21 Astounding Gifts For A 60 Year Old Man

Get the Perfect Gifts for a 60 Year Old Man With Our Awesome Suggestions:

As men get on years, buying gifts for them doesn’t get any easier! In fact, trying to find a great gift for your dad or grandpa as he gets older only gets harder because he’s at the age where he prefers practical gifts or newer, better versions of things he already has. Gifts for 60 year old man should be new items that either make everyday tasks easier or his favorite hobbies more enjoyable, but above all, your gifts should be practical and unique! Are you in search of a nice gift to give your dad who is about to celebrate his 60th birthday? Looking for an awesome retirement gift for your boss or grandpa? A gift for 60 year old man doesn’t get any better than these incredible gifts below!

Classy Whiskey Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

You know the various sayings about getting wiser as you get older, but no one talks about the fact that you get classier, too! With this stunning decanter set, your dad or husband will feel more sophisticated than royalty every time he uses it. Such an amazing decanter set is one of the most impressive gifts for 60 year old man you can give whether it’s for his birthday, retirement, or even his anniversary!

Now He Can Golf Anywhere

Portable Putting Set

As he’s approaching retirement, he wants to start honing his golfing skills. Make sure he can practice his putts at any time with this handy portable putting set! Such a unique gift for 60 year old man, he can use this convenient set at the office on his lunch break, at home in his own living room, or even in the hotel room while he’s on a business trip! The next time he gets together with his golfing buddies on the green, they’ll be blown away by his impressive new skills.

Cool Beer Gift for 60 Year Old Man

Personalized Beer Stein with Lid Gift for 60 Year Old Man

Make sure that he knows just how incredible you think he is with a custom beer stein that calls him an “Ultra Rare Edition,” kind of man! Perfect for celebrating his 60th birthday, this awesome stein is both as functional as it is decorative. When he uses it for his usual beer with dinner, he’ll feel like a manly Viking or a sophisticated nobleman with every sip because of the elegant pewter lid and vintage-style engraving. He doesn’t even have to hide it away in a cabinet in between uses as it makes a fantastic and unique decoration for his home bar!

Relaxing Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Cigar Case and Whiskey Set of Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

One of the most thoughtful gifts for 60 year old man you can give is something that helps him relax and unwind after a long day. He’s approaching retirement, after all, and the best way to prepare him for it is with a gift he can enjoy in his down time like this unique whiskey and cigar gift set! He can kick back and relax with a glass of fine scotch and a freshly lit stogie thanks to this suave set after work, on Sunday afternoons, or whenever he likes. Plus, the fact that you had each piece custom engraved with a thoughtful message like “Happy 60th,” will make him smile every time he uses it.

A New Grilling Set Just for Him

Engraved Grill Tool Case

Sure, he’s probably got a set of grilling tools already, but when was the last time he got a new set? This handsome and professional-quality set of grilling tools is just what he needs to start enjoying his golden years! He will love using the spatula, tongs, and fork to grill up all kinds of BBQ from burgers to hot dogs for his entire family wherever they go. In fact, he’ll love this set so much that he’ll be requesting the exact same one when these tools wear out years from now!


The Ultimate Gift for 60 Year Old Man

Gas Grill

Speaking of grilling, how about getting him a new grill? Whether it’s for his birthday, the holidays, or retirement, those personalized grilling tools would go great with an awesome new grill! He will be blown away by this impressive gas grill, which is packed with features like porcelain-enameled grates and flavor bars, a convenient grease catcher, hooks for his tools, and wheels so that he can move it around the patio with ease.

Cool Cognac Set

Custom Cognac Gift Box Gift for 60 Year Old Man

Sometimes, certain drinks are only enjoyed by those who are later on in years. Cognac and brandy are higher-end spirits that are best when enjoyed warm, and your dad or grandpa has started trying out this unique liquor. This complete cognac box set will allow him to enjoy cognac properly, and even share a glass and a cigar with a friend or you! He will marvel at the unique glasses, which are specially designed to absorb the warmth from his hand to gently heat up the cognac so that he can enjoy its exotic flavors and spicy aromas. Thanks to your gift, he’ll be quite the cognac connoisseur in no time!

A Funny Sign He’ll Never Get Tired Of

Personalized Cigar Sign

One of the best gifts for 60 year old man, especially one with a sense of humor about his age, is this fun personalized sign! Perfect for the man who seems to know everything about life or the dad who is always the person to go to for advice, this fun piece of decor is a must-have for his man cave, home bar, or cigar lounge. After all, now that he’s older, he’s wiser, and this sign makes sure that everyone knows it!

The Perfect Golf Gifts for Him

Initialed Golf Gifts and Tumbler

There is no better gift for 60 year old man who loves golf than this monogrammed gift set! Especially now that he’s soon to retire and enjoy his favorite hobby as often as he wants, he will greatly enjoy each item in this trio of gifts. The insulated tumbler will allow him to enjoy piping hot coffee or ice cold water through all 18 holes, and the two new golf accessories will look fantastic on his golf bag as well as come in handy throughout the course. This set is the perfect Father’s Day or retirement gift for your dad, grandpa, or husband who loves golf, and would only be better if you got him some new clubs along with it.

Vintage-Inspired Gifts for a Vintage Man

Whiskey Ammo Can Set of Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Now that he’s 60, he’s about to start retirement, getting senior discounts everywhere, and seeing things he had as a kid marked as “vintage,” in stores. With this vintage-inspired ammo can set, he will feel more like a cool, sophisticated gentleman than an old relic! Perfect for his birthday, Father’s Day, or even Christmas, this awesome whiskey ammo can set is great for kicking back with a nice glass of bourbon and maybe even a cigar. He will also love using the custom ammo can to keep all of his favorite tools, work gear, or even his vintage keepsakes in.

An Awesome New Fishing Rod

Cork Handle Fishing Rod

Want to surprise him with a nice gift for his 60th birthday or anniversary? Get him this cork casting rod and take him out on a fishing trip to celebrate! He will love how lightweight yet sturdy this unique casting rod is, which is designed to be flexible and sensitive with its stainless steel guides and a double-cured carbon blank. Once he catches his first fish with this new rod, he won’t want to use any other one from now on!

The Only Beer Glasses He’ll Ever Need

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Since he’s in his sixties, he probably has a couple of glasses that he uses for beer or just drinks straight from the can. However, he likely doesn’t have beer mugs which are the best way to drink beer! He will be amazed at how much more beer these awesome mugs can hold, and the fact that the thick glass keeps it cold until the last drop will convert him from a can-drinker to a mug-only beer drinker for the rest of his life. Pair this beer mug set with a six-pack of his favorite brew and you’ve got the best beer gifts for 60 year old man!

Experience His Favorite Drinks in a Whole New Way

Whiskey Smoke Box System Gift for 60 Year Old Man

As a 60 year old man, he’s got his preferred tastes and brands when it comes to his drinks. Give him the experience of trying new variations on his tried-and-true favorites with a smoke box system! This unique gadget will infuse his favorite whiskey or cocktail with an entirely new, smoky flavor of his choosing that he’s never tasted before. Who knows? The new flavor addition and combinations he can try might just become his new favorite!

Make Him Feel Young Again with Your Gift

Personalized Watch Case Flask Watch and Rocks Glass

One of the most important things to consider when getting a gift for a 60 year old man is something that will remind him that even though he’s on in years, he’s not old just yet! Your gift can even make him feel like a young man again, like this fun set! He will be amazed by the unique wooden watch and handsome leather watch case where he can keep all of his prized timepieces. When it’s 5 o’ clock, he’ll reach for his new custom rocks glass or his cool leather-wrapped flask for a drink like he used to do every evening when he was a younger man. This set is also perfect for the man who has everything because it’s not just one gift, it’s many unique items that he definitely doesn’t already have!


A New Poker Set

Poker Set with Leather Travel Case

He probably has a poker set in his house somewhere, but it’s probably a really old one that he got 30 years ago. Why not surprise him with a whole new chip set that comes in a handsome personalized leather carrying case? He will want to start having weekly poker nights with his friends because of this complete set, which is also perfect for family night with the grandkids as it comes with cards and dice for Go Fish and Farkle!

The Best Lawn Mower He’ll Ever Own

Electric Lawn Mower

The best gifts for 60 year old man are upgrades to everyday items that make life a little easier, like an electric self-propelled lawn mower! Mowing the lawn will be a breeze from now on thanks to this high-tech modern mower which practically cuts the grass by itself, all he has to do is hold on and direct it! It’s also much quieter than a regular gas-powered mower, and he’ll never have to make special trips to the gas station again for fuel because he can just plug in the battery at home when it needs to recharge. Once he gives it a go, he’ll insist that all of his fellow senior friends get one!

Only the Finest Gifts for Him

Custom Twist Glasses and Cigar Accessories Set

Now that he’s 60, he’s a distinguished, older gentleman who enjoys things like top-shelf scotch and the finer things in life. Your gift should reflect that no matter what occasion it’s for, and this whiskey and cigar set is the answer! With one of the elegant glasses in hand and a freshly cut cigar in the other, he’ll be more sophisticated than the Dos Equis guy. He will especially enjoy the fact that he can take his cigar case, cigar stand, and essential accessories with him anywhere so that he is always prepared for a smoke!

Must-Have Bar Sign

Personalized English Pub Sign

One of the best parts about impending retirement is that he can start planning all of the projects he’s wanted to do in his lifetime but just hasn’t had the time for, like building an awesome home bar! You can even help him get started by giving him the first essential piece of his future bar: a custom bar sign! This regal wood sign will not only make his home bar official, but it will make it feel more like a real bar and give it a classy vibe that he can build on.

A Practical but Personal Gift for 60 Year Old Man

Custom cutting Board Gift for 60 Year Old Man

Does your dad, grandpa, or boss enjoy cooking? Give his kitchen a subtle upgrade by surprising him with a new cutting board! He will love the unique sheesham wood it’s made of, which is not only a one-of-a-kind piece because of the grain and the personalization, but it’s super durable so that he can use it for years to come. He’ll finally be able to have a dedicated place to chop, dice, season, and prepare his famous dishes for all of his family and friends without making a mess on the counters. Plus, when it’s not in use, it’s a cool rustic decoration that will look fantastic in his kitchen.

A Healthy and Handy New Gadget

Ninja Air Fryer

Speaking of cooking, now that he’s older he needs to be a little more careful about what he eats so that he stays healthy and young! By giving him an awesome air fryer, he doesn’t have to give up his favorite fried foods because it can make all kinds of dishes with less oil and calories without sacrificing that satisfying crispness! This dual-basket air fryer means he can make an entire batch of french fries, chicken strips, fried seafood, fried veggies, and so much more for himself or the whole family at once. Once he tries out the air fryer, he won’t even want to go to another fast food restaurant ever again and will be healthier for it!

The Ideal Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Personalized Multi Tool Flask Rocks Glass Box Set

You’ve made it all the way down here and you still haven’t decided on the perfect gift? Well, you’re in luck, because this is the ideal gift for 60 year old man whether it’s for your boss to celebrate his retirement or your dad for Father’s Day! He will absolutely love the handy multi tool which he can use for all of his DIY projects at home or help him in a pinch while on the go. He will certainly enjoy using his new rocks glass and whiskey stones or the flask for a relaxing drink after a long day, but even the wooden gift box the whole set comes in has its use because it’s perfect for storing keepsakes or a collection! Everything in this set is practical, personal, and cool, which means he’s sure to love it no matter what.