23 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance American Whiskey

23 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance Your American Whiskey

UPDATED: Apr 27, 2021

Under the careful watch of such states as Kentucky and Tennessee, bourbon has rightfully earned a spot among the world’s most respected whiskeys. While top-notch tasting glasses are available for the single malt spirits of Scotland, it’s important to give bourbon glassware a spot on our shelves, as well. Bourbon glasses are more dedicated to the individual drinker’s personality and style. Whether you’re looking for fun, refined, or personalized rocks glasses, we’ve found an amazing assortment of bourbon specific glassware that is sure to appease your taste and your taste buds.
Engraved Bourbon Glass and Decanter Box Set

One quality that gives American whiskey its distinction is the process of distilling in charred oak barrels. In fact, this is a requirement along with being distilled in the United States as a requirement for a whisky to be classified as a bourbon. This personalized bourbon glass and decanter box set celebrates this tradition with the individual’s last name and initial on each piece of the set which gives them the classiest way for them to enjoy their bourbon!

Engraved Bourbon Glasses Box Set

This Marquee wood boxed bourbon tasting set is a great way to enjoy your American bourbon whiskeys and also scotch whiskeys. This personalized set comes with chilling rocks, etched bourbon glasses, and a handsome wooden box that can be used to store the set or for many other uses such as storing cards, ties, cufflinks, watches, etc.

Engraved Rocks Glass
When you’re looking for a unique bourbon glass, you want to make sure it stands out from everything else you’ve seen. One of the best choices is this custom rocks glass. Not only will it have your own personalized engraving, but the base looks amazing too! The unique shapes will make it appear like your glass is always on the rocks! A unique take on a classic glass is one of the coolest and fun ways to enjoy your favorite spirit from a bourbon glass.

DiMera Bourbon Glasses

These glasses are the ideal shape for sipping bourbons, here is why. Similar to the Glencairn, but not quite as narrow, these glasses can also be used with ice whereas the Glencairn cannot. The wide bowl of these bourbon sippers accommodates up to 8oz of bourbon and ice, while the shape of the glass pushes the liquor towards the proper part of your pallet while you drink and the conical shaped top funnels the liquor towards your nose.

Glencairn Snifter Glasses

The Glencairn bourbon snifter is a modern classic. Perfectly shaped to allow your scotch, whisky and bourbon to hit your palette at the optimal spot, and narrowed at the top to push the subtle aromas to your nose. These Custom Glencarin snifter glasses are the perfect glass for high-end or complex bourbons like Booker’s, Bulleit, or Barrell Bourbon Batch 14.

Initialed Best Bourbon Glasses

Squared with expertly rounded corners, these square bourbon glasses are a pleasure to hold and look handsome and refined in any setting.

Legendary Sculpted Glasses and Decanter

Sculpted glasses are a great way to enjoy your bourbon. Each ridge is designed so the glass rests comfortably in your hand, no matter the size. That’s why it had to be paired with a legendary decanter to hold your legendary bourbon anytime you want to enjoy it in these legendary glasses.


Glencairn Wide-Bowl Canadian Glass

These mouth-blown tasting glasses give you the benefits of a whiskey snifter, but with a twist of innovation. Each glass features a wide rim top, allowing the drinker to let the fragrance of the whisky build up within the glass. When you are ready to taste, simply lift it up, and take a moment to enjoy the smell before diving in for the first sip.

Personalized Whiskey Stone Set

One of the greatest things about bourbon is it is fantastic to share with a friend or family member. Using your own custom whiskey stone set will definitely be the coolest way you’ve shared a drink before too. When you’re sipping on some Four Roses or Barrell make sure to add some whiskey stones to have a chill, but unspoiled drinking experience!

Twist Decanter Set with Bourbon Glasses

Enjoying your favorite American based whiskey can truly feel like a classy experience, so why not use a glassware set that looks as classy as you feel? This twist decanter set is an ideal way to enjoy any drink whether you want it neat, on the rocks, or as a bourbon cocktail! No matter what style of drink you choose, you’ll love enjoying your drinks with this unique twist!

Personalized Best Bourbon Glass and Whiskey Stones

For those who love their whiskeys and bourbons cold, but don’t want to dilute the flavor, a rocks and bourbon glass combo is the best way to enjoy your bourbon. The rocks help to chill your bourbon, without diluting your most expensive blends like ice will do. Simply pop the stones into the freezer and pop them into your glass when you are ready for a drink.

Custom Bourbon Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

This unique bourbon glasses set will take your Bulleit bourbon to a whole new level thanks to the awesome bullet chilling stones! The large, hefty glasses are ideal for a heaping double bourbon on the rocks (well, bullets). Each stainless steel stone is so realistic that your friends and family might just think you’re one hell of a badass for putting bullets in your drink!

Cigar Holder Bourbon Glass Engraved Two Lines

Now one thing we all know goes amazing with good bourbon is a hand rolled cigar. These clever cigar holder bourbon glasses make drinking your knob creek or woodford reserve and smoking your favorite stoogie easy as pie. Thanks to these glasses smart built in cigar holder, your cigar will never suffer the disgrace of being set on the table, and your mouth will never run dry in between puffs.

Roller Rock Glass

For those who like their whiskey chilled, but not overly diluted, these bourbon glasses offer form and function. Each one includes a silicone mold to create a solid ball of ice. Since the surface of one large ice ball is less than that of individual cubes, the melting process is slowed down. This keeps your drink more potent, while lowering the temperature. An elevate glass dimple in the base allows the ice ball to swirl around freely, chilling the spirits efficiently, and with quite a bit of style, I might add.

Embossed Leather-Wrapped Bourbon Glasses

Add a touch of class to their glassware with a set of embossed, leather-wrapped glasses. Perfect for mixed drinks or bourbon straight up, anything from a Manhattan to a Sidecar cocktail will pour perfectly into these unique bourbon glasses.

Unique Bourbon Glasses Box Set

Enjoy your favorite bourbon at the height of luxury with this stunning box set! The elegant bourbon glasses are not just aesthetically pleasing with their unique twist design, but they also make the glass easier to hold as well as reflect light throughout your drink so that you can see the various hues. You’ll certainly be prepared to impress a friend or your significant other with a drink using this sophisticated set!

Square Bottom Bourbon Glass Set

What better way to serve your bourbon than in cool square bottom glasses like these? Featuring a thick formation at the bottom of the glass that amplifies the color and character of your whiskey, when drinking out of these tumblers your bourbon appears to trickle-down to the bottom. Very cool effect. A great way to give your Tennessee spirits a rock solid foundation.

Engraved Bourbon Tumblers

Love Old-Fashions, apple pie bourbon, or any other bourbon cocktail? If so, then these stainless-steel bourbon tumblers are exactly what you need. Not only do they look super sleek, they will keep your cocktail cool and refreshing for hours. Your friends will be begging to know where you got such a cool set of glasses.

Engraved Bourbon Snifters

You’ve probably seen this style of bourbon glass before, but now you can own an entire set of them that are personalized! Called double snifters, these curvy glasses are ideal for—you guessed it—a double bourbon, but they also work great for cocktails and bourbon tasting. Their Glencairn-like design helps funnel the aromas to your nose as well as reveal the hidden flavors in the bowl part of the glass.

Bourbon Wedge Glass

This two-in-one bourbon glass is super cool. The idea is you freeze it with the special insert, and then when you’re ready for a cold glass of the good stuff, you pull it out of the freezer and pour your Kentucky bourbon straight into the glass where the ice is already ready to go. Larger ice also means it will melt more slowly so less dilution and more flavor. Get this cool bourbon wedge glass personalized with your initials here.

Personalized Bourbon Tasting Glasses

How’s this for a unique glass? Ideal for bourbon tasting, the Tuath glass and its unusual stem provide an experience unlike any other. Designed to look like the Skellig Michael, a small island off the coast of Ireland, the stem ensures that you can hold your glass without warming or obscuring your bourbon as it keeps your hand away from the glass. Its tulip-like mouth opens up your bourbon and directs the aromas straight to your nose so that you get a proper whiff as you sip. By far one of the best bourbon glasses, any bourbon tasting fan will want to add this to their home bar!

Buckman Bourbon Glasses

These substantial rocks glasses come etched with your initials and are the perfect weight for drinking liquors. The ideal weight, they feel slightly heavy, in a good way, and perfectly balanced in the hand. Ideal for the man who doesn’t like to drink out of a dainty glass. Since four pieces are included, it’s the perfect set for sharing.

Turn your passion for the home brewed American liquor into something legendary with a bourbon set that has awesomeness written all over it. Ideal for sipping on a cool drink by yourself or with a good friend, this mythical gift set is definitely worthy to be used with such a great spirit as bourbon!


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