17 Wonderful 20th Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Celebrate His Anniversary With the Best 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husbands!

Few couples can take pride in being married for two decades. It’s your twentieth anniversary and you want to give your husband an incredible gift after everything you two have built together. Finding the perfect anniversary gift ideas for husband doesn’t have to be stressful. You just need to find something that will elevate the little things in life that your husband cherishes. The traditional gift of china is extremely dated, but we’ve found a ton of great modern 20th anniversary gifts for husband that he’s guaranteed to love. So, celebrate the love of your life with any of these awesome 20 year anniversary gifts for him that he is sure to love!

All the Cigar Essentials Set

Customized Presentation Gift Set

He’ll feel like a kid getting the present he has been wanting all year long when he sees his new whiskey presentation set. If you want a completely unique gift this anniversary, a presentation set has all the essentials he’ll need to celebrate spending the best 20 years of his life with you. This is the perfect gift for when he wants to celebrate an anniversary, a holiday, or even simply unwind with you over a neat glass of whiskey. In fact, this gift for his anniversary is so perfect that the only problem is you’ll be wondering how to top it for the next major milestone occasion.

Romantic 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Man Cave Customized Sign

Is there anything more classy than a piece of engraved decor in the perfect spot at home? Your husband will happily hang this personalized sign for his man cave with a prideful smile because he will be adding to his favorite space. This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for husband because he will love looking at this man cave sign and thinking how great his wife is for helping him decorate his favorite room of the house. Not only is this an awesome addition to any man cave, but it is the perfect conversation piece for the next time he decides to invite over the guys. In fact, this gift is so good, you may even want to give an updated version as a 25th wedding anniversary gift for him in a few years too!

Customizable Beer Gift Set

Customizable Beer Ammo Can Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

You want to get him something special that comes from the heart, but you also want your gift to be something related to the things he enjoys. You can’t go wrong with this customizable beer gift set! He will be so touched by your personalized message on the ammo can and beer glasses that he might not even see the cool knife and bullet bottle opener at first, making this one of the most awesome anniversary gift ideas for husband. Once he sees everything in your amazing anniversary gift, he’ll want to pour the two of you a couple of beers using his new bottle opener and glasses to celebrate 20 years together. Now he has everything he needs to be a true beer connoisseur!

The Coolest 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Antique Globe Bar Cart

You’ll win the “Wife of the Year” award on your 20th anniversary with this incredible gift! Seriously, there is nothing cooler than a bar cart designed to look like an antique globe. Your husband will feel like a million bucks each time he pours himself a drink with his favorite fine spirit from this awesome bar cart, and he’ll be so excited to have a neat place to store your barware and liquor. In fact, he’ll want to throw a party right after your anniversary so that he can amaze all of his friends with his incredibly cool new bar cart!

His Royal Highness

Wine Decanter and Glasses Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Your husband is a man who really enjoys his wine, and he is quite the aficionado. These unique wine glasses and aerating decanter make up a fantastic wine gift set that he will absolutely love. Designed specifically to enhance the aromas and flavors of wine, your husband will be eager to crack open a bottle for the celebration. But once he tastes how rich and perfectly aerated it is in his new wine decanter, he may not be willing to share!

Impressive Anniversary Gifts for Him

Whiskey Decanter Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Your husband already has a bar cart? Well, he certainly doesn’t have a decanter set as stunning as this one! By far some of the most impressive 20th anniversary gifts for husband, this elegant decanter set is quite a sight to behold. He will be in awe when he opens up your amazing gift and, once he recovers from the surprise, he will want to fill up the decanter with his finest top-shelf whiskey so that he can pour the two of you a round of drinks in the matching glasses. This lovely set is sure to be the site of many anniversary toasts, date night drinks, and relaxing cocktails from now on!

Custom Ammo Can – A Unique Anniversary Gift Idea

Beer Mug Gift Set of Anniversary Ideas for Husband

There is nothing better to celebrate his anniversary with than an ice-cold, tasty beer! He will love having his own mug to gulp his favorite brews from. Once he tries his beer fresh out of these unique and hefty mugs, he’ll never want to drink his favorite beer from a can or bottle again. To top it all off, he even has a brand new bottle opener and a personalized gift box to keep personal items in or simply leave on display. Talk about awesome 20th anniversary gifts for husband who likes beer!

Beer Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Cocktail Smoker Gift Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Buck the traditional 20th anniversary gift and instead get your husband this personalized smoke box kit to enhance all of his favorite whiskeys, mixed drinks, cheeses, and more! It’s one of those anniversary gift ideas for husband that he’ll still be talking about for the next twenty years because he will have so much fun trying out new combinations of drinks and smoky aromas. This is truly an awesome gift that he will never see coming and certainly never forget his outstanding anniversary present!


For the Husband That Loves to Grill

The Ultimate Grilling Gift Set

When it comes to anniversary gift ideas for husband, you should stick to things that you know he’ll like such as gifts related to his hobbies rather than something cheesy. The best 20th anniversary gifts for husband who enjoys grilling are these personalized bamboo grilling tools! He will love how lightweight, professional, and heat-resistant these high quality BBQ tools are as he cooks up a delicious anniversary dinner for you two. He will especially enjoy the fact that he can bring his trusty new tools anywhere from the lake to his parents’ house for the next family reunion so that he can grill wherever he wants!

Unique Anniversary Gifts He’ll Enjoy Forever

Custom Whiskey and Ammo Can Cigar Humidor Gift Set

When it comes to finding the perfect anniversary gift Ideas for husband, you want to get him something special that represents your love for him but it should also be something that he’ll enjoy for a long time. For the husband who likes to have the occasional glass of whiskey and a stogie, this incredible humidor whiskey gift set is one of the coolest gifts you can give! He will be amazed by the unique ammo can-turned-humidor as well as the personalized whiskey glasses. Because of your awesome gift, he’ll make sure to enjoy a drink and a cigar more often so that he can enjoy each and every piece of this set for years to come.


Take A Trip for your 20th Anniversary

All Inclusive Vacation this Anniversary

Your 20th is a really big deal. What better way to celebrate than with a vacation with the person you love? Your husband will not be able to believe that you surprised him with a trip to the Caribbean. It’s even better that the resort is all-inclusive, so you both can just enjoy your time there without having to worry about anything else. This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for husband because it’s a celebration of the two decades you’ve spent caring for another.

Create His Own Whiskey Label

Customizable Whiskey Label Decanter Set

Anyone who’s had Jack Daniels or Jim Beam has looked at the cool labels on the bottles and wondered what their own namesake whiskey label would look like. For your 20th anniversary, you can make your husband’s dream finally come true with this customizable whiskey label decanter set! By far one of the coolest anniversary gift ideas for husband, he will love using the set for drinks with you and his friends. He’ll especially enjoy having the entire set on display when he’s not using it because it looks impressive on his home bar, and the sign will be the coolest new addition to his bar decor. This anniversary gift is one he’ll definitely treasure forever.

Elegant Watch

Hamilton Watch

One of the things that made you fall for your husband was his appreciation of fine style. He always knew how to dress for whatever occasion you both were attending. He put a lot of care into what seemed like a natural ability. Make it a little easier for him with this Hamilton watch that works with any outfit. Hamilton makes premium watches that will stand the test of time, just like your marriage.


Classy Anniversary Gifts to Make Him Feel Special

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Box Set

One of the sweetest ways you can show him how much you love and appreciate him is by getting 20th anniversary gifts for husband that make him feel special. This suave cigar and whiskey gift set is so classy that he’ll feel cooler than James Bond as he uses it! He will love that you got him something so incredibly unique for your 20th anniversary. You can be sure he will be using his new whiskey glass for a toast as well as having a celebratory stogie on your anniversary night, too!

One-of-a-Kind Vinyl Record

Custom Vinyl Record

Looking for a gift your husband will never expect? Get him a personalized vinyl record this anniversary. He may have original printings, test records, and flexi-discs, but he’ll never have anything as special as a vinyl record made custom just for him. You can record or add whatever audio you’d like to both sides of the record. You even get to customize the sleeve and label. The toughest choice for your husband will be whether to frame this gift or have it on constant rotation.

The Latest in Wireless Headphones

Apple Airpods

Need an anniversary gift for a tech lover? Apple Airpods have been all the rage the moment they were released. They are fantastic 20th anniversary gifts for husband if he’s looking for a simple and convenient way to get some of the best wireless sounds out there. He can use his Airpods to listen to music while he mows the lawn, watch a video on the computer, or even get directions from his GPS. This is the go-to anniversary gift for any tech junky this year.