23 Miraculous Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

For as long as you’ve been together, your husband is notoriously hard to shop for when the holiday season comes around. Every year you ask yourself, what are the best Christmas gifts for your husband? Men enjoy getting gifts that they can use year-round, but they also like to get gifts that will make winter a little easier to deal with. Worried about finding the perfect gift for the man who claims he has everything he needs? What kind of gifts for husbands this Christmas are ideal for gamers and tech guys? Should you get him something that you two can enjoy together? Relax, pour a cup of eggnog, and get shopping!

Make Him Feel Like a Legend This Christmas

Manly Ammo Can Christmas Gift for Husband

Men like your husband are hard to come by these days. He’s a manly guy who enjoys the outdoors, but he can be a classy gentleman too. He always opens the door for you and is known by the neighborhood as the awesome dude who can mow the lawn to look like a checkerboard. What kind of Christmas gift is suitable for such a man? This incredible ammo can set is the answer! The perfect combination of class and the outdoors, your hubs will love everything about it. He’ll want to show off his new custom ammo can to his buddies the next time they go to the shooting range and invite them back to the house for drinks so that he can subtly serve them with the matching whiskey glasses. And thanks to your wonderful Christmas gift, he’ll be able to enjoy a glass of bourbon to the fullest with the handy whiskey stones!

The Best Christmas Gift for a Husband Who Loves Beer

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

There’s nothing like an ice cold beer, even in the middle of winter! You and your husband enjoy drinking beer together year-round during or after dinner, on date nights, and when meeting up with friends or family. One of the best gifts for your husband this Christmas is a beer mug gift set! He will love having the proper glasses to enjoy a nice German lager or a local ale from these hefty mugs. Gone are the days when you’d drink straight from the bottle or drink beer from your collection of restaurant-branded plastic cups, now you two can enjoy beer the proper way from this Christmas and onward.

His New Favorite Kitchen Tool

Custom Hardwood Cutting Board

Your husband is a notoriously amazing chef, and is often the one responsible for Christmas dinner. The kids usually want a fun holiday breakfast, too, and they love to wake him up extra early on Christmas Day to cook. This year, give him a present a little early with a brand new cutting board! You could put it on the counter (don’t forget the bow!) on the night of Christmas Eve so that it’s the first thing he sees when the kids drag him into the kitchen the next morning. He’ll love using this beautiful hardwood cutting board to prepare all kinds of ingredients for his famous holiday dishes such as scalloped potatoes and whiskey carrots.

The Ultimate Whiskey Christmas Gift for Your Husband

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Christmas is the time of year where you want to shower your loved ones with extravagant gifts because they deserve them, and it shows them how much you care about them. Your husband is no exception! Last year, you got him a robotic lawnmower and the year before, you got him a new chair. This year, you want to get him something unique, like this gorgeous crystal decanter set! He will be in awe of this beautiful set when he unwraps it on Christmas Day, especially since the entire piece is personalized with his name. From the intricate crystal decanter to the unique old-fashioned glasses, every piece of this set is breathtaking. He’ll want to display the set of the best Christmas gifts in his home bar front and center so that everyone who visits can appreciate it!

Help Him Start a Home Bar or Man Cave

Game Room Gift Set for Christmas

Speaking of his home bar, does your hubby have a pretty cool one or is he missing a couple of integral pieces? Not to worry, you’ll take care of that! One of the best gifts for husbands this Christmas is this awesome billiard room set. It comes with a unique personalized sign and a classy serving set so that he can easily serve his friends with their favorite snacks and drinks in style. Now, he’ll have even more reasons to hang out in his home bar.


Surprise Him With The Ultimate Autographed Gift

Autographed Hockey Jersey Mystery Box

This year for Christmas, surprise your husband with the ultimate sports mystery box! You see him watching his favorite sport from the couch all year long, this is your opportunity to give him a gift he’ll never forget. You can select a mystery box from his favorite sport and get him a signed piece of sports memorabilia! These jersey gift boxes are fantastic gifts that can be framed and hung in the living room or in his home bar. As a sports fanatic, you can be sure that this is a Christmas gift that your husband will never forget!

A Fun Piece of Decor to Remind Him of Home

Home State Beer Cap Map

You know that your husband misses the state he calls home where he spent most of his childhood. Forget a Homesick candle, get him a nifty piece of decor that’s shaped like the state he grew up in! Do you still live in the same state that he calls home? He’ll love showing off his pride for his home state. Either way, this is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for husbands. He’ll love filling up the map with his favorite beer bottle caps whether they’re local or just his favorite imports. It’ll take him a while to fill it up, but once it is, he’ll be reminded of his great state every time he sees it.

Basic Whiskey Gift Set Any Whiskey Novice or Aficionado Will Love

Personalzied Whiskey Christmas Gift for Husband

Does your hubs enjoy drinking whiskey? He likes to have a glass of Crown Royal after dinner or maybe a shot of Jim Beam instead. Whether he’s a casual drinker or is really into top-shelf brands and whiskey tasting, you can never go wrong with a classic whiskey glass and stone set for Christmas! This basic set includes two old-fashioned glasses and a set of whiskey stones all neatly presented in a handsome personalized wooden box. Your husband will love everything about this set because he’ll finally have the proper tools to enjoy his favorite spirit the way it was meant to be. This set is certainly one of the best gifts for husbands for Christmas whether he’s the occasional whiskey drinker or has just gotten into a local whiskey club!

Show Off a Collection in a Unique Way

Shadow Box Bottle Cap Holder

One of the most thoughtful things you can give for Christmas is a shadow box! Why? Because your husband can both have a designated place for a collection as well as a unique way to show it off. No more rare bottle caps in a shoe box on his dresser or his prized hole-in-one golf balls taking up room in his closet! He can store just about anything he likes in this nifty piece of decor whether it’s an existing collection he’s been working on over the years or a whole new one that he can start after the holidays. Who knows? Maybe starting a collection will be one of his New Year Resolutions. The awesome engraving on the glass of the shadow box is just the cherry on top of this incredible Christmas gift.

The Manliest Christmas Gift for Your Husband

Custom Ammo Can Gift Set with Hatchet

Is your soulmate the kind of guy who spends all of his free time outdoors? Even in the winter he finds things to do in nature! He’s a rough-and-tough kind of guy and could easily be mistaken for an actual lumberjack. Such a man is usually pretty easy to buy presents for, you just find some new tools, gear, or camping equipment he doesn’t have and he’s set! This year, however, you want to get him something a little more personal. One of the coolest Christmas gifts for him is this personalized ammo can gift set! It comes with all of his favorite things: a hatchet, flask, pint glass, and a genuine military surplus ammunition box. He can use almost everything in this set outdoors, and he’ll love coming in to relax with a beer in his own custom pint glass. Thanks to your manly and thoughtful Christmas gift, he’ll have unique items to make his outdoor adventures even better.

The Coolest Gaming Console On the Market

Nintendo Switch Lite Console

Guys who love video games are always the easiest people to buy Christmas presents for. Just get your husband the latest video game he’s been raving about and you’re the best wife in the world! However, he’s run out of new games! How can that be? Don’t worry, that just means it’s time for a new console. He’s got them all except for the latest Nintendo gaming system: the Switch Lite! This unique console is like the love child of a Nintendo DS and the Switch to bring your hubby a whole new gaming experience. He can take all of his favorite Switch games anywhere with more convenience than ever thanks to the smaller, sleeker design that will be easier to transport than the Switch itself.

A Fun Game for the Whole Family to Enjoy Together

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game

Is your husband more of a board game kind of guy rather than video games? Here’s a fun new game you can get him for Christmas that will bring back childhood memories: bean bag toss! A timeless, easy game for all ages to enjoy, your husband will love having his very own personalized version to share with the kids, friends, and the rest of the family. This incredibly sturdy version even has a special UV-resistant coating to ensure that the handsome design lasts for years to come, even if it’s been left outside in the summer sun. You don’t have to wait until better weather to play, though, everyone can enjoy the fun game indoors after your husband opens it up on Christmas Day!

Classic Decanter Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

Looking for a Christmas gift for your husband that you two can enjoy together? Then you need this classic four piece decanter set! The whole set features your shared last name and initial. You two can use the two rocks glasses for romantic after-dinner drinks on date nights, and the lovely decanter is a classy addition to your home bar. The gift box can be used to store the set for safekeeping or you both can store keepsakes such as Christmas cards, photo albums, or just about anything else you want!

A New Decoration for His Home Bar

Custom Home Bar Sign

Does your husband have a nice home bar that he’s really proud of? Or he wants to build a home bar, but isn’t sure where to start? For either situation, a personalized bar sign is the perfect Christmas gift for him. He’ll love that his home bar is official now whether it’s fully complete or not. You can customize the name and the year on the sign to make it truly unique to him. He will love having this displayed so that as soon as his buddies come over for a drink, the sign will be the first thing they see. They’ll certainly be impressed by the sign, and jealous that he has such an awesome wife! You could pair this custom sign with another home bar accessory such as a keg or a mini fridge to make it a complete Christmas gift for your husband.

Now He Can Host Poker Night

Personalized Poker Set

Your hubby and his friends have recently taken up poker, enjoying the game so much that they decided to meet up every week to play. Sometimes they go to a casino, sometimes they just go to one guy’s house. Your husband has been wanting to host the game for a while now, but he doesn’t have a nice poker chip set to do so! That’s where you come in. Surprise him one of the coolest gifts for husbands this Christmas: a personalized poker set! He will love the entire set from the four sets of chips to the handsome faux leather case. After he hosts poker night for the first time, his friends will want him to be the host every week!


The Best Men’s Grooming Kit

Manscaped Shaving Kit

No Shave November is over now, and your husband hasn’t quite caught up with shaving again yet. One of the best Christmas gifts for husbands is a quality grooming kit! Manscaped makes a great set that comes with a classic razor, an electric shaver, deodorant, shaving mats, a toiletry bag, and a spray-on toner. Your husband will come right out of hibernation with this incredible grooming set because he’ll be cleaner and smoother than ever before!

Go Golfing Even in the Winter

Electronic Putting Green with Ball Return

Does your hubby miss going golfing during the holiday season? He goes to hockey games and still hangs out with his golfing buddies, but it isn’t quite the same. One of the most thoughtful gifts for husbands on Christmas is this indoor putting green! He’ll be so excited to try out this awesome gadget. It may not be the real thing, but he’ll be able to keep his putting skills sharp. This cool putting green has an electric ball return to keep him going for hours.

The Ultimate Beer Lover Gift Set

Custom Beer Set is a Christmas Gift for Husband

For as long as you’ve known him, your husband has been an avid beer lover. He enjoys going to craft breweries and taking the tours, tasting new brews, and is one of the first people to try out the latest flavor combos among the regulars. You could say he’s kind of a beer snob, but you love him for it. Every year for Christmas you make sure to get a case of his newest favorite brew, but you should also get him something special like this beer lover gift set! He’ll love using the growler to fill up with plenty of beer to enjoy on the go or at home. The pint glass will become his new go-to glass at home, and he never has too many bottle openers. Everything about this set will make him feel like the coolest beer drinker in the world, and it’s all thanks to your amazing Christmas gift!

The Classiest Christmas Gift He’ll Ever Get

Monogrammed Cigar Glass Set with Whiskey Stones

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for husbands who insist they have everything and want nothing is quite the challenge. Every year, you struggle to find your hubby an amazing Christmas gift. Not this year! For the classy man who loves a good glass of scotch and a stogie after dinner, this is the perfect gift set. The main feature of this incredibly cool gift is the whiskey glass, which actually holds his cigar for him! How amazing is that? He’ll use this glass all the time in front of his friends just so that he can show off your legendary gift. He’ll enjoy the handy cigar cutter, lighter, and whiskey stones too, but he’ll be the most excited about the nifty glass.

Make Everyone Who Visits Feel Welcome

Personalized Wooden Bar Sign

Your husband loves to entertain. He invites anyone and everyone he knows over to your home, which is notoriously welcoming. All of your friends and family love to visit your house because you and your husband are such great hosts, and your hubs has quite an impressive home bar. One of the best Christmas gifts you can get him is a bar sign that will make his friendly home bar even more welcoming! The rustic style and personalization around the “Neighborhood” sign will make anyone who sees it feel like they’re at their favorite tavern in your own home.

A Grilling Guide to Tie Him Over Until Summer

Grilling Cookbook

Your husband loves to grill, but doesn’t really get the chance to do any grilling during the holiday season. He’s got plenty of grilling tools, seasoning sets, and all kinds of grill accessories, so what should you get him for Christmas? A book all about his favorite hobby! Charred & Scruffed has all kinds of unique techniques, recipes, and tips that will change the grilling game forever. Your hubby will love reading through this awesome book through the winter and he’ll want to try everything in it once the weather warms up!

A Beautiful Decanter Set for His Home Office

Monogrammed Liquor Decanter Set

You’ve seen plenty of your husband’s movies where the fancy business man or the villain has a luxurious decanter set in his office. Your husband has always wanted one of those nice decanter sets for his own home office, but he’s just never really gotten around to getting one. Why not surprise him with a complete monogrammed decanter set for Christmas? He’ll be so excited for this handsome set and will just as cool as James Bond himself. He’ll set up the set immediately to be prominently on display in his home office so that it catches the eye as soon as anyone walks in. Plus, he can use the four glasses to serve all of his friends a proper scotch on the rocks in style! Bonus: the matching gift box is perfect for storing the set for safekeeping or to store anything from rare books to photos.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Outdoorsman

Engraved Ammo Can Set is a Christmas Gift for Husbands

Your husband is the kind of guy who spends all day working in the office and all evening working outside. His favorite hobbies include going to shoot clays with his favorite shotgun, camping, fishing, and building stuff in the garage. You usually give him new tools or clothes for Christmas, but not this year! Your Christmas gift will outdo any gift you’ve given him before. This awesome ammo can set has it all: an ammo box once used by the military, a handsome new pocket knife, a cool bottle opener made from a bullet, and a set of pint glasses. Can a Christmas gift get any manlier than this?