19 Wonderful First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband Ideas

Our First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband Will Make Your Special Day Even More Memorable!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since your wedding day? Time sure flies when you’re in love! Your very first anniversary is coming up quickly and you’re in search of a nice gift for your husband that shows him how much love him, but you want to make sure it’s something he’ll really like. A great first wedding anniversary gift for husband can be something unique like a personalized item he can use at work or home, a cool gift he’s been wanting for a while, or even a traditional anniversary gift! According to etiquette, the traditional wedding anniversary for your first year of marriage is a paper gift, or you can go with something modern like a clock gift. Your first anniversary gift idea for husband doesn’t have to be anything super extravagant because all that matters is that your gift shows him how you feel about him and that you’re looking forward to many more anniversaries to come!

Anniversary Gifts You Can Enjoy Together

Engraved Whiskey Glass and Stone Box Set

Toast to your first wedding anniversary together with this stunning whiskey glass set! The perfect anniversary gift for your husband, this custom box set is a great way to celebrate with one another. When he’s not having a drink from this elegant set, he will want to keep the whole set on display in his home bar or office for all to see its beauty. He will definitely want to use this gorgeous set to celebrate every special occasion from now through your 50th wedding anniversary!

Manly Anniversary Gifts He Will Love

Custom Beer Ammo Can Set

Make your husband feel like the coolest, manliest guy in the world with an incredible anniversary gift like this ammo can set! From the custom pint glasses to the badass bullet-turned-bottle opener, this set has everything he needs to treat himself to a nice cold beer in style. He will definitely enjoy using the repurposed military ammo can to store his favorite tools, fishing gear, or even keepsakes, and he will never leave the house without his trusty new pocket knife. This awesome set is as badass as it is thoughtful because it shows your husband that you think he’s the most incredible man ever!

A First Anniversary Gift Idea for Husband He’ll Never Expect

Customizable Wood Bar Sign

When it comes to buying a really great first wedding anniversary gift for husband, the more unique the gift you can find, the better it will be. This personalized wood sign is completely customizable so that it becomes a one-of-a-kind decoration for his home bar that no one else in the world will have! He will enjoy the creativity you put into this impressive gift and it’s sure to be proudly displayed in your home for many years to come; making this one of the most perfect husband anniversary gifts out there!

An Impressive Decanter Set for His Office

Monogrammed Decanter Set First Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea for Husband

Whether he’s got a nice office at work or a home office he loves, one thing he definitely needs is a custom decanter set for your first anniversary! This handsome monogrammed set is the epitome of class and will make him feel like a million bucks every time he uses it. You have the option to make the monogram with just his initials or a combination of yours and his initials so that he has a unique reminder of you in his office besides a wedding photo on his desk. The two of you will enjoy using this set for romantic after-dinner drinks on your anniversary and every date night from now on!

The Ultimate First Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Personalized Grilling Tools with Flashlight

Every husband needs a proper set of grilling tools and a quality flashlight, and your first anniversary is the perfect time to give him both! This unique gift set for him ensures that he’ll be ready for cookouts with the in-laws and neighborhood BBQs thanks to the handsome grilling tools that he can take anywhere. Plus, he’ll have a nice LED flashlight on hand just in case the power goes out or he takes the dog on a late-night walk to light his way!


Unique Way to Plan Your Trips Together

Magnetic Globe

Want to give your husband a romantic gift for your first anniversary that’s also really cool? Get this unique antique-style globe for him! This beautiful piece doesn’t just look amazing in his office, but it’s also a fun way to display all of his travels and the places you two want to go to with the colorful magnetic pins. In fact, you could place a pin where you got married and a pin where you went on your honeymoon before you give it to him to add a subtle romantic touch to your unique gift.

Practical First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

Personalized Whiskey and Multi Tool First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

For the husband who is all about being practical, get him an anniversary gift that he’ll be able to enjoy using for years! This unique whiskey gift set is cool on its own, but the fact that it also comes with a super handy multi tool makes it even more awesome. Your husband will never go anywhere without his new multi tool, and when he comes home from work the first thing he’ll reach for is his custom whiskey glasses and few whiskey stones to pour the two of you a couple of drinks to share. Each and every piece of this amazing anniversary gift set is definitely built to last, just like your marriage!

For the Husband Who Enjoys Cooking

Engraved Hardwood Cutting Board

After a year of chopping, dicing, and meal prepping on the cutting board you and your husband got for your wedding, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Your husband will absolutely love this unique cutting board that looks as if you cut it down from a tree in the backyard yourself! Not only does it look amazing with the rustic style and custom engraving, but he will certainly enjoy this first anniversary gift idea for a husband that he can use for all kinds of cooking such as chopping up a homemade salad or preparing his gourmet steaks.

Celebrate Your First Anniversary in Style

Monogrammed Whiskey and Cigar Gifts

One year of marriage is an occasion worth celebrating, so make sure your husband has everything he needs to celebrate with this monogrammed gift set! This unique cigar and whiskey set is the ideal first wedding anniversary gift for husband to toast to the occasion with, and he’ll want to use it just to relax after a long day at work or celebrate other special occasions as well! Of course, before you give him the gift make sure you put a few of his favorite stogies in the cigar case and pick up a bottle of his preferred whiskey to go with the set so that he can enjoy it as soon as he opens it on your anniversary.

Give Your Husband the Classiest Way to Celebrate Your First Anniversary

Custom Decanter Set First Anniversary Gift Idea for Husband

It is your first anniversary, and you only get one of those, so make sure it counts when the two of you celebrate with a whiskey decanter set that will make the night almost as memorable as the day the two of you got married! Your husband will love the stately look of this epic glassware set, and it’ll only get better when he sees that your shared last name and initial has been engraved on each piece. So pour a glass for you and your husband and have a toast to your first anniversary!

A Different Take on the Modern Clock Gift

Pocket Watch First Anniversary Gift for Husband

The modern theme of the first wedding anniversary is a clock, which is supposed to represent the cycle of time together as a married couple and how time is precious. However, giving a clock as a gift isn’t exactly what every husband dreams of. Instead, get him a handsome pocket watch as your first anniversary gift idea for husband! He will feel like a cool, classy gentleman whenever he wears it. He’ll want to get it out of his pocket to check the time constantly just so that he can show it off because it’s so awesome!

Cool First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

Personalized Whiskey First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

After being married for a year, you know your husband’s after-work routine by now. He comes in, pours himself a drink, and tells you about his day. A thoughtful first anniversary gift idea for husband who enjoys an after-work drink is a custom whiskey glass and stone set! He will love that you went to the trouble of getting him a nice whiskey glass that’s custom engraved just for him, and he’ll especially enjoy using the whiskey stones to chill his drink instead of ice because they won’t water down his whiskey. Thanks to your sweet gift, his evening routine will be more relaxing and enjoyable than ever!

His Very Own Beer Mugs

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

You know your husband likes to go to a pub after work for drinks now and then because they have these huge mugs he can gulp beer from like Norm Peterson from Cheers, but now he can do so at home with his very own custom mugs! These hefty mugs will not only make drinking his favorite beer more enjoyable, but it’ll taste even better too because the mugs allow for a nice head of foam and the hoppy flavors to be evenly distributed. Thanks to your incredible first anniversary gift, he’ll be able to kick back and relax with his favorite brews like never before!

A Place for All of His Watches

Engraved Watch Case First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

Does your husband have quite a few watches? Are they often scattered around the house so he’s always running around trying to find the one he wants to wear each morning? Solve his problem by giving him a handsome engraved watch case for your first wedding anniversary! He will be amazed by your thoughtful and practical gift that will make his mornings a little easier. Now, his watches will be neatly organized so that he can easily pick out which one he wants to wear and have them displayed in a classy way on his nightstand or dresser!

Go All Out With This First Anniversary Gift Idea for Husband

Custom Decanter with Crystal Glencairn Glasses

Want to give your hubby something really special to celebrate a happy first year of marriage? Get him this incredible crystal decanter set! From the beautifully engraved decanter to the luxurious crystal Glencairn glasses, every element of this stunning decanter set is impressive. He will want to keep only his finest scotch in the decanter and use the glasses to treat the two of you to a drink for special occasions like this one. This set looks amazing on display when not being used, which makes it the perfect centerpiece for his home office or bar!


A Book That Was A NY Times Bestseller On the Day of Your Wedding

Bestseller Stephen King Institute Book

Since the first wedding anniversary theme is paper, you’ve got plenty of choices for paper-themed gifts. Most ones you’ll find are really cheesy and decorative though, so why not give him a paper gift that’s both practical and sentimental? Use the New York Times to find the books listed as bestsellers on the day of your wedding or anniversary and pick one to buy him as a gift! This way, he gets a cool new book to read and a unique reminder of your marriage that he can treasure forever. Plus, he can keep the book on display on the coffee table or his desk and it makes quite a conversation piece that he will love talking about. Everyone who hears the story behind your sweet first wedding anniversary gift for husband can’t help but say “Aww!”

The Coolest Anniversary Gift for the Husband Who Loves Beer

Personalized Beer Stein

Make your husband feel like a manly Viking when he drinks his beer with this German-style beer stein! By far the most unique first wedding anniversary gift for husband, he will never want to drink beer any other way once he tries out this awesome stein. When he’s not using it for a nice cold lager, this gift also makes for a great display piece in the kitchen or home bar simply because of how awesome it is!

Sophisticated Cigar and Whiskey Gifts He’ll Never Get Tired Of

First Anniversary Gift Idea for Husband Cigar and Whiskey Box Set

Every man deserves to feel like a cool, classy guy once in a while, but you can make sure that your husband feels more awesome than James Bond with this incredible gift set! Definitely the coolest and most amazing first anniversary gift, this suave set is perfect for celebrating your anniversary as well as relaxing. He will love that he can bring the cigar case and cigar stand along everywhere he goes so that he can enjoy a stogie no matter where he is. He’ll certainly be treating himself to a nice glass of whiskey and a cigar as often as possible because of your incredible gift, and with every sip or puff, he’ll feel like a king.

Unique Paper Anniversary Gift

Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband Shadow Box

Speaking of smoking cigars, this custom shadow box would be another awesome anniversary gift! In fact, it would tie in with the paper anniversary theme because cigar bands are made of paper and this shadow box is a cool way for your husband to display all of the cigars he’s enjoyed from your first anniversary and onward. He will enjoy watching his collection of cigar bands grow over time, filling up with celebratory cigars he’s smoked on every anniversary and special occasions such as your first child, a new home, a big promotion, and more!