19 Exquisite Bourbon Gifts

19 Exquisite Bourbon Gifts

Did you know that bourbon is whiskey that is made in America? It has to contain at least 51% corn to be officially considered bourbon, too, but for the most part the difference between whiskey and bourbon is geography. For those that prefer a classic glass of good old American bourbon rather than beer or rum, we found the best bourbon gifts! But what are good gifts for bourbon lovers? Something that enhances their favorite liquor and makes it more enjoyable or something that they can use to show off their love for the delicious spirit. After all, the glass really does matter when drinking bourbon. Don’t worry, we put together plenty of incredible, unique, and personalized gifts that any bourbon drinker would be thrilled to get!

Unique Sipping Glasses

Set of Unique Personalized Bourbon Glasses

When enjoying a liquor as fine as Four Roses Single Barrel or Michter’s US1, you have to have the proper tools. Bourbon is a spirit that can be used for shots and cocktails, yes, but top-shelf blends are meant to be sipped slowly and carefully enjoyed. You’ll want glasses like these, small in size but uniquely designed to expose the subtle notes and secret ingredients that make each bottle of bourbon special. This set of four glasses fit perfectly in your hand, but their hourglass shape serves a purpose: the wide base and rim funnel all of the subtle flavors and aromas from the bottom of the glass to the top where you will be able to enjoy your bourbon to the fullest as you can inhale the delicious aromas and enjoy the many ingredients within.

The Ultimate Crystal Bourbon Set

DIY Crystal Glencairn Bourbon Gift Set

Did you know that the Glencairn glass was specifically designed to make your bourbon taste better? Its distinct shape unlocks the hidden flavors of your finest Kentucky bourbon so that you can taste all of the ingredients from the smoky spices to the sweet citrus notes. The crystal Glencairn is a fine gift on its own, but why stop there? Create one of the most spectacular bourbon gifts with a crystal Glencairn glass (or a couple!), a personalized box set of whiskey stones, a crystal decanter, and a personalized wooden gift box. Whoever receives such an extravagant set will have a quality crystal set of glassware that they’ll want to display for years to come. They’re certain to brag about how you gave them the set to anyone who admires it!

Basic Bourbon Tasting Set

Bourbon Tasting Set with Whiskey Stones

When it comes to the fine liquors, you have to have the proper tools. Two things are vital when enjoying bourbon: the right glass and whiskey stones. Why the latter? Well, you want to enjoy your drink to the fullest, right? You can’t do that with regular old ice. Whiskey stones are made of natural soapstone and can be frozen so that they will chill your drink just as well as ice does, but they won’t affect the flavor. These classic old fashioned glasses were literally made for drinking bourbon. Named after the popular cocktail, you can enjoy the perfect amount of Woodford Reserve in these six ounce glasses with a couple of whiskey stones. Thanks to this essential set, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a nice after-dinner drink with your SO or a friend. This set is by far one of the best gifts for bourbon lovers because it’s got everything they need for a proper drink, and is perfect for any occasion!

The Perfect Pairing

Bourbon Decanter and Cigar Glasses Set

When you settle down in your armchair with a glass of chilled bourbon, you’re probably lighting up a cigar as well. Cigars and bourbon go together like beer and salty snacks, you just can’t enjoy one without the other. Thanks to the revolutionary cigar glass, you can enjoy both your cigar and your bourbon at the same time! That’s right, these unique glasses actually have a built-in cigar rest so that you can puff and sip with one hand while reading a good novel in the other. The crystal decanter in this set will certainly become your new centerpiece in your cigar lounge or home bar because of how stunning it is. Is this one of the coolest bourbon gifts you’ve ever seen or what?

Only the Essentials

Personalized Bourbon Gift Set with Whiskey Stones

For the bourbon who prefers to drink alone, this essential gift set is more ideal than the previous set. You can enjoy a larger serving, too, in the double old-fashioned glass. It holds 10.25 ounces, which is a little over four ounces more than the standard bourbon glass. It also features a unique bubble pattern on the base, which not only creates an illuminating effect in your drink but helps prevent those pesky condensation rings. You can drop more whiskey stones in, too, for a little extra chill. The vintage-inspired engraving will make you feel like a sophisticated and high-class noble as you sip your Four Roses Bourbon after a long day.




Have “Spiked” Coffee Every Day

Bourbon Infused Coffee

You’ve probably had Irish coffee, but have you ever had bourbon coffee? Bones Coffee makes a special blend of coffee beans that are aged inside an oak bourbon barrel. While this coffee does not contain actual alcohol, you can enjoy the delicious, smoky taste with this incredible medium roast coffee every morning before work! Now you can enjoy a “spiked” coffee in the morning without having to worry about the effects of actual alcohol. Any bourbon fan would be overjoyed to receive this scrumptious bourbon gift for Christmas or their birthday, but make sure you do include a bottle of their favorite bourbon too!

The Manliest Bourbon Gift You’ve Ever Seen

Patriotic Bourbon Ammo Can Gift Set

Bourbon drinkers are the manliest, toughest, and coolest of the liquor fans. After all, they’re patriotic and fiercely loyal to the land that makes their awesome spirit: America. One of the coolest gifts for bourbon lovers, this incredibly patriotic gift set has it all. It’s got two DOF glasses and a set of whiskey stones for a nice chilled bourbon with a buddy after a day at the shooting range, a gnarly tactical survival knife for all of those outdoor adventures, and a genuine military surplus ammunition box for all of your storage needs. On the glasses and ammo box is a rustic American flag design that shows off your love for ‘Murica and ensures that no one else will dare try to take it from you since it’s engraved with “Private Property of” followed by your name. Seriously, can a gift for someone who loves bourbon get any cooler than this?

A Classy Set for the Office

Custom Decanter Set with Presentation Tray

Like scotch, bourbon can be a refined spirit. Whether you’re drinking Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Kentucky Straight or Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel, you’ll feel classier than James Bond himself with this presentation set. Featuring four double old-fashioned glasses, a decanter, and an acrylic serving tray, this breathtaking set belongs in a place of prominence in your home office or home bar. The decanter will keep your favorite blend of bourbon fresh and secure while also showing off its lovely golden hues. You can serve a couple of friends a classy drink in style with this set, that’s for sure! Anyone would be impressed by this matching decanter set.

Your Own Bourbon Label

Design Your Own Whiskey Label Decanter Set

When you turned 21, you finally tried the famous Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. It wasn’t really your favorite, but it was alright. Then you tried Jim Beam Bourbon Kentucky Straight Bourbon and it was a whole new experience. Since then, bourbon has been your liquor of choice. You’ve dreamt of your very own whiskey or bourbon named after you, and now you can! This awesome decanter set is engraved with a customizable whiskey label featuring your name and the year of your choice. When you serve your friends with this set, they’ll be so impressed! Who knows? Maybe this will inspire you to take up distilling and you’ll actually get to create your own bourbon.

The Ideal Set for the Bourbon Drinker Who Also Likes Guns

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stones

There’s nothing like a glass of bourbon after spending a couple of hours at the shooting range with a new gun. You and your friend love going to the range every couple of weeks to practice shooting, and you always finish the day of fun with a drink. Why not combine the two? With these bullet whiskey stones, you can enjoy a perfectly chilled and not watered down drink. Whoever you share a drink with will definitely get a kick out of the cool stainless steel whiskey stones! Plus, the unique square glasses are easier to hold than a typical round glass. The elegant monogram engraving on the whole set is just the cherry on top of this fun gift for bourbon lovers!

A New Way to Enjoy Bourbon

Bourbon Lover Food Gift Box

You can certainly enjoy that delicious smoky bourbon flavor in other ways besides the liquor itself or cocktails. If you’ve never had bourbon truffles, you’re seriously missing out. Bourbon Barrel Foods created the ultimate bourbon lover gift set of unique and yummy foods infused with the taste of bourbon! How cool is that? It comes with different sauces, salts, seasonings, and other unique edibles that will give your food an extra kick.

The Perfect Gift for the Legendary Bourbon-Loving Man

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift for the awesome guy in your life who loves drinking the American liquor more than any other spirit? You’ve found it. Everything about this incredible gift set screams “I’m the coolest guy in the world!” He’ll love it, especially since it’s personalized just for him. After a romantic date, you two can enjoy a nightcap of his favorite bourbon chilled with whiskey stones. Plus, he can use the ammo can to store anything from live rounds to tools! It’s the perfect bourbon gift for your anniversary, his birthday, or the holidays.

Every Bourbon Lover’s Dream

Bourbon Gifts Set with Whiskey Stones

This set may seem simple, but it’s pretty awesome. The entire design of this set is centered around a bourbon still, how awesome is that? You might not know it at first, but the bourbon lover in your life certainly will recognize it immediately since they’ve been on a few distillery tours. Thanks to your fantastic bourbon gifts, they’ll feel like they have their very own official bourbon still! The two glasses and chilling stones are perfect for a glass of Jameson with a friend after dinner.

A Twist On the Rocks

Whiskey Wedge Glass with Ice Mold

Not a fan of whiskey stones for your bourbon? Try the unique wedge glass. Simply attach the included silicone mold to the glass, fill it with water, place it in the freezer, and it creates a cool triangle of ice inside your glass. It doesn’t just look cool, but the wedge of ice melts slower than normal ice cubes so that you can enjoy your bourbon’s fullest flavors a little longer before the ice fully melts. It certainly makes great Instagram posts!

Infuse Your Drink With a Whole New Flavor

Smoke Box System

Bourbon tastes best when it’s aged in oak barrels, but did you know that you could make your favorite spirit a little smokier? That’s right, this incredible smoke box system can actually infuse your drink with a new, smoky flavor of your choice. Like a grill smoker, this nifty gadget uses wood chips and a smoking gun to surround your glass with a cloud of smoke, adding a fun flavor of hickory or cedar to your glass. It’s perfect for parties, too, so that everyone can try it out and find out what wood chips compliment which liquors best!

The Best Bottle of Bourbon You’ll Ever Have

23 Year Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon

As a bourbon drinker, you’ve heard of Pappy Van Winkle. The famous distiller of what is perhaps the finest, smoothest, most sought-after bourbon whiskey in the world. His 23 year old bottle is the best of all, and it’ll set you back a couple of thousand! Those who can snag a bottle will only pour a tiny amount to taste, not a usual full glass. Such a fine bourbon is the absolute best gift for bourbon lovers you can possibly give if you can afford such luxury! Whoever you gift it to will certainly want to give you something as equally amazing in return.

A Full Set of Glencairn Glasses for Bourbon Tastings

Glencairn Tasting Set with Serving Tray

Do you or does the person you’re shopping for enjoy hosting bourbon tasting parties? They’re great fun if you haven’t tried it! All you need is a couple of different bottles of bourbon, some friends, and the proper tasting glasses. The Glencairn glass is the most ideal for tastings as it is specially designed to enhance all of the flavors through its unique shape. Your fellow bourbon lovers will enjoy using this set of four Glencairn glasses to taste test all of the unique bourbons you picked out. The handy serving tray makes it easy for you to carry multiple glasses at once and serve your guests in style. Plus, when you’re not using this set it looks great as a sophisticated decoration on your home bar!

Unique Rocks Glasses

Personalized Bourbon Gift Set

Like most people, you’ve always wanted the perfect glass for your nightly glass of I.W. Harper. Perhaps one that’s molded perfectly with your hand? Well now you can! The unique sculpted glasses in this set have an outer layer of glass that is molded to perfectly fit in your hand whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The grooves might seem odd at first glance, but once you pick one up you’ll notice the difference in how it feels in your hand versus a normal round glass. This unique design allows you to have a firmer, more secure grip. This extra layer also helps insulate your glass so that it combined with the chilled whiskey stones keeps your drink perfectly chilled until the very last drop.

The Finest Crystal Set for Your Finest Bourbon

Engraved Twist Decanter Set

For special occasions, most people often opt for their nicer glassware and dinnerware. Whether it’s your great-grandmother’s fine china that’s only used at Christmas or your Waterford crystal wine glasses that you and your SO use exclusively for your anniversary, everyone has a special set that’s only used for such occasions. But sometimes, you just want to feel fancy and pampered. Indulge your luxurious desires with this gorgeous twisted decanter set! The stunning decanter and matching glasses are so gorgeous that you’ll be tempted to keep them tucked away in the cabinet until a special occasion comes around. Once you use this set, you’ll want everyone to see if when they visit, so fill up the decanter with your bourbon whether it’s an everyday Knob Creek or a top-shelf 12 Year W.L Weller Bourbon and pour yourself a glass!




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