29 Most Awesome Gifts for Groomsmen

29 Most Awesome Gifts for Groomsmen

UPDATED: Sep 13, 2022

Get Your Friends These Awesome Gifts for Groomsmen!

Your best bros have been there for you through everything, and now they’ll be here for your wedding as your groomsmen! It is customary for the groom to give his groomsmen gifts either as a thank you for being his groomsmen or he can use them to ask his friends to be there with him on his big day. The best gifts for groomsmen are cool and unique items that they can enjoy at the bachelor party, the wedding day, or even afterward! Gag gifts and funny presents are always fun, sure, but they’re typically used once. With a groomsmen gift that’s practical, your bros can enjoy their gifts over and over for years to come. Looking for thank you groomsmen gift ideas? Struggling with how to ask your friends to be your groomsmen? Are you in search of a special gift for your best man? You’re in the right place!

Gifts for Groomsmen You Just Can’t Beat

Personalized Whiskey Gifts for Groomsmen Set of 5

Show your groomsmen just how thankful you are for everything they’ve done for you with these whiskey gifts! Coming in a set of five so that you can get a matching set for everyone, each groomsman will be thrilled to get their own custom rocks glass and whiskey stone set. As soon as you give them these incredible gifts for groomsmen, they’ll all want to use their whiskey sets to raise a toast to you and your wedding!

The Best Way to Ask “Will You Be My Groomsman?”

Cigar Crate of Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Not sure how to ask your closest friends to be your groomsmen? Give them this custom groomsmen gift box! Filled with a customized card, cigar accessories, and even a bowtie to wear on your wedding day, this set comes with everything a groomsman needs to celebrate your wedding. There is even room inside the crate to add additional gifts such as beef jerky, a watch, liquor bottles, cigars, or something else you know your bros would enjoy. Perfect for asking all of your groomsmen or a special way to ask your best bro to be your best man, this awesome box set is the way to go. Bonus: the box is actually a cigar humidor!

Manly Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set Beer Ammo Can

Your groomsmen will never expect such badass gifts! From the custom pint glasses to the badass ammo can that’s been repurposed from the United States military, every aspect of this incredible gift set is awesome. Your best man or any groomsman you give this set will be speechless when you give it to him, but only until he goes “Wow!” when he sees all of the cool stuff inside the personalized ammo can. Such an impressive gift is the best way to show your appreciation for your groomsmen!

Every Groomsman Needs a Decanter Set

Engraved Decanter Set

Want to go all out for your groomsmen? Get them their own decanter sets! If they don’t already have one, now is the time to change their lives with proper liquor storage and dispensing. This handsome decanter set is a top-notch gift for your best man and all of your groomsmen! As soon as they see their amazing gift, they’ll want to fill up their decanters right away and offer you a drink from them using the matching glasses.

Classic Gifts for Groomsmen

Custom Flask Set with Shot Glasses

Flasks are common gifts for groomsmen because they’re perfect for using at the bachelor party, to offer the groom a bit of liquid courage on his wedding day, and for partying at the reception. Your groomsmen would love to get their own flasks and shot glasses with this impressive set! Perfect for giving them at the bachelor party so that they can try them out right away, this flask set is a groomsmen gift that any of your bros will love.


Make Sure They Look Their Best

Tie and Cufflink Gift Set

One of the most thoughtful gifts for groomsmen is something that will help them prepare for the day of the wedding, like this tie and cufflink set! All of your groomsmen will be wearing matching ties (or different colors if that’s your preference!), cufflinks, and tie bars which will ensure they are dressed to the nines. Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they’ll surely wear this set again in the future for other dressy occasions!

Celebrate Your Wedding in Style

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gifts for Groomsmen

Drinks and cigars pair perfectly with weddings, so make sure your groomsmen have everything they need to celebrate your wedding with this amazing gift set! They’ll be in awe of the stunning rocks glasses and the nifty portable cigar stand. Make sure you fill up their cigar cases with stogies so that they can enjoy one immediately after opening their gift! Such an amazing gift set is perfect for giving your groomsmen at your wedding reception or even at your bachelor party.

Every Groomsman Gets Their Own Beer Mug

Custom Set of 5 Gold Rimmed Beer Mugs

Looking for matching gifts for all of your groomsmen? You can’t go wrong with these classy gold-rimmed beer mugs! Each groomsman gets his very own personalized beer mug, and once they all try out their favorite beers in these mugs they’ll never want to drink them any other way from now on! Whether you give them out at the bachelor party or wedding reception, your bros will want to have a toast using their awesome new mugs.

Their Own Poker Sets

Personalized Poker Set Gift for Groomsmen

Poker is a must-have game at any bachelor party, so why not send your groomsmen home with their own custom poker sets afterward? Not only a fun keepsake to remember your legendary bachelor party forever, but it’s also a great kit to have on hand for poker, card games, and dice games alike! Who knows? The next time you go over to your best man’s house, he may even get out his personalized poker set and propose a game of Blackjack!

Cool Groomsmen Gift Set

Monogrammed Ammo Can Set

Give your groomsmen the tools they need for being manly men with this awesome ammo can set! Perfect for taking your bros on a hunting, camping, or fishing trip, this set is all about the outdoors. In fact, the best way to give your groomsmen these ammo can sets is when you ask them to be your groomsmen or before you go to your bachelor party! Talk about a set of badass groomsmen gifts!

Perfect Groomsmen Apparel

Groom Crew Tee

Whether you’re looking for fun gifts for groomsmen to wear at your bachelor party or even the wedding, these tees are perfect! The cool design lets everybody know that they’re the groomsmen without being too much, and they’re sure to make great photos with all of your bros wearing them. The only thing that would make this fun gift for groomsmen better is if you pair these sunglasses-themed tees with actual sunglasses to complete the look!

The Whiskey Gift to End All Whiskey Gifts

Personalized Whiskey Glass Box Set

While it’s common to see whiskey gift sets for groomsmen, none of them compare to this one! Filled with whiskey essentials, your bros will enjoy toasting to your wedding day using their new custom whiskey glasses and chilling stones. There’s even room inside the box set to include extra gifts such as small liquor bottles like in the picture, or you could put a watch inside!

A Set of the Coolest Bottle Openers Ever

Set of 5 Custom Bottle Openers

A good groomsmen gift doesn’t have to be over-the-top, it can be something as simple as an engraved bottle opener! These aren’t your ordinary bottle openers, though, they’re actually made from genuine .50 caliber bullets! How awesome is that? With this set of five, you can easily get one for each of your groomsmen at once.

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen

Watch and Glasses Set of Gifts for Groomsmen

Sure, you could give your groomsmen a set of whiskey gifts, golf gifts, or even watch gifts, but this set has a little bit of all three! Perfect for giving your bros as a “Will you be my groomsman?” gift or to thank them after the wedding, they’ll enjoy each piece from the watch case to the rocks glass. Whether it’s for your best man or all of your groomsmen, this unique gift set has something for everyone.

Grilling Gifts Are Always a Good Idea

Custom Bamboo Grilling Tools Groomsmen Gifts

Your bros love grilling as much as they love the fact that they’ll be by your side on your wedding day, so give them their own custom BBQ tools to thank them! They’ll love using these lightweight, high-quality tools as they grill up burgers the next time you come over. You could even have your bachelor party be cookout-themed and give your groomsmen these tools so that they can all have a cook-off!


The Most Practical Groomsmen Gift

You can never go wrong with something practical, so why not give gifts for groomsmen that they’ll genuinely use? This Leatherman multi tool has everything: a carabiner to keep it on hand at all times, a screwdriver, knife, pliers, wire cutters, a bottle opener, and more. This handy tool is something your groomsmen can utilize at work, on the go, in the wilderness, or at home!

A Quality Decanter Set

Custom Liquor Decanter Set

Go the extra mile for your best man by getting him the best gift of all: a personalized decanter set! This unique triangular decanter set is unlike any other glassware he’s bound to have, and he’ll certainly never forget such a thoughtful gift. Whether you give it to him at the wedding reception to thank him for upholding his duties as best man or you want to give it to him when you ask him to be your best man so that you two can use it to share a celebratory drink, he’ll love this set!

Beer Gift Every Man Needs

Wooden Beer Tote

Looking for gifts for groomsmen guaranteed to please the whole wedding party? You can’t go wrong with a wooden beer caddy! This sturdy beer carrier ensures that no matter where your groomsmen are taking their beer, their precious brew will be safe and sound. No more broken bottles or awkward carrying of a six-pack and their painful handles ever again! A set of these beer totes are the perfect bachelor party gifts, especially if you fill them up with their favorite beers first.

Groomsman Essentials Gift Set

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set

Give your groomsmen everything they need for your wedding day with this essentials gift set! From a rocks glass to use at your wedding toast to a handsome black bowtie for the ceremony, this set has it all. You can give them this set at your bachelor party or the rehearsal dinner so that they are prepared for the big day. After the wedding, they can use their custom rocks glass for after-dinner drinks and the handsome gift box to store keepsakes.

Legendary Gifts for Legendary Groomsmen

Ammo Can Set of Custom Beer Gifts for Groomsmen

The best groomsmen deserve only the best gifts, and your bros are legendary. It’s only fitting that you get them this badass ammo can gift set! They will love the fun design on the pint glasses and ammo box, as well as the other cool items in this set. The survival knife is sure to come in handy when they’re on your fishing trip bachelor party, and they’ll definitely be using the beer glasses and cigar accessories to celebrate! Every piece in this set is as practical as it is cool and your groomsmen will enjoy them all for years to come.

Fun Socks to Wear

Bold Socks Set for Groomsmen

The groomsmen may be wearing tuxedos, but that doesn’t mean they can’t sport some fun socks under their slacks! Your bros will love sporting these colorful socks that come in all kinds of patterns that are sure to make great wedding photos. Such a unique groomsmen gift will make the stress of the wedding day a little more bearable because every time they see their bright socks under their sleek black slacks, they can’t help but smile!

Suave Gifts They’ll Enjoy for Years

Engraved Cigar Glass with Cigar Case

Like champagne, you can’t celebrate a wedding without cigars and a drink! This cigar-holding glass and stogie case set is one of the coolest gifts for groomsmen you can get. As soon as you give them this perfect pairing, they’ll immediately pour their favorite liquor into the glass, light up one of the stogies you put in the cigar case, and toast to your awesomeness for such an incredible gift. Plus, they can bring the cigar case to the wedding so that they can celebrate your “I Do’s” with a couple of cigars!

Badass Knives for All of Your Groomsmen

Survival Knife Set of Gifts for Groomsmen

Whether they’re doing DIY projects at home, going on a hunting trip with you, or camping in the woods, your groomsmen’s new tactical survival knives are sure to come in handy wherever they are! These badass knives are awesome on their own, but the fact that there’s a hidden survival kit in each hilt makes them doubly practical. Each knife is even engraved with your groomsmen’s names or titles right on the blade.

The Best Beer Gift

Custom Beer Mug and Bottle Opener Box Set

Surprise your groomsmen with their very own personalized beer mugs! They’ll love using their large, hefty mug to gulp down their favorite brews. They’ll certainly appreciate the custom wooden bottle opener, too, and the wood gift box is perfect for storing their new bottle cap collection! This gift set is a great way to ask your bros to be your groomsmen, especially if you also get them a bottle or two of their favorite brand of beer to go with it. Every time they use their awesome beer mug for a relaxing drink, they’ll be reminded of your legendary wedding and how great it was to be part of it.

Your Groomsmen Deserve a Decanter

Engraved Liquor Decanter Groomsmen Gift

Anyone who enjoys liquor deserves to have a decanter in their home bar, and your groomsmen especially deserve a nice one after standing by you on your wedding day! This custom liquor decanter ensures their favorite spirit stays as fresh as it was the day they opened the bottle thanks to the sealed stopper. In fact, the perfect companion to a custom decanter is a nice bottle of their preferred liquor so that they can fill it up as soon as you give it to them.

Jerky Gifts for Groomsmen

People's Choice Beef Jerky Sweet Tooth Jerky Box

Who doesn’t love beef jerky? Your groomsmen will be over the moon when you surprise them with this tasty gift! This gift box comes in various types of beef jerky so that you can get each groomsman their favorite kinds such as sweet, mild, spicy, variety, or even keto. This delicious gift is sure to be enjoyed right away, which makes it the perfect gift to give them at your bachelor party.

A Clever Way to Ask Them to Be Your Groomsmen

Customizable Groomsmen Gift Box

Still not sure how to ask your best bros to be your groomsmen? This awesome box set is just what you need! With a flask, bowtie, custom card, and even a cigar humidor, this set has everything they need to be prepared for your wedding. You can even include an extra gift in the set like their favorite candy, a small liquor bottle, or a bottle opener. With such a cool gift, your bros will definitely not hesitate to say, “Yes” to being your groomsmen!

Custom Whiskey Glasses are the Best Gifts for Groomsmen

Gifts for Groomsmen Engraved Whiskey Glasses

When in doubt, go with a classic gift that never fails: a personalized rocks glass for each groomsman! It doesn’t matter if your best man is more of a gin guy or one of your groomsmen doesn’t even drink, these rocks glasses are versatile so that they can be used for all types of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. These awesome glasses are sure to be a hit whether you pass them out at the reception or use them along with a bottle of each groomsman’s favorite spirit to ask them to be your groomsman, and they’ll definitely look great in the photos since they’re a matching set! You simply can’t go wrong with these awesome gifts for groomsmen.

A Special Gift for the Best Man

Custom Ammo Can Cigar Humidor Gift for Groomsmen

The best man is the most important of all of the groomsmen because of his duty to keep the rings safe, the groom’s nerves calm, and to ensure that anything that goes wrong on his wedding day is taken care of. As such, he deserves a gift as awesome as he is for handling so much responsibility! This incredibly cool ammo can was once used by the US military and has now been converted into a one-of-a-kind cigar humidor, which makes it the most unique and impressive gift any best man can get. Make sure you give him a pack of his favorite stogies so that he has some to store in his amazing new humidor! 


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