, you might even want to get more than one set.

One of the Chillest Scotch Glasses

Old Fashioned Glass with Whisky Spheres

One of the finest things about enjoying a quality whisky is when it is chilled to perfection. The cold temperature helps to cut some of the sharpness of the alcohol, allowing you to enjoy the purest of flavors. This personalized scotch glass with whisky spheres ensures that even if your bottle isn’t chilled, your drink always will be. Simply place a few spheres inside and your drink will be at the perfect sipping temperature in no time! Talk about a great set of whisky gifts for men!

Glencairn Crystal Glasses

Crystal Cut Glencairn Scotch Glass Gift Set

Historic and contemporary styles come together in these Glencairn crystal glasses. A new twist on a relatively recent invention, the exterior is finished in crosshatch detailing. A little thicker than their older cousins, these tulip-shaped crystal scotch glasses are an excellent addition to an heirloom drinkware collection and perfect for single malt scotches.

Must-Have Modern Rocks Glasses

Monogrammed Pair of Rocks Glasses

Looking for some engraved scotch glasses to add to your home bar? This pair of square rocks glasses are must-haves! The modern design of a square base and a rounded mouth make these unique glasses easier to hold than a regular rounded one. Plus, the thick square base insulates your drink to prevent condensation rings and you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of sipping from a square-shaped rim like most other square glasses. You and your partner can enjoy a couple of scotch cocktails from these elegant monogrammed glasses or treat a friend to a nice glass of your favorite scotch!

A Classic Rocks Style Scotch Glass

Custom Rocks Glass for Scotch

A handsome complement to the caramel hues of authentic scotch, this engraved rocks glass is ideal for pairing your incredibly unique scotch with an “Ultra Rare,” person. The classic rocks glass is, to put it simply, one that will always be hard to beat when you’re looking for a top-quality scotch glass. The open mouth of the glass makes sipping flavors and smelling aromatics easy, while the bubbled base ensures that even when you have the most chilled drink, you won’t need to worry about condensation. There is a reason that every bar has a stack of these glasses, it is because every time it is guaranteed to give you a perfect drinking experience.


A Unique Hand-Blown Glass

Japanese Scotch Glass

Have your glass be as unique as each scotch experience by getting yourself a set of hand-blown scotch glasses. Set as a classic rocks glass, you’ll still have the perfect glass for enjoying scotch, but you’ll have a one-of-a-kind glass and set if you get multiple glasses. With a unique set of glassware like this, your next drink may taste a little better knowing that no one out there is enjoying their scotch quite in the same way as you!

The Classic Scotch Glass

Personalized Glass for Scotch

Whether your scotch glass is filled with ice or you take it neat, this personalized glass will always have it looking like you have some of the coolest features in your drink thanks to this glacial design in the base. Add in the personalization and this glass will be one of the most unique gifts to have in any scotch drinker’s glassware cabinet.

Keep Cool with Crystal Glassware

Crystal Cut Whisky Glass Set of Four

Scotch is inherently a sophisticated drink. There is a heritage that goes along with the liquor which means certain things never lose their sense of place or style, one of those for scotch drinkers are crystal glasses. A set of crystal-cut scotch glasses are some of the best gifts or must-buys for any whisky fan. There is no better way to enjoy a bottle of Macallan or Glenfiddich than out of a set of whisky glasses that look this good!

Perfect Personalized Whisky Glass

Engraved Rocks Glass for Scotch Lover

The classic rocks glass is one of the best ways to enjoy scotch. It looks perfect with just your go-to liquor inside, but it also is ideal for ice as well when you’re in the mood for a drink that has been chilled. These scotch glasses are an absolute staple in every scotch lover’s home so when you’re considering getting one, you should really consider getting a set so you can share a drink in style with your friends and family!

Unique Scotch Glass Unlike Any Other

Personalized Tuath Scotch Tasting Glass

What glass is best for scotch? The Túath glass of course! Originally designed for Irish whisky, the unusual shape of the glass helps soften and smooth your scotch so that it actually tastes better. You’ll notice a lighter feel on the tongue using the Túath compared to a rocks glass, but you’ll still be able to discern all of the flavors and enjoy the full aromas. You’re also meant to hold the glass in a specific way: pinch the triangular base between the thumb and index finger. This prevents the heat of your hand from transferring to your drink, which would otherwise affect the flavor.

Be a Square

Etched Rocks Glass

Sometimes being a square is a good thing! This square cut glass comes with a unique engraving that is hand done. Each glass takes around five hours of labor, that is a lot! When you’re sitting down to enjoy your next drink, have a set of these to add a unique look to your favorite bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Incredible Scotch Drink Smoker

Scotch Glass Smoke Box Set

Want to experience scotch in a way you didn’t even know was possible? This advanced drink smoker allows you to add spices, wood chips, and that distinct smoke flavor to any of your favorite scotches. Show off your newfound skillset to your friends and family.

Crystal Scotch Glasses

Crystal Scotch Glasses

For those occasions where friends come over to sample from your finest bottles, you need to have only the finest scotch glasses too! These crystal glasses will highlight all the caramel and amber hues that naturally come when light hits your scotch. With this set of four, you and your friends will never feel classier when you’re enjoying your next bottle of scotch!

Engraved Cigar and Scotch Box Set

Scotch and Cigar Gift Set

The old-fashioned glass has been a staple for scotch whisky drinkers for years. They’re straightforward, and make enjoying a good drink a breeze. However, you can take things up a notch by getting a personalized cigar and scotch box set! Perfect for pairing the two vices together, it’ll never be easier to enjoy an Ashton VSG and Lagavulin or a Padron 1926 with Springbank.

A High-Quality, Original Scotch Decanter Set

Custom Scotch Decanter Box Set

A personalized box set with a matching decanter and scotch glasses in tow? That is something that will make every drink feel special. Each time you go from a drink of Glenlivet or Johnny Walker, you know it’ll taste far better when it is out of this matching box set. As you are an original scotch drinker, you know the importance of a quality decanter and glassware set. And with a set like this, you know every drink will feel original!


A New Twist on Scotch Glasses

Personalized Twist Scotch Glasses with Whisky Stones

Put some modern flair on classic liquor such as scotch with these custom twist glasses. Arriving at your door inside a gorgeous black box set, they make for a great surprise gift for a scotch whisky lover or as a fantastic gift to yourself. Although new in design, they have a classic appearance and feel in the hand making them perfect for enjoying your favorite bottle of Laphroaig!

Scottish Thistle Glass

Thistle Scotch Glass Gift Set

Named after the unofficial anthem of Scotland, the Flower of Scotland glass gift set is a fantastic way for scotch lovers to enjoy a pour. After all, Scotland originated the drink you love so much. The thistle-shaped glass provides ample room for liquor while also amplifying the flavors and aromas of each sip. For those who want to feel close to the origin of their favorite liquor, look no further than this glassware set!

DiMera Scotch Nosing Glass Set

Crested Scotch Glass Set

Whisky from different regions of Scotland have signature scents, due to the grains that are native to those areas, and even the particles in the air. This scotch nosing glass set is useful for exploring these distinctions. Because the bottom of the reservoir is wider than the upper lip, the aromas build up inside until you are ready to smell. Some tasters hold their hand gently over the top to magnify the aromas.

Square Scotch Glasses

Square Scotch Glasses and Decanter

For something a little more masculine, you might like these square scotch glasses. More suitable for blended varieties, the size is generous enough for a few cubes of ice, or a giant ice cube if you wish. These classic rocks glasses also include a timeless monogram, making them ideal for gifting at anniversary and retirement milestones.

A Smoked Scotch Glass Gift Set

Cocktail Smoker Set for Scotch Lovers

Add a blast of flavor to your scotch glass with an engraved smoker kit. There is nothing like being able to find unique flavors in your scotch, but how about infusing new ones into your classic liquor? It’ll be like falling in love with your favorite brand all over again. You can even use different kinds of wood chips or herbs to create different flavors each time you go to smoke your scotch. When you get yourself this gift set, you’ll soon find that your favorite hobby just got more interesting!

A Glass for Classic Sophistication

Unique Scotch Glass with Gold and Black Bars

Check out this gorgeous and classic scotch glass that has gold bars around the base as well as wrapping black bars around the outside. Not only does the glass look great, but measuring your pour is easier than ever if you decide to make each drink off at the first black bar. This glass also comes as a set of four meaning you can easily share a drink of scotch with friends or family from your new epic glassware!

Legendary Scotch Set

Old Fashioned Glasses and Whiskey Stones

Oftentimes, scotch is meant to be enjoyed in a pure, unadulterated form. However, that doesn’t mean a few whisky stones to chill the drink aren’t allowed. In fact, this legendary set is perfect for enjoying a chilled scotch without spoiling or watering down it’s mythic flavor!

Sculpted Scotch Glasses & Decanter

Sculpted Scotch Glasses with Decanter

Sometimes it’s a special occasion, but sometimes it’s only Tuesday. These sculpted glasses are perfect for the latter made from durable glass but still stylish, and they hold plenty of the good stuff, since some mid-range blended varieties actually taste better with a cube or two. The engraved wood box this scotch set comes in is nice to, and endless useful for storing most anything, socks, ties, watches, you name it.


A Beast of a Glass from the East

Japanese Whisky Glass

The Western world is not the only portion that enjoys a good glass of scotch. In fact, Japan loves whisky. So, if you want to take a different approach to your favorite liquor, check out this gorgeous Japanese scotch glass. The Old Fashioned glass has been decorated flawlessly and is the ideal way to enjoy a bottle of Yamazaki or Hibiki whisky.

A Scotch Glass to Enjoy With a Stogie

Monogrammed Ashtray Crystal Scotch Glass

There’s nothing like a stogie to go along with your scotch on the rocks! This luxurious glass is certainly one of the finest crystal scotch glasses you can get as it comes with a monogrammed ashtray that conveniently sits on top of the glass so that you’re never missing one or the other. The gorgeous cross-hatching of the cuts in the crystal ensures that it fits in well with your other crystal, even the antiques! Whenever you come home from a long day, this unique duo will be the first things you’ll grab before you settle down and relax with a drink and a cigar.

The Sophisticated Scotch Glass

Scotch Flute for Tasting

Scotch glasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, however, this stemmed glass allows you to get the pure unadulterated flavor. With a stem to remove hand warmth and a tulip shape, this is truly the ultimate glass for the scotch aficionado who needs their liquor in only the purest form available.

Wedge This Whisky Glass into Your Collection

Ice Wedge Glass for Scotch Lovers

Adding too much ice to your glass of scotch can be a royal pain. After all, no one wants their expensive glass of Lagavulin to taste watered-down. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t want a perfectly chilled drink either. Ensure you get a perfect outcome every time with this whisky glass that has an ice wedge! Now, chilling down a glass on the rocks is easier than ever, simply pour! Plus, talk about a cool-looking scotch glass.

Take Aim at This Custom Decanter Set

Personalized Bullet Decanter with Rocks Glasses

Hey, it is time that you take a shot at getting new scotch glasses for your home bar. Okay, that is a cheesy pun, but just look at this set and you cannot act like you’re not going to make your own puns when it’s in your hands. The gorgeous engraved decanter set comes with a bullet in each glass as well as the decanter making this one of the most badass scotch gifts on the market, it comes with the same benefits as a standard decanter and glassware set, but this one just looks way cooler!

These Glasses are a Bit Fishy

Goldfish Glass Set for Scotch Lovers

Take a break from the classics and add the Kingyo glass into your cabinet. The modern glass is a great addition to any home bar. Although they are made in Copenhagen, the glass pays homage to the Japanese goldfish, giving them their unique styling. In fact, these glasses even have 22K gold inside the glass, so you can have some really fancy drinks while still feeling like you’ve got world-class scotch glasses!

For Crafting New Flavors

Cloche Cocktail Smoker

Create unique flavors for your favorite liquor–scotch–with a cloche smoker kit. You’ll not only impress yourself with the new flavors you’ll create but your friends and family will be blown away too! Add in that this scotch gift set also allows you to smoke the snacks you eat with your scotch, and each time you want a drink, you’ll have a truly unique and refined experience!


What glass should scotch be served in?

The truly classic scotch glass is a rocks glass, also known as an Old Fashioned glass. These are the glasses that most people have in their homes and they see in most bars. Rocks glasses allow you to have plenty of room for ice, mixers, or even simply room for more of your favorite drink. These glasses tend to hold 7-12 ounces.

What kind of glasses do you drink scotch from?

To get the most out of each glass of scotch, a Glencairn glass is recommended. The tulip shape helps to enhance the flavors and aromas from each glass, it funnels the flavors straight to your nose which elevates what you can taste on your palate. 

Are scotch glasses and whiskey glasses the same?

The short answer is, “Yes!” That means you can use any of these glasses for both your scotch and whiskey. Since classic rocks glass or Old Fashioned are great for scotch, you can also rest assured that they’ll be fantastic for your whiskey as well. Even the Glencairn works great with both kinds of liquor.

Do scotch glasses matter?

That depends on what you want from a glass. If you want to truly nose your glass and get all the aromas and flavors possible, your glassware choice for scotch does matter. A Glencairn or another tulip-shaped glass will be a must. However, if you are not looking to search for every flavor possible, any glass you have will be suitable to drink from.

What size is a scotch glass?

This is a two-part answer. Scotch glasses come in a variety of sizes but the Old Fashioned glass ranges from 7-12 ounces typically while a tasting glass like a Glencairn glass holds 6 ounces.

What is a scotch glass called?

Common names for scotch glasses are rocks glasses, Old Fashioned glasses, whisky tumblers, and lowball glasses. These names work for the classic glass that is short with a wide brim, as well as a thick base. For aficionados, the Glencairn glass can also be known as a whisky-tasting glass or a tulip glass.


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