37 Best Groomsman Gifts 2020

37 Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2020

With all of the time and effort required to prepare for your wedding, finding the best groomsmen gifts should be straightforward and stress-free. Now that 2019 is over and 2020 is here, you may be wondering what are the best gifts to get my groomsmen? How to choose good groomsmen gifts? What are some cool groomsmen gift ideas? We’ve put together a lineup of unique, creative, and non-traditional ideas that are sure to make everyone in your wedding party smile with pride. These cool groomsmen gifts are made to fit every type of guy.

1. Wood Boxed Whiskey Stones and Shot Glass Set – A Cool Engraved Groomsmen Gift

Whiskey Gift Set for Groomsman

Wooden boxes always carry a certain mystique. Maybe because they tap into that boyhood dream of digging a hole in the yard and discovering a buried treasure chest. Maybe it’s the memory of Dad’s strongbox, home to antique pocket watches, coin collections, and the like. Whatever the case, this inexpensive whiskey stones and shot glass gift set is truly memorable and perfect for everyone in the wedding party.

2. Hatchet and Ammo Can Gift Set – Groomsmen Set Perfect for Outdoorsmen

Groomsmen Hatchet and Ammo Can Gift Set

A man should never stray far from his tools, and this unique hatchet and ammo can gift set makes that easier than ever. You get two traditional monogrammed drinking accessories, but the icing on the groom’s cake is the real, usable hatchet, ready for cutting, chopping, or whatever the hell you want to do with it. Everything comes packed in an authentic military surplus ammo box, so it’s especially great for troops, reserves, and shooting enthusiasts.

3. Custom Knives for Your Wedding Party

Set of 5 Liner Lock Knives

You want to get a groomsmen gift that stands out. That’s completely reasonable. You also want to take care of everyone in your wedding party with the touch of a button. Thankfully, these engraved liner lock knives are available so you can get your groomsmen a gift they won’t ever forget. You can still customize each one to their liking. This multi-function knife will fit in most pockets and won’t add any extra bulk. It’s the perfect knife for everyday use or while in the great outdoors. It’s a thoughtful token of their friendship throughout the years.

4. Vintage Style Laser-Etched Colossal Beer Mug

Giant Groomsmen Beer Mug

If you are wondering what are traditional groomsmen gifts, the mug above, and flask below are two such gift ideas. Groomsmen mugs are a popular gift idea and with good reason. You can use them to get the bachelor party started, or for the big toast at the reception. These vintage-style beer mugs are on our list of favorites because of their massive size they stand out and have a uniquely detailed base. The sculpted texture is almost diamond-like, a nice nod to wedding rings and studded cuff links. Each person gets their own name on the side, too.

5. Cool Grey Hip Flask with Engraved Name

Hip Flask for Men

These cool hip flasks make for gift ideas they can actually use on the big day. Just tuck this little guy into the inner pocket of your tuxedo jacket, and you’re ready for a quick nip whenever and wherever you need. The silvery grey leatherette is more durable than real leather, so the flasks will look new for a very long time. The contrasting black engraving ensures the personalized text looks sharp and sophisticated.

6. Personalized Whiskey Stones & Rocks Glass Set

Engraved Rocks Glass and Whiskey Stone Box

Being there on your big day is an incredibly personal experience, so thank your groomsmen with an equally personal and unforgettable gift like this engraved rocks glass and whiskey stones set! Whether you’re sharing drinks at the bachelor party or raising a glass at the reception, this classy set is the ideal way for you and your boys to celebrate your wedding!

7. Watch Case Gift Set of Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Custom Watch Case Flask Rocks Glass Set

Groomsmen already have a lot on their plate, so make their lives easier by ensuring they’re just as ready to party as they are to stand beside you at the altar with this custom watch case gift set! This set has everything your groomsmen could possibly need. The watch case will hold their watches, cufflinks, tie clip, and anything else they need to look at their most dapper while the flask and rocks glass ensure they’ll be ready for impromptu toasts!




8. Vintage Whiskey Barrel – Made into a Watch

Vintage Whiskey Barrel Watch for Men


We’ve seen a lot of good uses for wood rescued from whiskey barrels, but this one is sure to stand the test of time. These nifty watches are made with reclaimed American oak bourbon barrel wood, stainless steel, mineral crystal glass, and quartz functionality. You can even enjoy the faint smell of whiskey when you wear it, a good excuse when your significant other asks, “Have you been drinking?”

9. All-in-One Groomsmen Gift Set

Groomsmen Gift Set Wood Boxed

If you’re wondering what makes a creative groomsmen gift, this is it. Instead of buying an individual gift get a set of gifts for your groomsmen. Combining personalized things such as a engraved glass and card with his name on it along with other fun accessories such as mini liquor bottles, morning after aspirin, maybe a bowtie or something else for the night of friends and fun that will be your wedding. This custom groomsmen set comes personalized in an engraved box and has all of the gifts ready for you to make it easy, or your can make your own DIY groomsmen set if you prefer.

10. Great European Glass Beer Stein with Flip-Up Pewter Lid

Groomsman Glass Beer Stein with Pewter Lid

With great mug, comes great responsibility! This is a classic, yet fun gift idea for your groomsmen. Few things are as striking as this traditional European glass beer stein with the signature flip-up pewter lid. These mugs always conjure up an image of guys sitting around a huge wooden table at a tavern on the square, raising a toast to anything and everything–a moment of camaraderie we all use more of. With a gorgeous traditional monogram on the side, it’s one of the best groomsmen gifts ever made.

11. Unique Bullet Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Bullet Stones for Groomsmen

Just like there’s no one else out there like your best friends. There’s nothing out there like these bullet whiskey stones. Your groomsmen will love having their spirits perfectly chilled from the stones. It comes with a handsome wood box and set of rocks glasses, so all they’ll need is their liquor of choice. Adding in a couple of the bullets is easily the manliest way they can drink their whiskey.

12. Weekender Kit – Prepare Your Groomsmen for a Bachelor Party

Skin Care Kit

Have a bachelor party planned with your groomsmen? Get them a weekender kit that ensures everyone will be their freshest for the trip. Whether you’re bar-hopping, spending time outdoors, or trying to be high rollers in a casino, everyone will want to make sure that they’re on their A-game.

13. Personalized Whiskey Glass with Their Name – A Classic Groomsmen Gift Idea

Whiskey Glass for Groomsman

Since whiskey technically can’t be your best man, why not give your best man an awesome way to enjoy his own whiskey? Pair it with a bottle of whiskey and some cigars and you got a heck of a great whiskey gift for your groomsmen. These personalized old fashioned glasses come laser-engraved with his name, title, and the date of your wedding. The thick base and bubble detail at the bottom add a distinctive touch to this otherwise classically designed tumbler. Because they are made to order, you know that you are giving a one-of-a-kind gift to every groomsman.

14. Get A Groomsmen Gift to Show Off

Manly Ammo Gift for Groomsmen on the Go

Get your groomsmen a gift they’ll take with them everywhere. This .50 caliber ammo box can be used to store tools, camping and fishing supplies, liquor, or even keepsakes they want to be sure and hold on to. This ammo can is even personalized with the title, name, and date of your choice. That way they have no excuse to forget the date of your wedding.

15. Leather Weekend Bag

Leather Travel Bag

Every guy needs a quality bag when they need to get away. Your groomsmen are no exception. Mahi Leather crafts exceptional leather bags that are perfect for the business trip, weekend getaway, or road trip. It’s a versatile bag with expert craftsmanship. You can even have a monogram added to the bag to make it one-of-a-kind. Don’t be shocked if each of your groomsmen as these in tow on your bachelor party.

16. Stainless Steel Flasks for Everyone

Set of 5 Black Flasks

Take care of your entire wedding party with this groomsmen gift idea. Everyone needs a stylish flask. It’s even better if it’s personalized just for them. What makes this gift so cool is that you can also easily take care of your usher, father of the groom, or anyone else at your wedding who deserves a thank you.

17. The Ultimate Engraved Whiskey Set for All Your Groomsmen

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can Groomsmen Gifts Set

Your groomsmen have been your battle buddies in life. They’ve been there during your toughest times as well as some of your best moments. Because they’re your boys or even your soldiers, make sure you arm them as such! These personalized ammo cans are the ideal way to outfit all your best friends with the coolest groomsmen gifts! Inside their ammo can they’ll find whiskey stones and two matching rocks glasses, making this set the perfect gift to help start the bachelor party off right!




18. Sonos Play 1 – For Groomsmen Who Rock

sonos play 1

For the groomsmen who loves music, not much could be better than this portable speaker. It is wireless and will allow him to listen to music in his garage, bedroom, office, or anywhere he plugs it in.

19. Engraved Groomsmen Gift Box Set

Custom Groomsmen Gift Box with Watch Sunglasses and Cigar Cutter

For the groom who wants to hand out a stylish gift, but wants to give more than just one or two items, no gift set could be more highly recommended than this engraved groomsmen gift box! This is the perfect gift that they can use before, during, and after the wedding! Whether they’ve got their matching shades on for pictures, a celebratory cigar, or simply rock the wooden watch for years after the wedding, you can be sure this is an unforgettable groomsmen gift idea!

20. Survival Knife for the Coolest Groomsmen

Set of 5 Personalized Survival Knives

Sometimes, you simply have some manly groomsmen who would like nothing more than their own personalized knife as a gift while other weddings feel like an event that needs a bit of survival equipment. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this set of personalized survival knives! From cutting last-minute dangling threads off dress shirts to crazy adventures in the wilderness, these knives have your groomsmen covered!

21. Wooden Tie Clip – For the Well Dressed Man

Mens Tie Clip

Pretty often, the guys in a wedding party have something in common. Either they are all from the same town or went to the same college together. These mens tie clips can be ordered with either your groomsmen’s initials or some other place or word that connects you. Or if you all come from different places, you can have them made with everyone’s hometown or the place where you are getting married.

22. Unique Groomsmen Signs For Everyone in Your Wedding Party

Signs for Groomsmen

What guy doesn’t love a cool bar, golf, movie, whiskey, beer, etc. sign he can hang on the wall of his apartment or home? These custom signs are amazing because they are made of real wood, come personalized with your groomsmen or best man’s name, and they come in over 200 styles and shapes. What’s great about that is you can choose a sign that’s different for each groomsmen and fits each of your unique style or interests.




23. Shoot, Drink and be Manly – 5 Piece Set of Cool Groomsmen Gifts for Manly Men

Bullet ammo can gift box for groomsmen

Another type of gift with undying popularity is a beer or ammo gift. These types of gifts really resonate with manly men. What red blooded American doesn’t love to have a beer or shoot a few rounds. That’s not saying your best man has to be a marksmen, it’s the thought that counts here. What this groomsmen gift set says is man you are one cool guy, and I wanted to get you something awesome for being in my wedding. That’s what good gifts are all about, showing your groomsmen you care.

24. Socks with Style

Socks Gift Box

Your groomsmen are going to look sharp for your wedding. That’s a given. Why not give them a chance to have a little flair too? Happy Socks makes awesome, curated boxes of socks that will add some much-needed color to your groomsmen’s wardrobes. They’ve got a massive selection, so you can find what fits best for each member of your wedding. It will be the first time your friends have ever gleefully compared socks.

25. Dapper Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Sunglasses and Flask are Engraved Groomsmen Gifts

Need to get a set of groomsmen gifts that are perfect for any stage of the wedding? Look no further than this wooden sunglasses and engraved flask set! Both of these items can easily fit in a jacket pocket, making classy photos with matching stunner shades just as easy as a toast to the groom from their matching flasks! Your groomsmen will love getting these engraved gifts that they’ll get to enjoy for years to come!

26. For Groomsmen Who Love Beer

Gold Rim Mugs for Beer Loving Groomsmen

What’s a wedding without a toast? Give your groomsmen the excuse to raise a glass to you with their own custom beer mug. Everything in this set of five comes individually engraved, so you can personalize each one for all your friends. After the wedding is over, they will love having their own glass beer mug in their home to enjoy any of their brews. It doesn’t matter if they’re Stout-head or a Pilsner devotee, they’ll all look and tastes great in these mugs.

27. The Manliest Gift for Groomsmen You’ll Ever See

Get your groomsmen a gift that will be as memorable as your wedding. Imagine the look on their face when they see a U.S. military ammo box, whiskey glass & stones, and a tactical knife engraved just for them. If they like to spend time outdoors or simply want to have their drink of choice near them at all times, then this is a groomsmen gift that will make an impact in their lives.

28. Concrete Valet Tray

Concrete Valet Tray

As you and your friends have gotten older, you’ve learned the importance of keeping things organized. With a concrete valet tray, your groomsmen can keep every day things that are important to them organized, on their desk or near the bedside, and most importantly, with style and panache.

29. His Favorite Scotch, Bourbon, Gin, or Whiskey in a Custom Engraved Box

Custom Whiskey Box

Sometimes simplicity is the key to a cool gift idea. This handsome wood liquor box comes engraved with your groomsmen’s name and holds a standard 750ml bottle of his favorite gin, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, or other liquor. Stuff it with his favorite liquor and maybe a quick card. This gift is sure to be an instant hit when your groomsmen opens it plus he can save the wooden box to store his keys, change, cufflinks, belts, ties, or whatever else he pleases for years to come.

30. Custom Grill Tools for Groomsmen

Personalized Groomsmen Grill Tool Gift Set

Not every set of gifts for groomsmen needs to be perfect for the bachelor party, wedding, or reception. In fact, some are great for enjoying when all the festivities have come to an end. This way, your groomsmen don’t feel rushed to enjoy their gift. With these custom grill tools, they can kick back and relax after the bachelor party or wedding and cook up some delicious food on an open flame. After all, there are few gifts for men that are better than one that guarantees easy and tasty BBQ!

31. Blend the Classics & Modern Drinking Technology

Legendary Whiskey Box Gift for Legendary Groomsmen

Don’t think for a second that your groomsmen have experienced it all when it comes to groomsmen gifts. This legendary box set comes with a set of rocks glasses that look like they’re straight out of the roaring twenties. They’re packaged with a batch of stainless-steel whiskey stones. They’ll chill a drinker faster than anything they’ve ever seen. They’ll be coming back to this gift as much as they can. After all, it’s what any legend would do.

32. Comic Book Bow Tie – A Fun Groomsmen Gift Idea for Geeks

Comic Book Bowtie

Some might say that these bowties are for the nerds on your list, but with comic book movies grossing well over a billion dollars in 2016 alone, graphic novel lovers have made their way into the mainstream. Meaning there’s a good chance that each groomsman will have a vote for their own favorite superhero. Also available in Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and any number of other geeky themes.

33. Engraved Flask, Knife, and Watch Gift Set

Engraved Watch Knife and Flask Gift Set for Groomsmen

Ensure your best friends are ready or anything that could possibly come their way when you ask them to be there with you on your wedding day. From synchronized watches to celebratory flasks to a personalized knife, you can be sure that your five best friends in the world will have your back and make sure your bachelor party, wedding, and reception go as smoothly as possible when they’re all equipped with these awesome gifts!

34. Style Upgrade Subscription Service

Birchbox for Men

Your groomsmen are modern men. They like to take care of themselves. Make it easy with a Birchbox gift subscription. Each member of your wedding party can tailor the service to their interests. If they’re into shaving, gear, skincare, or style, they’ll love having specialized items sent to their house every month.

35. The Classic Groomsmen Gift – Dapper Custom-Engraved Liquor Decanter

Personalized Liquor Decanter for Groomsmen

There’s no more definitive choice for a handsome-yet-practical keepsake than a custom engraved liquor decanter. Ready to serve as the centerpiece of any home bar or office shelf, a high-quality decanter can turn an average bottle of whiskey into a prestigious vessel of spirits. The laser engraved monogram on the front adds creative detail without compromising the chic look and feel. Your best man won’t want to stop at just one toast when the drinks are poured from this superb container.

36. Stanford Personalized Pint

Stanford Groomsmen Design Pint Glass

A refined pint glass for your groomsmen is a classic gift idea, pair it with a couple cigars or a mini liquor bottle and you’ve got some cool groomsmen gifts they are sure to enjoy. This Stanford pint glass for groomsmen we particularly like, because you can easily put their title and the month and year of your wedding on it. It’s ideal for enjoying premium draft beer.

37. Bonus Idea: Engraved Whiskey Tasting Set Combo

Whiskey Tasting Set for Groomsmen

The perfect inexpensive groomsmen gift, that looks expensive. This set is ideal for the guy who enjoys whisky, scotch or bourbon. Including whiskey stones and a engraved glass, this gift set idea makes you look good, without breaking the bank.


If you’re still wondering where to get groomsmen gifts checkout the link below for hundreds more gift ideas that you can have personalized and shipped directly to your door.




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