17 Incredibly Unique Gifts for Guys

Getting someone a unique, special gift will make both of you feel good! You want to find an awesome, special gift for a guy no matter the occasion, but that’s easier said than done, especially when he gives you no indication as to what kind of gift he wants. So, where do you start? Do you try to find unique gifts for men on your own? Do you ask friends? Check Google for the answers? Don’t worry, we have you covered! The perfect, unique gift for guys are those gifts that are not only incredibly useful but also extremely different and cool. He should immediately feel super special upon opening it up! Our unique gifts for guy will have any man in your life giddy with excitement and feeling like he is truly a one-of-a-kind guy!

A New Twist on Unique Gift for Guys

Personalized Twist Decanter Set

When you see this twisted glassware set, the first words that will come to your mind are “exquisite,” and “cool.” The guy you’re buying for will definitely agree! Not only does the unique appearance and style of glassware set it apart from other glassware sets, but the customization makes it one of a kind! In fact, he’ll think you went all out and got one of the most expensive gifts for men on the market. He’ll enjoy his favorite beverage on special occasions or when he wants to relax now more than ever before using this set.

Manly Man Gift Set

Engraved Ammo Can Set of Unique Gifts for Guy

Get him the coolest version of a tool box that exists! This personalized ammo can tool set is a super unique gift for guys that will make any man feel manly and cool having and using this gift set. The ammo can is perfect for storing any items for his favorite outdoor activity, like hunting or chopping wood, and the knife and hatchet are perfect for cutting open food or chopping through dense brush.

A Super Fun and Unique Gift

Custom Bean Bag Toss Gift

A gift that none of his friends have is definitely the kind of unique gift for guys you should go for, which is why this custom bean bag toss game is perfect! It’s an incredible gift idea because not only does it provide hours of fun for him and his friends and family, but the personalization makes it even more special and awesome. He’ll be so excited to enjoy this present with loved ones!

Distinctive Decanter

Ship Decanter Set is a Unique Gift for Guys

This ship decanter set is the kind of super fancy decanter that very few people have in their home. Make him one of those few people by getting him this as a gift! This gorgeous decanter will look fantastic on his home bar, in his kitchen, or anywhere else he wants it to be. Serving himself a glass of liquor will never be easier or more enjoyable! Talk about a great guy gift!

Ultimate Beer Gift Box Set

Personalized Beer Glasses Box Set

The best kind of gifts are those that let a guy fully embrace his favorite things, which is why you know a beer gift would be perfect. This ultimate beer box set is absolutely incredible, just the kind of gift that a guy never forgets about because of how cool and unique it is. He’ll feel really cool seeing the personalization on all the glasses and the box, and he’ll be thrilled to be able to have a beer and still have his favorite bar snack (beer nuts) in the comfort of his home.  A gift that lets him experience beer like this, is truly one of the best gifts for guys!


A Remarkably High-Tech Gift

Black Balance Ring

Guys really like super functional presents, but if you add in an element of advanced technology as well? He’ll absolutely love it! That’s what makes this black balance ring such a phenomenal gift idea. This ingenious gift can track his sleep cycles, monitor his heart rate, measure calorie burn, and more! He’ll be a huge fan of this high-tech gift that can do so much for him.

A Classy Monogrammed Set of Unique Gifts for Guy

Monogram Presentation Set

When he is classy and sophisticated, you want your gift to match. So, when you’re looking for a set of unique gifts for that guy who deserves something refined, look no further than this glassware presentation set! It’s an excellent gift choice because he’ll greatly enjoy having his spirit of choice on his coffee table or home bar, readily accessible inside the decanter with matching glasses to use to enjoy it.

The Most Extraordinary Golf Gift Set

Custom Golf Sign Gift Set

Golf gifts are no-brainers when it comes to gifts for guys, but you want your gift to be super unique. That’s why this uncommon golf sign gift set is the way to go! He’ll think this sign is very cool, and he’ll really enjoy having friends over to the 19th hole, such as his home bar or kitchen, to have a drink after a round of golf. He’ll never lose track of his golf bag with the amazing personalized bag tag, which he’ll really appreciate.

Stupendous Stogie Set

Cigar Glass and Whiskey Stones Box Set

Enjoying a cigar on a special occasion is something he enjoys doing, or at least he will really enjoy once he has this amazing cigar gift set! He’ll love how unique the glass is that lets him enjoy a drink with his stogie with just one hand, so the other one can be put to good use giving high fives, holding a hand of cards, or anything else.

A Unique Ammo Can That’s Second to None

Personalized Ammo Can Flask Set

The most unique gifts for guy come in the most unique packages, like ammo cans! This personalized ammo can gift set is absolutely one of a kind, especially with his name on the ammo can and flask. He’ll really enjoy keeping ammunition, tools, or anything else inside the handsome ammo can. When he’s been working hard and needs a break, he’ll really like sipping his favorite liquor from the flask and enjoying a beef jerky snack.


A Huge Set of Tools

Tool Set

He’ll feel prepared for absolutely anything with this 130-piece household tool set! This set is a fantastic gift for guys because it makes them feel in charge of everything that’s broken around the house, and he’ll know he has the proper tools to fix it with this set.

The Perfect Flavors for Him

Advanced Smoker Kit

When he really deserves a unique gift for guys, you should go all out with a gift that’s so awesome, he’ll be shocked it even exists! This advanced smoker system is an incredibly unique present that will transform the way he drinks and enjoys his whiskey. He’ll have a blast infusing his drinks with various flavors, experimenting to find the perfect combinations out there.

Handsome Bar Sign Unique Gift for Guys

Customized Bar Sign

A personalized bar sign that’s as awesome as this one will always be a good gift choice. It’ll look so awesome hung up on the wall in his home bar, man cave, or kitchen, reminding himself and his guests to enjoy a drink once in a while! It’ll make the whole space look and feel totally cool, like his own personal bar, and he’ll really appreciate this gift because of that.

Sophisticated Gift Set

Leather Watch and Whiskey Gift Set of Unique Gifts for Guy

When it’s a gift-giving occasion, you should find unique gifts for guy that not only make him feel cool but are functional as well. This watch case gift set is the perfect example of that! He’ll look awesome adorning this handsome watch, and everything else in this set is very attractive as well, but the functionality is just as important to him! From always having a way to enjoy his favorite spirit to keeping watches and other accessories organized, the usefulness of this gift cannot be overstated.

Most Handsome Humidor

Custom Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

When searching for a unique gift for guys, don’t forget to consider what you know he’d put to really good use, such as this ammo can cigar humidor. It’s an excellent gift idea because it keeps one of his favorite things safe and sound! It’ll keep his cigars in tip-top shape for a very long time, so he doesn’t have to worry at all about them drying out or becoming too humid! He’ll really like how awesome this humidor looks as well.

Best Barbecue Tool

Grill and Smoker Combo

It’s no secret that men pride themselves in their grilling abilities. With this griller and smoker combo, he’ll be more proud of himself than ever before! He’ll be able to grill so many different foods at once with this gift, barbecuing everything to perfection! He’ll really enjoy feeling like such a master griller with this unique gift for guys.

VIP Gift Set

Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set of Unique Gifts for Guy

His gift should make him feel really special, like he’s the most important person in the world. After you give him this whiskey and cigar gift set, he’ll have no doubts that you think he’s incredibly awesome! He’ll greatly enjoy using all of these personalized items to enjoy whiskey and cigars on a special occasion or simply when he needs to relax. He’ll be very appreciative of such a unique present that makes enjoying two of his vices better than ever.