29 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance Your Bourbon Experience

29 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance Your Bourbon Experience

UPDATED: Jun 16, 2022

These Awesome Bourbon Glasses Are Sure to Suit Any of Your Bourbon Needs!

Under the careful watch of such states as Kentucky and Tennessee, bourbon has rightfully earned a spot among the world’s most respected liquors. While top-notch tasting glasses are available for the single malt spirits of Scotland and there are plenty of great whiskey glasses out there, it’s important to give bourbon glassware a spot on our shelves, as well. Bourbon glasses are more dedicated to the individual drinker’s personality and style. Whether you’re looking for fun, refined, or personalized rocks glasses, we’ve found an amazing assortment of bourbon specific glassware that is sure to appease your taste and your taste buds.

The Classic Bourbon Glass

Engraved Rocks Glass

When you’re looking for a unique bourbon glass, you want to make sure it stands out from everything else you’ve seen. One of the best bourbon glasses is this custom rocks glass. Not only will it have your own personalized engraving, but the base looks amazing too! The unique shapes will make it appear like your glass is always on the rocks! A unique take on a classic glass is one of the coolest and fun ways to enjoy your favorite spirit from a bourbon glass.

The First Time Being a Square is Cool

Square Bottom Bourbon Glass Set

What better way to serve your bourbon than in cool square bottom glasses like these? Featuring a thick formation at the bottom of the glass that amplifies the color and character of your liquor, when drinking out of these tumblers your bourbon appears to trickle-down to the bottom. Very cool effect. A great way to give your Tennessee spirits a rock solid foundation.

Crested Bourbon Tasting Glasses

DiMera Bourbon Glasses

These glasses are the ideal shape for sipping bourbons, here is why. Similar to the Glencairn, but not quite as narrow, these bourbon glasses can also be used with ice whereas the Glencairn cannot. The wide bowl of these bourbon sippers accommodates up to 8oz of bourbon and ice, while the shape of the glass pushes the liquor towards the proper part of your pallet while you drink and the conical shaped top funnels the liquor towards your nose.

A Stately Set of Bourbon Glassware

Engraved Bourbon Glass and Decanter Box Set

One quality that gives American bourbon its distinction is the process of distilling in charred oak barrels. In fact, this is a requirement along with being distilled in the United States as a requirement for a whisky to be classified as a bourbon. This personalized bourbon glass and decanter box set celebrates this tradition with the individual’s last name and initial on each piece of the set which gives them the most sophisticated way for them to enjoy their bourbon! With a set of personalized bourbon glasses, decanter, and gift box, they’ll feel like the classiest person in the world each time they pour themselves a drink.

For a Chill Bourbon Experience

Bourbon Stones and Rocks Glass Gift Box Set

Celebrate bourbon in its purest form with this personalized bourbon stone and glass gift set. Ideal for gifting or for keeping your tools on hand and ready for special occasions, everything is neatly contained within the custom box set. Thanks to the stones, you can easily chill your drink without diluting any of that flavor you’ve come to know and love!

What Type of Glass Do You Use for Bourbon?

Engraved Bourbon Nosing Glasses

Engraved Bourbon Snifters

You’ve probably seen this style of bourbon glass before, but now you can own an entire set of them that are personalized! Named the official taster glasses for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, these glasses will actually make your bourbon taste better. Their Glencairn-like design helps funnel the aromas to your nose as well as reveal the hidden flavors in the bowl part of the glass.

Crystal Makes the Best Bourbon Glasses

Crystal Rocks Glass Set of Four

Some of the best bourbon glasses out there simply must be made of crystal! Take this set of four gorgeous crystal glasses, for example, they are ideal for a neat, mixed, or chilled drink, and no matter what your drink is going to look damn good inside thanks to the unique crystal edges. If you’re looking to class up your bourbon, you simply can’t do better than this set of glasses.

An Engraved Glencairn Bourbon Snifter

Glencairn Snifter Glasses

The Glencairn bourbon snifter is a modern classic. Perfectly shaped to allow your scotch, whisky and bourbon to hit your palette at the optimal spot, and narrowed at the top to push the subtle aromas to your nose. These Custom Glencarin snifter glasses are the perfect glass for high-end or complex bourbons like Booker’s, Bulleit, or Barrell Bourbon Batch 14.

Engraved Twist Bourbon Glass

Engraved Twist Best Bourbon Glasses

By far one of the most elegant bourbon glasses you’ll ever see, this stunning glass will make even the cheapest bourbon feel like it came from a luxurious bottle. The beautiful curves of this twist glass reflect light throughout the glass, illuminating the lovely golden hues of your bourbon so that you can appreciate and distinguish the colors. Whether you’re just relaxing with a glass of Jim Beam on the rocks or trying the newest flavor of Jack Daniels, this glass will make an ordinary tasting feel high-class.

A Luxury Set of Crystal Bourbon Glasses

Crystal Glencairn Glasses with Custom Decanter Set

You can’t go wrong with crystal when it comes to bourbon glasses! These exquisite crystal Glencairn glasses are much more luxurious than a standard Glencairn or rocks glass. Your bourbon will taste so much better in these flavor-enhancing glasses that you’ll only want to use these stunning glasses from now on. Plus, your beloved bourbon will stay fresh inside the decanter as it has a rubber-sealed stopper to prevent it from evaporating. This set is truly the ultimate bourbon experience!


Sophisticated Sphere for Chill Drinks

Roller Rock Glass

For those who like their bourbon chilled, but not overly diluted, these bourbon glasses offer form and function. Each one includes a silicone mold to create a solid ball of ice. Since the surface of one large ice ball is less than that of individual cubes, the melting process is slowed down. This keeps your drink more potent, while lowering the temperature. An elevate glass dimple in the base allows the ice ball to swirl around freely, chilling the spirits efficiently, and with quite a bit of style, I might add.

Do Bourbon Glasses Make a Difference?

Luxury Decanter Set for Bourbon & Cigars

Twist Decanter with Crystal Bourbon Glasses

Add a feeling of regalness to your night each time you go for a sip of bourbon with a stogie with this etched bourbon glass and decanter box set. The crystal-cut glasses along with the gorgeous twist in the decanter make everyone feel classy just looking at this decanter set. It even comes with matching engraved ashtrays which means pairing stogies with your drink will be a breeze. Aside from the cigars and liquor, what else could you need to have a fantastic night?

Monogrammed Cigar Glass

Monogrammed Cigar Glass

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, this awesome glass really does hold your cigar for you! Now you can puff and sip with one hand, freeing up your other hand to hold your phone and scroll through your news feed or flip through a book. Definitely one of the best bourbon glasses and coolest, this cigar-holding glass will soon be your favorite one to use.

A Glass Prime for Infused Flavors

Bourbon Glass Smoker Set

Put a new spin on sipping bourbon with a glass that also comes with an entire smoker kit. No longer will you solely enjoy the same drinks over and over again. Now, you’ll be able to create unique flavors and smokey blends that are all your own thanks to this fantastic smoke box and glass gift set. In fact, if you enjoy snacks with your drink, you can even add some nuts or cheese inside to infuse them with flavor too!

What is Special about a Glencairn Glass?

Crystal Cut Glencairn Glass

Crystal Glencairn Glass

There is no better way to enjoy bourbon than from a Glencairn glass. A Glencairn is the ultimate bourbon-tasting glass for connoisseurs and aficionados alike. Thanks to the unique shape, they’ll be able to find unique flavors and aromas in drinks they’ve never noticed before. Add in that this glass is made of crystal and it is the ultimate high-class way to enjoy your bourbon.

The Ultra-Modern Bourbon Tasting Glass

Custom Glencairn Bourbon Glass

Take your enjoyment of bourbon to the 21st century with a modern Glencairn bourbon glass that has been made out of stainless steel! This is built in the classic shape of a Glencairn glass; however, it is insulated thanks to the stainless steel walls, meaning you can keep your bourbon at the ideal sipping temperature without the need for bourbon stones or ice watering down your drink, keeping your bourbon flavor as pure as possible! Add in that it enhances your flavors and it has got to be one of the best bourbon glasses out there!

A Set of Glasses Wrapped In Leather

Embossed Leather-Wrapped Bourbon Glasses

Add a touch of class to their glassware with a set of embossed, leather-wrapped glasses. Perfect for mixed drinks or bourbon straight up, anything from a Manhattan to a Sidecar cocktail will pour perfectly into these unique bourbon glasses.

Custom Twist Bourbon Glass Set

Unique Bourbon Glasses Box Set

Enjoy your favorite bourbon at the height of luxury with this stunning box set! The elegant bourbon glasses are not just aesthetically pleasing with their unique twist design, but they also make the glass easier to hold as well as reflect light throughout your drink so that you can see the various hues. You’ll certainly be prepared to impress a friend or your significant other with a drink using this sophisticated set!


For the Coolest of Bourbon Drinkers

Engraved Bourbon Tumblers

Love Old-Fashions, apple pie bourbon, or any other bourbon cocktail? If so, then these stainless-steel bourbon tumblers are exactly what you need. Not only do they look super sleek, they will keep your cocktail cool and refreshing for hours. Your friends will be begging to know where you got such a cool set of glasses.

Wedge This Glass Into Your Cupboard

Bourbon Wedge Glass

This two-in-one bourbon glass is super cool. The idea is you freeze it with the special insert, and then when you’re ready for a cold glass of the good stuff, you pull it out of the freezer and pour your Kentucky bourbon straight into the glass where the ice is already ready to go. Larger ice also means it will melt more slowly so less dilution and more flavor. Get this cool bourbon wedge glass personalized with your initials here.

The Ultimate Tasting Glass

Personalized Bourbon Tasting Glasses

How’s this for a unique glass? Ideal for bourbon tasting, the Tuath glass and its unusual stem provide an experience unlike any other. Designed to look like the Skellig Michael, a small island off the coast of Ireland, the stem ensures that you can hold your glass without warming or obscuring your bourbon as it keeps your hand away from the glass. Its tulip-like mouth opens up your bourbon and directs the aromas straight to your nose so that you get a proper whiff as you sip. By far one of the best bourbon glasses, any bourbon tasting fan will want to add this to their home bar!

The Must-Have Monogrammed Glass Set

Buckman Bourbon Glasses

These substantial rocks glasses come etched with your initials and are the perfect weight for drinking liquors. The ideal weight, they feel slightly heavy, in a good way, and perfectly balanced in the hand. Ideal for the man who doesn’t like to drink out of a dainty glass. Since four pieces are included, it’s the perfect set for sharing.

A Legendary Gift Set for Bourbon Lovers

Vintage Bourbon Glass Box Set

Turn your passion for the home brewed American liquor into something legendary with a bourbon set that has awesomeness written all over it. Ideal for sipping on a cool drink by yourself or with a good friend, this mythical gift set is definitely worthy to be used with such a great spirit as bourbon!

The Perfect Personalized Glass for Bourbon

Engraved Square Rocks Glass

There is nothing quite like the classic rocks bourbon glass. These are a staple for every aficionado’s home, and if you don’t have any, you best order yourself a few of these personalized glasses so you can easily enjoy everything from glasses on the rocks to cocktails to neat bourbons with the same perfect glass.

What Do You Serve Bourbon In?

Unique Bourbon Tasting Gift Box Set

Personalized Bourbon Tasting Glass Box Set

Got a bourbon lover in your life that could really use a tasting set of the best bourbon glasses out there? Then get them started on the right foot with this incredible tasting glass gift box set. Not only are the glasses and box engraved, but the set comes with four glasses. That means this set is either perfect for sharing with friends or they can have a tasting party all on their own!

A Modern Glass Set with a Classic Touch

Monogrammed Wooden Stainless Steel Glencairn Glasses

Bring your enjoyment of bourbon into the modern century with this monogrammed stainless steel Glencairn set. As it has been said many times, a Glencairn is the ultimate way to enjoy your drink of choice; however, with this set, they’re naturally insulating as well as incredibly tough. So, whether you want a set of badass-looking glasses or are a little accident-prone, these are the glasses for you!

Bring on the Bronze

Bronze Rimmed Glasses

Rock a mid-century-styled set of rocks glasses for your American liquor with these unique bronze rimmed glasses. This set is the perfect gift for a bourbon lover or even as an addition to your home bar or cupboard if you get them for yourself. Make no mistake, there is simply something remarkably classy and sophisticated feeling when you are enjoying a drink from bourbon glasses like these.

A Bourbon Tasting Glass Straight from Canada

Custom Canadian Bourbon Sipping Glass

A Canadian Glencairn glass has got to be the most slept on bourbon glass. It has all the advantages that a Glencairn has; however, it also has more than double the volume. That means more bourbon for you! Plus, if you want to add bourbon stones to chill your drink, with this glass there will be plenty of room!

Coolest Crystal Cut Bourbon Glass Set

Dublin Style Crystal Glassware

Sometimes all you need to do to class up your drinking game is simply get some gorgeous bourbon sipping glasses like these crystal ones. These timeless glasses are the best way to look like you’re always on top of the latest bourbon trends. After all, crystal rocks glasses will never go out of style, making it a breeze to look like a top-level connoisseur.


What type of glass do you use for bourbon?

Well, like many of life’s great mysteries, this answer depends. If you’re looking to be a purist, the ultimate bourbon glass is a Glencairn glass since it allows you to taste all the subtle flavors within your liquor. However, glasses like rocks glasses are also a fantastic way to enjoy a bourbon since they leave plenty of room for a double pour, ice, or even a mixer if you’re so inclined. While there are plenty of proper tasting glasses or classic bourbon glasses, in all reality the best bourbon glass is the one you enjoy drinking from the most!

Do bourbon glasses make a difference?

They do! Glencairn glasses are great at helping people’s palate pick up aromas and flavors they might otherwise miss while a rocks glass is great for getting a full mouthful of bourbon, plus it leaves room to add to your drink. While some people prefer their bourbon straight, a rocks glass leaves the opportunity for cocktail mixers, ice, or anything else!

What is special about Glencairn glass?

A Glencairn glass has a unique design that is purpose-built to bring flavor right to your palate and olfactory senses. While a standard rocks glass gets the job done, a Glencairn is a proper tool for any aspiring aficionado or bourbon connoisseur. With this glass, they’ll find flavors that they never knew were in a bourbon they’ve been drinking for years.

What do you serve bourbon in?

As discussed, you can serve bourbon in a variety of glassware but you can also start the night off by serving it in a decanter. These are glass or crystal vessels used to decant the bourbon while also removing the label of a brand at the same time. The decanting helps to increase the flavor while the removal of the brand gets rid of any expectations or preconceived notions about a brand. Serving a bourbon in a decanter is one of the purest ways to enjoy bourbon.

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